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  1. i am looking for ferrets for sale near croydon in surrey please help!!
  2. Animal rescue denied my application/ was rude.?
  3. horses ;?
  4. Can anyone tell me where to get pluck no more by Kings cages? Is it to
  5. HELP! My friend's cat has a broken leg! What does she do!?
  6. I need a Dog name...?
  7. I'm getting dwarf hamsters on wensday!!!!?
  8. How can I fatten up my beagle?
  9. Cost Of Vet Services?
  10. Hubby and I just got a lab pup and he has two issues one he bites and
  11. what is that red prolapse that sometimes happens on my puppies penis?
  12. whats a fast growing plant that needs low light?
  13. can you feed dog food to a cat?
  14. doggy photoshooot!? haha?
  15. Do pekingese dogs shed a lot?
  16. Can foxes eat puma for breakfast?
  17. Does This Mean My Puppy Is Sick?
  18. My beautiful Flattie pup has just been bitten on the nose?
  19. Injured skinned pad, how to keep boot/sock on?
  20. Okay just for fun, what do you think this pup is?
  21. new pet food recall september 2008?
  22. Spay/Neutor at the ASPCA?
  23. Breeding Fish Help?!?!?!?
  24. whats the best substrate for a uromastyx?
  25. What is a humane way to put a chinchilla to sleep if I can't afford to
  26. I lost a black Cat in Adelaide....seen her?
  27. How do you teach puppies how to.....?
  28. does anybody know why my tomcat (who has not been desexed) is nursing
  29. Using a contract of sale when selling a horse?
  30. Anybody think these are a safety issue?
  31. For and Indoor car, what is the best food that wont make her poop stin
  32. would any one here like to give a bird for adoption? ?
  33. whats wrong with my hamster??!!?
  34. What is the best way to change substrate in a saltwater aquarium?
  35. My cat's tail isn't moving properly as it should, and is more sensitiv
  36. Thoughts on the breed..?
  37. I lost a black Cat in Adelaide....seen her?
  38. what does it mean if rabbits 'kiss' or rub noses when they meet for th
  39. How can i stop my yorshire terrier being so protective over me?
  40. How do I persuade my mother to let me keep my terapin?
  41. My House cat ran away 4 nights ago...how can I get her to come back?
  42. Are the Manchester Terriers ears Naturally erect? ?
  43. What to do when you see Magpies?
  44. Help me & my cat!!!!!!!!!! Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  45. is it normal for male dogs to become more aggressive after being nurtu
  46. Dogue De Bordeaux x Rottweiler ( Female )?
  47. Anyone know of a cheap vet in suffolk county long island?
  48. Puppy Problem !!!! HELP NEEDED !!!!!?
  49. Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime, you are near?
  50. my dog has a bump growing on his head what could it be?
  51. Fishy trouble! your help is greatly appreciated...?
  52. When do puppies usually....?
  53. help with my bearded dragon?
  54. Starving a dog to death in the name of art?
  55. Basset hound won't listen to me! Aggressive behavior...?
  56. how many fish can i keep in a cycling 190 litre bow front tank?
  57. I'm thinking of getting an alaskan klee kai, what do you think of thes
  58. I just dropped my puppy at the vet..?
  59. Can my dog spread his flies to me ?
  60. My horse hates going in to a canter ?
  61. can any1 tell me a gud bedding for my guinea pig!!!!?
  62. filter for fish tank?
  63. eating habbits of my rabbit?
  64. Why do so many dumb people have pets?!?
  65. Im in a puppy situation and need MAJOR HELP please !!?
  66. Marigold Swordtail fry dying?
  67. why am i so scared to kill animals?
  68. Does anyone know what breed of dog this is by this description?
  69. how much food should i feed to my puppy?
  70. Male parakeet is sitting on bottom of cage and breathing through
  71. breeding locusts?!?! WHAT am i doing wrong?
  72. Feeding habbits of my rabbit..?
  73. Dog urine stains and smell?
  74. Chinchillas whiskers breaking, bending and splitting?
  75. Shih Tzu eye discharge?
  76. do turtles have tails?
  77. Litterbox & food questions about a 1 and a half month old kitten?
  78. What kind of pet geckos are there?
  79. How much to shave a horse?
  80. How many chinchillas are left in the wild?
  81. can my dog get pregnant?
  82. Why are my fish ill again?!?
  83. why has my guineas pigs poo turned brown from black?
  84. How come my bunny won't drink?
  85. Would you have a designer dog?
  86. My dog is 4 years old, i took him to get fixed yesterday. since then h
  87. Puppys second day and....?
  88. I need help about a 8 week old kitten,i dont know how to take care of
  89. when is arragedon?????//?
  90. What is the memory span of a goldfish?
  91. My dog pulled apart her rope toy and ate some, should we call the vet?
  92. Which bread do you think is better: Boxer or Rottweiler ?
  93. Can you still buy Dobermans with their ears cropped and tailed docked
  94. Whats your cats name?
  95. pregnant cat?????????????
  96. female budgie dies after laying 4 egss ... wat do i do ?
  97. do cats understand human facial expressions?
  98. Plez help i do not know what to do!?
  99. how do you know if a scorpion is deadly to humans?
  100. My cat is in heat!! What do I do?
  101. My kitten was spayed, buy now she is not feeling good...?
  102. what is a good horse show name?
  103. rotty or german sheperd?
  104. A question about cat odor on clothes?
  105. Do I have rabies or not?
  106. Is my rabbit schedule alright?
  107. I want a gold fishtank?
  108. getting a british bulldog puppy tomorow?
  109. What am I gunna do? Don't be harsh answering?
  110. There's a tiny fly dying on my desk?
  111. Water Hardness? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
  112. Its 6:30 am and the dogs have destroyed all hopes of ever having a toy
  113. why is my koi pond water green?
  114. dog questionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?
  115. Can my girl dog being on heat make my boy dog sad?
  116. Kitten Vaccinations??And other Kittens ?
  117. golden retriever puppy wanted?
  118. One of my cats has trouble seeing in the dark, where can I get her som
  119. Could my fish get lonley?
  120. What's the difference between a dwarf rat and a mouse?
  121. help me with my one year old dog ?
  122. Sea Shells? will they raise your PH?
  123. question about chickens?
  124. How do you detect mites in a blue-tongue lizard?
  125. Do goldfish surface for air?
  126. Why does her dog hate motorbikes so much?
  127. guinea pig question....?
  128. My 13 year old dog often eats grass, Why?
  129. Blister like thing on puppies chin?
  130. my love bird died after just 5 days, he looked older than the other on
  131. Will B12 injections help a cat with chronic URI?
  132. Standard poodle vs Toy vs. Mini ?
  133. once a dog has had kennel cough are they immune from getting it again?
  134. Types of filter for my betta tank?
  135. Does your vet give advice.?
  136. Why is my dog going bald?
  137. How can I know If my kittens have rabies?
  138. what do gerbils like ?
  139. Has anyone ever heard of Zodiak Flea products? I usually use Frontline
  140. snake troubles please help?
  141. Dog having trouble with birth. Help now PLEASE!!?
  142. do u know anything about louis my hamster?
  143. Can someone explain my cats behavior?
  144. How do I stopped my cat from being so crazy at night?
  145. It was my puppys first night last night and...?
  146. Very Cheap and nice Ferret Cages?
  147. My little dog swallowing all the time!!!!!! Why!? ?
  148. Why was my suggestion on a tom cat, bad?
  149. how do you mix new chickens into a brood that you already have as my c
  150. help about dog pregancy?
  151. How many goldfish do you think I can fit in my car?
  152. how many teeth does an alligator have?
  153. Persuading Grandparents?
  154. I treated my fish for a swollen eye, it started to look better and now
  155. What is the best horse magazine?
  156. How to teach my dog to stop barking?
  157. Can you put a rabbit in with chickens?
  158. Will over vaccinations hurt a young cat?
  159. why is my rat biting me?! she has bit me 2 times today!?
  160. how can i worm my puppy?
  161. what can be done to stop parrots from pulling their feathers out?
  162. help, my rat cannot talk or cook?
  163. How long has concrete perches been around ?
  164. what do this pets drink ?
  165. how do i get my 3 1/2 week old puppy to drink the puppy formula?
  166. how do i make bird water chlorine free?
  167. Keeping Rabbits outside?
  168. Dog breed name confused..?
  169. how much one white pomeranian in malaysia?
  170. Is it mean to put my dog in a dog coat/sweater?
  171. how do i cut my dogs nails?
  172. If a hermit crab loses a leg is it painful?
  173. Why is my dog throwing up every few days?
  174. How long does it take for my red-eared slider to settle down and eat?
  175. Is this a good quality dry cat food?
  176. Great Dane and a Chihuahua?
  177. names for tiny black rabbit baby?
  178. Spider Killing Spray?
  179. my goldfish is on his side and looks like fin rot?
  180. Question for (pet) bird experts...?
  181. I've just got a new kitty as a playmate for my existing 8 month old ki
  182. Can I put A BGK fish with red jewels?
  183. What would be a good pet for me?
  184. keeping cats away from water?
  185. HELP!!! Cat got fleas?
  186. when will my male Melanochromis interruptus turn blue?
  187. how can i worm my puppy?
  188. what can be done to stop parrots from pulling their feathers out?
  189. help, my rat cannot talk or cook?
  190. How long has concrete perches been around ?
  191. what do this pets drink ?
  192. how do i get my 3 1/2 week old puppy to drink the puppy formula?
  193. how do i make bird water chlorine free?
  194. Keeping Rabbits outside?
  195. Dog breed name confused..?
  196. how much one white pomeranian in malaysia?
  197. Is it mean to put my dog in a dog coat/sweater?
  198. how do i cut my dogs nails?
  199. If a hermit crab loses a leg is it painful?
  200. Why is my dog throwing up every few days?
  201. How long does it take for my red-eared slider to settle down and eat?
  202. Is this a good quality dry cat food?
  203. Great Dane and a Chihuahua?
  204. names for tiny black rabbit baby?
  205. Spider Killing Spray?
  206. my goldfish is on his side and looks like fin rot?
  207. Question for (pet) bird experts...?
  208. I've just got a new kitty as a playmate for my existing 8 month old ki
  209. Can I put A BGK fish with red jewels?
  210. What would be a good pet for me?
  211. One week old puppy constantly crying -- please help!?
  212. My bulldog and my rabbit?
  213. Raid for Fleas, work?
  214. Do fish survive in small aquariums? ?
  215. How do you go about rescuing an ex race horse? ?
  216. Why did this have to happen?
  217. When do horses stop growing?
  218. can african grey congos breed if theyre older? ex: one of my birds is
  219. Who knows if its true that giving my 9 month old pup a valuim would pu
  220. are netherland dwarfs too small to bring outside in a leash?
  221. can two male netherland dwarf rabbits be in the same cage?
  222. swollen testicles and muzzel?
  223. HI am trying to start giving my dog apple cider vinegar...please answe
  224. what fish should i put in my tank?
  225. What is my rat sleeping on the cage floor?
  226. What do you do to help animals?
  227. my 1 year old boxer cant hold down no food for 3 days now?
  228. oranda goldfish gender?
  229. how do i get my puppy used to traffic?
  230. Parvo in my backyard?
  231. house withflat roof, dog's perf. spot.2nd time fall from it, injured,
  232. what does it mean when your Gold fish is swimming back-words ?
  233. How much will it cost to buy turtle`s lights&cage?
  234. My Vizsla pup has Hills Science but I am thinking of changing him to J
  235. I have a pic of a bird that I would love to know what kind it is?
  236. Are Turtles boring pets?
  237. can cats see there own wee ?
  238. Litterbox question about Cats.?
  239. Problems with walking my dog?
  240. how do i stop my cats from keep bringing fleas into the house?
  241. dobermans ears...........?
  242. has anyone been to orchard end NSW australia?
  243. How often do you take your cat to the vet for a check up?
  244. Some of my cats still suckle on weird things?
  245. whats up with my dog?
  246. What's the difference between Japanese Spitz and Samoyed?
  247. What is this grey patch on my peacock eel's tail?
  248. Where can I find a find cheap Yorkies for sale?
  249. Did you hear? He shot 80 dogs?
  250. Breed registries, the AKC and stance on animal welfare? ?