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  1. So, I want a cat but I have birds and a dog?
  2. Can i put a red tail black shark with neon tetras?
  3. When you show belgians...?
  4. blue tongued skink housing?
  5. How can I keep my parakeets warm in the winter?
  6. how to get rid of ants?
  7. My 3 month pug swallowed a q tip! Is that something he can pass?
  8. SHould i feed my goldfish frozen bloodworms?
  9. What is a good name for my new rabbit?
  10. can my 3 year old or 4 month old get worms from my puppy licking them
  11. any tips on litter trainer my rats?
  12. My puppy only uses the bathroom in his crate? ?
  13. How to stop my dog from weeing when it get exited?
  14. What are some safe toys to get for my parakeets?
  15. I have a neutered male cat. Should I get another male or a female for
  16. I have two cockatiels and...?
  17. can i put koi in 150 gal tank?
  18. When I take my parakeet out of the cage, how do I get him back in?
  19. neighbor killing dog?
  20. F Y you not very cleaver its not genetic, i could of got her from the
  21. My little cocker spaniel?
  23. Does your cat shake his/her paw when they drink?
  24. Can cats get possessed?
  25. How do you stop a dog from nuisance barking?
  26. My snake has very loose skin, and just doesn't seem right. What could
  27. Question About Food Assistance Program For Service Dogs?
  28. my dog wont eat, i have changed her food to something different and th
  29. dogs growling??????????
  30. Help! My cat wont stop crying.?
  31. Ferret Owners, Will You Please Help Me?!?!?!?
  32. Is my dog dying he is acting weird ?
  33. Does anyone eat dog food?
  34. My poor Comet Goldfish?
  35. humane Society took my sons dog away to put him down.?
  36. Why dose my yabbie trying two get out of the aquarium?
  37. what breed is my doggy?
  38. My German Shepard pup has got discspondylitis, can any tell if they ha
  39. Betta seems very ill: lethargic, severe fin rot and pale color.?
  40. just a few aquarium questions?
  41. Bengal kitten opinion?
  42. can you put mexican walking fish and gold fish in the same tank?
  43. Ways to stop stray cat spraying on our deck?
  44. does anyone In Reading PA have a Female Adult Rabbit for sale or adopt
  45. Please help is my dog okay?
  46. bristlenose catfish what to feed them?
  47. Is it possible to tame a society finch outside of hand feeding?
  48. dog law is anyone familar with it?
  49. PETA kills most of the animals it takes in?
  50. What type of Horse is worth Half Million dollars?
  51. Is it dirty to take care of a bunny rabbit ? I just bought a small bun
  52. my dogs depressed and sad most of the day what can i do?
  53. How to make a bird harness ?
  54. My gf always questions me why her dog hides when I come over should I
  55. how on earth do i ship a 13 foot reticulated python details plz ca to
  56. I am feeding my cat kitten food along with wet food would a vitamin su
  57. i just got a female german shepherd puppy today and she is mostly blac
  58. How difficult is it to keep an un-altered male rabbit?
  59. Whites Tree Frog Question!?
  60. need more info on golden retriever?
  61. What are the rules? Im Clueless!?
  62. Why do Animal Cruelty Organizations only care about cute animals? ?
  63. Your thoughts on women and horses?
  64. Help! My dog has a collapsed trachea! Will he die? :(?
  65. Question about golden retriever breeds?
  66. why r ppl so closed minded about pitbulls?
  67. Re-Training 2 Chihuahua's?
  68. Has anyone ever used the petremedy glucose support formula?
  69. I saw a black rat outside! What do I do about it?
  70. hi i have 2 fish wat shall i call them?
  71. Do animal matters to you?
  72. Cat fur growth rates.......?
  73. How to train a dog? Tell me the answer?
  74. how much does an old english sheepdog costs in india?
  75. I have a suddenly sick kitten and no ER vet. help?
  76. Temporary food for a baby Mouse?
  77. my cat has a lump on his jaw it wasn't there yesterday i don't see any
  78. Can you kill five striking snakes with a 4 inch knife?
  79. Can an eight year old cat be senile?
  80. Why do people have pets as lawn ornaments?
  81. What do cats want from us?
  82. my lovebird just eats and sleeps with its head in its back, is he sick
  83. what's wrong with 1 of my baby guppies..?
  84. Could my beagle be scared?
  85. Where I can find a Jupiter play ball? Something a dog would play with
  86. Please spend 5 minutes to watch this video. It could make a difference
  87. My betta is "failing to thrive" no matter what I do. What should I do?
  88. my inside dog is now going to be an outside dog!! help!!?
  89. What type of cat is my kitty?
  90. I was just wondering how my chihuahua will react when we have kids?
  91. My dachshund has hurt her back, I'm scared the vet is pushing to opera
  92. My Shihtzu is 6weeks pregnant looking for all the info you've got!?
  93. what is wrong with my budgies eye its red and he is losing feathers an
  94. At what age do puppies start eating puppy food and not their mothers m
  95. Whats That Dog?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Lol?
  96. HELP!!! my house has been over run with fleas?
  97. Vicious dog wearing a muzzle?
  98. My puppy has had bad runs for 3-4 days. What can I give him to help ha
  99. Ferrets In California. ?
  100. I am purchasing two juvenile beardies, What size tank should I get, so
  101. Is a 10 year old medium sized female dog too old to breed?
  102. How can I catch a mouse.?
  103. I just moved to Guerneville Ca. I am looking for a real holistic vet t
  104. Dog trying to mate (not a breeding question)?
  105. how can you tell if your white rat is blind? ?
  106. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I dont want my kitten to die!!?
  107. will this styrafoam incubator work?
  108. what dog breed is this? ?
  109. Can anyone tell me if these are a male and female convict chiclid?
  110. Are my gouramis being territorial or mating?
  111. veterinarian question? ?
  112. How do you introduce male guinea pigs with other male guinea pigs?
  113. can i feed my oscar fish a tree frog?
  114. Is my tank overcrowded? ?
  115. i wanna make my pitbull stronger i put a weight around his neck to pul
  116. Crate Training My Chihuahua?
  117. how to make my 1 month german shephred puppy healthy n fat?
  118. My Dog is Pregnant what are the steps to take during her delivery? ?
  119. How cute is my chihuahua?
  120. What should I do about this poor cat?
  121. male veiled chameleon digging?
  122. How do I brush my iguana's teeth?
  123. Looking for some indoor pet options.. something small and fuzzy.?
  124. Mosquito larvae in dogs water bowl?
  125. I need to know what kind of cat mine is?
  126. PLEASE HELP ! something is wrong with my DOG >< !?
  127. Rat Breeders in Perth WA? Please help :)?
  128. House training my pit bull!!!?
  129. Should I put tea in my rat's water?
  130. Ball python cage set up?
  131. dO u know any good jobs for a 13 year old?
  132. My 4 month old kitty has really bad... i mean REALLY BAD... gas what c
  133. Dog walking? what do i do?
  134. my dog doesn't like to play rough.. hes scared.?
  135. does anyone know how to train a dog to do a back flip?
  136. Do you really have to use a heat lamp for betta fish?
  137. What are some ways to show a dog your dominate over them?
  138. Are dogs&their owners have similer personality?
  139. What is the big pouch of skin that hangs down from your male kitten's
  140. what would be the best bedding for my emperor scorpion?
  141. I Want To Save A Kitten Or Puppy This Christmas...How?
  142. She doesn't like her new home?
  143. Is it alright that my lovebird eats spiders?
  144. please help us we have a mouse!!!!!!!!!!?
  145. How do i get my German Shepherd to stop barking?
  146. Which kind of food is best for a cat? Dry or Soft?
  147. My kitten just went through a traumatic experience and will not eat or
  148. Do I need a heating pad and/or heating lamp for my corn snake?
  149. Kittens Rib Bone sticking out???
  150. Hyper horse.. how can I get her to calm down?
  151. What your opinon about Carefresh Bedding?
  152. I Have A Rabbit For Two Years. I Thought She Might Be Lonely. I Just G
  153. Guess what bread my dog is?
  154. Is it possible for llamas, reindeer, sheep,and alpacas to live in hot
  155. what does it mean when my FEMALE bearded dragon responds with bobing?
  156. Breaking a stud colt.. any advice?
  157. California animal lovers answer this question?
  158. Can cats have corn syrup?
  159. I have pitt puppy he's 8 wks old and his playing ,eating great . Poopi
  160. Should I add real plants to my freshwater aquarium?
  161. how do you potty train a puppy for a Big Rig?
  162. My dog vomiting saliva?
  163. All of the sudden my fish contracted fin rot and velvet! What do I do?
  164. High withered western saddle?
  165. How Do I Keep My Boxer Dog"Kaliko" From Running Out The Front Yard Whe
  166. What Bird/Parrot is the best at talking?
  167. If this happened to you, what would you do?
  168. How cute is my puppy? Be honest please. Tell me what you think?
  169. Any one keeps snake in SG? i need to borrow a python for mabbe 3-4 hou
  170. When do you breed a chow chow dog?
  171. What kind of dog is she?!? ?
  172. Does my Red Eared Slider Have a Fungal Infection, or is it just Sheddi
  173. is it possible to have a short haired morkie?
  174. I know my male cat Harley is blocked by crystals. Can I cath him at ho
  175. My dog is 6 weeks pregnant now and she is HUGE!Does this mean her litt
  176. Should I buy a puppy whose character is generally quiet and sleeps a l
  177. how do I keep my mare on the bit?
  178. What type of fish for my cold water fish tank?
  179. how can i make my morkie stop biting its starting to hurt alot....?
  180. Bathing your pooch & shampoo to use?
  181. Black and white pit bull pup, good strong name for him?
  182. Is there a area on the internet where I can get a little web space to
  183. Puppies and diapers....??
  184. i awoke this morning and my stash was gone. if i take my parakeet to t
  185. mysteries of our pets?
  186. betta fish fell on floor!!!??? HELP PLZ!?
  187. geat dane/cat? Will they get along if they now eachother very early?
  188. Can an Albino Frog Live out of water?!?!?
  189. Will two puppies share the same wee wee pad?
  190. what is a good name for our puppy?
  191. Question about a photo contest web site?
  192. please.please.please helppp?
  193. How do you remove mats from a long haired cat?
  194. i need help on training budgies!!?
  195. my morkie that is 3 months old has super short hair can this be possib
  196. How do I stop my dog from constantly tugging on the leash?
  197. I have a pikanese/pomeranian mix who's losing the fur/skin on his uppe
  198. wat kind of dog shood i mate my morkie with?
  199. Can some one that has knowledge about Salt water fish tanks help me ou
  200. When my guinea pigs hair is falling is it normal or bad?
  201. why don't they have rescues for fish like they do for dogs?
  202. How can I tell if my mare is in foal?
  203. info on parrotlets? 10 points and thumbs up! if you answer quick!?
  204. why does she do this?
  205. anyone trying to sale a small puppy?
  206. how do i prepare dogs to be separated due to mving please help me we a
  207. which is best food for 4 mnths lab?
  208. My dog is acting weird?
  209. How do I make my kitten stop biting and clawing so much?
  210. answer to last answer is she is a small to med chihuahua and was bred
  211. how can iget her trained?
  212. Can you keep Betta's in a plastic cup?
  213. my maltese/morkie mix has short hair and is 8 weeks old is this possib
  214. my puppy has a rash (doesn't itch) on his belly and dirt specs that wo
  215. whats a good name for a male papillion?
  216. Family & Pets In Danger- Help?
  217. my cat has maggots is this a good thing to do?
  218. Question for people with dogs in the Midwest (mainly northern IL)?
  219. Is it bad to oil the frog of a horse's hoof?
  220. My dog has little bumps all over his body.?
  221. BIRD... EXPERTS...plz help?
  222. My bunny won't go poop in her cage litter box shell only pee in there,
  223. Are you looking to adopt a rat and live in Sonoma/Napa County,CA?
  224. im scared to touch my beta fish......?
  225. Do any of you think horse racing or euthanizing animals is cruel?
  226. Quick My Cat Died!!!?
  227. How would horses get their salt intake living in the wild?
  228. how long will my dog last with worms?
  229. matlese keeps attacking jack russsel?
  230. If you doc an english springer spaniels tail...?
  231. What should i get a parakeet or a cockatiel?
  232. HELP!! My ferret has a sore and i don't know what it is!!?
  233. Why does my hamster's pee have blood in it?
  234. hi again , i just took my chihuahuas temp , it was 99.6 ,as i said she
  235. How do i feed a baby kitten w/o bottle?
  236. Dumbo Rat Cage Help!?
  237. i awoke this morning and my stash was gone. if i take my dog to the ve
  238. parrotlet or cockatiel?
  239. Is it okay to have a great dane and a pomeranian in the same house?
  240. My kitten has diarrhea with some blood in it, what could cause it?
  241. What would be the best tank size?
  242. How many days does it takes to hatch a house spiders eggs?
  243. Did You See Eagle Eye Today?
  244. Something's wrong!!!?
  245. how much food shud i serve to an indian baby parrot a day?
  246. Should I get my hyperactive kitten a friend?
  247. is it possible from worms to spread from a cat to a human?
  248. if my dog plays soccer, and knows how 2 roll over and play dead, iz sh
  249. What do you do if your dog keeps attacking people's groins?
  250. Good questions to ask owners before buying a horse?