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  1. What did my cat die of?
  2. What can I do to deter my neighbor from feeding my sick cat?
  3. What should I do to get my cat to eat more?
  4. how can I train my chartreux cat from biting?
  5. What can I expect owning an unaltered adult male cat?
  6. Are my cats bonding now?
  7. What is your favoite bloodline in AQHA or APHA?
  8. German shepherds!!!!?
  9. Thinking about lunging for the first time. Going to get a teacher to h
  10. I think my cat is too fat!?
  11. My daughter's new puppy is so whiny when she isn't home?
  12. Why do they sell fish bowls?
  13. Agility games for a last training party?
  14. My dog likes to sleep under the covers with me.?
  15. How can you tell male from female ducklings?
  16. How can I tell if my mouse is pregnant?
  17. is it play or domination?
  18. What do you think my puppy has? ?
  19. Do you and your dog need flea relief? ?
  20. The doctor has just informed us that our corgi's weight gain is actual
  21. is my Red Tuxedo Platy pregnant?
  22. Does anyone know the nearest RSPCA vet to west london?
  23. DOG HAS breath SO BAD ?
  24. Can I use copper sulfate AND aquarium salt together to treat ich?
  25. what kind of comb should i use on my 6 month golden retriever dog?
  26. Please Can Some One Help Me Top 10 Free Pets Classifieds So That I Can
  27. Little "parasites" living in my fish tank gravel?
  28. I need some help urgently please?
  29. Something is seriously wrong with my bay Duck!? Help?
  30. How long does it take to potty train a puppy?
  31. My Gold Bard FISH has a bump on the side off its belly i thought its p
  32. Can dog kisses make you sick?
  33. is it against the law for an under 16 year old to walk a dog when not
  34. Riding hats?? Thanks!?
  35. what is the best pet tortoise?
  36. Why is my cat attacking my other cat?
  37. I have three chickens and one of them has been badly pecked..?
  38. I have 3 dogs and we are having a problem with spiders and I have hear
  39. if a dog has had A lot of puppies will that cause her to go into labor
  40. what do wild corydoras look like?
  41. small bug (flys) in my fish tank!! need help!!!!?
  42. How do you become a certified Animal Wrangler?
  43. I have a 12 week old boxer, and im having trouble potty traing while @
  44. why won't my pregnant dog leave her whelping area?
  45. Help!!i Need A English Bulldog!!! By Sunday!!!!?
  46. my hermit crab was molting and shed his skin but i threw it away not k
  47. Best Cages for a Dwarf Hamster?
  48. keep birds off my roof?
  49. Why do lovebirds smell so good? ?
  50. It looks like my pug has food allergies but he needs to take meds. Wha
  51. Raising panda cory fry?
  52. we have a 3 year old that is not housebroke yet?
  53. What animal will eat a whole chicken without leaving anything behind.?
  54. Baby Squirrel need info plz help?
  55. is it a good idea to use blackwater extract with a betta?
  56. Snake with eye problems!!!?
  57. Equestrian Team Poster Slogan?
  58. What should I name my new puppy?
  59. What is wrong with my hamster?!?!?!?
  60. can a cat die of depression?
  61. how do i get rid of fleas when they are already on your pet?
  62. My dog won't let me take food out of her mouth. What can i do?
  63. Any one have experience good or bad with the bouvier?
  64. what is the best type of goldfish food?
  65. my cats useing me!!!! lol?
  66. Feeding my guinea pig too much?
  67. How do I get my dog and my new puppy to get along?
  68. What kind of dog should I get?
  69. Whats wrong with my turtle? ?
  70. my hermit crab was molting and shed his skin but i threw it away not k
  71. Best Cages for a Dwarf Hamster?
  72. keep birds off my roof?
  73. Why do lovebirds smell so good? ?
  74. It looks like my pug has food allergies but he needs to take meds. Wha
  75. Raising panda cory fry?
  76. we have a 3 year old that is not housebroke yet?
  77. What animal will eat a whole chicken without leaving anything behind.?
  78. Baby Squirrel need info plz help?
  79. What should I name my new puppy?
  80. What is wrong with my hamster?!?!?!?
  81. can a cat die of depression?
  82. how do i get rid of fleas when they are already on your pet?
  83. My dog won't let me take food out of her mouth. What can i do?
  84. Any one have experience good or bad with the bouvier?
  85. what is the best type of goldfish food?
  86. my cats useing me!!!! lol?
  87. Feeding my guinea pig too much?
  88. How do I get my dog and my new puppy to get along?
  89. What kind of dog should I get?
  90. Whats wrong with my turtle? ?
  91. my dog lays down alot in the other room?
  92. leopard gecko questions?
  93. will i be allergic to the french bull dog?
  94. how to get my mom to agree to a kitten?
  95. Is the following immoral?
  96. My baby ringneck snake is not eating his food and i have white sand in
  97. How does a fish pump work?
  98. Can I make an aquarium a terrarium?
  99. what can you do for a cat that has chewed on phone wire and has some i
  100. Ive used front line and my dog is still scratching?
  101. whats the best dog shampoo and conditioner?
  102. Does anybody else with a dog (especially a lab) feel like their dog is
  103. moving with a rotty/lab mix puppy whose 8 1/2 months old?
  104. Why do cats lay with their front legs folded into their chest?
  105. if u give ur dog away that u had since a puppy apprx. 6 -7 years (to a
  106. How do I get my dog harness on?
  107. what kind of dog should i get.?
  108. What should I do to help my cat eat?
  109. Could my puppy have hips dyspasia? ?
  110. Is It Bad If A Breeder Does Not Mind Their Puppies Being Non Kc Reg?
  111. 2 weeks after spay dog's bleeding?!?!?! HELPP!!!?
  112. i have a 6 yr old rottweiler and i'm engaged to my boyfriend of 4 year
  113. What kind of water a tadpole would need?
  114. 10 month old German Shepherd shedding?
  115. where do axolotls come from?
  116. Why did a strange dog scale my block wall and walk on it?
  117. what do ferrets like to eat and play with?
  118. Looking for a decent priced Chocolate Lab?
  119. If you like wild Wolves and Bears ... tell me what you think about thi
  120. when can i let my budgies out of there cage?
  121. Adopting a new cockatiel, what are some things to make sure I get at t
  122. Healthy joints for larger dogs?
  123. When should I declaw my kitten?
  124. is a grey show jacket okay for anything?
  125. looking for a free small dog in manteca area or close?
  126. Can I give my pregnant cat human penicillin?
  127. Aquarium Salt? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?
  128. Can you get back my dog and return him to me?
  129. Dr. Strasser Hoof Trim?
  130. Kitty Scratching Post material DONATION?
  131. need help with a unwanted cat?
  132. anyone know of someone that has kittens up for adoption?
  133. My new guinea pigs get so hungry?
  134. What kind of dog is this?
  135. husky owners!! help please!?
  136. who knows a Slovensky Cuvac in USA! Sweden, Denmark other counbtries?
  137. runaway lurcher, if our dog escapes he cannot be caught?
  138. We found a stray female I think she may be pregnant?
  139. Cat Flea collar Dangerous for other cats or kittens?
  140. Hamster Cage Compatibility?
  141. my 7 yr.male neutered cat is loosing weight, has a loose stool and gas
  142. My cat is chewing on everything she can find, like wires, and her toys
  143. Has anyone used Oreganol P73 for their dogs?
  144. Kitten Genetics: Litter with 2 male orange tabbies, 1 female orange ta
  145. Yuo know them grow a frog kits?
  146. Does any one know about Pinchers?
  147. I live in an apartment & need a pet ?
  148. Is my hamster's leg broken? What can I do? No money for a vet :(?
  149. when do puppies' eyes ? ?
  150. what are your thoughts on automatic litter boxes?
  151. Does Animal Control pick up diseased Dogs?
  152. What do i use in my ferret hutch?
  153. Why does my dog has diarrhea at least twice a month?
  154. How do I Bond with two budgies?
  155. Is The Typical Fur Colour For An Adult Yorkie?
  156. whats a good temperature for a tank containing?
  157. What is a good base to build up a stall that floods?
  158. horse value site???????????????
  159. Will my baby red eared slider turtle be okay?
  160. what animal, do you think is the most unique?
  161. science project with fish ?
  162. What is the best hamster cage in your opinion?
  163. broken rabbit leg??!!?
  164. how do i stop my kittens from trying to nurse with their aunt?
  165. do bearded dragons smell?
  166. my dog!!! NEED HELP!!!?
  167. Why would my cat wag his tail when I say his name?
  168. Stuff for kitty being locked up?(only for a week)?
  169. how can i gain my cats trust?
  170. any natural remedys for dog fleas?
  171. Female dog-lumps, cough, stiff legs?
  172. What pet should I get?
  173. What to do about garden spider?
  174. I'm receiving 7 week old kittens today, just wondering when I choose o
  175. Disinfecting clothing exposed to canine parvovirus?
  176. Is this normal for neutered cat?
  177. What is wrong with my cat?
  178. mopani driftwood with african cichlids?
  179. platy fry question ??????????????????????
  180. Can two different types of milk snakes mate?
  181. my possibly new dog is about 9kg?
  182. My yorkie is sick! Help!!?
  183. How can dogs hold urine so long?
  184. 11th month old filly ?
  185. Can cats and dogs get headaches?
  186. Need Help With Dog Fleas!?!?
  187. my 11yr old darling staffie has just been diagnosed with lung cancer?
  188. Can tadpoles be mixed?
  189. how many pets does jessica alba have?
  190. 8 week old kitten is pouncing, attacking, biting and sratching us. Wha
  191. HAS anyone kept toads as pets and successfully kept them indoors all w
  192. Cat constantly hunting geriatric cat?
  193. Where can I find decent pet insurance/pet wellcare program?
  194. does my kitten need fresh air?
  195. When is a flea collar to early to use?
  196. My dog is pregnant, what should i do?
  197. when would be a good time to get another puppy?
  198. Question About A Sick Cat....?
  199. Cleaning aquarium sand?
  200. Help cat is cleaning tail until it is raw and has a scab on it?
  201. what is wrong with my dog?
  202. Can a dog have no drives to work with?
  203. Why Do Yorkies Get Their Tails Docked?
  204. I am dealing with a very odd kitten. Anyone else have one that chooses
  205. Can cardboard harm my puppy?
  206. Will you Please help me; I'm a Human with a Dog?
  207. I can't seem to get milk out of my dogs nipples after whelping?
  208. I have 2 small puppies that I can't keep anymore because of hawks in t
  209. How do you find out data on an AKC registered German Shepherd Dog Usin
  210. I cannot keep my pony trotting, what am I doing wrong?
  211. Do red tail Shark like water current? And how many hiding places shoul
  212. DONATION for Animal Foundation or Shelters ?
  213. Why is my ferret so mean to me?
  214. Habitrail O.V.O or Crittertrail Z?
  215. Can you see these pictures?
  216. I have 2 guniea pigs and want some more?
  217. I have a 12 week old poodle,she had advantage for 3 weeks now she is c
  218. To chain or not to chain?
  219. How often shall i walk my dog?
  220. i want a hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  221. Do you think baby ground hogs are cute?
  222. whats the best puppy food?
  223. 8 year old dalmatian bleeding from his penis.?
  224. In theory, YES you can put goldfish with tropical fish...?
  225. homemade frog friendly bug spray?
  226. Good dog training book?
  227. How do I make these two cats get along?
  228. Help!! Doe someome have a recipe or a remedy to keep dog from peeing i
  229. Our new Kitten keeps attacking me , biting and scratching. What can we
  230. What Brand Of Food Does A Parrotlet Eat?
  231. how often do you clean out your rats? rat owners?
  232. Our new Kitten, a barn cat, is very aggressive with toys and such will
  233. Why does one of my chickens eat the others' eggs?
  234. Is something wrong with my cat?
  235. I'm thinking about getting a pet, some advice?
  236. Is it considered animal abuse if your 2 year old gives kitty a bath an
  237. Patient Paws? (Please Read)?
  238. In what order did you get your pets?
  239. I have 2 zebra finches and one is picking the feathers out of the othe
  240. how many cats are there in britain?
  241. questions about hamsters..?
  242. can 5 months kitten can eat egg yolk?
  243. Does Bog Wood Lower the PH in your Tank?
  244. Why do big macho men get small fluffy dogs instead of big tough dogs?
  245. whats wrong with my oscar?
  246. what do i feed my turtle?
  247. What kind of dog is she??? How big will she get?
  248. the vet removed my lab's pressure bandage sticky tape is irritating he
  249. Is it OK to leave a hamster inside it's cage/tank all day?
  250. What's the Matter with my Dog?