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  1. Materials for guinea pig cages, c&c not an option?
  2. What does everybody think about Blue Buffalo Co. dog food?
  3. why does my dog play with everyone but me?
  4. could you put ducks with chickens?
  5. would fluids like orange juice, vinegar..etc hurt leeches?
  6. i found a wild garter snake, is it good to keep as a pet ?
  7. Question about petstores and fish?
  8. Need help with waterfall on my Aqua-Tech power filter please?
  9. have a different kind of q !?
  10. Do you think this is absurd? This says the bowl holds two common goldf
  11. A good song to describe.....?
  12. Do Cats See Black And White?
  13. Will this 20 gal tank setup work?
  14. i need help their is something wrong with my kitten.?
  15. How much is that doggy in the window?
  16. Chihuahua has Bald spots?
  17. who else out there are afraid of birds?
  18. My coon hound. How can i train her to hunt please help.?
  19. How to get rid of stain in test tubes?
  20. Why is my puppy acting like this now?
  21. Can you introduce a new Cornsnake?
  22. Does my horse have rain rot, or something else?
  23. duck question?! HELP!!!?
  24. i found a white egg in my front yard how do i save it and what can i u
  25. With the economy getting worse and families struggling to make ends me
  26. What's happening with my dog?
  27. does my horse need a riser or changable gullet? ?
  28. My betta fish has a series of white scales under his gills?
  29. Where can I report this?
  30. 11 and a half month old dog is pregnant !!! HELP !!!?
  31. Can pot-bellied pigs be left alone with a cat?
  32. For those with the Tidy Cat Breeze cat litter boxes?
  33. what can i feed my cats?
  34. with dogs with parvo is subcutanious fluid better than rectally with t
  35. is it normal for a two month old kitten to be nursing?
  36. How many of you are SICK and TIRED of MMXII's STUPID questions?
  37. i need help with my dog!!!!!!!?
  38. How do I keep the crickets in the cage?
  39. Does anyone have a list of pets?
  40. how do I get my dog to behave better is a 3month old girl?
  41. im dog sitting my teachers pet daschund?
  42. what are some plants for betta tanks?
  43. I have a Jack Russle that barks and growls at everything. ?
  44. Can milk and cats mix?
  45. Teething German Shepherd ?
  46. Problem with Rabbits teeth.?
  47. I was in the pet store today and someone bought 12 feeder goldfish for
  48. Comment me if you love leopard geckos?
  49. Why are my basset hounds eyes watering?
  50. Is there anything I can do for stray kittens with matted eyes?
  51. Animal Fight!!!!!!!!!!?
  52. Why do the call it poop when it can be called dropings?
  53. i got a couple questions on Fiddler/ Red clawed crabs?
  54. Would A Whisper Filter 10i Have a Strong Current For A 5 Gallon Long?
  55. I have a guinea pig question ...?
  56. why are vets so busy?
  57. Does anybody know anything about Feline corona virus?
  58. african brush tailed porcupine? LOLL?
  59. My vacuum makes my house smell bad?
  60. my kitties belly is huge and hard?
  61. what kind of big dog is good?
  62. my dog has allergies?
  63. what is this micro organism on my gouldian finch?
  64. Do beta fish get depressed?
  65. i hav 1 18 month male pit and 2 month female and in process of getting
  66. My 11 1/2 month old dog is pregnant?
  67. My ball python eyes are blue and it's been shedding for a month now. W
  68. How to make my stupid cat Shut Up & Stop Meowing For Food.?
  69. Will neutering the dog help this situation.?
  70. my snake is biting me on the finger how do i take him off!!?
  71. Can you introduce a new Cornsnake?
  72. Does anyone know where i can find a pomeranian breeder in colorado?
  73. where can i buy angel fish for a good price? please help!?
  74. Dog tricks? HELP PLEASE?
  75. jack russell puppy bitting our feet?
  76. how much to sell a great dane for?
  77. Ideas for a dog name?
  78. What gift ideas would a cat lover want?
  79. how often should I feed my goldfish?
  80. What could be wrong with his foot?
  81. what can i do for my cat who i think has a eye infection ?
  82. Will male cat calm down after neutering?
  83. Will a male oranda goldfish eat another male fish, if it dies in the t
  84. dog hit by car now getting harrassed by the driver..what do i do?
  85. How do I prepare seed sprouts for my parakeets (budgies)?
  86. What do you think of my dog? and what breed would you saw she is?
  87. whats a good dog chew toy?
  88. HELP Something is wrong with my dogs mouth!?
  89. stock 75 gallon tank?
  90. do hamsters react with emotions?
  91. why won't my tank stabilize?
  92. Baby gerbils not using water bottle?
  93. How can I get my dogs to enjoy their yard?
  94. what do i feed baby mice? (pinkies)?
  95. what kind of bedding should i use for my guinea pig?
  96. Is this how a puppys teeth should fall off?
  97. CandyCane Corn Snake??
  98. A Good Rabbit Breed For 6-13 Year Olds?
  99. has anyone bought a dog from "My baby has pawz" in FL?
  100. What would you give a dog for constipation ?
  101. Five Star Review For Best Answer!?
  102. Is my new kitty at risk?
  103. rat owners i need help?
  104. My snake escaped. What do I ?
  105. Pet rat photos and names?
  106. Is this animal abuse?
  107. could i get worms from my chickens?
  108. Betta Fish???! 10 points easy!?
  109. what would your cat(s) say if they could talk?
  110. rams cichlids vs tetra!!?
  111. I got bitten by a snake. Is it poison?
  112. How do I properly feed the 8 week old Macaw I will be bringing home in
  113. What is your favorite breed of dog?
  114. My dog barks at me when I kiss my girlfriend; why does she do this?
  115. my guinea pig squeaks,why?
  116. A Good Rabbit Breed For 6-13 Year Olds?
  117. How do you teach a horse not to buck?
  118. BP not pooping, something wrong?
  119. What is your favoirt animal.?
  120. What's wrong with my dog?
  121. Is it safe to house a pregnant female mouse with a non-pregnant female
  122. saint bernard survival texas?
  123. I would like to Identify this bird that was in my back yard. Does any
  124. Dog Biting help????????????
  125. black footed ferret as a pet?
  126. Name for a pup without a foot?
  127. looking for a good dog breed?
  128. wheres a good place to buy saltwater fish?
  129. Why isn't there mouse flavored cat food?
  130. Can low light plants thrive in high light?
  131. puggles? im sorry but i had to ask?
  132. what is the delay for a red ear slider from eating to wasting?
  133. how soon should I take the egg away from my female cockatiel?
  134. Is this a good idea, or a bad idea?
  135. My 7 yr old Golden is pooping and peeing in the house!!?
  136. What kind of spider is this?
  137. Should I get more female guppies.?
  138. does it hurt when a kitten bites?,if so how do u train it?
  139. can anyone give me a good reason why "puggle" lovers are tyring so har
  140. How do you Clip a miniature horse?
  141. what is a calcium dish for? also.......?
  142. i think my dog ate a black widow n hes been very sick um wat do i do o
  143. when should i gave my puppy her shots?
  144. How to train a cat and fix bad behaviors?
  145. why is my dog peeing on the corner of my bed?
  146. are dogs lactose intolerant?
  147. What is the best method of getting rid of ich in my salt water fish ta
  148. What is on my dogs face?
  149. What would be a good setup for a 20 gallon tank?
  150. Can a 6 month old kitten have baby asprin?
  151. I recently just had my male beagle neutered...?
  152. i really really really want a frog?
  153. What name do you like better?
  154. Clinton Anderson?????????????????
  155. How many PETS ADOPTED ANNUALLY? ?
  156. what's a good lap dog thats cute and playful with soft fur?
  157. Whats A Good Filter For A 5 Gallon That Doent Have A Strong Current? ?
  158. My Dog (toy pincher) pees constantly?
  159. I bought a betta at Petsmart 2 days ago, and i have tried to feed him,
  160. Could I feed my chilian rose earthworms?
  161. my small dog just had a siezure and threw up an amazing amount.?
  162. What are good brands of grocery store dog foods?
  163. what can i fed my baby fish?
  164. Good Setup for 55 gal?
  165. Has anyone used Show Sheen detangler on dogs?
  166. whats a aggressive fish that is under or around 5 inches?
  167. Does anyone know where I can get my rabbits nails clipped?
  168. What makes a horse have smooth gaits, and bumpy, uneven gaits?????
  169. how can i dig up ant queen?
  170. help with guinea pig bedding?
  171. accepting a new cat into our home ?
  172. my cat is peeing and pooping everywhere?
  173. why do small breed dogs eat their own stool?
  174. what fish go along with fancy tailed guppies and red wagtail platys?
  175. Bird owners please help me!! My macaw bit my private part...?
  176. Chinchillas at Petco?
  177. my 5 month ols yorkie still isn't ptty trained! what will work?
  178. My cat turns two next month. Will she go through the terrible two's? I
  179. Did I pay too much for my Cockerdoodle?
  180. For Dog and Cat owners!?
  181. how many red belly pacu or paranah can i put in a 20 gallon tank?
  182. Does anybody know where I can buy a pet Chipmunk?
  183. how do i help my fish if they are turning black?
  184. I caught a wild green cuban anole, what do I do?
  185. Who is Bonnie McDonald?
  186. What to feed finicky Chihuahuas?
  187. Is my rabbit pregnant?
  188. Cockatiel acting kinda wierd!!?
  189. ok so referring to my other question ?
  190. My hamster was chewing on her bars in her cage and now one of her fron
  191. My budgie, please help.?
  192. My puppy just ate 2 raw steaks?
  193. Does anyone know how to care for a wild baby mouse? Please Help!!?
  194. Pregnant or dying guppy?
  195. Are Californian Wolf Spiders venomous?
  196. Does anyone knonw how to care for a wild baby mouse? Please Help!!?
  197. Question about my dog post surgery?
  198. introducing gerbils!!?
  199. Are labs good dogs???????
  200. can dogs eat white Chocolate?
  201. Can you house ASF rats and mice together?
  202. is my hamster pregnant?
  203. Trouble with socializing kitties?
  204. I have some irritation between the scales on my tail - should I see a
  205. My cats acting wierd?
  206. My budgie, please help.?
  207. My puppy just ate 2 raw steaks?
  208. Does anyone know how to care for a wild baby mouse? Please Help!!?
  209. Pregnant or dying guppy?
  210. Are Californian Wolf Spiders venomous?
  211. Does anyone knonw how to care for a wild baby mouse? Please Help!!?
  212. Question about my dog post surgery?
  213. introducing gerbils!!?
  214. Are labs good dogs???????
  215. can dogs eat white Chocolate?
  216. Can you house ASF rats and mice together?
  217. is my hamster pregnant?
  218. Trouble with socializing kitties?
  219. I have some irritation between the scales on my tail - should I see a
  220. My cats acting wierd?
  221. Need Help with a couple of goldfish?
  222. found a morning dove attacked by my cat ?
  223. At what age do testes first appear in male cats?
  224. Farm naming help please?
  225. female mouse squeaks alot... r they mating?
  226. Cat + sudden weird behaviour?
  227. What is a good sensitive dog food?
  228. Yorkie playing with food?
  229. Canidae grain-free formulas out soon - just got sent e-mail yesterday.
  230. my female breeder mice ate the male?
  231. I need a little guinea pig help please!?
  232. Is my rabbit going to have babies?
  233. How can i get my parents to let me get a dog sooner?
  234. How can I stop my puppy chihuahua from being aggressive?
  235. Cats and dogs, can they get along?
  236. parakeets afraid of nesting box?
  237. Is this common for my border collie?
  238. For Cat and Dog owners?!?!?
  239. why do leg cramps or charlie's horses occur?
  240. Any experience with fleas? ?
  241. I can't find my newborn kitten.?
  242. I think my fish has ick, does it need to be quarantined?
  243. What should I do with an aggressive mollie?
  244. do you have sympathy for the starving kitties on the street? click her
  245. What should I do about my puppy?
  246. sugar gliders joeys ?
  247. what are some good homemade toys for a cat?
  248. Can a kitten be bathed with dog shampoo?
  249. Are hamsters good pets?
  250. PLEASE HELP!!!How many watts is moderate lighting in a 50 gallon marin