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  1. How many dogs have you owned in your lifetime?
  2. Can rats play basketball?
  3. When some wants a deposit for the price of a puppy?
  4. Dog got sprayed by a skunk?
  5. How much would you spend to save the life of your dog?
  6. How to get my dog to come.?
  7. is ollie a good name for a puppy?
  8. Kitten behavior help!!!?
  9. Can spiders die of secondhand smoke?
  10. What can I do for cockatiels with red watery eyes?
  11. what do i do with an aggressive puppy? we love her and want to keep he
  12. Cannibalism - Is it healthy for goldfish to eat other dead fish?
  13. Something's wrong with my pregnant hamster! HELP!?
  14. Hurt Pigeon: Who should I contact?
  15. theres a weird insect in my house?
  16. my cat tears the heads off of mice, he use to leave them on the porch.
  17. is it ok for a rabbit to steal fur off another rabbit?
  18. Adopted Rat Bites for no apparent reason!?
  19. My dog has a swollen area above his anus and right below his tail?
  20. do female chinese painted quail lay without a male ?
  21. Any people food and/ or supplements safe to raise my dogs iron level?
  22. whats the cause of my horse limping?!?
  23. My Pug (one-year-old) snores like a wicked beast! Some say this is typ
  24. How do you cure a red cean for a parakeet?
  25. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! I saved a domestic rabbit?
  26. I am rescuing a retired racing greyhound and want food advise?
  27. taming my new parakeet?
  28. how to heal a hurt bunny?
  29. how many times do i feed amradillo lizards a day?
  30. how many cats do you have at home ?
  31. This tank is good, right?
  32. can i keep mud-skippers with fire belly newts,anoles,fire belly toads,
  33. Dalmatian pricing?!?!?!?!?
  34. When in a vehicle is your dog confined to a crate or carrier or does h
  35. Who has a "gifted" pet story?
  36. I have two chinchillas. I want to know why their tails are bristle-lik
  37. My dog is sick, and I don't know if it's an emergency.?
  38. how can i get my hamster sam nails cut or teeth nawed down?
  39. my 8 week boxer puppy weighs 13 pounds how big do you predict he will
  40. How many dogs do you think my dog will have?
  41. Dog Troubles... Please help!?
  42. can my beagle sense that im about to have my baby?
  43. my dogs ear has a swollen area on it....?
  44. puppy going outside but still goes inside too?
  45. What do you think of these puppy food ingredients?
  46. Horses? Periods? On heat?
  47. can someone show or find me pictures of pregnant puggles?
  48. Can dogs have false labors?
  49. so my puppy has an umbilical hernia and it is small my vet say's I don
  50. Can I move a crate several times a day?
  51. How many hours a day of play is enough for a puppy?
  52. my female guppy had a small yellowish clear ball comming out of her bu
  53. about to get another ferret!! ?
  54. Betta spits everything?
  55. whats in my betas tank,they are white and swimming around.?
  56. What are the chances she gets kennel cough?
  57. will my 2 goldfish have babies?
  58. My Female Siberian Dwarf Hamster Bites! HELP!?
  59. picking up my guinea pig...?
  60. whats wrong with my cat-age 13-male?
  61. What should I feed a 4 week old American Bull x ?
  62. how to stop beagle chewing?
  63. How often should a newborn puppy nurse on mom?
  64. very pregnant rat behavior?
  65. Anyone know about pink bellied swifts?
  66. Help!!my Dog Wont Eat...?
  67. Do I need to change my dog's food?
  68. questions about ferrets?
  69. Help with a Do It Yourself Betta Divider?
  70. Looking for my dogs future MRS RIGHT?
  71. Help Is My Rabbit Pregnant?
  72. how do i build a tank setup for land and water animals.?
  73. Questions about an Animal Career?
  74. My dog has a dry scalp and has small bumps on his head. What is this?
  75. I.O.E.B.A. Registered Old English Bulldogge Name?
  76. What kind of dog is Chico?
  77. How Do I potty train 6 (8wk old) pups ? ?
  78. What breed of dog makes the best running companion?
  79. Is my hen a cannibal?
  80. HELP ME PLEASE! What do i do? im very scared ?
  81. VETS! PEOPLE,Who can tell me, Whats wrong dog won't eat?
  82. Can snakes just change their preference on frozen vs live rats over ni
  83. How long does it usually take to litter train a kitten?
  84. Is my Betta Fish Sick or is it just his color?
  85. How do I deal with a psychotic horse?
  86. 55 gal fish tank is very cloudy, what do I do? FISH EXPERTS ONLY PLEAS
  87. 3 foot Green Iguana bite !!!!!!!!!!!!?
  88. Toilet training 2 full grown Shih Tzu?
  89. My dog is very sick he wont eat anything he only drinks a tiny bit of
  90. is this website serious??!!!!!!?
  91. dog treats..home made?
  92. what is the weight of an elephant?
  93. Is it ok for my kitten to have one pupil that is lower than the other?
  94. 6 week old kitten wakes up and then throws up - only once a day in the
  95. My turtle has low appetite on greens/vegetables. What should I do? ?
  96. Indestructible dog kennel?
  97. easy 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  98. Can you have a penguin as a pet?
  99. Is it ok to have my pregnant guinea pig, my other guinea pig and her b
  100. Do people actually read all the answers under a question, before they
  101. My lizards tail.D:?Help?
  102. At the risk of sounding stupid, is there people food I can give my cat
  103. Is Pedigree the best dog food for a Yorkie?
  104. Rodents???[10 points]?
  105. just got two new kittens.....never had a cat before!!?
  106. Dog insurance???????????????????
  107. mhhmm i want to know what type of cat my cat is ?
  108. My cat brought in a bird yesterday and has a broken wing, what should
  109. My horses funny behavior. Please answer!!!?
  110. Will my crickets breed?
  111. How to clean a salt aquarium?
  112. How old does a Yorkie have to be to get it's first hair-cut?
  113. What can i do to make it easier for my dog to get over this problem?
  114. How do i stop my dog from taking off ? continued ?
  115. My cat coughs after eating?
  116. Cat having trouble urinating?
  117. Why do Yorkies bite into their paws?
  118. what to do if your fish always swimming backwards for no reason and is
  119. Guinea pigs are stupid and they stink!!!!!!!!!!?
  120. Guinea Pig Had Abscess and Busted?
  121. My cat had babies, what do i do?
  122. How many times can I handle my terrapin each day without causing it to
  123. How to stop my dog from peeing on the bed?
  124. what do i do about my dog's walking problem?
  125. Why is my puppy (5 months) getting little scabs and flaky skin in plac
  126. Are they possibly eggs from my fish?
  127. Can you please name me some things that a red-eared slider should NOT
  128. I have a Doberman that is very nice to people ?
  129. i found a dog in the street?
  130. Is it bad to lay a dashchund on their back?
  131. i have a 7-8 month old leopard gecko, can i feed it a pinky or a hornw
  132. wisconsin rabbit breeders!!!?
  133. Avoiding hoof abscesses?
  134. Let me try to rephrase my question.....ball pythons?
  135. Crate Training a Chihuahua?
  136. How long dolphins live and what happens to them after they pass away?
  137. How much does it cost to spay a cat in MN?
  138. Would you rather have a cat or dog? Why?
  139. Coggins and Shots, when does your horse get his/hers?
  140. my dog is nursing and won't drink water, what do I do?
  141. how do i stop my dog from taking off ?
  142. How many days to declare a new dog?
  143. horse riding barn sales...?
  144. How to provide temporary relief for an itchy dog?
  145. where can i buy a fiddler crab?
  146. how old do heifers have to be in order to breed for fair?
  147. POLL: what do you think of euthanization?
  148. i can't get over my hamster Noodles dieing i always cry when i hear th
  149. what can i give my dog to gain weight?
  150. Indestructible squeaky toy?
  151. i also have a problem with one of my dogs jumping on everyone and he a
  152. My parakeets' feet are really dry? ?
  153. I bought Baby brine shrimp for my baby guppies but it is like the size
  154. Best way to section off puppy crate?
  155. Pigeon and Dove. Mating?
  156. Where do Military Dog Handlers carry their pistol?
  157. A huge Hamster Cage.........?
  158. my dog is aggressive to my new 5 or 6 month old cat?
  159. Is it possible??????????????
  160. wolf quest .............................?
  161. How do I stop my do from barking!?
  162. my 7 week old chihuahua is growling at me?
  163. my roommate just got a small kitten and my older kitten freaks out whe
  164. i have 2 budgie/parakeets and i got one first then i got another one l
  165. Are dogs are pain to have at home?
  166. Is there any limit to handling a ball python?
  167. Is Orijen 6 Fresh Fish available anywhere in Australia?
  168. How do I get my puppy to stop biting my clothes and I?
  169. Does anyone know anyone who raises dwarf hotots,holland lops,or lionhe
  170. hi im wondering if it is best to shoe your horse?
  171. Basenji owners help please?
  172. Blue Heeler? ?
  173. POLL: How well do you know your pet or pets ?
  174. What are some easy pets?
  175. would you ever own a pet ape?
  176. does my dog have ear mites?
  177. bridle help!!!!!!!!!!?
  178. I'm very frustrated, please help?
  179. kuhli loach ok tankmate with a peacock eel?
  180. How do I stop my kitty from chewing electrical cords?
  181. Jack Russells, Yorkies, or Maltese pups in Kansas?
  182. What are all the kinds of rabbit toys?
  183. can you feel the babies of a hamster when its preganent?
  184. how to treat fly bite?
  185. can i have a pet platypus in the USA?
  186. I bought a hamster cage and my hamster cant seem to figure out the wat
  187. Saltwater fish tank how do you set up? (10 points to best answer!)?
  188. Can I treat koi with an anti parasite medication while also treating w
  189. Do you think it's ok to name one of your dogs Home Dog?
  190. My Dog Keeps Peeing On The Carpet!!!!?
  191. how much do white ferrets cost?
  192. how to get my dog to sit and stay ?
  193. this is horse an good? (pics)?
  194. Do boxers bite? please answer?
  195. Is this just because my dog is tired?
  196. Cloudy Fish Tank? Help Please?
  197. Can Parakeets Mate While Sitting On A Perch?
  198. My kitten will not pee pee in his litter box anymore?
  199. Why has My Dog just recently started chewing on things in the house at
  200. Are sugar gliders good pets?
  201. PLEASE HELP! Trying to find my indoor cat?
  202. how long delphinus live and what happens to them after they pass away?
  203. Dog problems at home? ?
  204. **PLEASE HELP ME*** find a good cat name?
  205. how much do maltese dogs cost?
  206. koi banging on the bottom of the pond ("scratching"). treated with mel
  207. When one dog attacks another dog...?
  208. What can I do to help my cat's very before rash before I can get to th
  209. I just brought my new hermit ?
  210. My Ball Hasn't Pooped in 3 weeks?
  211. Do you like rodents? I have a guinea pig. What is your favorite animal
  212. Who Loves the movie Frankenwennie?
  213. Whats a good, healthy food for my chinchilla?
  214. Is a 5.5 gallon tank big enough to use as an isolation tank for hermit
  215. electric yellow chiclid?
  216. easy 10 points help me with my clownfish?
  217. How would I be able to tell if my cat has fleas?
  218. how do you know if your fish are sick or unhealthy or unhappy?
  219. what kinda filtration for a brackish tank ?
  220. How do you make the other person hear a Jonas Brothers buddy sound for
  221. I have a dog that farts a lot. Is this normal and what causes it? Also
  222. can decorative marble rock be used in a marine saltwater aquarium?
  223. HELP!! Mouse's eye crusted over!!?
  224. Should my puppy take naps during the day?
  225. My hedgehog's ears!!?
  226. Purebred dam, questions about CKC?
  227. Should my puppy take naps during the day?
  228. can an electric yellow chiclid go with a black gjost knife fish?
  229. Does anyone have any lionhead bunnies for sale or know anyone that is
  230. What are moon glow lights for reptiles or hermit crabs?
  231. Please Help With Turtle Lighting?
  232. Why is my budgie sleeping on the bottom perch?
  233. How to keep my stubborn dog out of the litter box?
  234. We need a name for our new puppy?
  235. i had a dream adout three horse running past me and i wasn't scared?
  236. Can someone help me find an answer,i want to no what hormone a dog pro
  237. I just got a chiuaua puppy 2 months ago:?
  238. how much will petsmart charge me for training my puppy?
  239. My cats belly hangs down so low, especially today for some reason.?
  240. How much does it cost for a black female?
  241. My boxer just gave birth to 4 puppies 3 days ago and today she is acti
  242. How do I stop my cat from kicking litter everywhere?
  243. I don't know the breed of my puppy, and help?
  244. Is My Cat Cute? [[pic]]?
  245. If my female guppy had two babies then should i live it in tell its do
  246. Can i use Johnson's baby bath to wash my guinea pig?
  247. How can I gain my cockatiel's trust?
  248. I have some pet snakes to get reed of .?
  249. Sneezing Rats? Training? Help? Chinkychocho begging!!!!?
  250. do male hamsters have black nipple like dots on there stomachs.?