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  1. my ferret is drooling and panting?
  2. anyone know any cool facts about guinea pigs?
  3. What is Animal Control's policy about catching cats?
  4. I have 2 cats one that goes out practically all day and night and one
  5. can anyone describe a guinea pig?
  6. pet food recall september 2008?
  7. how often should i bath my labrador retriever?
  8. Dog food questions: Beneful, Pedigree, Iams/Eukanuba, and Science Diet
  9. Will aged water help cycle my new fish tank?
  10. I have a 90 gal. tank w/ various fish?
  11. Are there any online professional courses on fishkeeping?
  12. i have a minature shanuzer he's 14 months old and he has been house tr
  13. i want to make a pond look like a fish tank how do i do that?
  14. help..my dog is dying.she hasnt ate in a week and is throwing up all t
  15. How do I get my dog to stop running away from me when I go to put her
  16. iam making a trip today to get a turtle from china town , anyone know
  17. armadillos as pets!!!!?
  18. why when my dog is eating his food tears come out of his eyes?
  19. my dog keeps barking all the time ?
  20. Can canine gastritis be treated with raw organic honey?
  21. Freshwater fish catalog?
  22. Why is my cat pooping all over the house?
  23. how long will it take for my rat to settle?
  24. Are rabbits picky about food?
  25. what was happening to my dog?.....?
  26. I just got my 6 month old Lab a big rawhide bone--good idea or bad?
  27. Can I have a mongoose as a pet in the US?
  28. Flea Medications for Cats?
  29. Good website for information on freshwater aquarium fish?
  30. dog behavior, why is she doing this?
  31. How to stop my puppy?
  32. What if someone died in the living room?
  33. Lake Malawi tank? PLEASE ANSWER!?
  34. Why Is My Cat Biting Our Furniture ?
  35. My German Shepherd seems to fear small children. What can I do to safe
  36. Hi everyone, my cat scratch him self too much, it is dry skin or what?
  37. are there any rescue's for the Turkish Kangal Dog in america?
  38. any vets out there please?
  39. How much is a ragdoll without papers?
  40. Should YA have a livestock category?
  41. My neighbor died of cancer 3 weeks ago, now her service dog is behavin
  42. Injured wood pigeon help please?
  43. How can I train my rabbit?
  44. How do I stop a young cat from crapping and peeing in the house?
  45. low light plants for tank?
  46. QuIck Cure question regarding my fish?
  47. Need some help ? petco ... question help if you can thanks :)?
  48. I put on this Flea treatment on my cat and now she acts weird?
  49. What Bird Should I get?
  50. Is my cat too young to have kittens? And other questions?
  51. Why do cats freak out when you scratch their back?
  52. names for black Quarter Horse filly?
  53. Where can i get TRIOPS in Malaysia?
  54. Can I take my 12 week kitten on an airplane?
  55. what do u guys think about the a horse Zebra cross?
  56. What type of toad do I have?
  57. what is a good website were they show you how to train a labrador retr
  58. Animal Planet Question.?
  59. I need care sheet info for an Indian Python!!!?
  60. why the water in my turtle tank is getting very dirty?
  61. My horse completely refuses to take her bit, why?
  62. My girl dog was humping another girl dog!?
  63. I have a 3 month old Beagle that bites not only when playing but when
  64. can i keep a pictus cattfish with discus and tiger barbs?
  65. discus fish ,,,, need general info?
  66. Bordetella question...please read?
  67. How Do You Keep The Mane On One Side?
  68. I'm taking care of an orphaned kitten. He's ten days old today and his
  69. best dry cat food which one ?
  70. Merrick Smothered Comfort Homestyle... 2 yrd ol Shih tzu?
  71. How do you differiate a male prawn from a female one?
  72. Help! Please, I can't tell if my hammy has passed!?
  73. Please help me train my "alpha" dachshund-mix.?
  74. how many fish in a aquarium method?
  75. How old do kittens have to be before they are dewormed?
  76. dog with 11 nipples producing milk?
  77. Why does my kitty 'go' at a different place.....?
  78. do fish sneeze????????????
  79. Is bread yeast a good way to feed brine shrimp?
  80. my cat thinks he's a dog. He gets into the garbage and spreads it ever
  81. 2 ?'s-Can fish mate with different breeds? and Can i put my Beta in my
  82. Anyone have pretty good knowledge about care for a Tire Track Eel?
  83. leopard gecko Temperature?
  84. I want to buy a tarantula ?
  85. ***Help! Do mastiffs get along well with other dogs?***?
  86. I have asked about gold fish now im asking about parrot fish?
  87. Do you have muddy fields? If so, what measures do you take?
  88. Fosters and Smith Vitamins and Omega-3 supplements good or bad?
  89. does the over the counter 5 in 1 and 7 in 1 vaccinations prevent parvo
  90. What's wrong with my dog?
  91. For any cat owners.. Pease help?
  92. Should I move her crate?
  93. how can I get my puppy to stop biting everything ? ?
  94. Tropical fish - Please read?
  95. Looking For A New Pet. but Not Sure.?
  96. I need a sad song for a youtube video/movie...?
  97. Why do people think putting animals in clothing is animal abuse?
  98. Which Reptisun do I need for a Nile Monitor in a 55 gallon aquarium? T
  99. What are some good kitten names for....?
  100. I have a little 3 pound chiuahuah and lately I have noticed she has a
  101. about gravel in an aqaurium?
  102. Is there a dog with webbed feet?
  103. Guinea pig tumor help?
  104. How are Great Pyrenees with children?? We're considering one for adopt
  105. How Do You Get A Hold Of Cesar?My Rescued Pitt Bull And Our Family Nee
  106. Question about litter training?
  107. Why did my fish died?
  108. how to add potting soil if i already have fish in the tank?
  109. Long haired Ginger Female?
  110. Help--my cat has scabs from a flea battle!?
  111. Our dogs are being boarded at the vets, but question ?
  112. calling all discus experts out there.........?
  113. My cat isn't eating her cat food?
  114. Why should I adopt instead of buy?
  115. To pet or not to pet?
  116. Where can I get free hamsters?
  117. Should i get a puppy at 2 weeks of age?
  118. How can I stop my cats eating my houseplants?
  119. My puppy is getting a little agressive? Help? He's 4 months old.?
  120. I recently adopted a 3yr old female doxie and she is not active at all
  121. Can Jaguar or Oscar be kept with a flowerhorn?
  122. Is my dog a shiba inu? Shiba mix?
  123. Can I house together two male guinea pigs, who are not neutered, with
  124. i have a new kitten and she hasnt eaten anything. I just got her yeste
  125. Where can I buy Bio-Spira in New York City?
  126. My cavalier king charles will not eat, help?
  127. How many cats can you own?
  128. what happened to my cat?
  129. How many cats can you own legally?
  130. I am hand raising a puppy and she is 11 days old. Do I worm her when s
  131. My two cats fighting!!!?
  132. How long does it take to heal after a cat's been neutered?
  133. My cat won't let me sleep!!!! Any suggestions?
  134. If i want to breed my male rat?
  135. I want a dog that is free or $50 or less. ?
  136. any good dog food for a picky toy poodle?
  137. Introducing my new kitten?
  138. We are thinking of getting an Alaskan Klee Kai what do you think and w
  139. Whats the earliest age when a kitten can get nuetered?
  140. What kind of pet should I have now I do not have a pet and Im bored?
  141. *HELP* Is it Possible to tame an Adult Ferret? If so, how can it be do
  142. Calcium Pills for a large/giant puppy?
  143. Can iguanas eat crickets?
  144. Any one out there please help me let me know where to buy hormone inje
  145. Do you have a good puppy name?
  146. is a lab/shepherd a good mix?
  147. How to make a ferret stop Biting ?
  148. Three and a half ft Florida bird. What kind is it?
  149. Can anyone Help me with a puppy problem?
  150. is cabbage bad for rabbits and guinea pigs?
  151. I need help with puppy/dog food!!?
  152. is selected meadow hay ok for my rabbit and guinea pig to eat.?
  153. is there a difference between potting soil and regular soil?
  154. are great diving beetles amphibians?
  155. I want a dog which can live in gulf country? Which is it?
  156. my tortoise has left its shell. Help needed!?
  157. what dog food brands are safe to give our pets?
  158. I need help naming my puppy. ?
  159. is it legal to find wild garter snakes and keep them as pets?
  160. Is there any way that I can get my cat to relax upon going to the vet?
  161. My cat Max is a holy terror. He's 6mos and neutered. He beats up on my
  162. HELP! good but cheap horse boarding stables! ?
  163. When they say a horse is so many hands high?
  164. How Do I Deter Herons From Stealing My Fish?
  165. my cat got stung by a scorpoin what can it do!!!?
  166. Ugh! Chameleon in home...?
  167. Sugar Glider Questions?
  168. Is my pony's coat thick because of poor nutrition in her past?
  169. do you think i am responsible?
  170. Can you tell me any breed of a dog which can live in a gulf country li
  171. I have just got a 1 year old 5 lb poodle the other people told me that
  172. behavior problems with quarter horse mare?
  173. i want a dog really badly!!!!!!!?
  174. I have an older cat who recently gave birth to four identical black ki
  175. What to give a cat to calm them down?
  176. which animals do live in stable other than horse and what all places u
  177. ok thanks for that you seem to know what you are talking about, yes i
  178. anyone know what do spiders eat?
  179. My daughters dog got shot in the eye?
  180. My cats toe is probably broken?
  181. What pet bird should I get?
  182. My 1 year old cat died last...Why?
  183. Does anyone have any advice and tips on how to get a budgie back into
  184. URGENT! 4mnth-old kitty, think he's really ill?! PLEASE!?
  185. Underwater frog question...best answer=10 pts!?
  186. Changing to better dog food, your take on all this would be helpful?
  187. on the Sims 2 pets how do you buy stuff? and how do you have babies wi
  188. Pregnant bulldogs eyes bulging?
  189. My pony's hooves are dry cracking and chipped, what can I do to fix th
  190. Is there anything over the counter that will get rid of ear mites in a
  191. How to keep a big dog from chasing a kitten?
  192. help!! my old cat hates our new cat ?
  193. what is the best breed of dog to get?
  194. my 12 week old lab pup is throwing up, and kinda lethargic acting, wha
  195. what are the bully breed pitbull bloodlines ?
  196. can i add vitamins made for human consumption to a planted tank?
  197. Can people get there pets sick?
  198. One of my fish swims erratic but other then that seems fine eats and i
  199. I am traveling through Canada to Alaska. What kind of Health certifica
  200. What should I get with my $20 reptile credit?
  201. What do i feed a newborn puppy?
  202. my dogs getting old, need some advice please?
  203. Walking the dog, should it be a legal requirement of dog ownership?
  204. how to look after a 6 week old yellow labrador?
  205. Hunting for sport v.s. dog fighting ?
  206. I think i caught fleas from a cat?
  207. need help from uk people only!!!?
  208. Do all black bear hamsters have long fur?
  209. My rolly polly died!!!!!!!!?
  210. How can I help my dog and his annoying behavior?
  211. Is it time for animals that can cause devastating harm to be outlawed
  212. Are there any major companies besides oceanrider and O.R.A. that breed
  213. When two dogs met for the first time....?
  214. Does anyone know where I can find a dog cookie monster costume?
  215. I need names for three kittens (1 boy, 2 girls)?
  216. LARGE_GIANT breed owners?
  217. Dogs and cats getting along?
  218. can chickens get sore throats?
  219. Jack Russell on Oprah yesterday (Sept. 25th)?
  220. Can you guys help the animal shelter in Miami (the one in Miami Animal
  221. Circus...Cruelty to animals?
  222. Can I get worm medicine for cats without going to the vet?
  223. Help!Its a fishy question yet again?
  224. Is it normal for male dogs to become more aggressive after being nurtu
  225. Animal rescue denied my application/ was rude.?
  226. horses ;?
  227. Can anyone tell me where to get pluck no more by Kings cages? Is it to
  228. HELP! My friend's cat has a broken leg! What does she do!?
  229. I need a Dog name...?
  230. I'm getting dwarf hamsters on wensday!!!!?
  231. How can I fatten up my beagle?
  232. Cost Of Vet Services?
  233. Hubby and I just got a lab pup and he has two issues one he bites and
  234. what is that red prolapse that sometimes happens on my puppies penis?
  235. whats a fast growing plant that needs low light?
  236. can you feed dog food to a cat?
  237. doggy photoshooot!? haha?
  238. My Puppy wont stop doing this?
  239. what kind of food do turtles eat?
  240. Do dogs know what day it is?
  241. HELP! I have a one week old Jack Russell Puppy with no Mom. What do I
  242. Working type dog boots, any good makes?
  243. help! my bf says he wants to take me fishing! what kind of lure should
  244. cool names for a pitbull?
  245. Do you have any Cocker Spaniels?
  246. i have a yorkie puppy and when he is excited he pees, will he grow out
  247. Need help introducing my turtle and dog!?
  248. Does anyone else's cat do this?
  249. How can I make my own guinea Pig Cage?
  250. my one year old dog ?