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  1. my 8 week old kitten chews on and bites us....how do i make him stop?
  2. breeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!?
  3. how do u teach a dog too smile?
  4. One of my hamsters just died....?
  5. just a few tips and pointers will help :}(rabbit pregnancy) ?
  6. What breeds are in my pup?
  7. Horse names!!! Please help!!!!!!?
  8. buying a 8 week old ferret?
  9. i need advice on my 5 month old adopted kitten he has a severe biting
  10. I let a salamander go in some mulch in front of my house..will it be o
  11. my kitten is about 2.5 months old just today he is being really mopey,
  12. can i put a mirror in my goldfish tank?
  13. Is a Shih Tzu a good breed of dog?
  14. Help with my guinea pig questions??? help please?
  15. Any suggestions for a arthritic dog bed?
  16. How do I potty train my little dogs. Shes nine months. The lady who i
  17. My Chinese water dragon will not eat these little Goldfish??!!?
  18. What is your favorite tropical freshwater fish?
  19. what if my cat scratches outside the litter box ?
  20. budgie's feet are dry and crusty looking?
  21. my german shepherd has been limping alot lately....?
  22. dog bitten, concerned about possible rabies?
  23. i just adopted a 1 yr old golden retriever dog...but idk if i wanna ke
  24. My dog is pregnant and due any day now she has been hiding under the b
  25. dog having worms. what can i do for her?
  26. How to get cat pee smell out of a wicker chair?
  27. pet microchip is available for dog & cat but does it available for oth
  28. Why does my dog pee on some people?
  29. disobedient mean cat?
  30. Where do you get female bettas?
  31. puppy potty training help?
  32. How should I introduce my male pet mice?
  33. Are Bulldogs good dogs to have?
  34. has a crow ever came right at your head?
  35. how to convince my parents to let me get a cat?
  36. Does my dog know she is pregnant?
  37. My horses fetlock is swollen but she does not seem to be in pain anyon
  38. How do I convince my parents in getting me a Dog?
  39. need help with feeder fry!?!?!?!?!?!?
  40. My friend has a dog and she does not know what it is.?
  41. Naming an 8-week old female Torbie kitten :)?
  42. How to stop puppy from being aggressive?
  43. Can you help me find a name for my new puppy?
  44. How to help my gerbil he lost weight?
  45. how do black mystery snails breed ?
  46. I have kitty issues and I don't know what to do.?
  47. Betta Fish vs. Small Shark Fish?
  48. Potty training older maltese?
  49. Will one dosage of BettaFix by api hurt my fish?
  50. My Beta fish is acting more inactive than usual...?
  51. Pet rat question.........do domesticated rats get along right away or
  52. why doesnt my pure bred pug have a curly tail anymore?
  53. Is it normal for my fish to puff out its gills?
  54. So i want to put raps on my horse but im a fraid that i will cause him
  55. why does everyone think that rottweilers?
  56. Why are my snapper turtle's eyes foggy ?
  57. can bichirs eat breakfast sausage, thinking about feeding mine some?
  58. horse feeding schedule? vet costs?
  59. the cat in my yard??????????????????
  60. I have a neighbor who has three dogs,and all of them like to rub their
  61. why are there so many "what should i name my fish" questions on here?
  62. Will guinea pigs chew on the coroplast on their cubes and coroplast ca
  63. 1.5 gallon planted tank?
  64. question about euthanasia?
  65. Sun Conure is sneezing?
  66. im confused! is she in labour or not!?
  67. What is the chance that the mouse in my basement has rabies????????
  68. About the Ball Pyhton?
  69. PLEASE help me wt my betta?
  70. Is it safe to use artifically add ammonia to your fish tank to start a
  71. what pet stores sell zip-lines for dogs? ?
  72. My guinea pigs skin is looking dry, flaky, itchy and a little puffy...
  73. are turtles illegal in vancouver, BC?
  74. where do i get monthly revolution treatments for dogs?
  75. had to put my baby to sleep today (13 yr old kitty)?
  76. Equine vet specialties?
  77. Discriminating cat allergies?
  78. My female dog is in heat! :( No money to get her spayed?
  79. How can I get my puppy to stop jumping on the screen door?
  80. What about this dog food?
  81. What dogs are smart, loyal and not too much exercise?
  82. i might have to work with snakes and crocks and/or alligators how scar
  83. is taking a picture of a chinese dwarf hamster hurt its eyes (with fla
  84. Beta Food Question Regarding Tubifex Worms!?
  85. why has my hermit crab become really inactive all of a sudden?
  86. What do i need to know for novice dog obiedence trials?
  87. Bearded Dragon Feeding Question?
  88. traveling across country with my dog??
  89. How to manage/keep clean dog hair throughout the house?
  90. can you take a fish to the vet?
  91. I was thinking about getting a pet rabbit from petsmart...?
  92. Were can i find a deaf Dalmatian?
  93. My cat just had a kitten! When will the rest come?
  94. Tetras or Guppies first? Who's stronger...?
  95. What do I do about my dogs turning on the sprinklers?
  96. Are Beagles good dogs to have?
  97. how do you make a baby kitten poop and pee?
  98. My dog is giving off milk?
  99. I'm converting a 20 (tall) aquarium to lay on it's side with door. How
  100. What do you think about this blanket?
  101. 10 Points!!!! :):) Please Help!!!!!?
  102. Catnip Toy Broke - Is this Dangerous for my Cat?
  103. budgie standing on one leg?
  104. what features does a blue jay have to help them live in Georgia?
  105. What is a long/short stirrup rider?
  106. Can someone tell me what is wrong with my cat?
  107. What age for foal's first hoof trim?
  108. whats a good name for this fish?(photo included)?
  109. I found a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar. Would it be okay to put two damp pa
  110. what does it mean to sit deep in your saddle?
  111. 2 simple questions about guinea pigs, and a cubes & coroplast cage?
  112. My cat is very sick, i think she might be dying..?
  113. have you ever dreamed of your dog?
  114. What should i name my Beagle?
  115. English riding breeches - color?
  116. Can birds catch human flu?
  117. HELP! PLEASE??? fasts!! i'm worried about my Siamese fighting fish?
  118. What is the point of some of these things?
  119. My Guinea pig is loosing hair on her stomach!?
  120. Our 8 month old puppy has 3 raised brown crusty bumps on her chest and
  121. My boyfriends cat is refusing to eat!?
  122. How many babies can a hampster have at a time?
  123. mysterious hamster disease ?
  124. The essentials for when I get my puppy.?
  125. Are leopard Geckos boring?
  126. my dog ate................?
  127. What kind of cat food do you feed your cat and why?
  128. what kind of snake is it that lives in farms? can they be poisonous? ?
  129. Should i name my 2 new female rats Sheela and Nesco?
  130. Does my chihuahua have baby teeth?
  131. How long does it take for a baby guppy to grow to a adult guppy?
  132. My german shepherd has sudden back leg pain, mostly weight bearing?
  133. Help on my pets life range?
  134. What would be a good name for a feral/stray cat adoption organization?
  135. Cocker spaniel service dog?
  136. How to stop the jew claw?!?!?!?! HELP!!!!?
  137. how do i get my parents to give me a rabbit?
  138. Do you think it is wrong to breed your dog?
  139. Dog Problems.........?
  140. Were can i find a deaf Dalmatian?, and how much do they normally cost?
  141. please help me wtih my betta?
  142. What are some bunny names?
  143. Whats the matter with my budgie?!?
  144. How many crickets does a juvenile bearded dragon eat a day?
  145. do pigs fly???????????????
  146. Opposite cat/dog names?
  147. How often should you bathe your horse's coat?
  148. How much do Betta fish at Petsmart cost?
  149. What is the best non prescription arthritis medication for dogs?
  150. Help??! My hamster won't stop bullying me!?
  151. questions on gcc's 10 pts or more?
  152. Filter for 55 gallon tank?
  153. i have a 2 yr old papillon. i just recently had his teeth cleaned?
  154. slanted/offset stirrup grips?
  155. Is it wrong to administer a spray of water to your dog when correcting
  156. How can i get my cat to sleep in her new bed ? ?
  157. Please Help Me With My Betta?
  158. i just got a gold fish @ the fair.?
  159. should i take my bird to the vet and about how much you think it would
  160. Rat Terrier/Chihuahua?
  161. Do working students have to bring their own horses?
  162. Ram cichlid terrors!!!!!!!?
  163. is cat food okay for a dog to eat?
  164. what to feed quails ?
  165. How much light do i need for corals?
  166. How Do I Stop Stuttering?
  167. Does walmart sell ferret shampoo?
  168. Signs of dog pregnancy?
  169. who knows of any great websites for horse tack?
  170. can someone please help me stock my tank???
  171. my mom found this dog?
  172. Questions about oscar fish?
  173. what type of dog should i get?
  174. Just for Points!!! - Dumb Dog Names?
  175. What do I feed my mouse who is nursing babies to keep her healthy?
  176. my rabbits fur is all dirty and matted on his back side.?
  177. Litter box question phew!!?
  178. my 9wk old puppy ate paper.... really hyper?
  179. When Do My Red Sliders Turtle Nail Grow ?
  180. Are there any chicken-free cat foods available in Canada?
  181. Is the Webkinz Black cat Going to Retre soon? ?
  182. how to house train a dog?
  183. Walkaloosa barrel horse?
  184. what is your favorite animal?
  185. where do i get penny turtles?
  186. Your feedbacks on the Furminator?
  187. What's a good name for a male lion head bunny? (nothing too cutesy)?
  188. Can you tell me what is this bug please!?
  189. How many of you has had a dog pass away, even if it was years ago, tha
  190. My Bull Terrier (13 weeks) has terrible gas. ?
  191. Dog - Only one ear is itching.?
  192. The conditioner you use on a horses tail...can u use it 4 their body t
  193. How do you remove seed ticks from a dog?
  194. how do you help house finches that have eye conjuctivtis?
  195. when should i feed my adult desert tortoise? ?
  196. Can someone tell me what might be wrong with her?
  197. does anybody know where i can find redbone coonhound puppies for sale?
  198. Do Working Students get paid?
  199. what do you whant to be when you grow up?
  200. how much should i charge 4 petsitting?
  201. what is the breed of an all white cat?
  202. Sick cat, what could it be?
  203. I have 2 nigerian dwarf goats just got tonight? What to feed?
  204. Should I be worried about her?
  205. 150 gallon tank - how many red belly piranhas?
  206. my bird is sick i can;t afford vet, fixed income don;t allow it?
  207. **How TO Properly Change A filter Cartridge**?
  208. Betta Help Please Help Me With My Bettta Fish?
  209. What should i name my goldfish? (ryukin)?
  210. Okay I have never seen a full grown pyr...?
  211. potty training a 4month puppy?
  212. Is my dwarf gourami male or female?
  213. I think my Betta has Dropsy, but how?
  214. How can I get my two cockateils to like me?
  215. My Horse Runs away from me?
  216. What kind of dog look like a small polar bear?
  217. Is my baby turtle healthy?
  218. How much does it cost to keep a horse a year?
  219. What are your opinions on what I should add to my 55 gallon freshwater
  220. im trying to get some information on clipping my dogs. I have 3 shih t
  221. My Horse Bites at my feet [Help]?
  222. My indoor kitty got out. Will she be able to find her way home?
  223. Does anyone have any good "tricks" to getting a horse sensitive to ur
  224. What is a good dog for a family with a teenager? (has to be small)?
  225. Bird questions!!!!!!!!?
  226. Hey im looking for horse tack no any websiteS?
  227. I love my two cats but they pee and chew up everything. Where can I ta
  228. Puppy being aggressive towards another dog..(long!)?
  229. Could this harm my Guinea Pig?
  230. Dog With Crazy *** Tangles?
  231. WHY do horses get dry skin? All reasons please!?
  232. My horse has an automatic water-er?
  233. we want to keep chickens?
  234. my cat keeps throwing up and?
  235. Grains and food to feed my older horse?
  236. Does water really moisturize horses hooves?
  237. what do i name my fishies?
  238. Jack Russell Terri breed?
  239. Leopard gecko help ripped skin?
  240. My dog is a bully and its embarrassing ?
  241. whi iz mi pet rats eye bleeding?
  242. What causes a Mast Cell Tumor to change in size on a daily basis?
  243. i need a show name!!!! HELP!!!!!?
  244. Improving horses behaviour please read?
  245. Why does my dog keep ripping her bed?
  246. Help us name our puppy, she's a Weimaraner?
  247. Betta name? HELP! he has been without a name for 2 months!?
  248. How do I get my keet to eat her fruits and veggies?
  249. My 9 year old chihuahua male has been licking his butt a lot help!!!?
  250. Bird question what should I get Please Help?