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  1. Homemade Showsheen recipe?
  2. List of your favourite/dogs favourite toys.?
  3. How long does it take for baby rabbits to mature?
  4. I understand you can tell the sex of a parakeet by its bill, HOW?
  5. registration papers for my dogs?
  6. Why would flies land on an animal? and about Guinea pig..?
  7. is annyone finding it hard to find homes for New full pedigree dogs or
  8. Horse training as career? long question?
  9. Cat can't close his mouth?
  10. My male deaf dane is being driven insane as a result of bringing in a
  11. a Few easy to answer questions on goldfish? HELP ASAP!?
  12. how many people are for keeping ferrets legal?
  13. What do you give a goldfish if you have no fish food?
  14. What do lady bugs eat?
  15. Can carpet be used as guinea pig bedding?
  16. My dog - ate some aluminum foil?
  17. Help I need urgent help to know if my hermit crab is dead!?
  18. Im getting a cockatiel and were thinking of getting a cage and hanging
  19. How do I teach my dog to come when called?
  20. Join up/groundwork question?
  21. why doesn't my dog eat his food?
  22. what other animals can live with a uromastyx?
  23. yes, another beaver question?
  24. EASY but FUN and RARE dog tricks?
  25. Experienced Bird Breeders Only! Nest Box Question?
  26. my guinea pigs need help!?
  27. how many puppies do you think my dog will have?
  28. How do I save my mothers cat?
  29. Kitten and 16 year Old Dog! ?
  30. ???poop parakeet????
  31. seriously looking for goldfish advice?
  32. Where can you buy a good sea monkey growth kit except online and i liv
  33. Can hamsters eat thistle seed?
  34. My Puppy?!?! HELP!?!?
  35. Hermit Crab Information?
  36. Debate: Indoor vs. Outdoor?
  37. will syrain hamsters fight?
  38. Top Contributors like Golden Gal, Shanna, Greekman, Bossoli, Kips Mom,
  39. What are some good aqarium fish?
  40. what is a Rideing School?
  41. what should i name my 6 puppies?
  42. i heard peanut butter is good to give to your dog i have a 1 yr jack r
  43. think of competing in poles on a horse with no tack?
  44. Signs of a miscarriage in dogs.?
  45. I got offerd a white holland lop doe - should i breed her with a black
  46. is there anything else i can use? (tracking help)?
  47. what kind of animals can live with hermit crabs?
  48. can animals have sex with members of their own family?
  49. Hi I'm thinking about buying a cockateil. What should I get? I want on
  50. Does anyone in Warren or Hunterdon county, NJ know of a free rabies sh
  51. Is there Any Dog Gyms in Michigan?
  52. how to set up a pet house gecko's tank?
  53. What type of snakes should I watch out for in Banning California ?
  54. how to care for red ear slider turtles?
  55. How much do beagles whine/cry/bark?
  56. Unusual Baby Angel Fish Fry Behavior?
  57. I just got some silkies and they don't seem very friendly?
  58. What should i name this dog? ( picture )?
  59. whats wrong with my chincilla?
  60. help bird ppl HeLp pleasee i really want help i need it i make talk th
  61. My Budgie And Her Food?
  62. there is something wrong with my dog?
  63. How do you make a hamster leash?
  64. 13 week Boston Terrier Puppy is aggressive to our 4 year old pug when
  65. What Are Gallop Boots meant for?
  66. i need info on ffa asap?
  67. How do you find a lost leapord gecko? How long can a gecko live withou
  68. I Need A Name For My Leopard Gecko?
  69. How often should I bathe my Shih Tzu Puppy?
  70. should the RSPCA introduce a rating system for breeders?
  71. Do you feel like a lot of people disrespect cats and cat-owners?
  72. After a dog gets fleas, do you need to clean anything in the house? ?
  73. Why does my school horse do this?
  74. Telling me everything about owning an african grey?
  75. What should she name her bata fish?
  76. What are some home remedies to cure kennel cough?
  77. Mother cat showing some aggression?
  78. cats labour has started how long will it be?
  79. what should I name my bata fish?
  80. A lonely horse? How do we help?
  81. How do I teach my parakeet (budgie) to talk if.....?
  82. Behaviour of Cockatiel?
  83. Can ANYONE answer plesae need helppp.?
  84. Cats or Dogs? Your Opinion?
  85. how much longer after a guinea pig plucks her hair do they have there
  86. I'm selling a chinchilla?
  87. nobody in the bird section is my friend and nobody in the bird section
  88. Squirrel Gestation Period?
  89. what breed is my lovebird?
  90. How do I keep a stray cat from sleeping ontop of our convertable car?
  91. Why is chocolate poisonous to dogs?
  92. my dad washed my cat with his shampoo that is ment for body and hair t
  93. Why does my cat throw up his food 2 minutes after he eats? It is alway
  94. My cat isn't doing well, won't eat, what can I do?
  95. How do I tell if my Kitten is sick?
  96. pet lizzard - cheapest, smallest?
  97. how long can crows live?
  98. Bad to lay dachshund on back?
  99. Help with my day old chicks?
  100. Can my rabbit be sick?
  101. Is it harmful to dye a white bunny (or any other pet) with food colori
  102. Why is my mouse afraid of me?
  103. Who else thinks ducks are cute ?
  104. My puppy ate a dorito?
  105. why is my 6 mo. old puppy not eating, an throwing up yellow?
  106. how many litters does a breeder produce before they have a champion?
  107. My dog is also old 12, he's in good spirits, eats well,however he lose
  108. What kind of cicilid is a suset peacock?
  109. Are my kittens panting? What's that noise?
  110. ok im so sorry about all the goldfish questions but pls help me out i
  111. How Much Are Yorkies?
  112. Kitten won't stop biting?
  113. My poor female guppy!?
  114. Is this a big enough breeding cage for my hamster?
  115. what dog to mix!!!!!!?
  116. how long do you think that you have to tame them after birth so i know
  117. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  118. what do u prefer cat or dog?
  119. i want a rabbit but how do i convince my parents?
  120. What do I do about the conditions that I believe the dogs are living i
  121. blood parrotfish 'kissing' ???? :S`?
  122. How do I get my dogs to play with toys?
  123. i want a small pet like in the rodent family ?
  124. how long can dogs live?
  125. Accidentally cut dog while trimming!?
  126. Freshwater crabs in a community tank?
  127. Saltwater aquarium community? 55g tank?
  128. home treatments for puppies with parvo?
  129. Selfish to think about leaving my dog behind?
  130. ok so my friend has 3 goldfish and 2 of the goldfish has a tiny contai
  131. What's the strange 'purring' noise my guinea-pig's are making?
  132. changing type of riding...help!!!?
  133. tear stains on shih tzu.?
  134. Is a 50 gallon tank good for a rat?
  135. Guinea pigs kinda know each other, how to introduce?
  136. What is the best time to catch a corn snake in polk county, Florida?
  137. My nephew found a baby frog and desperately wants to keep it?
  138. Cat is acting strange..?
  139. Can you register a half quarter horse with AQHA?
  140. is my dog sick or is his time up? please answer?
  141. My dog thinks that it is ME making the thunderstorm! What can I do?
  142. Can sugar gliders be litter trained?
  143. Kitten won't stop biting?
  144. My poor female guppy!?
  145. Is this a big enough breeding cage for my hamster?
  146. what dog to mix!!!!!!?
  147. how long do you think that you have to tame them after birth so i know
  148. My hermit crab has gone insane!?
  149. what are some cute little dog names?
  150. If I have a male and female budgie would they mate?
  151. What pet should i get?
  152. i would like informaton on snails?
  153. what kind of dog is this?
  154. What can i do about my pregnant dog?
  155. can someone please tell me if there dog has pemphigus foliaceous?
  156. What are all the types of colors of the comet goldfishes?
  157. whats wrong with my cat?
  158. raising and training a young horse?
  159. Washington pit bull breeders?
  160. My dog is getting old. What can I do to help her?
  161. Why is she acting this way help?
  162. How Comes when I tried to wash my Poodle in the dishwasher she sustain
  163. Can golden geckos go with hermit crabs?
  164. help i am very sad!!!?
  165. desert iguana hibernation?
  166. Halloween costumes for rabbits?
  167. Do sugar gliders cause any problems that you know of?
  168. If I had 3 male platys in a tank by themselves, would they be aggresiv
  169. 4 1/2 week old kittens with bad cat flu?
  170. Is our dog gay? Or is there another explanation...?
  171. Can you breed one doe to two bucks? (rabbit question)?
  172. Why does my cat keep peeing in my bed?
  173. can anyone out here tell me if there dog has pemphigus folieous?
  174. Betta Breeding Information Needed?
  175. Are blue platys more aggresive than other colors? ?
  176. What is your favorite breed of dog and why is this your personal favor
  177. where do puppymills get the breeding parents from?
  178. Can rats pass any diseases to my unvaccinated puppy in back Garden?
  179. Board in exchange for work near 33328 (Davie, FL)?
  180. Reptiles in the same enclosure?
  181. Leopard Gecko Paper Towel Substrate Question?
  182. Can you breed one doe with two bucks? (rabbit question)?
  183. Reptiles in the same enclosure?
  184. Does anyone know a good website for buying hamsters?
  185. how long can cats live?
  186. are khuli loaches black wen young?
  187. beginner at saltwater fish plz help!?
  188. Convince Dad for another Dog? Please Help?
  189. my beared dragon just laid an egg in its tank what should i do someone
  190. I found a great cage but i have a question?
  191. how long does a guinea pig grieve?
  192. my boxer. what do i do?
  193. What kind of cat do you like? Black and white or grey and white?
  194. What,in your opinion,is the best dog breed?
  195. Orange cat has black lips/black spots on nose...?
  196. my cat is 3 months old how old is he in human years?
  197. have an almost 3 year old gelding who is showing signs of herd boundin
  198. What about this dog food?
  199. Easy pet for a 13 year old girl?
  200. Pony Club C Riding Test?
  201. Easy small pet, for a 13 year old girl?
  202. My dog drank some orange juice!?
  203. Free cat neuter/ vaccinations (DFW)?
  204. FEEDING a newt white bread will it kill it?? will it remove oxegen fro
  205. building a nano reef?
  206. How much water should i change when i do my water changes in a 10 gall
  207. i want to know where bird lovers like to eat and what they eat?
  208. Im very over protective of my Kitten, is this normal?
  209. Has my pug had a miscarriage?
  210. How do I train my dog to..?
  211. im getting a puppy :D?
  212. My Moluccan Cockatoo bite me real hard.?
  213. Are there any types of cool parrot types of birds that could live in c
  214. Help! My dog has bloody diarrhea!?
  215. How to keep a dog quiet?
  216. Which Ick med is best?
  217. Is the Raw meat diet good for my Boxer?
  218. how long can a chinese water stay under water ?
  219. How to convince my mom to let me have a GSD?
  220. Pionus?????????????????????
  221. uh. this is incorrect. everything is NOT born with blue eyes. don't be
  222. Are there any types of parrots or cockteils of some sort that can live
  223. i found my dog eating his poop in the backyard, is there anything i ca
  224. I'm getting a pet Degus for the first time?
  225. How many eggs does the female Western Diamondback usually lay ?
  226. Why is my 10 month old Cavalier limping?
  227. Can rabbits and guinea pigs live together?
  228. What are the Animal Cruelty rules in Sydney?
  229. question about puppy ?
  230. omg my puppy sam is missing what do i do. I have called her and called
  231. i just got a boston terrier with my and brother . how do i tell my dad
  232. What other locations can trigger the growth of large snakes besides th
  233. Stocking Fish tank - Tropical?
  234. My dog ate chocolate, will he be okay?
  235. What do you do if your cat is badly hurt and you live a long way from
  236. Is it hard to foster an animal?
  237. i am asking who all has a Yorkie dog.?
  238. My dog has pink redish eye?? help?
  239. What dogs do you have?
  240. what is the average life expectancy of a dwarf beagle?
  241. My 4-year old comet goldfish, can it go in the swimming pool?
  242. dwarf cichlid care?????????????
  243. Requirements for working at Pet Smart?
  244. A good lighting mix for a 12 gallon saltwater...?
  245. are you selling a horse or know some1 who is?
  246. A 4 day old pup has fleas,how can deal with the problem?
  247. what do I do with my dogs around high strung dogs?
  248. our 10 week old yorkie is eating her poop, please help?
  249. Help Tall Riding boots!!!!!!?
  250. Five year old Rabbit suddenly having problems?