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  1. How do I get my dogs to get along better?
  2. My dog ran into the window will he be ok?
  3. Is a Solmen Island tree boa a good begginer pet and why?
  4. wht are good home made toys for a cockateil?
  5. i have a cat and it has kittens but lately it has been moving two of t
  6. How do I convince my 9 mth old chins to take a dust bath?
  7. I feed my 11 year old cat Innova Adult Cat Food (dry)?
  8. My family is looking to adopt or buy a parrot in the PA area.?
  9. My puppy ate some sheet rock walls?
  10. my dog hurt his leg..?
  11. If you were a Pomeranian...?
  12. what next..."leave it" and possible food agression untraining.?
  13. what kind of pet should i get?
  14. whats the difference between a full lease and a free lease?
  15. Is there any type of non-toxic solution I can put on puppies for fleas
  16. My bird died? why??what happend?
  17. What would happen if a human took clomipramine for dogs?
  18. 2-year old shih tzu should I leave her overnight by herself?
  19. Getting my 13 year old daughter a pet?
  20. I tryed to breed my syrian hamsters but im not sure?
  21. Why do they put brown rice and carrots?
  22. geckos? can they carry rabies or anything?
  23. My cat not urinating or pooing?
  24. How can I get my cats to get along?
  25. My German Shepherd? Help?!?
  26. why does my bunny keep doing this today?
  27. who nows how topody train a full grown corgie?? HELP?
  28. Is there a big difference in how you would train a horse to steer with
  29. What type of dog is on the Australian Barina Ad?
  30. A goldfish is swimming in a freshwater pond.The pond is not frozen,wea
  31. Is there different CPR steps for cats versus dogs?
  32. What kind of fish should I pair my male betta with?
  33. Fitting a western saddle to my high withered, narrow horse...DESPERATE
  34. How do you house-train a grown male dog.. Please answer?
  35. introducing new chickens into the flock....?
  36. my dog is throwing up diarehea?
  37. How do you pronounce Bichon Frise?
  38. My balloon molly had babies but still has a gravity spot should i leav
  39. How good is tea tree oil?
  40. What would be a suitable living quarters for my 3 week old puppies?
  41. my dogs are not eating?
  42. Is my bearded dragon ok?
  43. How is the best way to get my dogs use to a doggie door?
  44. baby food for betta fish?
  45. What type of bird is easily trainable and non-expensive.?
  46. what animals can i mix with my green anoles?
  47. My husband and I have a 5 month old black lab that will not "go" outsi
  48. Where do you find those containers that betta breeders put their males
  49. omg i need helpppppppp?
  50. Why is my dog peeing/pooing on the floor?
  51. How can i convince my dad to let my puppy live in the house?
  52. My Parents are looking to adopt a medium/large parrot, PA!?
  53. Has anyone got a good recipe for home made - oatmeal dog shampoo?
  54. my cats breath stinks what can i do?
  55. My tarantula has not eaten in 12 days is that normal?
  56. Why not to spay and neuter your pets?
  57. My cat has had a non-specific viral bug for the last week - has anyone
  58. boston terrier t-shirt ?
  59. Need help now! Emergency! Can red eared sliders live their life solita
  60. so in my 29 gallon fish tank?
  61. dO fish SleeP\][]\[\][\[]\][]]adding charactersXD?
  62. show names!! PLEASE HELP!!?
  63. doberman breed specific questions.?
  64. Pomeranians... Good dogs or bad dogs?
  65. Help! Should I be worried?
  66. has anyone's winter white gone white yet?
  67. Worried about my 8mo old pitbull being in heat?
  68. help with sitting trot, specifically in dressage...?
  69. Can i get another gerbil?
  70. what Temperature do you need to bring in pet cat from outside in the w
  71. Introducing a new Guinea Pig?
  72. Any tips on puppy training?
  73. what should i name my Bala shark? i want a really cool name!?
  74. My balloon molly had babies but still has a gravity spot should i leav
  75. Sick Hognose Snake question?
  76. If I were to list a horse under the english pleasure discipline while
  77. Can I get roundworms from the dog?
  78. Which Ball Python morphs to get?
  79. can i put a betta with my guppys,black tetras,pleco,african dwarf frog
  80. what fish to put in a 20 gallon tank?
  81. How many lady bettas can my tank have?
  82. How do I persuade my mom into buying me a puppy?
  83. My cats is drooling and his chin quivers?
  84. rescue ferret wanted? website, help?
  85. siberian husky names!!?
  86. I have a 6 month old red tail boa.?
  87. Taking care of my new puppy?
  88. Cat neutering question?
  89. what should i do......budgie!?
  90. American Pitbull or American Bulldog?
  91. How many western riders ride with two hands, when just riding for fun?
  92. Why do most pet stores only sell cats, and not dogs?
  93. My cat ate a Poinsettia will she die?
  94. Bearded Dragon questions?
  95. What Is The Best Kind Of Pet Bird?
  96. is flour in dog biscuts bad for dogs?
  97. What's a good site to buy guppies from?[10 pts best answer!!]?
  98. How would I go about owning a flamingo?
  99. anyone know of low cost vet in detroit area to have cat spayed?
  100. Is corn Starch lethal to cats?
  101. corn snake feeding problem?
  102. Why does my Savannah Monitor bite?
  103. i have a coldwater tank and recently my black moor has started stickin
  104. I have a 20 month old boxer can a dog be cloned and if so where?
  105. I need Show names!?!?
  106. What breed would you prefer? A GERMAN SHEPHERD or SIBERIAN HUSKY?
  107. my dog is a german shepard/ husky..?
  108. cat has bleeding head! please help?
  109. why does my 3yr old chihuahua bark at people when they leave my house.
  110. is a shubunkin a fancy goldfish ?
  111. Do I need a riding style?
  112. RAW diet and where to start?
  113. I need a Reliable Dog Site?
  114. Can anyone give me a good site for buying snakes and lizards online th
  115. My neutered cat pisses on everything!?
  116. Why is My Beardie Scratching at his glass tank?
  117. How to teach my dog to behave outside?
  118. Behavior Modification - I *want* my cat to scratch?
  119. How long can cats go without food?
  120. Is My Dog Cute? (Picture)?
  121. Are ferrets related to Mongoose's?
  122. fish illness's pop eye?
  123. Need advice regarding activated charcoal?
  124. why does my chihuahua put his toy in his mouth when someone is coming
  125. can guinea pigs lice survive on me?
  126. How do you discourage a dog from eating out of the cats' litter box?
  127. What kinda nose is this (pics)?
  128. How do I correct these things while riding?
  129. What will your Dog(s) be getting from Santa this year?
  130. IGUANA diet... Not sure if it's good enough?
  131. why do my dogs start howling when they bark sometimes?
  132. How much are un-papered pure bred Queensland Heeler puppies worth?
  133. How can I spend more time with my puppy?
  134. Update: My gf has to put her cat to sleep. I am at a loss for what to
  135. what fish would u get for colour.(African Cichlid)?
  136. Which one is better? (Toy) Please answer!?
  137. What dogs naturally get along well with horses?
  138. How much does a neutering operation cost?
  139. Aren't loyal dogs supposed to bring you your slippers ?
  140. Im getting two female guinea pigs how do i know if they fight?
  141. Is My Kitten To Young To Be In Heat?
  142. Do cats meow constantly because they're bored?
  143. Problems with jumping my cat?
  144. After the 2 syrian hamsters breed -need help? ?
  145. HELP ME ASAP! MY leaprod gecko just laid eggs!! What do I do??/?
  146. My fish tank water is cloudy?
  147. when best time to mate dog?
  148. I need some Corn snake info?
  149. My dog keeps licking her paws?
  150. Need advice regarding activated charcoal?
  151. why does my chihuahua put his toy in his mouth when someone is coming
  152. can guinea pigs lice survive on me?
  153. How do you discourage a dog from eating out of the cats' litter box?
  154. What kinda nose is this (pics)?
  155. How do I correct these things while riding?
  156. What will your Dog(s) be getting from Santa this year?
  157. IGUANA diet... Not sure if it's good enough?
  158. why do my dogs start howling when they bark sometimes?
  159. Quick Dog Help! Please Help!?
  160. i was just wonderin what some of the differences between domestic and
  161. My cockatail has laid eggs?
  162. names for a red panda?
  163. my dog's nail broke and he's bleeding?
  164. when will my yorkie get out of her puppy stage?
  165. Is it safe to put a sponge in a guppy tank?
  166. What adaptaions do toucans, jaguars, and red-eyed tree frogs have for
  167. what types of fish are compatible?
  168. Dog Help?! Urgent!! Omg!!?
  169. my male guinea pigs argue, help!!!?
  170. Is corn Starch lethal to cats?
  171. corn snake feeding problem?
  172. Why does my Savannah Monitor bite?
  173. i have a coldwater tank and recently my black moor has started stickin
  174. can you keep a blobfish as a pet?
  175. should i get this for my hamster?
  176. My rabbit died this afternoon...?
  177. Whats your favourite marine fish and marine crustacian?
  178. where do dogs like to be stroked moast?
  179. Organic peanut butter bad for Alaskan Malmute?
  180. What are the names of male Puffins?
  181. chihuahua puppy help please?
  182. Is it possible to house a small african clawed from and a crawfish in
  183. My 10 year old Golden Retriever poops on the garage floor every night?
  184. My Horse "windsucks"?
  185. Can you freeze a minnow or small goldfish in dry ice and then thaw it
  186. Does anyone know any Natural Rearing Australian Shepherd breeders?
  187. Are Puffins endangered?
  188. Where did the Maltese come from?
  189. Energetic things to do with horses?
  190. how would you go about asking parents for a dog?
  191. Which one should i get? A nintendo DS or a new cage for my hamster?
  192. Aren't kittens supposed to be woozy after surgery?
  193. is a Sumatran Red Blood Pythons or a african rock python a good beggin
  194. Is there a brand of activated charcoal?
  195. why does my cat attack me and everyone?
  196. What is a reasonable a temperature for a dog to have be indoors in a h
  197. Can these fish which i currently have in my 125 litre tank live alongs
  198. I need help naming my sabino overo mare!!?
  199. Can ich be immune to rid ich ?
  200. how to get the cat smell out?
  201. One gallon tank care...?
  202. I have a yellow mollie that looks so bloated it looks like she is goin
  203. Do puffins live in groups or alone? If they live in groups what is the
  204. Ugh My Dog Is Doing This Thing..?
  205. When will my leopard frog tadpoles change into a froglet?
  206. Cats Make Noise - Neighbors Complain!?
  207. I was thinking about names for a chihuahua!!?
  208. A weird bug just bit my son...It has a long body with spider like legs
  209. My cat won't come home anymore...?
  210. My Shubunkin goldfish is swimming wildly, and does not look well. What
  211. Typical molly behavior?
  212. why does my cat attack me and everyone?
  213. What is a reasonable a temperature for a dog to have be indoors in a h
  214. Can these fish which i currently have in my 125 litre tank live alongs
  215. I need help naming my sabino overo mare!!?
  216. What types of SMALL fish are compatible with my fantail goldfish?
  217. Why is it not consitered murder / kidnapping when someone kills / stea
  218. Yes another raw feeding question!? :)?
  219. Do tigers make good pets?
  220. Hampton Court Tack--Good?
  221. I need some creative ways to keep my puppy exercised...?
  222. my male cat is in heat or whatever u call it how do i make him stop cr
  223. I have 2 female dwarf lop bunnies?
  224. How much does a pig cost?
  225. Airplane sniffer dogs?
  226. dog breeding,where's the money at?
  227. Clipping rabbit nails?
  228. What do you expect from a horse trainer?
  229. what does my pet rats behaviour mean?
  230. what dogs originated in Britain?
  231. is my cockatiel okay?? plz help i'm rly worried?
  232. Why are cats fascinated by the shower? do your cats do this?
  233. Problems with my lesson horse?
  234. Can a cat get a sore throat? ?
  235. English Bulldogs????
  236. Morkie smell - please advice?
  237. how much should and africa grey cost?
  238. Plan B needed with tricky jumping dog!?
  239. If a male cat is neutered ?
  240. How do you cope with losing the dog you grew up with? ?
  241. my dog ia a bulmastiff x doberman, his he too small?
  242. What kind of dog would you choose?
  243. Any beautiful names for female dogs?
  244. I fed my hatchling corn snake a pinkie mouse on monday and this is wha
  245. My dog has a seriously problem! Help!?
  246. how can i potty train my tiny dog?
  247. What do I need before I bring my ferret home?
  248. Condominium For Sale Philippines ?
  249. why do cats love sitting in boxes?
  250. What kind of stick bugs are allowed in the USA? 10 points best answer!