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  1. Dry food for my cat ?
  2. Giving hamster treats by hand?
  3. I'm purchasing two bearded dragons, and I have a couple questions?
  4. Which name do you prefer?
  5. My dog is hot, is he sick?
  6. I have a diamond back terapin that is very lethargic. It does not dive
  7. floating my horses teeth ?
  8. Get my dogs ears removed?
  9. Ants in my cats food dish?
  10. a challenge to all fish keepers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  11. Will my dog be aggressive?
  12. Is it healthy for a dog to be obsessed with a toy?
  13. Can I mix cheap supermarket kibble in with my dogs' good quality kibbl
  14. I have two questions for my fresh water tanks...?
  15. our mini taco bell dog is losing hair help!?
  16. Lab is sick - my friend needs help!?
  17. i need help with my doggy?
  18. Red female Betta Fish started fading to white and swam vertical?!?
  19. My guinea pig died with her eyes . What does this mean?
  20. What should I do about my cats? Please help!?
  21. where can i buy breeding fish?
  22. Trapping Feral Kittens?
  23. If you're a cat expert, this!!?
  24. today a domestic mouse bit my thumb.Can I have rabies because of the b
  25. Are Chihuahuas by nature more difficult to train?
  26. Have a newfoundland, about 8yrs old?
  27. where to buy a severe macaw 3rd time asking please help?
  28. How much would you pay for this horse?
  29. Was there Texas longhorn cattle in North West states in 19 century?
  30. i want to get fish but im a first timer?
  31. What is the cutest type of dog in the world?
  32. healthy kitty?how much should i feed it in one day?
  33. My two ball pythons are inseperable (not breeding), is this normal?
  34. Adopt a dog.........????? What difference does it make?
  35. Anyone have any tips on cantering?
  36. can i train my hamsters to do a maze?
  37. whyt do dog eats own feces?
  38. Feliway? asdfghjkl;'?
  39. Puppy name help plllleeeeease!?
  40. what happens when a cat on the street has a baby kitty and it's rainin
  41. My puppy is scared of everything, How do I stop this?
  42. english going western? what do i wear...?
  43. Weaning Jack Russell Pups?
  44. Are there any pet contests on the internet?
  45. what kind of amazon fish can go in with a small school of red belly pi
  46. New Hermit Crab! Advice?
  47. how cold can iguanas get?
  48. What is a way to stop feather pecking? This is about chicken i know a
  49. How can you tell a goldfish's gender?
  50. what two breed of dog make a really cute dog lol?
  51. How much do kitten accessories cost?
  52. Do you think dogs get bored of the same food?
  53. How to disinfect hamster cage? 10 points?
  54. Pros and cons on neutering male dogs?
  55. what should i get 2 dwarf hamsters or 2 rats off of the humane society
  56. Our dog has been in labor for three days according to the vet but ther
  57. How much can I sell iguana eggs for?
  58. What Kind Of Horse Do You Ride?
  59. Homemade dog food, is this a good recipe?
  60. information on blanketing horses?
  61. i dont know if my hamster is a boy or girl, which gender is it?
  62. What exactly is a backyard breeder?
  63. ANSWER VERY VERY VERY BADDLY NEEDED!! all help apritiated!!!!?
  64. Cockatiel acting weird?
  65. what kind of fish should i breed?
  66. what can go with a male betta?
  67. ok i got a couple of questions conserning fish?
  68. Will my cat be ok if i start letting her outside?
  69. Tips for a Wanna-Be-Vet?
  70. HELP!! my Molly had babies!!!?
  71. Do animals have imagination?
  72. Dog with extreme dry skin?
  73. How to tell what my Pekin Duck is!?
  74. How Do I get My Dog To Behave?
  75. does it hurt a rat if u pick it up by the skin on there neck like a li
  76. My chihuahuas eyes sometimes get so watery ...as if hes crying..my gir
  77. things i should know about parakeets [budgies]?
  78. whats better a japense inu akita or a rottweiler ?
  79. How much corid do I give my puppy?
  80. Is the Columbian Shark Catfish a good tank mate?
  81. The vet said our dog was in labor on monday but she still has not had
  82. is it normal for a rhode island red hen not to lay an egg every day?
  83. My dog got ran over by a car what to do HELP! part 2?
  84. what to feed a turtle?
  85. What should my lab puppy be for Halloween?
  86. Can You Give Me A List Of Dogs That Are A Good Strong Breed?
  87. what are some cool carnivorous fish that only grow to the size of thei
  88. ing an animal shelter?
  89. which animal should a 11 year old get chinchilla or ball python or sug
  90. Are soft paws or soft claws a good idea when introducing cats?
  91. Whats your fav. animal?
  92. Glucosamine for my horse... a few questions?
  93. What should I name my kittens?
  94. question about cats eyes?
  95. what are the weakness's of crickets?
  96. Momba critique, help? Anything that can improve?
  97. Wet vs Dry Food For Cats?
  98. What is this thing on my hamster's nose?
  99. Help with my Parakeet!?!? (Teaching him to talk)?
  100. How many times should i feed my fish? saltwater?
  101. I need help with Pitt bull report?
  102. what are some names for red eared slider turtles?
  103. Why should dogs live inside a home and not outside?
  104. I'm worried about my 4 week old puppies.?
  105. What should i name ALL my pets??!!!?
  106. Can puppy paw size determine whether it will be a smaller or larger ad
  107. Mini Schnauzer vs Cairn Terrier?
  108. why are my new pet pigeons just standing still in there cage?plz help?
  109. Should i take my dogs to regular check-ups?
  110. worried about taking care of your pets and pet care issues...?
  111. I just bought some 'glow fish' Danio's and placed them in my 20 Gallon
  112. How can i get my dad to let me have a kitten i want one so bad!?
  113. I think my budgie is mad at me!?
  114. Would this be a good idea for my female Crowntail Betta?
  115. Show Name for my Chestnut Mare?!?!?
  116. People who keep borders at their house, advise please!?
  117. has anyone use a banfield vet how are they?
  118. Getting Campells or Roboski's next week!!!?
  119. Can you list all the dog breeds that are banned in Australia?
  120. So I'm getting Comfortis for my dog tomorrow. Anything I need to know?
  121. Why do cats like being in small "houses?"?
  122. What Type of dwarf hamster is he/she?
  123. Savannah Monitor Substrate?
  124. what should i do about my golden retriever biting?
  125. What is a really interesting pet that can live in either 10 or 20 gals
  126. my cat had three kittens three days ago and now it feels like she stil
  127. Is it safe to give a hamster a cracker?
  128. What would be a good fish personality?
  129. Ok, im planning to...ADF's HELP! need your opinion!?
  130. Help... My puppy has peed 6 times in the last 15 minutes?!?
  131. Crested gecko eggs.... help!?
  132. Name for my Flemish Giant Doe...?
  133. Help i think my cat is giving birth!!!!!?
  134. how can I make my pet ferret ?
  135. Bengal cat with psychogenic alopecia?
  136. HELP are umbrella cockatoos good birds to own?? ?
  137. German Shepherd or Rottweiler?
  138. kitty names?i cant think of any good ones can u?
  139. Wounds on my dogs ear?
  140. Is something wrong with my chameleon?
  141. I have a 11 month old germanshepherd?
  142. Kitten trouble, HELP?
  143. About my Mexican walking fish?
  144. Help Help Help!!!!plz!!!!!!?
  145. I have a 13 year old shelty who won't eat. Any ideas?
  146. i need information on blanketing horses?
  147. Would feeder fish be ok to put in my pond with my koi to eat the algae
  148. my cat killed one of her kittens!?!?
  149. What breed is my kitten?
  150. What method do you use when you leave your dog home alone?
  151. What Supplies do i need to care for rats? Rat owners only please?
  152. ok i need a name please!?
  153. is it bad 2 feed my baby bunny carrots every morning? and i noticed th
  154. why would my rat become suddenly violent??(serious answers only)?
  155. Rabbit Care!?!?!?!?!?!?
  156. What changes can be made to raise dissolved oxygen in a fish tank?
  157. I wan't to breed Rats. I need your oppinion.?
  158. has any bought their dog from pets are people too in FL?
  159. Mother cat growling at her kittens?
  160. easy questions about birds?
  161. has anyone bought their dog from Le petite puppy NYC?
  162. I got a new kitty, anyone know what kind he is?
  163. What suggestions do you have for me to put in my dogs kong?
  164. My neighbor shot my dog, is this animal cruelty?
  165. My Chihuahua Lately Has Been Eating Cat Poop Why Is That?
  166. Guinea pig just had babies.?
  167. Where is the best place to get a bearded dragon tank?
  168. What can i make my rabbit to sleep in?
  169. how much does a red eared slider grow every day?
  170. I am getting a girl rat.?
  171. I just rescued a puppy 3 days ago now her stomach is making loud gurgl
  172. What temp is too low for a cat?
  173. omg today was baaad !! baby due tomorrow..dog almost attacked me?
  174. Trying to find some answers about my rescued Thoroughbred......Please
  175. I am looking for solutions regarding ways to exercise my dog until he
  176. What to do? My cat licks ME too much...?
  177. can i breed my baby girl-dwarf with teddy bear? or does it have to be
  178. Are Japenese Inu Akita Dogs Ilegal In The UK?
  179. how to stunt dogs growth?
  180. where can i buy a severe macaw?
  181. Dose anyone know if there is a LAW about Puppy Mills or Animal ABuse?
  182. Is 10 mealworms enough for a 13 inch bearded dragon?
  183. Can't Decide on a cage for Sun Conure.. Help!?
  184. Has your dog ever helped to situate a perfect Kodak moment?
  185. Turtle pond filtration system?
  186. Favorite Horse Books?
  187. what would my ideal dog breed be?
  188. my new puppy is depressed?
  189. Pure breed Cavalier King Charles or cross breed?
  190. If you took a blind cat and flung it into the air, would it land on it
  191. Breeding Bull Snakes?
  192. Chihuahua Collapsing Trachea and Torbutrol...?
  193. How to breed Mexican walking fish?
  194. Which frog should i get? Best if there's a low cost?
  195. how much is it to adopt?
  196. What is your favorite animal out of the choices below?
  197. What breed do you think he is?
  198. i had this really cool experience?
  199. I board my horse and in his stall the people keep a pile of his maneur
  200. Is wellness good dog food?
  201. Can African Dwarf Frogs Live Off Tropical Fish Flakes That Have Sunk T
  202. How long can puppy's and dogs stay alone at home?
  203. what can i do for my 5 month old puppy's constipation?
  204. what dog looks like wolf ?
  205. What is the word used to describe people who give their dogs human emo
  206. wild tarantulas as pets?
  207. My Platy just had Frys, they are soo~cute, but they won't eat the powd
  208. whats wrong with my dog!?
  209. Cats in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon, Little Boy Blue and the Man i
  210. My cat had babies today. I was wondering how warm should it be for the
  211. How Long intill my new born guinea pig can nurse ?
  212. Help for my "wimpy" cat?
  213. mi anole has a wierd brown spot on his back but the rest is green?
  214. Could some one just name a few words randomly?
  215. wut kind of turtle doesnt need a swimming area?
  216. Coastal Carpet Python Names?
  217. Behind the scenes Penguin ?
  218. my first horse show!!?
  219. What are good names for triplet girl chinchillas?
  220. I'm getting 2 rats soon! Anything I should know? ?
  221. Help! Dog is afraid of Dog Park?
  222. Puppy apparel stores.?
  223. What should I do?????
  224. Help!! Dog Problem Please?
  225. my dog tries to chase cars when we are on a walk?
  226. What are good names for my new triplet girl chinchillas?
  227. wouldn't be cool if hammys were indestructible?
  228. Can I reg. a palomino, without knowing her parents?!?!?
  229. Potted a plant, put it in the aquarium and soil flew all over the plac
  230. Why would a cat have trouble walking.?
  231. Why is my snake not shedding?
  232. Which name do u like out of these?
  233. Does dog breed affect the memory span of dogs?
  234. What is your absolute favorite memory about a pet? One that still make
  235. How can I test a table for aquarium use?
  236. why do some dogs have to get there tails cut off when there babys (my
  237. I found this (i think pond snail) outside. keep as pet w/o tank?
  238. How to care for spiders?
  239. My dog has what look like scabs on her nipples that looked like she br
  240. what are the side effects for ornacycline for birds?
  241. What is the best way to introduce my new pet rats to my home?
  242. Gold fish question ?
  243. Ok, Petco finally has african dwarf frogs! i just need help! HELP ASAP
  244. cleaning the fish tank?
  245. Advice on training a chihuahua puppy!?
  246. What do you have to do to be a vet? What do you do is the classes?
  247. Ok so I bought bloodworms for my baby turtles. What do I feed the bloo
  248. Where can i find a small cheap, plastic, very basic fish tank for a lo
  249. Why is my bearded dragon eating his poo?
  250. What do brown anoles eat?