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  1. why does my female dog yelp when my male begins to mate her ?
  2. where could i bury him?
  3. Has anyone ever used the Calming Face Wrap for their dog?
  4. i just got a new female black lab puppy...cant think of a name!?
  5. How big will my ?/Beagle puppy get? (Details inside)?
  6. Hyper Hyper Hyper Puppy... Any Tips?
  7. What kind of Solar Power panel setup do I need for this horse bucket?
  8. How to mail a hamster?
  9. Is this my dogs belly button or what?
  10. Is there any home remidies I can use to get rid of fleas that wont hur
  11. What breed does my kitten look like?
  12. What's your cats favorite toy?
  13. my guinea pig keeps biting me?
  14. Taking home a puppy.?
  15. This is my tropical aquarium selection?
  16. what do you think of...?
  17. I just got my puppy today!!! Yay!!! So, help me out please...?
  18. what are the procedures when adopting a cat at a Petco adoption event?
  19. exotic cats as pets,, whats the problem?
  20. How many water and bath bowls do I need for my hermit crabs?
  21. Doberman with a puppy....?
  22. why does my female dog yelp when my male begins to mate her ?
  23. where could i bury him?
  24. Has anyone ever used the Calming Face Wrap for their dog?
  25. i just got a new female black lab puppy...cant think of a name!?
  26. How big will my ?/Beagle puppy get? (Details inside)?
  27. Hyper Hyper Hyper Puppy... Any Tips?
  28. What kind of Solar Power panel setup do I need for this horse bucket?
  29. How to mail a hamster?
  30. Is this my dogs belly button or what?
  31. Is there any home remidies I can use to get rid of fleas that wont hur
  32. What breed does my kitten look like?
  33. What's your cats favorite toy?
  34. Do you need a licence to keep a Bearded Dragon as a pet?
  35. Where can I find information to put my cats in a comercial?
  36. Are Live Shrimps suitable for the Oranda goldfish ?
  37. do yall have any free dogs in the houston area big?
  38. my dog scratches all day?
  39. Whats the easiest turtle to pet?
  40. Is there such thing as a Grey/Silver Labrador Retriever? Or is it just
  41. Whats the cheapest pet to buy?
  42. twitching fin goldfish?
  43. SEATTLE WA PET LOVERS my dog has a hernia (dont know how to spell it)?
  44. Has Peta gone too far with those whole cow milk thing?
  45. Anyone heard of Dogpro - dry dog biscuits?
  46. cat licking belly button?
  47. my black moor goldfish has been spending most of his time with his tai
  48. what would be a good dog to buy?
  49. Why does my cat love to cuddle with my shoes?
  50. i have some questions about whiplash the cowboy monkey below?
  51. help me choose a good dog?
  52. The neighbor's car ran over my puppy?
  53. Anyone in MO want a pasture ornament? ?
  54. What kind of animal do you like and why?
  55. A local cat that comes around our house was injured, should we keep ou
  56. why do people tell me to kill my puppy?
  57. Could u tell me how to pet the turtle?
  58. puppy has blood in her pee?
  59. Can I trust this pet shop?
  60. To become a vet tech what do I have to do?
  61. Is my goldfish dying?
  62. affenpincher puppy? ?
  63. Charging me $500 extra to get puppy papered?
  64. What should I use to bait my mouse/rat traps?
  65. Is this way too much for this puppy?
  66. Are those 'lift and sift' cat boxes effective?
  67. Help... Ammonia Bad!?
  68. easy 10 points what inverts can go with these fish?
  69. Female Sheltie Name Suggestions?
  70. is there a good website that lists poisonous and non poisonous plants?
  71. my dog has 2 things that look like infected pimples?
  72. what are some sighs of eqine influenza?
  73. What happened to my poor hamster?
  74. People have said my dog might have a fatty tumor.?
  75. I have had my new siamese fry for a bit more than a week. i fed them l
  76. hi im zoe i love my dog just not the color shes my bffl i love her to
  77. Why does catfish have the word cat in it? Does it in anyway resemable
  78. My dog is cute. What do you think?
  79. My puppy suddenly showed aggression at night. Help PLEASE!?
  80. Can You Please Help Me?
  81. I have a dog that pees everywhere for no reason. Can anybody help me f
  82. my bulldog puppy keeps vomiting up her food why?
  83. Most of you will think I'm insane but how much does this cost for a ra
  84. I have been thinking about getting a dog, not to big for my Granddaugh
  85. My puppy gets aggressive at night, what do I do?
  86. how can you kill a mouse without using a mouse trap?
  87. Side effects of cortizone tablets and alternative treatments?
  88. What should I name my dog?
  89. What could this bump on my dogs chest be?
  90. We have a 5acre property and would like to keep one or two cows as pet
  91. my lab ate the bone from a t-bone steak, any harm in this if so what s
  92. Dwarf hamsters with wet tail?
  93. What is wrong with my dogs elbow?
  94. What is a good fish for a 3ft 40 gallon tank?
  95. does anyone know what a good price is to charge for dog walking and fo
  96. name of animal which jumps 20-30feet high?
  97. Question about clumping cat litter?
  98. Friskies canned cat food mystery enzyme so cat will eat?
  99. name of bird which speaks more?
  100. Names for my 3-month old female Shetland Sheepdog?
  101. What size should a Manx be?
  102. Appendix+Quarter Horse=registered horse? What about Appendix+Thoroughb
  103. Can someone help me with my bala shark?
  104. I adopted a young chihuahua who was abused?
  105. in the warrior cats series...?
  106. every one wish me good luck?
  107. I love everything about my dog but i dont like the the color my gave i
  108. zebra danios?????????
  109. What breed of dog or dogs do you got???
  110. SHould I be concerned about my dog?
  111. Can you help me settle my dog's stomach? He is sick.?
  112. How can i tell is my hamster is pregnant?
  113. hamster teeth. over gnawing?
  114. is this cage big enough for 1 indian ringneck?
  115. how much do vet techs make in canada?
  116. can koi fish and indian glass fish be in the same tank?
  117. i have fish tank in my house it becmes dirty within a week ,i have wat
  118. Is toy poodle puppy full grown in 5 months, or not yet?
  119. Is my Rat Terrier blind?
  120. i have a crazy dog thats not the alpha dog but is crazy when i get it
  121. My female puppy marking territory in the kids play room?
  122. how much is the netherland dwarf rabbit in the philippines, where i ca
  123. Has anyone seen the tv commercial for "Caesar" gourmet dog food?
  124. Do Dogs know when they are full?
  125. whats your favorite dog breed???
  126. Properly feeding ball python and dealing with snake?
  127. my dogs have lumps on them and one of my dogs has lumps all over the t
  128. can you have too much co2 in a plant only aquarium ?
  129. How do I attract fleas?
  130. Pitbulls Intelligence VS. BullMastiffs Intelligence?
  131. When docking a puppy??
  132. Our guinea pig threw up we think, we don't know what it could be ?
  133. I bred my dachshund.... what do you think?
  134. Why does my cat attack me? ?
  135. Guinea pig or bunny choose one and explain?
  136. Need help training a rescue horse.?
  137. How to lower aquarium water hardness?
  138. my dog bit me - get rid or keep him?
  139. My new bunny is being an @$$...?
  140. my cat has maggots what should i do?
  141. Alright evening crew, what do you think?
  142. Does anyone else feel that their dog is more human-like than others?
  143. Help me find a name for my puppy?
  144. What should I use as a 2nd level in a hermit crab home?
  145. My dog has a large lump on her foot the size of a ball.?
  146. My dog is scared to go outside. What can do to stop this behavior?
  147. My dog ate a Hot coal!!!!what should i do!!!?
  148. My cat had an albino kitten?
  149. where can i buy dogo argentino puppies in the philippines?
  150. I think i made a horrible mistake....?
  151. Sick Beta Fish! Help!?
  152. Can I let my kitten out yet?
  153. its final..i bought her! ((pictures))?
  154. Opinions only, I know how to ride.....?
  155. Sun conure or green cheek????
  156. Do cats love fish? I don't mean just tuna out of the can. But do they
  157. my female cat isn't fix. he goes it's box and sometime goes on the flo
  158. Can I treat an ear infection in my cat without vet assistence?
  159. I swear my dobie should be bigger?
  160. As much as i love my cat, i just can't grip the fact that she'll only
  161. think my filtering system is broken!?
  162. i need new chlorine remover (water conditioner) what one do you recomm
  163. Opinion on dying a dog's fur?
  164. What breed does my cat look like?
  165. anyone know where i can talk to a vet?
  166. Calgary Blue Bird with Long Tail?
  167. i love my dogs color and everything about her i want find something sa
  168. what's a good pitbull name?
  169. whats a duck need two live?
  170. My California King Snake escaped into a hole in the wall, help!?
  171. Help! My dog doesn't want to eat. What's wrong with him?
  172. i wanna get a out door duck?
  173. What cat breeds have AMAZING eyes?
  174. How would one know if a chihuahua was on meth?
  175. Question on a first outside aquarium?
  176. What is a small species of hamsters that are no to annoying.?
  177. I Need To Talk To A Veterinarian Asap?
  178. German shepherd puppy feeding help!!!?
  179. snake outside my bedroom window?
  180. How much is over feeding your fish?
  181. Cover of Cat Encyclopedia?
  182. a cat appeared at my house out of nowhere, is this some sort of voodoo
  183. can i put a duck in a rabbit hutch?
  184. Fancy male guppy not mating?
  185. Are the toads I find in my back yard in Canada Poisonous to my dog?
  186. Does anyone know any good horse names...?
  187. i have a chihuahua that gets all phsyco around other dogs what should
  188. What would you name these puppies?
  189. CAT/ANIMAL LOVERS!! do you think its funny to scare your cat? ?
  190. How can I teach my cat to attack?
  191. i have a 3 year old chihuahua i want to die her into a differnt color
  192. What do i need to know about taking in a stray cat?
  193. can driftwood kill fish?
  194. More Kitten Problems......help?
  195. My two cats fight constantly after being apart?
  196. What is the scariest name for a dog you have ever heard of?
  197. I have some questions about Navicular.......... idk if i spelled that
  198. Is Febreze safe on plush dog toys?
  199. does anyone know where i can get a free puppy in riverside, CA ? ?
  200. Has your cat ever tried eating ur bird before or anything bad to ur bi
  201. What is wrong with my cat?
  202. Equestrian Team Poster Slogan?
  203. should i get a rabbit?
  204. Whats the worse thing ur cat has ever done?
  205. What Dog Should I Get ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  206. How do you teach a horse not to bite and kick?
  207. My cat has been acting really weird all day. He just lays there almost
  208. Can Superglue be used in place of sutures on small skin lacerations?
  209. any bullmastiff owners who want to share their experiences?
  210. How can I test my dog to know how bad his vision is?
  211. introducing new puppy/friend?
  212. is it true battas benefit from blackwater extract ?
  213. every one wish me luck?
  215. How much to feed fish?
  216. What is your favorite brand cat food?
  217. What should i do? mice?
  218. 16 week Springer Spaniel is aggressive on walks?
  219. Why does my chinchilla make angry sounding noises when i touch or pet
  220. I have just got a quarter horse. Im new to how to register a horse. mo
  221. Does anyone know where i can buy O.P.I Pawlish?
  222. What does tobiano, overo, and tovero and sabino mean?
  223. Where to put gold fish when cleaning the tank?
  224. new 6 month old golden retriever dog tomorrow, two questions?
  225. Experienced Horse Owners!?
  226. Besides feeding cats, cat food, have U ever feed ur cat human food bef
  227. 5 gallon fish tank setup?
  228. Why my husky trusts anyone so easily and is always ready to be friendl
  229. my pregnant guppy has a blood spot.?
  230. is it necessary to train an adopted puppy?
  231. What's the best way to get rid of a neighbor's dog that keeps barking
  232. can mollies and guppies breed with each other?
  233. house training... ugh..?
  234. Poochapalooza this sunday!?
  235. how do i prepare my aquarium comet goldfish for putting in my friends
  236. How do you get your conure to love you?
  237. Sun conure general advice!!?
  238. how much do phantom poodles cost? Like an estimated price range would
  239. Dry vs. Wet cat food, which do you feed and why?
  240. How do you make a dog friendly cake?
  241. Is vigorous surface aeration enough?
  242. Why does my cat LOVE mint or permanent marker smells?
  243. My cats play habits...?
  244. Who knows the difference between Spay and Neuter?
  245. will my baby kitty be super attached?
  246. would i have to put my dog to sleep?
  247. Why is my dog so miserable?
  248. my POOR betta... should i pull the plug?
  249. Anyone have plans for or have even seen a double dog and cat house?
  250. My Dog has an eye problem?