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  1. a question about my horse. what to do?
  2. maltese dog gets poo stuck on him...ugh!?
  3. Rottweiler breeder and Golden Retriever breeder?
  4. HHow often should I turn on my night light for my chinese water dragon
  5. My daughter wants to get a second pet rabbit .. advice needed.?
  6. Are lab puppies hyper or mellow?
  7. Is this typical/routine with a dog being spayed?
  8. Baby Hamsters Gone ?
  9. if you could only save one dog who would it be?
  10. Why is my dog's farts silent?
  11. Can you give the vaccination for kennel couch to a dog that has kennel
  12. Nodular Necro-biosis in horses- anyone have experiences?
  13. Stopping Cats "Marking" our bathroom?
  14. how do i get my new 3 month old baby filly to lay her ears forward whe
  15. How do you tell a runt from a puppy who's just smaller?
  16. Found Lizard in Old Bomb Shelter?
  17. How much should I be feeding my gecko?
  18. Are labs supposed to be naturally mellow and good around kids?
  19. is a 2yr. old colt too young to stud out?
  20. What to do about skin irritation?
  21. i need help potty training a dog that is about 3 months old?
  22. Will a stray kitty living on my porch w/ eye conjunctivitis spread it
  23. the colour brindle is it common how do they go in show?
  24. can turtles breath while their sleeping under water?
  25. I Want A Kitten So Badly!Can Someone Help Me?
  26. How long does it take for the rabie virus to enter the dogs nervouse s
  27. How can I make a horse costume for my dog?
  28. Should I put rollie pollies in a hermit crab tank?
  29. Sudden horrific, dibilitating pain.?
  30. i want a really really hard to care for fish?
  31. Is something wrong with my betta fish?
  32. how often should you change/clean the water in a dog dish?
  33. Can You guys vote for Chuppy as a HOWL-O-WEEN Cutie?
  34. what can i do to get my puppy to stop biting his feet?
  35. Where can Oaten hay be purchased in perth?
  36. Where should I purchase my hermit crabs from? And how can I detect a s
  37. Why doesnt my rabbit drink water? She used to when she was younger.?
  38. help me please for the safty of my kittens?
  39. Why does my cat lick me (or anyone)?
  40. Shipping 2 ball pythons from BC to Ont help?
  41. Fish for 5 gallon tank? I know asking alot of Questions!?
  42. Do I have an albino chihuahua ?
  43. OMG PETA is at it again. I cant believe this one?
  44. Is there a way to make...?
  45. How would I go about finding a pet troll?
  46. Are there horse feedlots in pa?
  47. does anyone ride in shorts in the summer?
  48. Can someone help? My dog just got spayed...?
  49. What Name Should i name a male Golden Retriever?
  50. What snake should i buy.?
  51. should i leave my parakeets with the dove or separate?
  52. what kind of puppies are these?
  53. Is it a necessity to have an isolation tank for hermit crabs?
  54. Strange cat behavior?
  55. Is a weanling colt to young to put out for Stud?
  56. How big is this tank? how many gallons?
  57. This is just my opinion agree with it or not?
  58. What breeds do you think this dog is?
  59. What are the black little buggies on my puppy?
  60. If I bring my dog to the vet for getting bite by a wild racoon.will th
  61. what do i do with a baby bird?
  62. where did you get your pet?
  63. i want to put my dog in agility....?
  64. Is it worth it to ship 2 dogs to hawaii for $3000?
  65. Where is a good place to buy fish tanks online?
  66. my guinea pig is sneezing ?
  67. dog spleen cancer? Please HELp me understand this,, I also want to hea
  68. How to treat ringworm?
  69. is it ok if i let my teddy bear hamster drink green tea? instead of ch
  70. Please help, I think my dog is sick!!!!!!!!?
  71. OK i really want a goldfish...this big enough for 1?
  72. difference between Siberian and Syrian hamsters?
  73. how can she just die?
  74. cockatiel diarrhea??? help ?
  75. Two male cats in the same house?
  76. I just fed my hamster a stick of butter and a half eaten snickers bar,
  77. just bought a snake when do i need to feed it first?
  78. How do I go about getting a Fennec Fox?
  79. betta bulbbbbss!!!!!?
  80. I need help with Animals!!!?
  81. why do some dogs drink out of the toilet?
  82. How much bleeding is too much bleeding when a puppy loses his teeth?
  83. At what age would it be best to skin a cat?
  84. Good Halloween Costume for Jack?
  85. do ferrets like to be pet?
  86. what do these titles mean?
  87. A few random horse related questions?
  88. What do u think about this horse...?
  89. My iguana has been in the same position all day.?
  90. Flea problem!!!!!!!!!?
  91. If a dog is bite by a animal with rabies if they get a rabie shot befo
  92. Is my german shepherd sick?
  93. will you accept my apology?
  94. I need a new cockatiel cage (immediately),can someone help?
  95. What should I do with my dog before I have to put her down?
  96. How do i convince my mom to let me get a puppy??
  97. When you purchase a vehicle, do you keep your dog(s) in mind?
  98. cant you rat people take a joke, why did you have to get my account su
  99. Ferret carrier..............?
  100. help me with my dog she has clear stuff coming out of her vagina?
  101. ok so my fiends leopard gecko might be sick?
  102. When running over a dead black cat, does it mean bad black?
  103. How important is it to vaccinate a cat?
  104. Should I invest on a CO2 system?(read details)?
  105. my kitten is shaking?
  106. My Next door neighbors dogs.?
  107. What is the best way to clean a cat's litter box?
  108. is this sad or what(really it is!)?
  109. What is your favorite thing about your dog?
  110. What is the most economic (and healthful) food to give a dog with comm
  111. coloring of POA's...?
  112. What breed of rabbit do I have?
  113. when do German shepherds loose their puppy hair?
  114. How do I get my nieghbor to keep her dog out of my yard?
  115. anyone looking 4 a Chihuahua Puppy in MD? Im a Breeder?
  116. What size stall is best ?
  117. where do i get coroplast for guinea pig cages ?
  118. Free Teacup Yorkie Pups?
  119. my cat keeps tipping over the trash cans?
  120. I'm going to sell my dog to a Korean restaurant, how much should I cha
  121. How can I stop my puppy from being so needy?
  122. what are low maintenance hamsters?
  123. my cat jus layd a egg halp!!?
  124. How can i get my dog to take me seriously?
  125. I want to know if and how I can breed my two bunnies...?
  126. One aggressive clown fish that chases the other one relentlessly?
  127. How do I house/litter/toilet train kittens?
  128. Would a Black Ghost Knife fish go with...?
  129. what breed is my cat?
  130. how can i cycle a tank without a test kit?
  131. my cat has ONE watery eye...?
  132. How do I find a good doggy daycare?
  133. How many flakes of hay should i feed my horse?
  134. I have a problem with fleas?
  135. How long do bearded dragons normally get?
  136. Australian Sheppard Help?
  137. my spotted python.....?
  138. What's Wrong With My Cat?
  139. How to make a freshwater fish tank a saltwater fish tank?
  140. how can i help my betta with fin rot?
  141. I need your help to save more lives!?
  142. i have a fire tarantula?
  143. boax flea control? a solution for fleas?
  144. can you help me find a puppy that stays small?
  145. Training Pitbull to not run outside?
  146. I have 15 y/o cat. 4 hrs ago, he was lying on porch, w/ difficulty bre
  147. If I stick my iguana in a toilet and flush it will it get clogged?
  148. buying a dog in another state need to get it overnight?
  149. The dog food cesar has a cute little white dog on the front. What kind
  150. Do you wear fur? yes or no?
  151. How do you teach a puppy?
  152. What is the best cow dog?
  153. whats the cutest dog breed?
  154. How can this be...stupid 20 characters!?
  155. my golden retriever has diarrhia because i swithced him from blue rhin
  156. My dog has a hernia.?
  157. I am looking for a good dog ?
  158. how big will a albino clown knife get in a aquarium?
  159. Can salamanders eat fruit and stuff?
  160. Bringing a male kitten in when we already have a 1 yr. old male kitten
  161. is my dog going to kill my other one?
  162. Would it be wrong to work at a pet store selling puppies?
  163. Can you show mini horses in ffa?
  164. puppy hernia question?
  165. Don't you just hate it when...?
  166. how can i make a chihuahua puppy and a puppy pit get along? ?
  167. if he locked the cat for 5 months for misbehaving will i get the same
  168. stocking 75 gallon tank!?
  169. I need your help to save more lives!?
  170. My guinea pig has a lump from fighting or mites what do i do?
  171. Three month old Yorkie. What goes on with their coat?
  172. Is a chi-poo a good pet?
  173. Hamster dying!!!Please help me! There's not much time left!?
  174. My dogs too skinny and hes been walking funny could he have arthritis
  175. My ex adopted a stray cat and doesn't feed her ...?
  176. Which pet is best for me: A PET RAT OR A PET POTBELLY PIG?
  177. Have you ever seen a cat so ugly its sorta cute?
  178. cotton like stuff on my 3 beta's?
  179. Can anyone tell me anything about Yorkie-poos?
  180. Can you please help me?
  181. How do I get my dog to "Stay?"?
  182. My dog keeps licking his paw and it's starting to get raw...?
  183. Good Foods & Accessories for hamster?
  184. What is your cats name?
  185. Why does my cat keep throwing up?
  186. Are dogs ok to be around a duck?
  187. With winter coming, what things are you doing to prepare?
  188. My dog is becoming deaf. Is it her time?
  189. Connecticut Horse Trials?
  190. I'm getting a teacup poodle tomorrow, she's black. What are some good
  191. animal stories, what is yours, story of a dog named ?
  192. I've been searching for shorkies in lafayette,la but they're so hard t
  193. what are some cute, unusual names for my new bird?
  194. is my baby turtle sick?
  195. my puppy wont go on walks?
  196. One easy Quesiton, poodle or pomeranian?
  197. Does anyone Have mice?
  198. is there a recording out there that will make parakeets talk?
  199. My black more is turning a brown/gold color....?
  200. could the vet have the wrong dog?
  201. My dog pooped out blood?
  202. My family cought my dog with a dead bat in its mouth, what is the chan
  203. Dog aggression. Please Help! I have a 1 1/2 yr old male dog. ?
  204. can they get rebaies? i found mine just two days ago in my apartment .
  205. Help on getting a snake?
  206. is it okay to hit your dog?
  207. What fish can i put with a Tiger Oscar, 2 Dempseys, 2 electric blues?
  208. should i let my dog win at tug a war?
  209. My German Shep is loosing hair on all four paws. He is constantly lick
  210. I Need A Little Help With Something?
  211. trying to figure out the volume oof a fish tank 48in long 24 in wide a
  212. How Much Is a Rat Because I Want 1?
  213. How Much Do You Love Circle R Ranch??
  214. Will a military crop stand on an 18 month doberman?
  215. cats pregnancy answers?
  216. How much money would it be to buy a normal kitten in pet store?
  217. When cats are going to fight, rolling on the back part of it?
  218. OK, Now whats wrong with this?
  219. Why is Cheeytah (Cheetah) so mean?
  220. I need to play with my puppy more!?
  221. Are Iridescent Sharks compatible/friendly with Goldfish?
  222. Why is a teddy bear hamster so easy to get diarhea?
  223. where would you get a pet bird?
  224. What kind of person leaves a kitten on the side of the freeway?
  225. Helping My PH Level??????????????
  226. How can I make my dog aggressive?
  227. I have a cat and dog and both have fleas!?
  228. what are the best dogs for a family?
  229. puppy vacc certificate?
  230. My voracious betta....?
  231. R u dog lovers going to watch the new movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"?
  232. My dog swallowed a pork spare rib bone whole.?
  233. can a molly fish eat another molly fish.?
  235. Extremely lazy puppy?
  236. Were can i get a uvb light?
  237. Why would somone i just dont get it?
  238. what horse breed is this?
  239. can my guinea pig get sick from wet bedding?
  240. Puppy potty training questions?
  241. Are min pins, or other small dogs such as puggles, toy spaniels, or ot
  242. Do Rabbit Have Pain From Overgrown Teeth?
  243. Whats Wrong With My Guppies?
  244. Who Has A Dog?or Any Pet?
  245. Where can i buy a skink in NYC?
  246. I haven't seem my baby corn snake for two days, and there is no way fo
  247. where can i get cheap dir-en-grey tickets?
  248. What is the best kind of lizard / dragon / iquana (reptile) should I g
  249. Do cats usually kill squirrels?
  250. Helping Animal Shelter?