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  1. Living in Doha, where can i buy a hamster?
  2. can i put an oscar in a 20 gallon tank if i have a filter that cleans
  3. black moore has cloud eye?
  4. does dog food have poison in it?
  5. Parakeet Breeding Question?
  6. advice on Giving a puppy a bath?
  7. What type of dogs r goood for a pet?
  8. I have got a 70Gallon tank how Meany goldfish can i get in it what kin
  9. How many times do you feed a goldfish?
  10. Any Ideas!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  11. Need some advice on a new bit.?
  12. is there anyway i can get a horse?please answer this.?
  13. My corn snake won't eat; help!?
  14. How do I train my cat?
  15. How bad is a cats tail breaking? What will happen?
  16. What are the best reptiles for 55 and 20 gallon tank? (see notes)?
  17. Thankyou to everyone who tried to help Beemer.?
  18. just go my birthday card from Adolf the yorkshire terrier that i spons
  19. my rabbit help help!help!?
  20. Is it legal to shoot a dog that bites a human?
  21. should i get a hermit crab or a frog?
  22. can a peach faced lovebird mate with a ficher lovebird plz help?
  23. bulmastiff and doberman knowledge needed for re-homed puppy?
  24. Does anyone know what Nick Jonas's new puppy's name is?
  25. Please HELP!!! Little Ratty!!!?
  26. HELP!!! What's wrong with my new kitten?
  27. My female allowed my male to mount for 3 days, y would she start bleed
  28. veterinarian clinics in arizona?
  29. I have cats who go in and out, how do I get them used to wearing colla
  30. it looks like my bunnys brains are popping out.. when i pick her up he
  31. How many fish could go into a 5.5 gallon tank?
  32. Dog Food Ratios.....???
  33. Leopard Gecko Setup.. HELP?
  34. I really want a hamster...but im having second thoughts.?
  35. What filter should i get?
  36. what is the best filter for a really small (5 gallon) tank?
  37. My dog likes to pee on his new bed. He is 4 months old. What can I do?
  38. do hamsters milk feed.?
  39. Sweet Old Dog Some issues?
  40. Looking for Puppies.?
  41. Why is my dogs back twitching?
  42. how often should i feed them?
  43. whats the best thing to do when bringing a ferret home for the first t
  44. I'm Considering getting a Guinea pig?
  45. What was wrong with this cat?
  46. if you wanna save a dog read this!!!?
  47. Is a 99 watt bulb too much for a fruit bowl to create?
  48. Pet grass for rabbits?
  49. Guppy has gotten worse!?
  50. okay im 14 and i want to become a vet which collegesare really good?
  51. whats wrong with my needlefish?
  52. What can i put in my tank?
  53. sick/ unhappy fish? how can you tell?
  54. Can different colors of mystery snails breed with each other?
  55. What type of fresh greens can turtles eat?
  56. 10 easy points my dad thinks cats are retards.do you think they are to
  57. What happens if a guppy gives birth to twenty males and females and th
  58. We have a 9 month old Cavalier KCS. She was doing well with housebreak
  59. Does anyone have any pony grooming tips?
  60. I got a new juvenile bearded dragon a week ago, he is very skittish wh
  61. Should I feed my Golden Retriever puppy "Large Breed" puppy food? ?
  62. Is it true that children who kill animals will become serial killers?
  63. whtais a good place to get my pet parakeet?
  64. Trouble in paradise, can you identify my problem?
  65. My Yorkshire Terrier just doesn't listen.?
  66. Which kind of dog should I get?
  67. What is the accuracy of a bomb detection dog versus other devices?
  68. Does anyone know of any good dog food that is hypoallergenic?
  69. Are dogs backs sensitive?
  70. Horse lovers please helpp?
  71. Is it true the grocery store sales cat milk from a mather cat?
  72. Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Chihuahuas?
  73. Can People Get FIV????Please Help!?
  74. Which name do you like best?
  75. Question about Parvovirus?
  76. What do wild geckos eat?
  77. How can i have my golden retriever become a service dog?
  78. Is there any new medications for dogs with congestive heart failure?
  79. Is my cat trying to eat her last 9day old kitten?Immediate help needed
  80. What fish would go good in my 10 gallon community fish tank?
  81. Why do people hate mutts?
  82. where can i get my parrot wings clipped i live in leeds?
  83. becoming a dog groomer?
  84. what would be a good item to sell at a marker stall?uk?
  85. How many filters do I need ?
  86. Cat has red spot on head. What should I do?
  87. how much do westies cost?
  88. what would be a good item to seal at a marker stall?uk?
  89. cat or dog..............................?
  90. What kind of person would suit a beagle?
  91. How to Euthanize a Fish?
  92. How can I train my dog to not be food aggressive?
  93. Buying the perfect hamster?
  94. will weed kill a rabbit?
  95. Is this a normal growth pattern for angelfish?
  96. I'm worried that my Oranda is sick, or stressed... help?
  97. what plants in the garden can i put in my tropical fish tank?
  98. how do you pick up a honey bear hamster?
  99. my little guinea pig.?
  100. Information about hamsters?
  101. Pigeons? Where do they all come from?
  102. I wanted to know about getting bones from a butcher and how to prepare
  103. Pet Problems On Chihuahua?
  104. what bird is right for me?
  105. My son got a pug dog?
  106. help!! i don't know what to do about my guinea pig...!!!!?
  107. We are having a fundraiser fo an shelter do you have any more ideas fo
  108. I've noticed that when my oscar fish eats her tail shudders?
  109. My one year old dog started pooping near the new puppy's crate. How do
  110. Can CATS live HAPPY and SATISFIED lives IN a FLAT/ appartment??
  111. red and yellow crusty skin on my ferrets hairless tail tiny black spot
  112. disinfect outside wood for reptiles and Amphibians? ?
  113. can you show a dog if they aren't neutered?
  114. What is wrong with my cat? How do I get him back to normal?
  115. will marijauna kill a rabbit?
  116. How Many Gallons are there in my Fish tank?
  117. looking for a portmerion dog ?
  118. where can i find fancy mice?
  119. Flaky/Dry Skin under my horse's Girth?
  120. Can benadryl cause dogs to get diarrhea?
  121. When my male shih-tzu cries,scratches on stuff,and sleeps alot does th
  122. What to do if i think my cat got bid by a rabid bat?
  123. i've got six baby rabbits, how can i give them away?
  124. Bringing my puppy to a nursing home?
  125. Is my story Good?....The elephant and the flea?
  126. Will my female parakeet talk? Details inside. ?
  127. Why is my beta vomiting?
  128. Please help me make some sort of decision!?
  129. what are some good names for cats?
  130. What is the difference between a duck?
  131. What do you use to cover your seats when taking pets for a ride?
  132. How long do (Common) House Spiders live for?
  133. wear online can I get a headstall with lots of bling?
  134. Dog Lovers- I have a boxer whose veins are visible on her side?
  135. Got a Mean GoldFish????????????
  136. Are you anxiously awaiting your kitten's first Christmas?
  137. Hermit crabs and salt water?
  138. Why does my female puppy hump my leg after she has been fixed?
  139. is there a disease for dogs when string comes out of there bum?
  140. A hypothetical question - out of sight out of mind?
  141. Good cute dog names!?
  142. my kittens were healthy and then they started to fade away leaving one
  143. Can you use cotton swabs for hamster bedding?
  144. Help me please with potty training!?
  145. What is the best way to potty train my 6 month old boxer ?
  146. will my two males fight if i get them neutered?
  147. My pet gold fish has turned upside down in a 10 gallon tank, why did t
  148. Will my 55 gallon tank break?
  149. what level in horse riding am I? ?
  150. Each of my 5-week old kittens has developed a brown patch on her face.
  151. occasional blood spots from dogs penis?
  152. Out of all the Top Contributors in Dogs?
  153. What do I need (everything) to buy for my guinea pigs?
  154. How important is the humidity level for a ballpython i am having a lot
  155. What breeds of dogs do not moult?
  156. I have 2 baby kittens that we found in my backyard, WHat should we do
  157. My dad wants to give my bearded dragon an enema?
  158. Why did 1/3 of my fish tank water evaporate?
  159. Do you think this is Wrong For me to Do? :( ?
  160. My husband and I have a 6 year old blind Pitbull?
  161. What kind of person would suit a beagle?
  162. New Pit bull Pulling on the leash ?
  163. I bought a chihuahua 4 months old and she has her ears dropped. Is tha
  164. How to introduce our new kittens to our dogs?
  165. Why is my dog afraid of the dark?
  166. What my cat left me while I was in the shower?
  167. My cat is 10 years old how old is her in cat years?
  168. Who has a patterdale terrier?
  169. What kind of quarter horse is a foundation quarter and what characteri
  170. what is a cute name for my new puppy?
  171. My paint horse is built slightly downhill and is heavy on her front en
  172. Help me identify what type of fish this is:?
  173. im planning on getting a leopard lizard what kinda habitat stuff do i
  174. Is the double 4 month weight add 10 lbs formula reliable for predictin
  175. hutch snuggle or hugger?
  176. What kind of dog should I get??
  177. I have a question about horse rescue...?
  178. How do I stop my dogs bum smelling so so bad?
  179. Materials for C&C cages in Queens, New York?
  180. Are Snakes a Good Pet to humans beings?
  181. What's the average price for a Turtle and a Rabbit?
  182. have u ever benn attacked by an animal,cause i got attacked by a weird
  183. how many times do you deworm an adult cat?
  184. What are your favorite names for these horse breeds?
  185. why do all of my cats go crazy when i scratch the base of their tails?
  186. How old are kittens when their eyes focus properly?
  187. Why is my guinea pig's fur shedding?
  188. why did this assistance dog in a mall pay more interest in me then its
  189. Can guinea pigs take sand baths?
  190. questions abt pregnant cats?
  191. My female rabbit is digging a hole?
  192. Can i mix a kribensis with 3 common goldfish?
  193. Baby coming...need help w hyper JRT's !!!?
  194. how can i tell how old my cat is?
  195. run away hamster!!!!?
  196. whats wrong with my daughters goldfish?
  197. What type of animals NOT illegal in cali?
  198. My cat's face twitches when she looks at most peoples' faces?
  199. What toys do pet rabbits like to play with?
  200. Please help? How can i get my 7 week old kitten to use the scratching
  201. Dogs and Cats Getting Excited?
  202. i dream of cats every now n then wat does it mean. i also dream of sna
  203. Can a trapdoor snail change shells?
  204. I think my cat may be possessed. I don't know what to do! ?
  205. need help with cat names ?
  206. What brand of cat food do you feed your cat, is it dry or wet, and why
  207. how do you get a 10 week old kitten to stop messing on your table?/?
  208. Buying my first horse has a scare that looks like it was deep. Do i bu
  209. Naming My New Kitten?
  210. do you think it is ok to let an 8 year old fit and very active bitch h
  211. Giving away my turtles...?
  212. Which pet should i get?
  213. I was wanting feedback about Red Bandanna Dog Food?
  214. How can I get rid of the white dots in my aquarium?
  215. Buying first horse had a pretty bad scare. Do I buy the horse?
  216. Pitbull got his ears pinned can I take the cone off?
  217. Is this a good breeder?
  218. I have a betta and a filter?
  219. I can't keep my dogs anymore and I'm heartbroken?
  220. Is It A Bad Thing If I Have 2 Beta Fish In The Same Tank?
  221. does ANYONE know this?
  222. just been given a second hand sofa, but now my flat is full of fleas a
  223. Unidentified British Snake?
  224. Dog just had puppies, how to tell if all placentas were delivered?
  225. What can I do if the local council does not do enough to enforce the D
  226. why does it hurt to loose someone thats close to you?
  227. is your cat eating from your plate?
  228. How to get paint off my dog>?
  229. Dog food ingredients.?
  230. Faith the wonder dog?
  231. I want a Guinea Pig, but I can't because I have dogs. How can I convin
  232. Pet Cats Back Issue!?
  233. Is there a 1:1 male:female ratio when kittens are born or are their mo
  234. is there something wrong with my goldish?
  235. Guinea pig names? help thanks?
  236. Help With Hermit Crabs!!!! Emergency?
  237. will his ears stand up?
  238. What is that weird sound coming from my puppy?
  239. What dog suits me?HELP!!!?
  240. Safest way to rid of mice living in rock wall without harming dog & ca
  241. When is the appropriate time to get a persian cat a lion cut?
  242. am i suppose to cut my lizzards nails?
  243. How Do You Tell If A Freshwater Angel Fish Is A Boy Or Girl?
  244. yorkshire terrier question?
  245. My Dog had fleas a while ago and we used that Advantix to get rid of t
  246. Wild Mouse Into Pet Mouse?
  247. whats the best way to toilet train my shih tzu puppy? help she is a ni
  248. can neon tetras have babies?
  249. Do you have a dog gender preference? If so why?
  250. what should i name my Male jack Russell terrior?