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  1. Do octopuses lay eggs or give live birth?
  2. Can dogs eat human biscuits?
  3. My dog is very lethargic and drooling a lot?
  4. Can u help me how can i take care of my goldfish i have 20?
  5. I want to get a baby red eared turtle, what do I need to take care of
  6. what is the best breed of dog to cross mine with?
  7. Leopard Gecko Question? ?
  8. dog next door needs help.?
  9. Help me name my new puppy please!!!!?
  10. how old do puppys have to be to...?
  11. Can flesh eating screwworms in (DOGS) get to and eat the heart?
  12. What kind of kibble do you feed your dog?
  13. How to sink floating fish food?
  14. What kind of puppy is this?
  15. Looking for MFG makes Dog Rounders?
  16. I have a 16 month old black lab..should i get an akita?
  17. I have two older cats and i want to get another kitten, what should i
  18. DOG HELP! please help me?
  19. What is a good name for a male dolphin?
  20. How much water does a 22 lb dog need a day?
  21. How do you know if you removed a tick and not just the abdomen?
  22. what is the best fir a really strong puppy?
  23. my daughter was exposed to a dog that had parvo, how do i stop her fro
  24. My Pleco has a large Sore on his face, please help!?
  25. can hamsters be cured from a wet tail?
  26. Breeding My Parakeets?
  27. Barn name help??? Already have show name?
  28. why doesn't my cat meow? i have a 10 week old kitten and i have never
  29. what kind of small animal?
  30. How do i stop my cat from peeing on the carpet?
  31. Just got a merle great dane pup with one blue and one brown eye. Is th
  32. would anyone happen to know?
  33. Puppy sleeping?
  34. i need some emergency help!!?
  35. Cleaning a fish tank for gecko use?
  36. Dog Parks in Los Angeles?
  37. my cats eye is swollen?
  38. how do i hand tame ?
  39. ok my mom said that i could get a leopord gecko for my birthday and sh
  40. pitbull or maltese? 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER (:?
  41. Why can't bulldogs swim ?
  42. Do Brittany Spaniels point?
  43. A neutered humping dog?
  44. 28gallon aquarium what kind of fish could i house in it.?
  45. How to stop my dogs fighting ?
  46. How do you take care of Baby Mollies?
  47. whats your favorite schooling fish?
  48. How to find my missing domestic duck?
  49. why does my cockatiel get upside down on his perch?
  50. So i really want a small pet...?
  51. what is a temp gun, and how does it work?
  52. any vets here? or anyone who knows anything about dogs?
  53. Please Help Me With My Dog...?
  54. Hamsters babies...when to touch them? and more?
  55. I'm thinking about getting turtles but i move frequently? Is it conven
  56. do fishe's do poop or stay in their stomach until its full and die ?
  57. would you rather own ?
  58. what should i do with my chihuahua.?
  59. Help with Pet vet 2!?
  60. Should I get another hamster or a dwarf rabbit?
  61. More fish troubles....?
  62. Is this ok for a specific hamster?
  63. I have just bought my first horse, i was wondering if you can keep pla
  64. how long will i live?
  65. Breeding My Parakeets?
  66. My dog got sprayed by a small animal!!?
  67. Does my cute chi puppy have worms?
  68. ok- i have a couple questions on HYPP.?
  69. Please help!! Good community hardy fish?
  70. Where can I find a big brute leash?
  71. What Breed Is This PIX?
  72. can the common cold be pasted to cats veterinarian help required ?
  73. Chipoo questions!! and it is a dog haha?
  74. Bearded Dragon Information?
  75. I just accidentally a cat...?
  76. Fish question please?
  77. what is the best dog for chijhuajhuas ?
  79. pitbull or maltese...?
  80. Will you help me with my small aggressive dog?
  81. Dragon Goby & Gourami Question!! HELP!?
  82. My chinese water dragon swam in a chlorinated poool!!!?
  83. can cows and horses sleep standing up?
  84. how can i train my bird?
  85. Can I add Aquarium Salt to my fish tank containing two Oscar and one p
  86. ok- i have a couple questions on HYPP.?
  87. Please help!! Good community hardy fish?
  88. Where can I find a big brute leash?
  89. What Breed Is This PIX?
  90. I am looking for a Yorkshire Terrier or yorkie does anyone know where
  91. 10 year old cat laying in litter, this is a new behavior.?
  92. dogs for sale to a good home with 2 children un der five?
  93. Who's your favorite dog trainer?
  94. Does anyone know where I can buy Rohan oil?
  95. Is it possible for a human to roar like a lion if so can you tell me h
  96. Can I help my cats get along better?
  97. where can you buy ostriches in ireland?
  98. Husky/Chow keeps digging holes in the yard. ?
  99. Does anyone in the dogs section ever...?
  100. Will my kitten survive the winter?
  101. i have a 7 month old chihuahua and she have something outside her vagi
  102. I took in a pregnant stray cat, she had 4 kittens. They are 2 weeks ol
  103. How can i get this smell out of my room and carpet please help?
  104. does pet dander shampoo work?
  105. is my fish heater or thermometer malfunctioning?
  106. How can I teach my puppy to ring a bell hanging off the handle of the
  107. Is "The Indoor Dog Restroom" for real? ?
  108. What is the average life span of an indoor cat?
  109. please someone help me?
  110. Hamster Messy Bum Please help. ?
  111. My puppy isn't eating.?
  112. which breed of dog do you think can run faster?
  113. Has anyone heard of Future shows?
  114. What do you think about dog trainer Victoria Stilwell?
  115. I have a problem with my lopp rabbit!?
  116. Greyhound racing in Sweden?
  117. Which is smaller: a maltipoo or a maltese?
  118. Would a fish survive in a fish bag (no filtration, no air pump, etc)?
  119. how do u take rat glue off my little kitty?
  120. how to treat cut on a dog's bottom lip ?
  121. So, I want to get a boston terrier puppy and.....?
  122. Syrian Hamster cage?
  123. What's the best pet for a 13 yr. old? Small Animals only?
  124. where can i find this dog leash?
  125. 1 Red blood parrot in 30 gallon?
  126. What is the deal with heartguard and collies? Would it apply to a mutt
  127. How soon after a dog has spay surgery can they be allowed to resume no
  128. pH crashed, just had white spot?
  129. where can i get a baby lionhead rabbit in rhode island?
  130. I have a 1 year old teacup yorkie. I was wondering if I can give him M
  131. Would this be something you'd be interested in?
  132. hey how can i make a fish be less terratorial?
  133. Seven Week Old Puppy - Growling & Biting all the time?
  134. What are laws against and for animal cruelty?
  135. Thinking about getting a snake...?
  136. which is more important your dogs or gas for your car?
  137. Help on my Rabbit please?
  138. What Are Some Small! Dog Breeds?
  139. how to get rid of fleas on humans?
  140. Price In Boarding.. to High?
  141. My hermit crab is in a shell, but sitting on a new one.?
  142. Is my cat giving me a subtle hint?
  143. Where can I get it at?...?
  144. What is a good breed of dog that is nice and playful for kids to be ra
  145. what type/breed are my cats (pics)?
  146. Can you please help me?
  147. Why does my cat hate my neighbours cat?
  148. First time flying with dog?
  149. tropical tank help please?
  150. My older pug has problems?
  151. How to breed a pit-bull?
  152. Leopard Gecko Questions?
  153. Rabbit litter training ?
  154. What cute things your do your cats do?
  155. What are the signs of mites/lice on a bird?
  156. Where can I buy Interceptor without a prescription?
  157. where can i find a cheap bunny in fort myers?
  158. How should i prepare my dog for our move?
  159. Is there any way to quickly get rid of a opossum sitting in a hollow t
  160. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  161. speeding up cycling of a new tank?
  162. I want this horse so badly.?
  163. How to let cats out, 1st floor balcony 10 feet above ground.?
  164. 2 Year old miniature yorkshire terrier for sale. Anyone know how much
  165. if u could turn into an animal what would it be.?
  166. i want to breed guppies.i have small 30 litre tank with nothing in it
  167. POLL:Wats ur fave horse breed?
  168. i would like to know what do you like better a cat or a dog?
  169. My dogs are sick, i think, HELP?
  170. my puppies have scabs all over them are they fleas or ticks.?
  171. My Pekingese has really dry skin and scratches a lot what can I?
  172. are they fighting or not?
  173. just got two adorable kittens a brother and sister?
  174. can a dog be allergic to a house cat?
  175. Why does my dogs pee all the time? I DONT WANT MY DOG TO BE GIVEN AWAY
  176. how do i convince my mom to let me keep a mouse (plz read description)
  177. two holes on my cats anus....?
  178. Is there any place like stores in Bayarea that I can give away my fish
  179. At what age do you normally have a male fixed?
  180. Why does my dog act so retarded?
  181. My dachshund gets little attention!?
  182. can i give my puppy a shower today, he got nuetered like 2 weekss ago?
  183. Can drug dogs smell up?
  184. My cat keeps running out what do I do?
  185. any tips on preparing for the arrival of my puppy ?
  186. mali uromastryx emergency?
  187. Has anyone had this happen to them?
  188. would u care if i die?
  189. Can dogs be autistic?
  190. why does she do this with our other dogs?
  191. How long will it take to housetrain my puppy?
  192. hi im gettin an orange kitten this afternoon, the lady says shes very
  193. how u get a dog stop jump on when u get home?
  194. Is it ok that I'm able to pet my Green Spotted Puffer?
  195. Is There any hope for my Guppy?
  196. my armadillo lizard need heat, but how much?
  197. Should I get another cat?
  198. How much does it cost to treat a head tilt problem in rabbits?
  199. Can a Cat become pregnant when her last liter is still nursing?
  200. I want a dwarf rabbit?
  201. what dog breed is good at long distance running?
  202. Is it okay to leave our puppy home while we are gone for 3 weeks?
  203. What should i name my pinto horse on webkinz. it will be a girl?
  204. Where can I rent-a-pet in Mississauga?
  205. why is my swordtail acting like a goldfish?
  206. Turquoise Purple bug?
  207. so i fell off today.?
  208. pregnant platy question?
  209. Need an easy solution to keep cats out of basement doorway?
  210. Any good puppy names for a chocolate lab pup?
  211. Eating dogs on holiday in Korea?
  212. Please help GSD aggression?
  213. Food for Pleco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  214. Why do cats caterwaul?
  215. Is my mouse pregnant?
  216. My dogs are sick, help!?
  217. did i got my standard 20 gallon tank for cheap or expensive?
  218. Can drug sniffing dogs smell up?
  219. Will my fish be fine for 3 weeks?
  220. Is there a way to tell if a fish is a boy or girl?
  221. what is the best way to add sand to a new aquarium?
  222. Kitten crunching noises, teething? ?
  223. Leopard Geckos i need help!?
  224. My bird has been continuously chewing on his own wing for years now, I
  225. My cat keeps running out...what do I do?
  226. dog grooming apprenticeship?
  227. BETTA EXPERTS ONLY!!!!Please tell me everything about female bettas?
  228. My cat escaped from my car 20 miles from home. Spent 3 days searching.
  229. can kissing fish eat lettuce or brokli?
  230. Red eyes attacking dwarf gourami?
  231. What dog breed is adorable, short-haired, soft, and small? I want a pu
  232. What do I need for my ill fish?
  233. I might be getting a chinchilla?
  234. shelter or pet store?
  235. a few things about sheepskin half pads!?
  236. what kind of wet food can i feed my 7 week old kitten?
  237. What do you think about chihuahua breeding?
  238. since i got mu guniea pig it have not slept since then?
  239. got to leave my pup tmoro do you think he'll....?
  240. General Medical Questions about Cats and Dogs?
  241. My 12 year old cat is suffering from hair loss....why?
  242. New kitten seems to be blind, kitten has muscle spasms in eyes...?
  243. I want to know if i am getting a good deal on the horse i am buying?
  244. How will a lab retriever dog react to seeing a racoon?
  245. Purple Turquoise bug?
  246. Vacuum cleaner puppy?
  247. Does my clownfish sleep?
  248. buying a new horse.... what to look for?
  249. My daughter says that I'm mean because I don't let the dog cuddle on t
  250. whats more known as pets dogs or cats?