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  1. What should I name my new kitten?
  2. migratory brirds from sieberia?
  3. Reef tank free floating algae eaters?
  4. The cats in my neighborhood keep getting on my car and leaving scratch
  5. horse making bedding out of hay?
  6. Would a Pug and an English Bulldog get along?
  7. Help!!!!!!!!!!My frilled dragon won't eat?
  8. Hey, What should i name my new hedgehog?
  9. my rabbit keeps humping my stuffed toy seal ?
  10. What kind of dog is he?
  11. I just bought a 55g aquasystem tank with built in over wet/dry?
  12. help my there might be somthing wrong with my dog!?
  13. a lady i took riding lessons from said her purebred arabian mare got c
  14. I have a 9 week old puppy. He is always going to the bathroom.?
  15. I need your help to save more lives!?
  16. When a dog rubs there ass on the floor wah does that mean?
  17. why wont my hamster move?!?
  18. Can you help me with my doggy?
  19. How to get rid of gecko/salamanders?
  20. Feeding worms to my bearded dragon. how? when? HELP!?
  21. If you were a jellybean what would you do?
  22. is there a way to hide drugs from a sniffer dog?
  23. snake question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  24. how can i make sure my bearded dragon will not eat the play sand? ?
  25. hey!HERE'S what I would like a pet!What should I work for if i'm 11?
  26. can we register a buckskin under color?
  27. I need help plz ......!?
  28. I say female dog is called a "bitch" son says it's just the female pup
  29. if a horse bowed a tendon...?
  30. the vet found this prob. with the horse i wanna buy. should i worry?
  31. how much money does it cost to get my kitten dewormed?
  32. Syringe Feeding my cat for the first time. Need some advice to save hi
  33. Leopard gecko morph question.?
  34. My bunny's nail fell off! HELP!?
  35. Husky Or Akita?.. What's Your Favorite Breed?
  36. Are Grey Hounds good dogs for a family with young kids?
  37. HELP male betta is sick?
  38. how do i discipline my dog when he growls? He usually growls because h
  39. Guess Which Pup I Am Getting Out Of This Litter?
  40. what are some of Leeches weaknesses/vulnerability's?? ?
  41. I have a little dog and What is the food of the puppy`s?
  42. Sugar Glider Legal-ness?
  43. a dog question....need advice?
  44. Pitbull shooting in Austin Texas...?
  45. My dogs Head shakes Uncontrollably! ?
  46. Halloween Horse show costume?
  47. My Cat bites me ALL the time. But only me. Why is this?
  48. Does a shiny coat mean a healthy dog?
  49. Does any one know any cute small dog names?
  50. Can a cat get pregnant just 3 weeks after delivering kittens?
  51. How long after neutering can a male rat be in a cage with females.?
  52. Do yall have free big dogs or free cats.or free parakeets ?
  53. IS tortishell cat a breed like ragdoll or a moggy?
  54. Is it true that some cats may never experience any symptons of feline
  55. Chihuahua throwing up.?
  57. how many pets do you have and what kind you have?
  58. Dog acting very Strange.?
  59. What is that basic nutrition of the puppy's?
  60. Is my Pit Bull happy?
  61. What are gerbils like as pets?
  62. My cat is starting to chew on straw, is this bad?
  63. Why is my cat bullying pt 2......?
  64. I need a hutch big enough 4 two small rabbits cuz they're in a birdcag
  65. help with my boxer puppy!?
  66. Pet Experts...Especially the peeps who know Guinea Pigs?
  67. Guess Which Pup I Am Getting Out Of This Litter?
  68. Can you tell me what this is used for?
  69. Can the dog whisperer really talk to dogs?
  70. what can make my pitbull bigger?
  71. ferrets and toddlers?
  72. How much will my puppy weigh full grown?
  73. My four week old kitten twitches?
  74. For any one else with a porcupine puffer?
  75. My dog has a cut on his foot... What can I do?
  76. English Bulldog or a Shiba Inu?
  77. Just rescued a puppy, she's VERY thin?
  78. my kitten chases a ball when i throw it like a dog?
  79. Name for ouy new puppy?
  80. What do if i do if my dog is whinning ?
  81. Why is my cat bullying?
  82. I witness my best friend and neighbor taser a dog yesterday for no rea
  83. my dog has black crispy stuff on his ears?
  84. Does Any One Know About Siberpaws And The Welfare?
  85. science project with reptiles?
  86. how do i take care of a baby jack rabbit?
  87. Raw food????? Just a few questions......?
  88. Dwarf gouramis in a ten gal; what sort of combo can I do?
  89. Buying A Friesian Colt?!?
  90. should the power head fish tank be facing the over flow ?
  91. When i was tightening my horses girth, she pulled back and almost rear
  92. A chocolate lab with alergies?
  93. If I have a big yard with lots of trees, can I legally obtain a pet gi
  94. Will My Puppy Ever Learn?
  95. How often does my porcupine puffer fish need to eat?
  96. When does a puppy get his/her full coat/size?
  97. Is there a bar (pet friendly) that you can take your dog to in the Los
  98. when do hen turkeys lose their snood on the bill?
  99. Cross Country Colors??????
  100. how old can dogs live for?
  101. My cat drank some wine from my glass?
  102. Can Oscars be housed with Clown Loaches?
  103. How did you help your dog recognize her own name?
  104. do dogs have healing powers in their tongues?
  105. Canidae Grain-free coming out soon - just got update today?
  106. Good cat names.......?
  107. How often should I feed my 3 goldfish?
  108. I know budgies make sound but is there any way that they wont make as
  109. my chicken has a wound in her neck ?
  110. A shy puppy, will she grow up to be boistrous?
  111. how do i stop my crazy dog who is fixed ,from humping everthing?
  112. What to do with a HUGE diamond python?
  113. What's the purpose of a Cat?
  114. This is a question about a horsey friend!?
  115. any cool tricks to teach a mouse?
  116. How do i get rid of stains under White Puppies eye?
  117. Why does my dog lick a lot?
  118. Dragging a back hoof over jumps?
  119. Budgie Problem Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!?
  120. what is the difference between a paint and a pinto(plz b specific)?
  121. Mouse help please!!!!!!!!!?
  122. How do I take care of a baby lizard.?
  123. help with puppyyyyyy?
  124. Riding Critique Videos?
  125. where can i get my cats vaccinated and tested?
  126. Can kitty litter be used for a mouse cage?
  127. can yall please donate to the aspca just email me and ill donate it so
  128. My dog at a $20 bill - Should I be concerned healthwise?
  129. My dog is always taking my things..?
  130. My husband's puppy gets too excited and tail bleeds?
  131. my cat some red stiff coming out of his butt?
  132. where would i go to learn about?
  133. does anybody know what kind of dog this is? (picture)?
  134. Pros and cons about Maltese's?
  135. what type of breed is it?
  136. Where does your dog sleep at night?
  137. how to get your parents to buy you a horse?
  138. How can I tell my dog Im the dominant one!?
  139. What can I do to keep my dog busy?
  140. My pitbull is 4 months how do i train him and teach him to stay and go
  141. My rabbit has a goopy eye. What does that mean?
  142. How do I determine how much to sell my Netherland Dwarf Rabbits for?
  143. How do I trap 3 feral kittens?
  144. Which came first? Tick or tick egg?
  145. Will my hamster eat her babies?
  146. what's a good name for a runt hamster? (10 points)?
  147. Me and Mr.Bear has problems?
  148. how can i make my hamster not bite friends?
  149. brother got sister pregnate, their chihuahuas, will they come out defo
  150. What species to put with a Jack Dempsey?
  151. Need some help picking a cage ?
  152. How come dog's hair stands up when they are mad?
  153. Do you think this is crazy?
  154. can a shiva inu and havenese/bichon breed babies togther?
  155. Is my cat sick??????
  156. What is wrong with my leopard gecko?
  157. My cockatiel is acting sluggish and scratching all he time?
  158. what type of hamster should i get ?
  159. Do Convict Cichlids mate for life?
  160. my dog has a cut next to his eye and on the top of his head what can i
  161. Why Do Labradors Fight Allot?
  162. my dog has tumors and arthritis help !!!!!!?
  163. Can you tell me, on how to read your cat's behaviors?
  164. My cat has worms and I need help finding out what kind so I can get th
  165. how can i save my dogs life if he ate rat poison?
  166. How much do you trust your dog around children?
  167. New puppy barking all night long?
  168. why is my hamsters nose red?
  169. Can anyone please help me out with my dog?
  170. How can I get my new puppy to stop being afraid of my dad?
  171. Is it safe for a ferret to get its rabies and final distemper together
  172. puppy vomiting,diarrhea 2 days now?
  173. Baby Squirrel Help!!?
  174. Can you tell me what is your favorite breed of dog and why?
  175. How to get pond koi to stop getting scared and swimming away when i ap
  176. Freaked out rat? help?
  177. I am writing an essay for English Honors and need an interview with so
  178. help I can not find my dog and he just got....?
  179. Board/ Grain cost question?
  180. Breeding Hamsters! Need some info ?
  181. uromastyx, what is the best diet?
  182. Were is the cheapest place to vaccinate your dog?
  183. can or how to put a dog into labor?
  184. is it ok to use pine for an iguana cage if it is sealed with polyureth
  185. Info on African Clawed frogs?
  186. sometimes shed tear when pooping?
  187. What is wrong with my turtle? Is it normal?
  188. Is your cat as fussy as mine?
  189. What is your dog doing right now?
  190. corn shedding too much?
  191. My dog just had surgery and is crying. What can I do to keep him from
  192. What are the dogs that doesn't fight with other dogs?
  193. how long is you dachshund?
  194. were can i buy a savanna monitor or a nile monitor from can i tell a p
  195. Would You Pay This For Her?
  196. How much would you pay for this horse?
  197. What can I feed my leopard gecko? He has lost interest in eating. I ha
  198. What do I do when my chilian rosea arrives in the mail? ?
  199. PlEASE HELP, Found A Baby Possum?
  200. What is a great way to get smoother transitions?
  201. looking for article in ann landers or dear abby regarding euthanasia o
  202. cockatiel vs cockatoo?
  203. where to get help when your vet misses the problem and you had to put
  204. How do I keep my cat from climbing in the air ducts?
  205. New cockatiel...not sure about his behavior?
  206. Post neuter bleeding, is this normal?
  207. Momma rat will not care for pups?
  208. About what age can a cat get pregnant?
  209. No really, they have to go?
  210. When I get my rat......?
  211. where can i buy Pharmaseb shampoo for my dog??r=1222306372?
  212. How many toes does a mockingbird have?
  213. What is the base price for horses in your area?
  214. I am looking for a pet groomer that is reasonable, We live in the Brig
  215. ideas for a 1.5g tank?
  216. How to make a habitat for some Fiddler Crabs?
  217. can pregnant dogs get shots?
  218. 1 inch discus colour?
  219. HELP! How to get cats to the vet?
  220. i am getting a puppy who has recived all her shots and is 8 wks old al
  221. Does this sound okay?
  222. what size are baby swans?
  223. Iguana burns on head?
  224. Can laying hens eat dog biscuit's? Is it good or bad for them?
  225. My dog got ran over by a car what to do HELP! part 2?
  226. What pet should I get?
  227. Chameleon Requirements?
  228. Fish acting crazy, whats going on?
  229. Help With Dog Site..?
  230. How much for adopting a parrot?
  231. What are you opinions on these breeds?
  232. I am interested in purchasing a ferret in Jackson Mississippi, mine pa
  233. Can I use Ladybugs to help get rid of soil lice in my turtle tank?
  234. too many fish??????????????
  235. What might be wrong with my cat??
  236. Where can I get chickens in Australia?
  237. How can I convince my mom to let me have a kitten?
  238. where can i find dogs for sale?
  239. Urgent: My Budgie is picking feathers, what can I do?
  240. who knows where you can but dog's?
  241. Please help. There is something wrong with my cat.?
  242. What do you think about my cat?
  243. where is the spay and neuter law active or passed in the state of Cali
  244. is this a wild rabbit or not?
  245. How/Where to attach a horse tail extension?
  246. T-Rex help please!!!!?
  247. Where can I get free pets?
  248. What are the dogs that are strong against warm weather?
  249. Question about aquarium sealant decoration?
  250. Black and red sore on cat's lip?