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  1. Do you use a saddle pad on your horse or just a saddle cloth? Why is t
  2. Has anyone noticed that leading chain pet stores like PetSmart don't s
  3. Im getting 2 foals and have no idea what to call them, please help!?
  4. What spider do i have?
  5. what do chinese painted quail eat?
  6. Is this type of bedding good for my hamsters?
  7. I would like to donate to an animal welfare charity?
  8. Don't you just LOVE cheese?
  9. Do ball pythons make noise?
  10. what do you think of my great idea?
  11. What is my dog?What is she mixed with?
  12. aquarium light for soft corals?
  13. keeping eagles and hawks away from my dog?
  14. looking for a german shepard :]?
  15. What is the average weight for my horses?
  16. How does a dog act when she is close to giving birth?
  17. How do you deal with an older German Shepherd who won't sleep through
  18. I want to buy a baby pig,where is the best place to find one?
  19. what is the largest land bird capable of flight?
  20. Help on a ferret problem.?
  21. do you have a cat or dog ? has it got a butch name?
  22. I am looking for links to articles or videos on how to ride a horse th
  23. My rats eye is bleeding?
  24. Let's try this again... Covering flexwatt for heat?
  25. Should I put my cat down?
  26. Feeding newborn kittens?
  27. water changes ?
  28. Feral cat with ...deformity?
  29. Why does my dog pee in other people's houses?
  30. Do you think this is cruel?
  31. Why is my cat shedding so fast?
  32. How Do I stop My Kitten From Jumping On the table and eating from the
  33. humpy-head fish why has it lost all its colour and how can i treat thi
  34. are there other labs besides the regular lab retrievers?
  35. what do you know about pet microchip. help me on this please!!!?
  36. How do you stop a female cat from urinating on clothes?
  37. I just notice my dog has worms in her poop. What cause it? She's littl
  38. I have questions about triops:?
  39. needing a teacup puppie ?
  40. HELP! can't kill the fleas!!?
  41. whats the best hoof oil for dry hooves?
  42. a question for the saltwater pros!!!!!!?
  43. wierd habits your pet has?
  44. How often will our baby cornsnake shed?
  45. why is my turtles shell getting soft?
  46. Help with a abandoned kitten.?
  47. cat keeps playing knock and run?
  48. Is there a breed of Miniature German Shepherds?
  49. i found this amazing black and silver lizard...???? what is it?
  50. Is the correct term "coronet band" or "coronal band"?
  51. Why dose my cat cry at night, she sit outside my bedroom door and crie
  52. is Mendi a cute name for my female rat terrier?
  53. How to get my puppy to go to sleep?
  54. I am starting a 16 gallon nano tank (saltwater); what size air pump sh
  55. how do I make my horse go on the bit (round)?
  56. Does this rider look too big on this horse?
  57. Why does my cat keep making these weird sounds?
  58. Has anyone heard of Cichlids eating aquarium salt?
  59. How can I prove my 300 dollar fish was killed by detergent?
  60. can i feed my goldfish croutons?
  61. Too much cheating on Race Horse Site Do You Think ?
  62. I took my puppy to the vet to get shots and checked because he wouldn'
  63. What kind of plant setup for survival of the fittest?
  64. Can I put all of these fish in my 20 gallon tank?
  65. my dog alway like to lick everything..even air. what is wrong with my
  66. Sugar Glider Question?
  67. bordercollie with swollen testicles that wont eat or drink. what shoul
  68. desexing a cat? size issue?
  69. Getting rid of roaches when you have pets!!?
  70. Potty training question?
  71. Why do dogs put a front paw up & back when eating their food or they h
  72. Problem with uncooperative dog. Advice?
  73. Has your dog ever been treated for giardia?
  74. i kill plecos and i don't know why?
  75. Velvet or ich? As seeing possibly tiny white or gold specks on fin.?
  76. Has my female betta gone crazy?
  77. whats wrong with my dog?
  78. Nowhere to go...........?
  79. are these things bad for small dogs to eat?
  80. clipping bird wings anyone.?
  81. we found an abandon kitten- help!?
  82. is my goldfish pregnant cause on sides its bulging on sides?
  83. How do i convince my parents to let me get a ferret?
  84. My dog is pregnant she has 2 monthas and the doctor said she is dew ne
  85. if you ever had a horse you would understand this?
  86. what are these animals?
  87. My 14 year old chihuahua is sick....?
  88. what i should do with my cats in between moving houses?
  89. Middle Tennessee FREE or LESS THAN $50 German Shepherd?
  90. Cool Websites for HORSE LOVERS?
  91. what the heck is in my saltwater tank?
  92. spayed rabbit still very aggressvie after 3 week ? ?
  93. Is it good for a cage to have two female budgies in it?
  94. Can my puppy get distemper after she was vaccinated for it?
  95. Flea bath gone wrong!!!?
  96. Why is my cat panting at night?
  97. Has anyone ever fostered a dog from the Humane Society?
  98. How do i let my rabbit get exercise?
  99. American Bulldog Training?
  100. How do I stop my kittens from messing all over my place?
  101. Hurricane Ike took my fence and now my dog is making me crazy! I walk
  102. Need help finding a teacup chihuahua?
  103. Does a cat disease stay in your home after the affected cat has past a
  104. Can I really put my hermit crabs in a hamster ball to play in?
  105. i have to give my dog away, how would you feel?
  106. I sometimes hear a strange cooing noise at night around 10, what could
  107. I need help with pup shes not even a year old yet and well she is afra
  108. Is it ok to wash your dog with regular shampoo?
  109. female yorkie ate one of her puppies?
  110. Does anyone know what is wrong with my fish tanks?
  111. how to tell if my hens egg is fertilized or not?
  112. Vet care question good price? ?
  113. My puppy will not eat at all he is loosing a massive amount of weight.
  114. How often should you take your pet rat to the vet for a checkup ? ?
  115. whats your favorite substrate?
  116. Introducing a new dog...?
  117. What to do about a very ichy Springer Spanial?
  118. Can you put tee tree oil mixed with water on a cat or dog?
  119. Does anyone own these breed of dogs?= German shorthaired pointer X bri
  120. How long can a regular chicken live?
  121. what can I do if my dogs is knuckling fronts legs and one rear leg?
  122. I'm in love!...Great news?? ?
  123. My cat sustained a deep cut on his neck should I let him go outside?
  124. Pregnant cat question?
  125. Do you really have to bake playground sand before putting it into herm
  126. how do I keep my bird safe at night?
  127. Would These Saltwater Fish Do Good Together? ?
  128. Moving with the cat.?
  129. What is the best or safest substrate for axolotls?
  130. parakeets arent eating millet?
  131. how pergnant is my guppie?
  132. where do i find out how to ?
  133. Whick animal do most people perfer?? Cats or dogs?
  134. I just adopted a rat terrier?
  135. What do baby bull snakes eat?
  136. My dog has discharge coming from her female parts. Has this ever happe
  137. Dachshund Question??
  138. My bunny is really mean?
  139. Sites dedicated to one fish?
  140. Saint Bernard itching constantly?
  141. Wat age will my red nose pitbull be fully grown. What weight will he g
  142. I was wondering if you could vote on my dog in the photo contest?
  143. what Kind of Horse Jobs?
  144. Which Dog is better? A dalmatian or a Yorkie?
  145. Can cat is a dog???????????????????????
  146. ugh i really hate dogs.?
  147. New puppy help pleasee?
  148. How do you toilet train an iguana?
  149. What are some cute cat names?
  150. ok fro pros only... how do u bread leopard geckos.. i hve done draggon
  151. why is my hamster loosing it's fur?
  152. English Cocker Spaniels?
  153. My 7 month old puppy is shaking, vomiting, and is very weak. what coul
  154. What is a good dog for my situation? Help?
  155. Anyone have knowledge of how to introduce a ferret and a cat?
  156. Does feeding pure pumpkin actually help...?
  157. ferret help????? please?
  158. my dog has bumps on her neck?
  159. does it bother you to see this?
  160. do Siamese cats with crossed eyes have any vision problems... can cros
  161. My cat has a bleeding tumor...?
  162. Injured zebrafish- what should I do?
  163. are dwarf hamsters better than syrains?
  164. do you think this is a good bit?
  165. I am looking for a air mattress for my dog, where can i get one ?
  166. How to soothe a baby goose?
  167. my cat is scratching his neck bald?
  168. My kitten is skinny due to illnesses. How can I fatten him up again?
  169. How can I convince my parents to let me get a Golden Retriever?
  170. 2 of my fish have died in the last week. Whats going on?
  171. Good breeding group names? (NO this is NOT about Howrse!)?
  172. does anyone know about petco?where the pets "go"?
  173. need to see Boss on Bully Domain?
  174. How do I stop my dogs from chewing up my baby's toys?
  175. How do u delete a petfinder account?
  176. Dog afraid of specific place?
  177. Why are my drakes attacking each other?
  178. How often, how much, horse shots?
  179. Snake trade in the New Orleans area.?
  180. Sick rat? Rat experts please?
  181. Why are my water dragons eyes so watery?
  182. HELP. i think my cat is dying?
  183. English Crocker Spaniel?
  184. Anyone selling a yorkshire terrier?
  185. Breeding Indian Ringnecks advise please?
  186. What's the name of your horse?
  187. I NEED you opinion! ASAP! Goldfish i need your opinions! please help!
  188. I am trying to identify a snake?
  189. what do catfish eat, ?
  190. Bearded Dragon Help! Im Desperate!!!?
  191. What should I feed my 3mo. old boxer?
  192. What can I do about my kittens anger towards her sister that I recentl
  193. False Pregnacy in dogs?
  194. Pricing a Tennessee Walker Filly?
  195. Does anyone know where i can get a sugar glider ?
  196. My Beta fish is acting more inactive than usual...?
  197. What fish are most compatible with leopard danios and how many fish ca
  198. Is this dog breeder legit?
  199. I need help from a vet about my 9 yr old cat?
  200. How Do The Parvo Shots Work?
  201. What are some good names for two male beta fish?
  202. Puppy has the sniffles and is making a funny sound?
  203. can you catch worms by touching a dog infested with worm's saliva?
  204. Are you or do you know any one who is afraid of giraffe's ?
  205. New 10 gallon aquarium recommend me fishes?
  206. Is it okay to leave my puppy home while we are gone for 3-4 weeks?
  207. ridiculous.... or smart.......?
  208. What is a good breed of dog for my situation?
  209. how big of a tank does an albino red-finned shark need?
  210. Looking for the right pet for me?
  211. i have a nest of bees in my ?
  212. Childrens magazine question?
  213. My Puppy Has Poop Issues?
  214. Help Dog afraid of people?
  215. How do I know if my molly fish is obese or sick?
  216. Please Help! What do I do! Budgie Egg Bound?
  217. My 6 month old golden retriever barks too much. I used a broom handle,
  218. What should i name my white westhighland terrier?
  219. My boxer puppy has oozing by toe nails like they are trying to decay i
  220. My guinea pig changed?
  221. What are better, rats or guinea pigs?
  222. stocking freshwater tank?
  223. can rats get ear mites?
  224. how do you remember your pets...?
  225. What are the effects and symptoms to a dog with worms?
  226. I have a 5 month old westie and she keeps having accidents. ?
  227. Are Flemish Giant Rabbits good to eat? ?
  228. My betta fish is sick why?
  229. My first pet rat, what to get?
  230. will quail eat live plants ?
  231. animal trouble((bird n dog))?
  232. what plants would look good in an aviary ?
  233. Magicman?????????????????????
  234. What dry cat food do you feed your diabetic cat?
  235. Please Please Please Help Me?
  236. Is my fish going to be ok?
  237. Do any of you have any unusual pets?
  238. Pregnant Pit Has how much more time do you think, first litter for me,
  239. can u feed a hamter a potato chip?
  240. what is your favorite marine fish ?
  241. I need some more answers plz?
  242. Buying a puppy????????
  243. I Need Help With My Puppy!?
  244. how do i stop my dog from chewing on everything in sight when we are n
  245. why do cats spray urine in the house??? i need HELP !!?
  246. What do you feed kittens when they are sick?
  247. Nervous mom of a new puppy?
  248. fish's tail fin not moving?
  249. my rabbit a 5yr. old female has a lump the size of an egg on her belly
  250. How can I make my dogs coat shinier?