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  1. Challenge: Can you describe your favourite breed...?
  2. How to stop my dog from scaring everyone in the neighborhood.?
  3. Buying a snake in Victoria, AUSTRALIA?
  4. My goldfish has a red swollen eye. What's up?
  5. What Do Hammerhead Sharks Eat?
  6. need desparate help! pet issues!?
  7. i really want to do horse riding lessons 1 problem MUM!?
  8. hi my german shepherd puppy is 8 months old she's 20 kg...she's female
  9. What kind of fruits and vegtables should I NOT feed my red-eared slide
  10. I want to get a pet dog, what breed should I get?
  11. A question about Yellow Labs?
  12. Do mice really smell bad?
  13. is a brown fire bellied toad a boy or is a green one?
  14. does the apbt has to be with white chest?
  15. How to make my Maltese Shitzu more energetic?
  16. Rabbit pooping on me?
  17. My bird won't eat! HELP!?
  18. What's your favorite dog breed and why?
  19. Puppy Training Any Tips?
  20. What type of dogs are good with children?
  21. POLL: Are you a dog person or a cat person and which is the easiest to
  22. I have started a tank of cichlids but some seem to have red fins... he
  23. How can a vet tell how old your cat is?
  24. Why are guppys the best?
  25. Is this too good to be true?
  26. Why are my marine fish dying?
  27. Can I use any rocks from the garden in my tropical fish tank?
  28. what could i feed my dog that has lots of protein besides stake?
  29. How long do petstores guppys live for?
  30. What do YOU feed for kitten/cat?
  31. how to toilet train my puppi?
  32. can carpet be used as guinea pig bedding?
  33. can anyone tell me how big parti cockapoos will grow to?
  34. How often do guppys mate and how many babies do they have and on a ave
  35. What is your cat's name and what colour is he/she?
  36. Puppy in heat-pregnant?
  37. What is your favorite wild cat?
  38. Rabbit has possible sprained leg, dragging one leg, sits in his own ur
  39. rat question... is it alright if I ........?
  40. i want to get my pitbull stronger?
  41. How can I tell if my danios have laid eggs?
  42. Would you reccomend to buy a UVC filter for a 70litre guppy tank?
  43. I am interested in buying a Xoloitzcuintli dog.?
  44. i am so excited i am getting a cockapoo can anybody recommend some pet
  45. Some Questions About Hamsters...?
  46. how big do murray river turtles grow?
  47. cat got in to sticky stuff how do i get it off?
  48. What could be wrong with my cat?
  49. how much do shetland ponies make at UK horse sales?
  50. I have got a 70Gallon tank how Meany goldfish can i get in it what kin
  51. Cat has minor injury, is there anything more I can do?
  52. my cat's toe looks swollen and the nail doesn't look too good?
  53. Advantages of having a dog?
  54. Pomeranian or Chihuahua and why?
  55. I need help with a horse float question?
  56. Why did my cat purr? (Read on)?
  57. what is the biggest, scariest looking dog that you can think of?
  58. Would any pet shops take baby rabbits?
  59. Looking at getting a baby cockatiel.?
  60. where should my puppy sleep?
  61. rabbit has possible sprained leg, dragging legs, sits in his own urine
  62. Revolution Flea Med for 8wks old kitten?
  63. Question about Service dogs (not negative) ?
  64. one of my cats eyes have turned brownish ?
  65. If you had to fight a grizzly bear mano y oso, what would be your firs
  66. My 10 week old st bernard puppy will not sleep at night?
  67. How do i convince them?
  68. what should another fish name be i am getting 2 fishes and i have only
  69. What are the differances between alaskan malamutes and siberian husky'
  70. What is the name of of the cement figures.?
  71. What dog breed is right for me? I want a large dog, great companion, a
  72. Pure Jack Russell...Digging.lol?
  73. Why are fish so awesome?
  74. Pet owners, how do you deal with pet loss?
  75. How do I help my rat adjust to her new bigger cage?
  76. How long did it take your cat to feel better after being spayed?
  77. What would be the lifespan of a Pitbull/Lab/German Shepherd mixed dog?
  78. what would we do with out our dogs ?
  79. whatfoods should i feed my pet mice?
  80. What is the average weight for an adult cat?
  81. what are the advantages of homemade fish food?
  82. what are the signs of kidney problems in dogs?
  83. Do you touch your cat's no no spot when you are happy?
  84. Question concerning Siberian Huskies and reputable breeders?
  85. will i get tapeworms from my cat? please help!?
  86. working with animals?
  87. Why does everybody think Cat's Vet Bills are gunna be so high?
  88. Guinea Pig Housing?? (Questions Inside)?
  89. How........can.........? ?
  90. I have 2 Chinese hamster and they are (where) lovely together but rese
  91. do you think LED lights will be alright for a Betta fish?
  92. I just bought two pot bellied mollies...?
  93. How do i stop my cat from hunting?
  94. My Pleco's eating habits?
  95. Possible allergic reaction to Heartgard in my collie?
  96. my Rottweiler mix (mutt) picks up ANYTHING in her mouth when a loved o
  97. How can i get my mum to get me a hamster?
  98. where is animal cruelty more of a problem in New York City or Los Ange
  99. I went to choose 2 kittens yesterday, and one of the ones I chose was
  100. rat owners who've owned a nervous rat?
  101. is his tarantula dieing?
  102. German shepherd owners pl. :)?
  103. (chickens) + (poop) how do i keep down the smell?
  104. Question about DNA tests + Registries?
  105. how do I know when my chickens start laying eggs?
  106. Help!! Whenever I try to cut my dog's nails, he will start whimpering
  107. Can I give my gerbils hamster food to eat?
  108. My chickens have stopped laying?
  109. I need help on how to tell if my chinchilla is pregant?
  110. The compability of betta fighting fish with others?
  111. Cockatiel beak to long/sharp?
  112. House rabbit help...?
  113. What are the essentials to keep a red-eared slider?
  114. Training Rats, PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?
  115. My rottweiler puppy ( 5 Weeks Old) and 2 year old cat?
  116. my ferret is winking!?
  117. What can I use for my red-eared slider?
  118. What does it mean when your dog has a little hard ball in his chest ar
  119. Dog DNA breed testing in UK?
  120. Could you please send me a picture of a 20 gallon tank with a red-eare
  121. Is this a good feed option for my pleasure horse?
  122. why is my dog so puppylike still?
  123. Experienced Siberian Husky owners, I need help?
  124. Could you please send me some pictures of red-eared sliders who live i
  125. does this mean my dog thinks she's on the same level as me?
  126. what should i feed my underweight shih tzu?
  127. boxer/pitt puppy.........1 month old.?
  128. how much current should a clown fish have ?
  129. i would like to an doggie day care?
  130. new puppy...cats spraying?
  131. Amazingly taught my dog to play fetch but now?
  132. What is Milk Poltus? !!URGENT!!?
  133. Mite stuff for poultry?
  134. Instructor saying no?
  135. I saw an owl while walking?
  136. Car trip with 15 week old puppy?
  137. dog vomiting with diarrhea and frequent stomach cramping?
  138. My senior kitty has issues!?
  139. why doesnt my dog go for the ducks?
  140. Ibuprofen and dogs is there anything else we can do?
  141. bunny??????????????????????
  142. I have a budgie who has laid 2 eggs?
  143. im having cat issues!!!?
  144. How do I get my cat to stop urinating on my bed?
  145. What do you think?????????????????????
  146. Betta fish with Ick/Ich?
  147. what veges can be fed to birds ?
  148. MY DOGS Nails are freakin long!!!!?
  149. I know raccoons typically hunt in packs...but what about rabid raccoon
  150. Yet another possible snake pet...?
  151. my dog got spayed 3 days ago, there is a red lump....?
  152. There is a dog near my house who keeps on barking sometimes for no rea
  153. Separation Anxiety Nightmare?
  154. Why is my kitten missing his litter tray?
  155. Why does my boyfriends female dog keep peeing on his clean sheets ?
  156. my dogs ears r bleeding. ?
  157. goldfish has a reddish-brown string hanging from its butt.?
  158. Can you tell me how old my Black Ghost Knife fish is?
  159. Why do I have to be as silent as a deer in hunting season to enjoy my
  160. If sold my pure bred ragdoll cat?
  161. Rat Question please answer...?
  162. What kind of moisturizer can I use for my iguana's skin?
  163. Where can I find a good rat cage?
  164. Red eared slider ecosystem HELP??????
  165. Will you be attending any "Pit Bull Awareness Day" events?
  166. What is the normal weight for a male border collie?
  167. Does anyone own a Boxer crossed with a staffordshire Terrier?
  168. I know everyone knows it's a fact....but why is it REALLY that cats do
  169. Rosey red minows and bettas?
  170. how do i know if my dog is pregnant?
  171. can i feed quail chicken mash as a staple diet ?
  172. Where can I find this kind of dog?!?
  173. Is it normal for a dog to continue nesting after she has already whelp
  174. my pet rock keeps biting what do i do?
  175. Is this true about the French Bulldog?
  176. Is it cruel to keep my pet cat indoors?
  177. My cat just died, what should I do with it?
  178. Names for a puppy (pic) ?
  179. Why is my bunny's fur changing color?
  180. Can Red fin sharks coexist with neon tetras and other small fish?
  181. i need help! what should i do?
  182. What Would You Help First???Dog,Cat,Horse,Bunnie Or Human?
  183. Would raisins be an OK treat for my Red Cap Oranda?
  184. why do people keep rodents as pets? isnt it cruel to keep an animal in
  185. why is my mouse stashing food?
  186. What is the best type of Mercury vapor light for reptiles?
  187. YOUR DOG - follow-up..?
  188. Can I retrain my dog where to pee outside... and if so.... how?
  189. Chicken keepers of the World, bagaak bagaak, I need your knowledge!?
  190. who else spoils there animal this way? i just though i ask?
  191. Purebreds-Hybrids-Mutts? 100 yrs. from now.?
  192. i would like to get a mini- rex breed rabbit what can i do to prevent
  193. will this work as a fish tank?
  194. I recently got a leopard gecko!?
  195. Is there something wrong with him?
  196. Silvery Translucent Whiteish Shiny Stuff In the Body of Only one side
  197. Why is it so hard to train my beagle dog?
  198. how do i convince my mom to let me have a puppy?? ( i use the word pup
  199. Why is my cat doing this?
  200. why does my rabbit lick me?
  201. Why does my cat seem frisky and then she starts to bite? HELP? I need
  202. is it okay for turtles to have human multivitamins?
  203. Are you addicted to "Puppy breath"?
  204. i need help my mom and fishes?
  205. my kitten died today?
  206. What should i add to my horses grain to make it wet?
  207. When birds fly in a flock,why do they always take a 'V' shape?
  208. Is A 40 Watt Red Nocturnal Lightbulb Good For A Leo Gecko?
  209. Any good cheap cat treats?
  210. I have no clue what breed my hamster is! I got him at a pet store but
  211. I want to foster a kitten?
  212. Do male cats live longer than females?
  213. How can i convince my mom to let me buy a hamster?
  214. what do i have to do to start off with a puppy?
  215. What makes your veterinarian(s) the one you use above others?
  216. Question about Leopard Gecko tank setup?
  217. My dog wont eat dog food because the people that had him before us, ga
  218. what kind of snake is this? ?
  219. would you help a dog youu found on the street or would you help a huma
  220. Need Imediate Help On Newly Set Up Tank?
  221. French Bulldog - Growth?
  222. my 5 month old boy kittens wont use the litter pan?
  223. My cat keeps growling at me?
  224. a question for the saltwater pros.?
  225. My fish has bloat... why?
  226. How to stop my cavalier king charles spaniel's barking?
  227. Is it legal to have breeding Iguanas in Colorado?
  228. Loud dog barking outside does not let us sleep all night. What to do?
  229. Any beagle owners??? housebreaking question?
  230. should i kill my dog ?
  231. whats the ideal full diet for quail?
  232. Would a petstore let a 13 year old buy a hamster?
  233. My goldfish changed colors o.o!?
  234. Who was your best mentor regarding dogs?
  235. If I buy my hermies together at one time do they still need to be isol
  236. would you help a dog youu found on the street?
  237. what tyep of cat is this?
  238. Question about my cat's breed?
  239. What should I name my puppy?
  240. whats the (toyal) approximent cost for a dwarf rabbit?10 points for be
  241. Marimo for Betta fish?
  242. Guinea Pig has busted abscess? Please Help. !URGENT!?
  243. Veterinarians please answer me ?
  244. Information on Ant Farms?
  245. red tail boa bloated?
  246. my rose hair tarantula needs help , maybe?
  247. My mouse didnt wake up today...?
  248. Could my cat still hear or see me or think after he was put down?
  249. what types of nutrients are in these materials?
  250. Can you help bunnies get adopted?