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  1. I have a beta fish since 05/15/08 and it's barely moving & eating & ha
  2. How do you get a dog to stop marking their territory inside?
  3. Gelding and two mares?
  4. I was wondering what is the maximum number of fish recommended to keep
  5. My cat is peeing on everything and nothing will make him learn. How do
  6. What is the best way to clean my dogs ears? Brush her teeth? ?
  7. My male rabbit had stopped eating completely!?
  8. how do i get my hedgehog to stop pooping on his wheel and in his litte
  9. Cats licks mean..........?
  10. is it a hamster....idk?
  11. I think my Betta may be dying..?
  12. dog problem need help!!!!!?
  13. Toy poodle 6 months old, swollen vulva and painful?
  14. Ferret foods, which one?
  15. Woman threatening my cat?
  16. Can cats feel sad after another animal dies?
  17. how long did your guinea pig live for?
  18. Would an aluminum box make an okay litter box?
  19. What could be the reason why my dog has been dis-creating alittle bloo
  20. Is sanderson a good name for my pet walrus?
  21. Should you worry if a wild bird scratches you? What should you do?
  22. Can I give my dog Benadryl?
  23. Do dog shots prevent your dog from getting worms?
  24. Help I got a turtle and I dont know what to do?
  25. Dog Problem Please Help!!?
  26. What kind of dog should I get since my Black Lab died?
  27. green cheek conure question?
  28. Questions on agressive behavior with my dog.?
  29. what is team penning and team sorting? And what do you in them?
  30. What is a good name to name my kitten?
  31. What does it mean when a horse bobs their head?
  32. My dog is a little vicious...?
  33. how long will it take pure mallard eggs to hatch?
  34. it's a Miller english saddle...?
  35. how long will it take pure mallerd eggs to hatch?
  36. how can i ceap my dog entertained when i am at school?
  37. rabbit Abscess on chin?
  38. My dog seems to be having trouble making it to "her spot" to do her bu
  39. How to add Aquariumn Salt to my tank... With teo Oscars and 1 Pleco?
  40. How to fertalize cricket eggs?
  41. what kind of mantince does a rabbit need help me plzzz?
  42. Did you know that how you pet a GSD can actually harm them?
  43. how long will it take pure mallerd eges to hatch?
  44. can i put an oscar fish in a 30 gallon with a filter that cleans 400 g
  45. my cat sleeps all the time is that bad?
  46. Dog enema Help......?
  47. Is Tito a good name for a male Pomeranian?
  48. i want a puggle, the only problem is the shedding, how much do they sh
  49. A stray cat came and had kittens in our garage.Help!?
  50. How is the confirmation of this horse? Is it good? (pic inside)?
  51. My slider turtle's shell is dulling around each of the little squares
  52. What kind of pet do you think that I should get?
  53. My dog has been vomitting all day, what could it be?
  54. How can I find a reliable dog breeder in my area?
  55. What tropical fish can ghost shrimp live with?
  56. How do I remove Yellow Stains from Dog's coat?
  57. why is my hamster pale and losing hair all of a sudden? why did it gro
  58. What type of cat do you have?
  59. My new beta fish. can i mix him with 3 or four little neons?
  60. Any good gerbil names?
  61. where would I get a jardine parrot?
  62. whats the average price of a macaw and lovebird?
  63. My old dog is absolutely horrified by the dark, is she senile or just
  64. Who knows what animal this is?
  65. dobermans ears not standing up yet?
  66. can two of the same ducks not male and male like same breed mate and m
  67. can i do a gravel change in my fish tank?
  68. Now that my dog diedm what can I do?
  69. Need a "Title" for farm helper...Any ideas?
  70. what are some home remedies for dog conjunctivitis?
  71. How long is a cat's memory?
  72. is my chocolate Labrador retriever ok?
  73. i have a dog given to me that is extremely mean to other people,appare
  74. Help me with the breed of my dog.?
  75. what will happen when a 9month old pit has a litter on her first heat?
  76. What harm can it do...?
  77. how do you tell parakeets apart from boy and girl?
  78. what does youre dog/puppy look like an act?
  79. What do you think about this dog?
  80. How to get genius (mixed-breed) puppy into dog show?
  81. What otc pain and/or anti-inflammatory meds can I give my dog for his
  82. Why does my cat flop 2 the ground in front of me? Doesnt matter where
  83. Is there something wrong with my oscar?
  84. asking snake experts!?
  85. Is this an appropriate pet for a young boy?
  86. what are some good house hold items that make good rabbit toys?
  87. Whatever happened to Owen and Mzee? Where are they now?
  88. help! my cat peed in a room and i cant find it!?
  89. they were chripping then is was like maybe 15 minutes passed and the b
  90. The Quest for Mister Meep?
  91. I'll Haier a Professional dog Trainer!?
  92. What would you name the kittens?
  93. what are signs of a happy rat?
  94. What Type of Dog do you have?
  95. can i keep a heater in a plastic basin 3 gallons?
  96. what are some of your ways to get a dog to come out of its shell?
  97. Greenhawk Sale in Mississauga?
  98. Can I feed my dogs cat food?
  99. I have a cat that was thrown out and we took in, fixed him,shots, asso
  100. How to prepare for the birth of my rats?
  101. what do chinese algea eaters eat? and u here there bad and can kill ur
  102. How can I tell what breed Gemini is?
  103. Any tips on how to stop my dog pulling when I walk him?
  104. Have a 5 month old kitten who has fip what to do?
  105. my dog is sheding to much i know thay shed in the summer but she start
  106. Me and my friend just found a stray kitten and its about 8:30 p.m?
  107. Female dog in heat...bleeding lots...acting up and more...?
  108. Is it true that cats hate the smell of vinegar?
  109. Should I got this dog..?
  110. Betta fish issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  111. how much are parelli DVD's?
  112. How do I convince my dad to let me get a bunny?
  113. do parakeets see in colour or black and white?
  114. hello animal experts?
  115. Zebra Finch problem..finding the right pair?
  116. Cutest Breed Of Hamster?
  117. My dog isnt eating now?
  118. Bearded Dragons Questions?
  119. Are Dachshunds hypoallergenic?
  120. Is a 3 by 4 foot by 3 feet high chicken coop, not including the nest b
  121. i cant pee with my eyes o?
  122. do parakeets have ears? if so where are they?
  123. Question for fish hobbyist/experts?
  124. Hey, can i make a betta bowl into a ghost shrimp habitat.?
  125. Do lovebirds like music?
  126. Help!!! I have betta trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  127. i need info on the following breeds?
  128. My puppy has a lump under her eye! What do I do?
  129. How can I make my two hermit crabs happy in a 2 and a half gallon tank
  130. my dog has danderuf. how to get rid of it?
  131. Please - Goldfish help! ?
  132. I am looking for a real good way to clean my silver on my show saddle,
  133. My fish is losing some scales?
  134. What freshwater fish should I stock my 60-gallon tank with?
  135. help?????????????????????????
  136. how to rat proof an area for my pets?
  137. What would your dog do if he/she got a hold of a squirrel?
  138. Having chihuahua potty problems?
  139. My sisters husband found her pet dead how does he tell her?
  140. My dog ignores me when I call her to come back, can you help?
  141. Would a 2.5 gal heater work for a 10 gal?
  142. where can i buy a hedgehog in floirda?
  143. Is this because she just a weird old cat or is something wrong ?
  144. how can i cure my black moor?
  145. my dog just got spayed and lost her potty training could that have any
  146. How can I tell if a stray/feral cat has a litter of kittens?
  147. how can i find my missing american robin?
  148. what kind of teeth do hedgehogs have?
  149. does anybody live in nanty glo or belsano?
  150. I need some help with my new puppy! Please!?
  151. i want to buy tropical fish ?
  152. Gold Fish with white spots? Help!?
  153. is my Betta okay?? helo.....?
  154. need puppy names for a female french bulldog.?
  155. Omg Help Is My Hamster Dying?
  156. Dog Help Me.!?
  157. I need a name for a dark bay Quarter Horse!?
  158. is this animal cruelty?
  159. How much do Citron Crested Cockatoos cost?
  160. Nice, big, roomy hamster cages?
  161. Which dog is more friendly and easy to housebreak : a toy poodle, a co
  162. When should i feed my gecko?
  163. Why do birds poop on my car and no one elses?
  164. I took out my hermit crabs Exo skeliton right after a molt, will it st
  165. Why did he do this to his dog?
  166. i think my puppy may be aggressive?
  167. what is the differince in show dog breeders and?
  168. Keeping kitty comfortable after spaying?
  169. What kind of spider is it?
  170. What dog do you like and why?
  171. Would my dog protect me?
  172. My Dog Had Parvo Symptoms Since Friday But He Is In The Vet . What Are
  173. What's a good way to keep cats in certain areas?
  174. i have a problem With my neighbors cat using my plant bed to go . what
  175. About my 5 yr old chow Chow?
  176. Need help with turtle food.?
  177. I think my cat is dying in my carms. He is staring in space, breathing
  178. I was given a free 1 month old cat. I dont know how to take care of it
  179. My cat ate a mouse - does she need a booster shot?
  180. Why is my 6 week old kitten not gaining weight?
  181. Why would act like he is starving and get into food and the garbage?
  182. A parrotlet or a cockatiel, which is friendlier ?
  183. Does anyone know how to get rid of fleas on 8 wk old kittens? Without
  184. help with a baby leopard gecko?
  185. Pet opinion/ question?
  186. Feeding a Corn Snake?
  187. where can i buy a parakeet in brampton?
  188. What are some small breeds of dogs that are not too vocal or hyper?
  189. why do rats eat each other ?
  190. cat bites whats wrong?
  191. Miniature Pinscher - Hypoallergenic?
  192. how long douse it take for a rat to have babies ?
  193. Can a Vet or Vet tech please please help! Please only answer if you ar
  194. My cat fluffy, he has a problem with my outside cat that we rescued!!!
  195. can micro organisms live in my fish tank?
  196. What do you think of this kitty?
  197. Why does my cats eye water from out of nowhere?
  198. I have a 15 - 3 h HQ and he is 7 yrs old i just bought him clover/gras
  199. how to attract painted turtle ?
  200. My two month old puppy got his shots taken yesterday is it safe to tak
  201. Are pet penguins allowed in Illinois?
  202. is it ok to give my pom poo a bath after we treated her with flea spra
  203. how long after mating do snails have eggs?
  204. My Cat is Bleeding URINE?
  205. my dog loves salted crackers. can my dog eat those?
  206. what breed of dog is "Big Vern" on the Fuel tv show "The Daily Habit?"
  207. ok my FINAL disition! GOLDFISH TANK! please tell me your opinion.?
  208. Father cat will NOT stop meowing and attacking his own son!!!?
  209. How many hours of attention a day do green cheek conures need?
  210. can a savanah monitor have a heat rock.?
  211. What can i do about fleas on my poor dog?
  212. My friend's dog is peeing cloudy bloody pee? EMERGENCY! PLZ HELP!!?
  213. My two moth old puppy had his shots taken yesterday.?
  214. Why do anoles change colors?
  215. Cat will not eat or drink. Is there anything I can do besides a vet? T
  216. What should i feed my great dane/lab mix 11 week old puppy?
  217. Why do other dogs larger than my staff feel the need to hump him,and w
  218. Is the aphonopelma iodius spider poisonous?
  219. What dog should i get?
  220. I think my dogs allergetic to egg! Dog food brands without egg?
  221. How am I supposed to train my sun conure not to hate me?
  222. have you fostered a dog? ?
  223. What do you think of the name Nikko?
  224. what is the cutest breed of dog?
  225. Is this safe for my puppy?
  226. do painted turtles need a special lite?
  227. Female dog in heat...bleeding lots...acting up and more...?
  228. are there micro organisms in my fish tank?
  229. female guinea pig digging holes!?
  230. Dog scratching hair off...?
  231. Hedgehog questions...?
  232. my hamster still isn't doing much at night all it wants to do is sleep
  233. will a black cat leave black hairs all over the house?
  234. how to know if a painted turtle age?
  235. my rottie is sick.any advice?
  236. Do kittens lose their fluffiness as they get older?
  237. Is it ok to give a our dog human antibiotics such as Dicloxacillin?
  238. Any tips on house training a puppy?
  239. beardie queshtion helpppppppppppp?
  240. a mixed dog question?
  241. what do snails eat and do they need fresh air like outside air?
  242. Help house training my puppy!!?
  243. Can you get a cat accustomed to water and baths?
  244. **Worried about my cat** Please help?
  245. Please Help!!!!! Need Help!!!!!?
  246. my puppy bites too much.?
  247. White growth around my betta's eye?
  248. why do birds suddenly appear?
  249. Golden retrivever/labrador retrivever ?
  250. Are soft shell turtles easy to catch?