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  1. how do you get piranhas online?
  2. how long after desexing until he can hav a swim?
  3. Question for owners of senior aged horses?
  4. What do you think of these horses?(pics)?
  5. i need a lgith for my betta tank help plz?
  6. goldfish are the best?
  7. Anyone have guinea pigs?
  8. what puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  9. for the nintendo wii sims 2 pets how do you make your dogs and cats ha
  10. Would like opinions on bottle fed horses?
  11. How long does Canine Parvovirus last? Aunt's pup has been at vet's sin
  12. Are Iguanas Illegal in California?
  13. Why do people like to have a pet or a special animal in there lives?
  14. Can you help me with some dog grooming tips?
  15. Puppy no longer will sleep through night in crate?
  16. Could my gerbils have eaten their babys?
  17. does any one recomend treats for my conure?
  18. Should I tie up my horse in the float?
  19. Does anyone else's dog do this?
  20. Arowana fish! big tank??!?
  21. put stray cant asleep, leave it alone and die, or any ideas?
  22. Will my dog produce milk for the kittens?
  23. german shepherd pregnant?!?
  24. brand new baby lovebirds!?
  25. my cat has some kind of eye infection and we cant afford to take her t
  26. 6 Month old Kitten has worms? What type is this and will this medicati
  27. Can animals have twins??
  28. My cat is 17, she is a Siamese, how much longer does she have to live?
  29. My dog is nursing and won't drink water, what do I do?
  30. What is brackish water?
  31. what do goldfish eat?
  32. treats for ferrets!!?
  33. Will my male betta eat my baby trapdoor snails?
  34. i have 2 chihuahuas 3 weeks old what kind of food can i give them?
  35. How can you get over the death of an animal without it hurting really
  36. Kitten names. Give me your thoughts on kitten names! Please answer que
  37. What breed is my kitten?
  38. cricket breeding tips?
  39. Help!!! My Beagle is an escape artist!!!?
  40. How to do 25 watt lighting for 10 gal tank?
  41. What is wrong with my cat?
  42. Are Silver Tail/Black Molly Fish Salt Water or Fresh water fish?
  43. Calling all Terrier Owners: Terrier Question (added info) (all terrier
  44. What do dogs really think......?
  45. Does anyone know where i could buy a porcupine?
  46. Brake-Fast dog bowl, I bought it and my dog is afraid to eat out of it
  47. 2 hamsters in same cage?
  48. how can I introduce my ferrets to my Staffordshire bull terrier? ?
  49. What is crate training?
  50. Has anyone bought one of those pedipaws?
  51. how much should 3-4 small fish eat?
  52. What are treats that kittens love?
  53. what nerve is my dad pushing on, on my dog?
  54. someone gave me a pit as of today... 6mths old. is this to late to cli
  55. My dog was biten by a dangerous dog what are my rights?
  56. Hamster Issue!! Please Help?
  57. Why did my rabbit poop on me so much?
  58. Can Goldfish eat beta food?
  59. Wanna see something cute?
  60. 60 gallon tank help...................?
  61. Interesting Quetion:Will different species of tetra school together?
  62. my little cousin (not the same one as the other question) keeps doing
  63. Does Hydor make a 265gph nano pump?
  64. I need help with my horse!?
  65. Do female dogs mature faster than male dogs?
  66. what rodent should i get?
  67. OK, can i have 2 goldfish with a few minnows? are they compatible?
  68. Hi I Have A Mixed Breed That Has Started Peeing Blood What Could Cause
  69. Am I doing the right thing?
  70. Dog is vomiting...??
  71. What is a fun and easy way to teach my dog how to catch a frisbee.?
  72. information on blue tongued skinks?
  73. Rescue Labrador............? how is he gonna adapt?
  74. snake question....!!!!!!?
  75. Fleas are taking over my house! Help!?
  76. When can I start feeding my leo gecko on alternate days?
  77. Feeding a puppy table food?
  78. If you had a choice to have any animal in the world (just one) as your
  79. Did my cat die from eating Whiskas?
  80. my dogs ear is a litle swollen everyone i ask says its just an ear inf
  81. Help - new puppy. Seems to be choking and breathing hard.?
  82. bearded dragon at petsmart?
  83. dog breeders ,how often a stud male can be with a female ?
  84. I Returned From Hospital To Find My Guinea Pig In Bad Health. Should I
  85. I need help badly!!!!?
  86. why is my cat drooling?
  87. Im Scared, My Dog Just Bit Me And Now I Have This Bigg Purple Thing On
  88. Young hand fed Quaker parrot?
  89. Our dog has a Hot Spot Please help!?
  90. what is your favorite things about dogs?
  91. I Dont Know What My Cats Breed Is?
  92. Are Crape Myrtles Bird Safe?
  93. mini englishbulldogs? and how to teach my great dane to jump?
  94. is an aquarium worth the labor?
  95. What lives Longer??? please i need to know?
  96. Does my dog have worms?
  97. my cat has gone missing . plz help?
  98. Whats ur fav dog and why.....?
  99. my pup can hold it for 8hrs?
  100. how do i scruff my ferret?
  101. mini lop bunny problem?
  102. My Mountain Feist, should I breed her?
  103. how do you check the sex of guinea pig babies?
  104. What do you think of the name Benson?
  105. I'm in a pinch and need to know what I can use for dog shampoo?
  106. Im tryin 2 find a place were i can adopt pets for free but i cant find
  107. grass allergy in irish setters?
  108. Omg, I think I was scammed.. or something..?
  109. MY 7 year old son play ball with his 2 month old dog and he bites at h
  110. What's the average weight for an adult female pug?
  111. I need help with my dog?
  112. Im thinking about setting up a new tank?
  113. Niacin Overdose in Swine?
  114. I NEED HELP my hamster is dying?
  115. Can my dog eat this treat?
  116. which collegiate saddles have the easy change gullet system?
  117. How old do you have to be to volunteer at a animal shelter and how can
  118. what lizard should i get?
  119. How can I tell if my dog has a concussion?
  120. My leopard gecko has this red bump in his anis. What do I do?
  121. What dog breed is right for me?
  122. Please Help With Fish!!?
  123. Did I kill the goldfish?
  124. Plecostomus? peas? Cucumbers?
  125. What type of rodent is right for me?
  126. how big is my fish tank?
  127. my dog has a big purple lump on his tail neone know what it could be?
  128. How to get rid of mice?!?
  129. does anyone want cats and a bunny ?
  130. What is the best flea and tick medicine for cats and kittens?
  131. Help! Cat's paw is VERY SWOLLEN.?
  132. What do I do what do I do what do I do?
  133. how big is a 8 week old cairn terrier?
  134. dumb question about heater?
  135. my turtle has a white patch on her shell?
  136. What dog breed should I get?
  137. how ling does it take for a bird to settle down in your home?
  138. What's one of the craziest thing you've done for your dog?
  139. My betta is "failing to thrive" no matter what I do. What should I do?
  140. Good Name For a Red Eared Slider?
  141. What breed are my dogs?
  142. my horse has sweet itch, what should i do?
  143. is it ok if i put one red capp oranda in a 10 gallon at first?
  144. Boxer breed question!!?
  145. RATS KEPT OUTSIDE 10 points?
  146. why do turtles lift there back legs up towards the light.?
  147. Rescue Horse question? Why is she like this?
  148. urgent pet question!! easy 10 points?
  149. how should i tell my trainer?
  150. Help! My Cat Is not doing well!?
  151. Just Adopted a Dog, But Don't know What Kind She is?
  152. Why does my dog do this?
  153. why do animals go for laser pointers?
  154. Is it possible to get a animal that you gave to the zoo back?
  155. When potty training a puppy, will they eventually just start standing
  156. How much do baby (1-2 inch) comet goldfish cost?
  157. i have six fish and i think they are sick i need help please!!!?
  158. Is my honey gourami okay?
  159. we moved our two new rats to a bigger, new cage today and now they see
  160. What Birds can you put together?
  161. when can I start feeding my puppies?
  162. I just bought my first bearded dragon...?
  163. Can I collect duckweed from a local lake to put in my fish tank?
  164. My cat can't stop pooping in the basement...?
  165. My cat keeps coughing up small amounts of clear mucus?
  166. Help! My cat ate some cake icing, what should I do?
  167. why does my dog slip on his paws when i go to put him down?
  168. what is that jacket called that dogs bite for training?
  169. building bearded dragon cage...have some questions?
  170. What do male wood turtles need to live?
  171. How can I help my possibly abused bunny?
  172. how to stop my ferrets from biting?
  173. How can I know when my pet cockateil is pregnent?
  174. how much do Texas Veternarians make a year?
  175. Those of you who own Terriers (be it Jack Russell, Pit Bull, etc) is t
  176. Can 2 Green Terrors fit in a 55 gallon aquarium?
  177. New cat isn't adjusting to the other cats...?
  178. i want to buy a leopard gecko!?
  179. how many puppies are there in a litter?
  180. im going to get a 20 gallon tank what fish should i get that are compa
  181. What should we name our new puppy?
  182. help on rabbit names?
  183. My dog ate a grape...can it hurt him?
  184. What is a good outdoor weatherproof [feral] cat house?
  185. reptile tank cleaners questions?
  186. I have a purebred Chihuahuahi and the breeder never got papers for him
  187. How to carry and pet a robo dwarf hamster?
  188. What species of fish are good for an inexperienced fishkeeper? ?
  189. good american pitbull terrier for sale websites?
  190. how to take care of a baby budgie?
  191. Why would dogs follow me when going back home?
  192. My female cat is in a heat, and im sure she is, now i brought her a ma
  193. Cat has infected teeth?
  194. Showing a Great Dane?
  195. dirt as skinks substrate?
  196. I have a few random questions!?
  197. can i put 3 female bettas the same age with a female betta that is mor
  198. how can you tell if a dog is part pit bull??
  199. off the track ex- jumper level 2 dressage horse!?
  200. has any one ever had yorkie/australian sheperd cross? we have a litter
  201. I need this-very VERY bad!!?
  202. I'm thinking of adopting a dog soon.?
  203. Should i get one gerbil or two?
  204. Horses and caring more info and confidence?
  205. When can I take my new puppy to the park?
  206. cat question - eye problem - any vets out there?
  207. How hyper are Jack Russells?
  208. If your dog dies, can you eat it?
  209. How old do you have to be to work at PetSmart?
  210. What is good name for pet?
  211. Red Eared Sliders and Tropical Fish ( or any fish )?
  212. Will a red night lamp from petco give enough heat for a leo gecko at n
  213. any suggestions of hawk proofing a back yard with netting or fencing?
  214. Buying flea bombs in Ireland?
  215. Is it possible to reverse female dog neutering?
  216. Help me convince dad to let me get kitten?
  217. help!!!!!!! !!with ferret?
  218. I got my Aussie puppy 2 months ago, i love her so much and now we can'
  219. good setup for 75 gal? (10 points to best answer~)?
  220. can I keep danios with guppies and tetras?
  221. i want as many goldfish as possible in this tank how many can fit? HEL
  222. Can 1 male convict pair with two females?
  223. pom $150???...???...?
  224. Help with pomeranian?
  225. Horse with White Line Disease? ?
  226. What are the consequences of not having an SV registered working puppy
  227. What Could Be Causing Persistant Ear Infections ?
  228. how long do gerbils live for?
  229. Huge Ant Farm? Anyone know where to buy one? ?
  230. figuring out saddle size help!?
  231. how do i know when my corn snake is hungry? i can't tell. the pet stor
  232. Is memory loss in parrots called Polynesia?
  233. Does anyone know the side effects of this feline medication? ?
  234. How can I help my abused bunny?
  235. Questions, answer please and thanks.?
  236. My cat might be very sick?
  237. First visit to the dog park today :)?
  238. Four pound yorkie?????
  239. i used the siphon, now the poop is floating around my tank. i dont kno
  240. How would I go about building a Bird Aviary?
  241. Train adopted dog to go to bathroom outside?
  242. What Are Good Exotic Pet Vets?
  243. catsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  244. what are stud dogs? just some general infomation.?
  245. What should i get,a gerbil or surger glider?
  246. Any good articles about training, behaviorior, or information on arab'
  247. Help! My family wants to get a dog, but I am allergic to dogs!?
  248. Can my Son Conure and Cocktiel get along?
  249. what kind of fruit and veg can a hamster eat?
  250. What can i do with my rabbit?