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  1. Cat acting weird after being spayed?
  2. We got a Kitten! ~ how to get luca to play nice?
  4. keeping quail need help?
  5. hamster name's please i have 10 hamsters that need names..( my momma h
  6. Can you own a skunk in B.C ?
  7. where can i get some good wood for my pet rabbit?
  8. Please help me with this rat question?
  9. My cat brought in a baby pigeon about 5 hours ago. It is still alive b
  10. Please help me with this question!?
  11. what does a bald black spot on a hampster means?
  12. Do you think my puppy is cute? (pic included)?
  13. Are miniature schnauzers quite healthy dogs?
  14. BLUEblooBLUEbleuBLU ?
  15. Here is something I have not seen untill we got stew: Has anyone heard
  16. How to start feeding raw. ?
  17. Poll: Which Pet Is Better, Guinea Pig Or Rabbit?
  18. Do stores like petco sell glassfish (unpainted)?
  19. where can i get a dog sweater this small?
  20. Are marshmallows safe for a dog?
  21. Not a cat question so I know this shouldn't be here but?
  22. Easiest rat question in the world!!!!?
  23. Is ivermectin paste for horses safe to give to dogs?
  24. Will a second cat make ours less "clingy"?
  25. What are these dog breeds?
  26. does your cat have hair?
  27. Is pennies in a can a good training tool?
  28. Why do the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weimaraner look so much
  29. Cat question for vets, vet techs, or cat people :)?
  30. i have about 20 koi fish, one of them is blowing up like a balloon, wh
  31. I think my dog was bitten by a vampire!?
  32. My cat was diagnosed with a low bladder, can't take medicine, what can
  33. what animal do you love the most?
  34. What information do i need to know about a short haired guinea pig?
  35. What breeds make up the German Shepherd Dog?
  36. i just asked a question about breeding dogs?
  37. How can i get my (dog)...?
  38. What to ask when deciding on a stable?
  39. Canaries, laying eggs and then throwing them out of the nest? ?
  40. why my dog after 4 years of roof life start folling from it? ?
  41. Is there anything on the market that I can get rid of worms? ?
  42. My tetra's fins are missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  43. What is wrong with my anenome?
  44. How to train a puppy to slow down?
  45. my horse has a weepy eye, should I be concerned about this?
  46. how can i make my cat go to the bathroom?
  47. Is there a cat rescue ilkley or nearby area...?
  48. Im looking for a small puppy. Can anyone help?
  49. Cockatiel HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(No really, please help!!!
  50. Small fish...feeding issue?
  51. what is a good cat food?
  52. Did you hear there is a new dog food recall?
  53. Do you think I should get the LX or Slide Sidekick?
  54. My Hamster When it died Was Stiff As A Stone.?
  55. my pet lizards crickets got loose they won't breed will they?
  56. What is the best thing to do when my betta is not eating his regular f
  57. When should i clip my horse?
  58. anyone know any thing about pekin ducks ?
  59. Names for 2 boy kittens?
  60. Is it possible to get a dog...?
  61. What type of bird is this?
  62. Ball Python Makes Messes?
  63. I'm getting a kitten!?
  64. what kind of cereal should i give my teddy bear hamster?
  65. Dark spots on my female Beta?
  66. my turtle issue,please help me?
  67. can my 1 year old horse support me?
  68. Please help! Emergency! How can I help this stray cat?
  69. cat meowing like crazy.?
  70. do goldfish really have a memory-span of 3 seconds?
  71. My cat pee all over the house,we have tried everything. HELP!!!?
  72. Please help! Emergency! How can I help this stray cat?
  73. Please help identify my old saddle?
  74. Function is not a by-product of the breed standard, but its very essen
  75. ferrets and chocolate?
  76. I am fostering a puppy 4 weeks old and has blood in poop and want eat?
  77. Is this fin decay?!?!?!?
  78. Dont you love watching your puppy grow?!?
  79. How long after purchasing budgie can you let it out of cage to fly aro
  80. I have a dog that I need to find a good home for. Is anyone interested
  81. Im thinking of adopting a pet freshman?
  82. I need help coming up with some captions for some pictures of our dogs
  83. my dog is in heat and i have questions.?
  84. Anyone selling a medium-sized crate for cheap?
  85. Just for fun. What kind of dog do you think she is?
  86. What kind of dog is this? It's sooo cute!?
  87. how to keep fishes in aquarium bowl?
  88. Getting swan feathers?
  89. I think my dog is Autistic?
  90. What is the best way to calm a dog down besides fixing them?
  91. allergies and overexposure to cats?
  92. Red build up around dogs whoo?
  93. anybody know any good jokes i can tell my dog?
  94. Really need a new name for this horse?
  95. Does anyone know of a Bouvier breeder in Missouri/Illinois?
  96. Any suggestions?? my dog swallowed a mouse!!!?
  97. Does Pedipaws actually work?
  98. Stick insects websites?
  99. What is a good age to get a hamster?
  100. severe loss of kidney funtion?
  101. Is my dogs water breaking?
  102. i have a 9 week old pomeranian puppy and he is starting to lose his ha
  103. introducing a new kitten?
  104. Rabbit question, please help.?
  105. do dogs have umblyical chords when born?
  106. how to get my rats nails short?
  107. Putting down a cat for urinating on the carpet? Is it right?
  108. what can i do to get my cats to get along again?
  109. how do i get my cats to co habitat with each other?
  110. Attention Rabbit Breeders...I have a new litter(5days) and am noticing
  111. when can i put my baby fish back with there parents?
  112. Do you think someone hurt my dog?
  113. why does my rat smell bad?
  114. turtle..help immediately!?
  115. Dog Spine problems.. Dog was born with a arch spine and is now giving
  116. how many kittens can a cat have ? ?
  117. What does Stress Zyme (beneficial bacteria) do?
  118. How do cats get heartworm?
  119. can i use a lizard tank for a fish tank?
  120. When does your vet give you bad advice?
  121. how to work out the size of my vivarium in gallons?
  122. what is the only US state with no snakes native to it?
  123. Anyone in the mood, to help me come up with some cute captions for the
  124. what do i do my dog is being like a cat?
  125. Is this normal behavior? I have a pit bull, a very nice one but when h
  126. Why did my question get removed about Cesar Milan? ?
  127. snacks or treats for pet chicks?
  128. My dog is in day 60 of her pregnancy how much more longer till she has
  129. How do you get a parrot out of a tree?
  130. So I need help occupying my rats. Any ideas?
  131. How can i calm my dog down?
  132. where can i find a big cheap Budgie cage?
  133. Does anyone have the Every Dogs Day House Codeword?
  134. Found an injured skink in my yard.?
  135. My kitty has raised black spots on his nose, does anyone know what thi
  136. Leopard Cory has a twitch?
  137. Opinions on pet insurance?
  138. how do i get my puppy to let me know when she needs outside?
  139. Would this be a good cage?
  140. Aren't dogs the greatest?
  141. Pics plz tell me what type of DOG is this ?
  142. what size tank do i need for full grown red eared slider and what size
  143. Can you guess my favourite dog breed? (game)?
  144. What was its Name!?!?
  145. why is my rat biting me?
  146. My flowerhorn's stomach is bulging. It looks like it swallowed somethi
  147. Conformation - under what circumstances could/should a dog show be re-
  148. My cat is sneezing a LOT....?
  149. Can I put Finger nail Polish on my 5 week old rat terrier.?
  150. May seem strange but...?
  151. What is Wrong with my Goldfish!!!!?
  152. Taming Budgies!!! How To Tame Them!!?
  153. how to stabilize fish water,pH normal?
  154. i need to sale thee female poodles?
  155. Hamster help please...?
  156. Cat really sick, please help!?
  157. Is something wrong with my pregnant dog?
  158. do you prefer this breed of dog with our without a tail?
  159. My horse has seperation anxiety!! help!?
  160. My dog played to hard at the dog park now on several of his pads are s
  161. i need to sale thee female pooldies?
  162. What should be a show name for my horse?
  163. My girlfriend wants a dog but she has a full time job and is a full ti
  164. My Dog Poo Should I Be Worried (Raw Diet)?
  165. why is my kitten acting weird?
  166. Opinions of Laube Roxstar?
  167. Can someone tell me what breed of sheep this is ?
  168. Papillon puppy for sale?
  169. what is a proper weight range for my 3 month old german shepherd puppy
  170. My puppy just killed...?
  171. What is a suitable tankmate for a clownfish?
  172. Fish tank, to plant or not to plant ?
  173. Can red ear slider live in the same tank with chinese striped-neck tur
  174. What does HPTS stand for?
  175. What should I call her?
  176. What Is The Most MAJESTIC Animal You Have Ever Seen ...?
  177. How to make my dog more comfortable after being spayed?
  178. Loose ring snaffle, pinching help?
  179. overdue shots for dog?
  180. what kind of bread can i feed my tedy bear hamster?
  181. My puppy keeps biting me!?
  182. my cat is having trouble eating?
  183. Which kind of dog is best to have as a pet?
  184. service dog registration?
  185. what do you feed your ferrets?
  186. How to let your dog know you are in charge?
  187. who knows a chinchilla seller?
  188. My aussie has very vigorous dreams. Do your dogs dream?
  189. i have Ick guard II by jungle:it works?
  190. What are the best natural dog foods?
  191. survey: do you think a goldfish eventually turn white if left in a dar
  192. my cat has a small wound on his hip. should i worry to much?
  193. Information on breeding boas?
  194. Can My Dog Take Out A REVERSE MORTGAGE LOAN On His House ...?
  195. How do I retrain a cat to use it's litter pan?
  196. The question was not about how well I keep tank...?
  197. is AAPBA a good registry?
  198. Is it bad for horses to eat corn/ corn husks?
  199. Pregnant and have two jealous Yorkies?
  200. My kitten got beat up by my cat!!! Help Please!!!?
  201. can sand spurs in hay hurt horses?
  202. My Aus. shepherd is shedding like you wouldnt believe. ?
  203. Is this normal for pug pups?
  204. How do I make my cat hate life?
  205. Salt water start up question?
  206. why do english bull terriers stink?
  207. My bearded dragon is sick and I don't know what's wrong with him?
  208. How do you sex a Araucana Chicken?And....?
  209. What's the best place to get dog vitamins?
  210. How much mula are Soft shell turtles.?
  211. can my teddybear hamster eat bird food like parakeet gourment diet foo
  212. Hawk deterrents that actually work...?
  213. How do you get dogs froming peeing in the house?
  214. What does it mean when my rabbit is running round me in circles, while
  215. what makes a hole on the ground that's about the size of a 50 cent pie
  216. What is the most humane way to kill a unwanted puppy?
  217. we have to put my dog to sleep tomorrow ?
  218. My puppy is 10 weeks old and has had her first set of shots. Can I tak
  219. CUTEST PET CONTEST! You know you want to....?
  220. what is the best type of snake to keep as pet?
  221. What do you use when your dog pees on hardwood?
  222. Why does my cat insist on lying on the clothes I just ironed and laid
  223. What is the difference?
  224. we want our jack-rat terrier to have puppys advise please?
  225. Do you think that if a mother dog sees her puppy get ran over and kill
  226. Which foods are dangerous for dogs?
  227. How many ferrets do you have?
  228. what is female rat behavior when they are in heat? ?
  229. how can i find out a breed a horse is?
  230. how do i breath parakeets?
  231. how do i tell apart my hamsters?
  232. What do grass snake hatchlings eat?
  233. A lab that really isn't into eating food? Weird!?
  234. Why does my puppy throw up at night?
  235. should i keep holding him over his cage?
  236. i Need a cheap Boarding Barn HELPPPP?
  237. When is it time to let your pet go?
  238. diamond dove eggs...?
  239. i Need a cheap Boarding Barn HELPPPP?
  240. What do you do with frozen oscar food?
  241. ok now im desperate!!! ?
  242. Online Horse Courses?
  243. when a cat is in heat do they pee all over the place?
  244. I am looking for a good tasting treats and biscuits for a shitzu.?
  245. Looking for pet insurance in CANADA?
  246. Is Hoof Guard a good product for horse hooves?
  247. What do you think to my ollie?
  248. why does my dog take food from his bowl and set it on the ground witho
  249. what kind of food can i feed my teddy bear hamster?
  250. rottweiler any suggestions on looking 4 a stud ?