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  1. My dog died. How do I cope?
  2. flea treatment for kittens?
  3. how old should dog be before i can start training him?
  4. OK now whats wrong with it?
  5. A good name for a white and Gray cat?
  6. How do you get rid of maggots in guinea pig cage?
  7. Is Meow Mix bad for my cat?
  8. Horse Bitten By Flies?
  9. How would i take care of 4 baby kittens withouut a mother?
  10. What do I do about an abusive neighbor?
  11. What do you think of my new dog...?
  12. I just gave my cat a flea bath and I don't think it worked HELP?
  13. i need help naming my baby hamster ?
  14. Someone answers pweeeeeees!?
  15. In the hobby of fish keeping...?
  16. Can my dog forget about me?
  17. does my cat love me or not?
  18. Want to get job as a vet?
  19. How will I know if my cat will be affected by the economic mousing col
  20. What U.S. states don't allow exotic animals as pets?
  21. Why does my cat bite all the time? He is about 3 months old and he wil
  22. Is Lettuce Bad For Hamsters?
  23. do you think my fish could be pregnant?
  24. Is this a good hamster cage for a syrian hamster?
  25. Whats wrong with my dog?
  26. Is a 30 gal tank to small 4 a bearded dragon?!?
  27. Do dogs have accents just like people do?
  28. Bearded dragon or blue tongue skink ?
  29. my puppy scared around other dogs, help?!?
  30. what's wrong with my fish? please answer.?
  31. Pet rat that didnt bite before, is starting to.?
  32. I dont understand what het and stuff means little help?
  33. please give me a site or give me info on where to buy a cockatiel, gcc
  34. What do regular snakes eat?Not including garden snakes.?
  35. Does any one want to have sex with a Brown Haired Brown eyed 6'4Ft 210
  36. Morgan Terms... anyone?
  37. my cat likes getting scratched behind the ear.?
  38. What Pet Should I Get?
  39. Need help deciding! Sun Conure or Parrotlet?
  40. my dog is constantly scratching and has little red bumps under his fur
  41. dog food for our pomeranian - what can we feed him?
  42. i have a two year old for sale she is amazing ! ?
  43. what exactly is founder?
  44. Is it safe to feed an inside cat canned tuna?
  45. my yorkie's stressed out w/ diarrea and vomiting?
  46. My dog has these dry cracked paws?
  47. Should I get collars for my ferrets?
  48. It's cold in my house! how can I keep my hams from hybernating?
  49. My puppy doesn't seem to eat a whole lot. Wouldn't a puppy eat a good
  50. How much should i charge for pet sitting? ( more info,,,,)?
  51. Does my singing bother my cat?
  52. How do i care for a baby common eel?
  53. What flavor is appealing to dogs?
  54. When should you start feeding a kitten solid food?
  55. Should I put my dog down to sleep?
  56. What should I name my new Betta Fish?
  57. My dog got ran over by a car what to do HELP! part 4?
  58. my dog won't put his back leg down?
  59. does anyone wanna buy a 2 year old horse? shes amazing!?
  60. Dog names for you!!!!?
  61. Resources for training weanlings and yearlings?
  62. do fish care what they see outside their tank?
  63. When i let my rabbit outside his cage he eats carpet fibers?
  64. How to train my dog for Canicross?
  65. is this alright? rabbit experts please!?
  66. Why is it that companies are allowed to market harmful products toward
  67. How to Stop Cat From Spraying even after sterilisation?
  68. Is It Okay To Feed Organic Flax to Hamsters?
  69. My hamster is still aggressive?
  70. Is it safe to feed my dog oatmeal?
  71. 3 month old puppy is lazy wont eat and throwing up clear stuff he has
  72. Why hasnt my dog began her estrous cycle?
  73. i have 2 cats and have Hartz collars on both. have used flea spray and
  74. Chronic urinary tract infection in 1 year old Syrian hamster . . .?
  75. My dog's hair keeps changing coulour from pink to green to yellow. Is
  76. What would be a good reason that animals should be treated like humans
  77. What type of dog is this? Picture included?
  78. Should I take my cat to the vet again? (Trouble Eatting/ teeth problem
  79. any advise on filtration system ?
  80. Question about my cichlid since people complain about the size of the
  81. I have a 1 y/o Border Collie who barks constantly...?
  82. Could i mix a male betta with a dwarf gourami?
  83. My dog has fleas, we can't get rid of them, now she has bumps on her b
  84. Are ferrets naturally heavy sleepers?
  85. GDS and Siberian Huskies?
  86. whats wrong if my bearded dragons poop is kinda runny but still like s
  87. Good conformation and competition obedience courses?
  88. Help! My dog doesn't want to eat.?
  89. Dog help with puppy and flashlight?
  90. 6 month old German Shepherd, jumping, mouthing & biting.. HELP!!?
  91. Robo Hamster issues, need help!?
  92. My dog got BURNED!! by one of those hot wired fences!!?
  93. why is my new puppy like this? HELP!?
  94. Ferret Buckeye bash official site?
  95. What breed is my dog?
  96. There are two cats I'm considering adopting?
  97. how much would you pay for?
  98. Help! Dog trouble in dog park?
  99. Does anyone else get sidetracked?
  100. I need some help. My week old kitten's head is all swelled up and his
  101. Can i get some help? Im a new rabbit owner.?
  102. How do i get my Border Collie to play with another ball?
  103. do turtles shed their skin?
  104. Is this bad for my hamster? ?
  105. I need info about starting a 10 Gal Saltwater tank. ?
  106. What kind of dog should i get?
  107. Is there any way to tell the difference between maggots and worms in d
  108. How come most cats don't like to be in water?
  109. why is my koi pond green?
  110. Pitbull and American Bulldog mix?
  111. How do I stop my dog from biting so much?
  112. How much to feed my horse?
  113. What animal am I ?????????
  114. My dog got ran over by a car what to do HELP! part 3?
  115. Can I own a pet chicken in ontario, canada?
  116. Can I put my Pregnant Guppy in the same tank with my Pregnant Platy?
  117. Is three golden retrievers to much?
  118. How can I train a mostly housebroken adult dog to hold her pee for 8-1
  119. We adopted a horse and was told he has always ate local hay and was ne
  120. Who cares for animals and DON'T laugh at them when they are in pain!!!
  121. Horsey catch phrases, quotes?
  122. There's something wrong with my cat?
  123. Where Can I Take Animal Classes/Lessons?
  124. how much do african grey parrots cost?
  125. i need help with the gender of snakes?
  126. Greenish snake urine?
  127. Is IT Possible For A Human To Have The Eyes Of A Cat Through Surgery?
  128. dead bird......................?
  129. my dog haves something like little lumps on face any idea what they ar
  130. Do you have a good site on teacups?
  131. I want a calm and easy to handle lizard.?
  132. can any one tell me how i can tell 1 how old my bearded dragon is and
  133. I am not planning on breeding bettas, however i was wondering if when
  134. is my dog dead, (URGENT)!!!!?
  135. How do i make my dog like another dog? ?
  136. Is it cheaper to build a terrarium or buy one from Petsmart?
  137. Need Advice- Serious!?
  138. Worried about my dog? ?
  139. Waterproof Sheet question?
  140. is a 55 gallon tank ok for 3 bala sharks?
  141. HELP!!! how can i get my baby red eared slider to eat?
  142. what is the best kind of treats to give a 2month old dog?
  143. my dog is scracthing our microsaude couch ?
  144. Why does my parakeet it's mouth to me but no noise comes out ever
  145. Is a rabbit a rodent?
  146. Russian Dwarf hamster?
  147. How would I know If my dog?
  148. Calling all people with Soft Paw experience!?
  149. my cat rubbing against my leg?
  150. how can i find out the number of abandoned pets in the year 2007?
  151. my hamster has a little bump , is it Cancer?
  152. my bird is still not attached to me how can i make it get use to me?
  153. How can I convince my parents to get me a pet snake?
  154. Dog at an animal shelter?
  155. what can i feed my baby platy and is it safe to keep in the tank with
  156. Q about meerkat manor?
  157. How do i make my dog like another dog?
  158. What was your experience with dogs growing up?
  159. My mini daschund only sleeps about 4-5hrs a day. She is 11wks old -is
  160. im have started my own nano reef tank in an 80L tank. can some1 tell m
  161. My dog has weird green stuff on his penis what the heck is it?
  162. how do you house train a 2month old dog please helpme?
  163. I might be getting a dog. what kind should i get?
  164. I just got my pup microchipped during her spay surgery and I have ques
  165. help with betta fish??????
  166. My 12 year old retriever died...not sure why?
  167. whats the average of weight for a bunny ?
  168. How to train a pointing lab.?
  169. i want a hunting dog!!!!?
  170. is it ok to handle 2 day old kittens?
  171. When You Scratch A Cats Backside. Why Does The Cat Raise Its Bottom?
  172. Problems With New Oscar Fish?
  173. Did you know Palin is for killing Wolves they're like dogs?
  174. Is it ok to feed a dog boiled peanuts?
  175. is there anything i can buy like febreeze that will elminate bacteria
  176. how do trap a lizad in my house. ?
  177. should i get her a buddy?
  178. Dog chewing on dry paint.?
  179. I tried to house train my dog, but she doesn't quite get it! HELP PLZ!
  180. where is a place where I can get free turtles?
  181. What information do I need to know when I get and when I have my short
  182. What do you feed your horses?
  183. Anime love shows list?
  184. Shameless bid for cute stories--What are your cat's 3 favorite toys?
  185. Whats The Cutest Dog Breed Of Your Opinion?... Mines A Pug ?
  186. Hi i have a betta with red gravel.. Does it matter what color the gave
  187. Sugar Glider Questions?
  188. do all female horses have tits or do they only get them when they are
  189. When will my pit bull have her puppies?
  190. betta plzzzzzzzzz help?
  191. can leeches hear sounds?
  192. A starving dog in labor. What should we do!?!?
  193. help rabbit plzzzzzzzzzzzz?
  194. Pros and Cons of fostering dogs?
  195. Why is my cat's fur not as soft?
  196. Where can I find someone who can make a custom-print fabric sleazy sle
  197. heyyy i was wondering.... will opossums attract cats?
  198. Why is my dog acting aggressive all of a sudden?
  199. My cat's back, and side of her stomach looks like it is having some ty
  200. How can i get my 7 year old dog to quit peaing on the floor. i have tr
  201. I have a comet goldfish(feeder fish) and his scales are turning white.
  202. Western Paint Turtle Male?
  203. Can mules walk backward?
  204. Trail Rides.....................?
  205. Tropical Fishie lifespan questionaire. ?
  206. Hamster Breeders near New Orleans?
  207. How do I get my dog to play with a dog toy?
  208. how old is my rat terrier?
  209. Blue Gourami just introduced....?
  210. Momma mouse died have 6 little babies?
  211. Why does my cat throw up her wet food?
  212. do leeches have eyes, ears, and mouths, can they make sounds?
  213. if you have algae in your tank.. isnt that a good sign?
  214. At what age do I advertise my pom pup?
  215. About how long would 17.5 pounds of dry dog food last a Rat Terrier/Ch
  216. how many milligrams of asprin can i give my 80 lb. dog?
  217. why do people judge others on what they feed their dog?
  218. I have a 55 gallon tank with small stone in it, can I do half sand?
  219. Is it alright for my pitbull pup to wrestle with black lab round 8 or
  220. What morph is my leopard gecko?
  221. What Fish To Put In This 5 Gallon Set up?
  222. what are the best baby turtles for me to keep in aquarium?
  223. Help please! I have a nine week old puppy who just yelps and yelps whe
  224. Help! Budgie Fell in cooking oil! D:?
  225. finding the right trainer?
  226. I just got a 55 gallon tank and I want to turn it into a salwater aqua
  227. Baby Red Eard slider????
  228. In order to your own dog shelter/refuge/rescue...?
  229. my turtle bit my other turtle!?!?!?
  230. How long do tropical fish and Ghost strimp live? ?
  231. pregnant chi, placenta?
  232. How many lives does a cat REALLY have?
  233. Should I Brush my dog's teeth?
  234. how can i get my mum to let me go horse riding?10 points best answer?
  235. If you woke up to find your cat had grown to be the size of a tiger wh
  236. Aside from and Iguana whats the best lizard?
  237. for the people who answered my guinea pig bedding question?
  238. how doese my guinea pig get excersize?
  239. Any one good at naming animals?
  240. German Sheppard going deaf?
  241. Pictures from inside the "fur trade"........?
  242. how often to baby mice..pinkies..need to eat?
  243. i need ideas for my dogs. please read!?
  244. where is there a safe place for cats?
  245. Help me! My male parakeet is all puffy, and acting really stange. I'm
  246. how can you tell if your 2month old dog has ticks?
  247. I need help with fish, im a first timer!!!!!?
  248. What is wrong with my dogs foot? It looks inflamed!?
  249. Help! My guppies caudal fin is gone!?
  250. Flash nosebadns, Figure 8s and drop nosebands...?