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  1. I have a finicky cat. He loves his treats, but is not a great eater. A
  2. Cat keep bringing critters to our door..?
  3. Are rats good pets for a 10 year old?
  4. Will these hurt my ferret?
  5. Does anyone know of a bird sanctuary in Scotland that takes crows plea
  6. How to cure advanced tomite stage of ick in fish? .?
  7. What color show coat??!! Help ASAP!?
  8. Is This Considered Animal Cruelty ?
  9. What happened with Mars Inc. and the dog food recall?
  10. 2 Questions about my 4 month old puppy?
  11. What are some examples of horses that would need a "special" diet?
  12. Is My Cory Catfish Pregnant?
  13. Can I leave my platy fry in the breeder box until they grow up? (there
  14. Help, our sugarglider ran up to the top of our tree.?
  15. Are Whisper Filters Good?
  16. Whats the best type of sheep to keep as a pet?
  17. Working Student Question!?
  18. What kind of snake was this?
  19. i need help with my rat?
  20. Does This Dog Look Pretty? :D?
  21. Can my dog eat 2 kinds of dog food?
  22. How long can a cat go without food?
  23. When you feed a horse, how long should you wait until he is ridden?
  24. Could I be allergic to my cat?
  25. what happened to my towel?
  26. dog owners who are skilled help?
  27. about my diamond doves eggs?
  28. Information about Suffolk Sheep?
  29. English bulldog heat tolerance?
  30. Info on short haired guinea pigs? prices, what i need to buy them, etc
  31. My 6 month old dog is sick?
  32. Why is it that road kill are so often marked with spray paint?
  33. when i get the hiccup my dog freaks out ?
  34. is she just moody or what?
  35. New kitten for older cat -Good idea?
  36. My hermit crabs are molting?
  37. Why do dogs bark at people on bikes, but not at passing cars?
  38. my cat is in danger and i just need some understanding?
  39. Feline herpes (URI) flare-ups?
  40. African cichlids wont eat?
  41. Dachshund help please!!!?
  42. Help! I'm selling my kittens!?
  43. why is my cat losing hair?! 10pts!?
  44. Puppy needs help....?
  45. sick dawg???????????????
  46. my dog has a soft small lump under her left front arm she is a staff c
  47. What's a Fry? (In terms of Fish)?
  48. cat has clear thick discharge coming from bottom?
  49. I'm looking for a horse to buy?
  50. If a dog had wings, where would he live?
  51. What type of breed is this dog?
  52. last night my cat got prayed by a skunk serious answers only!!!!!!!!!!
  53. Need help with getting a cat?
  54. sometimes when my hamster gets up her heart beats really hard like its
  55. Can dogs sense your emotions like other humans can?
  56. why dose my dog do this?
  57. Are there any professionals for salt water tanks here?
  58. Should our family get a dog?
  59. Why do birds suddenly appear?
  60. mysterious platy fry disappearances?
  61. Help with leopard gecko please.?
  62. Can you feed tadpoles spinach or rocket?
  63. what safe method is use to treat an abrasion on a cat? 10pt?
  64. accused of my dog bitting someone?
  65. what do you do if your dog as a broken leg?
  66. Yorkie-poo breeders in Rochester, NY?
  67. I found a turtle, can I keep it as a pet?
  68. I need to rehome my basenjis....?
  69. Where to get cheap Track?
  70. I'm getting a kitten tomorrow, I have some questions? also I have anot
  71. Why does my dog destroy things only when we leave the house?
  72. How does your dog smell?
  73. what can you say of having a mix breed of mini - pincher and chihuahua
  74. Is there a natural way to get rid of fleas on a large dog?
  75. My conure bites when i try and take her out of the cage!?
  76. can i keep diamond doves with quail?
  77. How do i make a 2nd floor for a C&C cage for my guinea pigs?
  78. People that feed beet pulp - question?
  79. What will your dog be for Halloween?
  80. What dog breed is the most unique and why?
  81. Is water conditioner harmful to fish?
  82. Are toy yorkies hard to train/house-break?
  83. My kitten only weights 600g/ 1lb- she's nearly 10 weeks old?
  84. Petco Hamster Derby Questions?
  85. washing my rabbit. ?
  86. my cat has fleas but dnt no how many i keep getting worried in case it
  87. Has anyone used Spray Away/Detangler/Shine On by Mane n Tail? OPINIONS
  88. My dog has a swollen leg what can it be?
  89. is it safe for my cat to eat oatmeal?
  90. I need some serious help getting this dog potty trained, help?
  91. Is there a website for pets like webMD?
  92. Brother and sister pigeons in need of help. ?
  93. what should I do about my itchy dog?
  94. Why does my dog do this?
  95. How do you choose a dog at an animal shelter?
  96. What do you do when a dog swallows Ny-Quil?
  97. our daschund just had puppies. she's not producing enough milk. what c
  98. Is it true that pure breed labs have eye problems? What is the best mi
  99. Why is my dog scratching himself so much like when he walks he will st
  100. I just bought 1 tiger barb and 1 platy....?
  101. My dog is 6 weeks pregnant..i think?
  102. Blue Tounge Lizzard Help.?
  103. where can I find 5-7 pound rabbits to feed a 12' burmese?
  104. Teacup puppies (20 characters)?
  105. i think my cat is sick..?
  106. what do i do with my puppy when i head to work?
  107. my guinea pig had just recently give birth to 16 babies?
  108. Hi, just wondering if this is a good cage for 2 budgies/parakeets ? :D
  109. Is it normal for a chickens feathers to fall off?
  110. help my new teddy bear hamster doesnt pee and poo in the same spot at
  111. Can I put a koi and a tropical plecostomus (sucker fish) in the same t
  112. Do cats and pitbulls mix alright?
  113. Finding dead animals on deck. Any ideas?
  114. is there a purpose for an air pump in a fish tank?
  115. which dog should i pick?
  116. How do we know if the fish is dead?
  117. Do fish keep their eyes closed and sleep?
  118. to get rid of the fleas on m hamster?
  119. how do i gust teach my betta to jump and eat of my finger?
  120. Selling dogs at a Wal Mart parking lot ?
  121. how do i stop my pom from going after the kitten?
  122. How do I keep my sister's dog from humping my female puppy?
  123. can a tapeworm from fleas kill my cat?
  124. How Do I Keep My Butt In The Saddle On The Canter?
  125. what breed dog is this?http://s390.photobucket.com/albums/oo344/horsel
  126. is my black moor goldfish pregnant?
  127. WHY does my dog keep peeing IN the house?
  128. i am still having trouble my cat is still getting hurt?
  129. rope halter for rapidly growing gelding?
  130. What kind of turtle do I have?
  131. Are some cats more nocturnal than others?
  132. Are there any pocket pets..?
  133. hey, i need a favor.....?
  134. How many square feet does a guinea pig need?
  135. If you had a 30 gallon fish tank, what would you fill it with?
  136. Are earmites the dirty brown stuff in my kitties ear?
  137. does the more times the dogs tie does that mean a larger litter?
  138. I'm getting a rabbit JOY!!! What should I name it?
  139. How do snakes COOPERATE or work together for food?
  140. Horse Name Suggestions?
  141. i think you shouldnt attack her for what she needs to do.u are not pay
  142. I lost my dog! plz help! :(?
  143. Removing sugar glider smell?
  144. What are the BAD foods that you shouldn't allow your dog to eat ?
  145. Can rabbit's eat soybean?
  146. My dog ran away and he has never done that before. Why did he run away
  147. i will give the best answer if u help me?
  148. Can I give my 7 lb. kitten the flea medication Revolution for cats 5 l
  149. are gunea pigs that are fancy have diffrent health problems ino about
  150. Reputable breeder!!!?
  151. How do I make training my horse fun for him?
  152. How do i make my dog stop biting,barking,and growling for attention?!?
  153. Is it safe to use cedar shavings in my hen house?
  154. Is it normal for a pregnant dog to be walking funny?
  155. I think my Angel's have ick...?
  156. Parakeet Behavior Question?
  157. is it bad to give a dog pepsi?
  158. Can i call the florida ASPCA from CA?
  159. How often should I make a partial change of water in my 26 gallon aqua
  160. Are there any diseases dogs can get from eating cats?
  161. Basilisk growing its frills?
  162. Im thinking of getting a parakeet? Couple of questions?
  163. How do I get a puppy attached to me?
  164. Are ferrets good pets?
  165. Will you people come to my site? daiseeeee.wordpress.com?
  166. Horse fall questions?
  167. I want to own my own business, a doggie daycare/kennel. I have 3 acres
  168. Hi,How do i make custom built cages i dont want to waste 200$+ for a c
  169. Should I get a ferret?
  170. Can my dog eat steak?
  171. sooo, if i cant cut the tail how can i straighten it?
  172. I lost my dog! Please help! :(?
  173. How do you take care of a Cockatail egg?
  174. habitrail ovo water bottle? good?
  175. Do Goldfish ever sleep?
  176. whay does my male dog pee on everything?
  177. My cat has an eye infection!?
  178. My dog has a soar throat, what can I give to soothe it at home?
  179. introducing cats to a new dog?
  180. Gerbil Question? Please help?
  181. Is my guinea pig pregnant? please answer.?
  182. my gerbil keeps biting?
  183. How hard is it to train a horse to ride in a bridle?
  184. I have a very old dog who is dying.?
  185. where do I start to train my mutt?
  186. I'm going to be a hamster owner!!?
  187. What would be a good song for this? ?
  188. are hamsters and mice compatible?
  189. Help with 12 Gal Saltwater Tank...?
  190. whats this lump on my dogs leg?
  191. bombing a room for fleas?
  192. Where to buy maine coon kittens?
  193. i need names for my babies?
  194. Which puppy should i get?
  195. Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?
  196. What age does a dog gets its ear clipped?
  197. What do you think about my cats?
  198. Link to a good site for aqurium safe rock, with pictures?
  199. my dog drinking water and rejecting what looks like orange juice?
  200. *10 points!* Breech/show shirt sizing needed!?
  201. Question for Eye Envy users: ingestion?
  202. Why do people think that grocery stores have good dog food?
  203. 8yr Old Maine Coon Help needed?
  204. Whats a a better pet a parakeet/budgie or hamster?
  205. halloween costumes for horses?
  206. Are they any kind of wild mushrooms that grow outside that are poisono
  207. Which dog is right for me?
  208. Where can I find crowntail, delta tail, and halfmoon bettas?
  209. are mice and hamsters compatible?
  210. i need help my cat is in trouble and i can't save him please help me?
  211. side effects of a dewormer?
  212. How can I catch this cute dog in our neighborhood?
  213. did Balto the husky dog really exist?
  214. Is it normal for a puppy to lose 2-3 teeth at the same time?
  215. do i have to keep a filter in my turtle basin ?
  216. What to bring to a dog park?
  217. Why are circuses allowed to keep elephants and tigers?
  218. Should I be worried about my cat peeing on me?
  219. is it legal to own a monkey in washington state?
  220. what about my shepherd puppy he has 6 toes on each hind leg?
  221. De-worming Side effects in cats?
  222. does cockatiel toe skin grow back?
  223. I took my horse to a show and she flipped out?
  224. do geese mate with their offspring?
  225. amazing dancing bears?
  226. 36 gallon reeftank please help?!?
  227. Cute horse names for a young girl to name her horse?
  228. what breed is my dog?
  229. Does your cat like to wrestle with you?
  230. PETA does more harm than good?
  231. Im not sure why, but.... ?
  232. leopard gecko help please, 10 points+best answer !!!?
  233. Does anyone know where or if you can get Skunk spray?
  234. can i still cut my dogs pup's tail?
  235. Do you believe this statement?
  236. Symptoms of a betta fish: deep and fast breading, his eyes was getting
  237. Help hamster potty training!!!?
  238. I have puppies and want to make sure when is the best time that I can
  239. How long do Quaker Parrots live?
  240. My 5 year old boxer Missy is shivering. and hubby says it could be art
  241. What can I do about my dogs aggresion?
  242. What kind of activities can my Great Dane do?
  243. How can you heal a dog bite on a dog from another dog?
  244. First one who answers this gets best answer.! Bunnies?
  245. How do I assemble this hamster cage with all the tubes?
  246. Looking for a small designer breed dog.?
  247. Where can i find cheap needs for my puppy?
  248. how to tell your hermit crab is a land or water kind?
  249. Dog Leash advice/question.....?