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  1. what type of water should i use for my aquarium?
  2. is kirkland dog food good brand of dog food?
  3. Underwater Snails?! PLZ HELP!?
  4. Canadian Reptile Supplier Company.?
  5. Do black moors have green tummies?
  6. does cheese make cats sick?
  7. i have a pekepoo expecting puppies ?
  8. How do I know if my cat/kittens are really hungry?
  9. Leopard gecko - a sliver or mouth rot?
  10. What is the human to cat age ratio?
  11. My dogs stinks.Can anyone tell me why he might smell or what I can do
  12. my cat has a bump on his face that has a small solid figure going in a
  13. Saddle, bridle and bit question?
  14. How can I lower my Fish Tank Temperature?
  15. what little dog should i get?
  16. My FAT (dieting) cat is terrorizing my dog. How do I make it stop?
  17. What type of dog is this?
  18. I took out my hermit crabs Exo skeliton right after a molt, will it st
  19. Dog Puking White Foam?
  20. Healthy VS Unhealthy dog food?
  21. where can i purchase cuttlefish and how much are they? ?
  22. Which of the 3 puppies is the cutest? [pictures!]?
  23. i think my new rat has an uper respitory infection?
  24. How Much Is To Much To Pay For This Puppy ?
  25. Why is one of my dog's claws growing extremely large?
  26. where to sell lama's hair?
  27. My dog has these 1/2 cm oblong bugs. They aren't fleas and they aren't
  28. A little bit help please?
  29. Weight of A Pomeranian?
  30. what color should i breed my cockatiel with (pic included)?
  31. Quarter horse!?! question?
  32. how to keep my seat better in a trot plzz answer ?
  33. What are some "need to knows" about budgies for a new parent :)?
  34. What is the general shelf-life of pet vaccines?
  35. My 4 mo. old kitten was neutered today and is now having diarrhea.Does
  36. Is it normal for cats to try to bury everything like they do in their
  37. i noticed under my saltwater tank there was salt build up and the next
  38. Will Petco take in young hamsters? (one month+)?
  39. What is a boil, and how do i treat at home w.o having to got to vet,ge
  40. What to do about dog nipping?
  41. Is it bad for puppies to lick your face?
  42. NEED A VETS HELP..Cat with bad eyes starts yellow junk out of top of h
  43. what was gene auturys horses name?
  44. Do you like my aivery ? ?
  45. Are there any rat poisons not toxic to humans?
  46. What the fuck is wrong?
  47. Should I let my wife walk the puppy if I am leash training him?
  48. Is it possible that my cat and dog are retarded?
  49. ok so i finally got my fish i've been wanting (african cichlid) and th
  50. how does algae in a tank affect water quality?
  51. How much is it to get my Senegal Parrot's wings clipped?
  52. Wht is the standard weight at 2 months old for a healthy Chihuahua?
  53. What are the black snails in my saltwater tank?
  54. Okay to further my question about cat allergies...?
  55. How do I get My Russian Tortoise To live with my Greek Tortoise?
  56. is it ok to pick a kitten up by the skin on the back of his neck?
  57. what age should you spay your dog?
  58. What is the best breed of big dog to get?
  59. Is my dog on her period?
  60. What breeds get along with Rottweilers?
  61. What to do about dead cat?
  62. Do cats whiskers grow back>?
  63. plz helpp my guinea pig has short ness of breath?
  64. Anyone out here own burms or rock pythons?
  65. Just found some abandon kittens?
  66. Can 3 fancy goldfish thrive in a 55 gallon?
  67. why does my shih tzu hate my dad?
  68. Weirdness in the Frog Tank....Help!?
  69. How to deal with introducing cats to each other, traveling with a cat,
  70. Puppy Names for a Catahoula. Any name ideas? Cajun names a plus!?
  71. My 2yo cocker spaniel has a pimple like bump in his ear.what could it
  72. i have got a dog it is a boy but i don't know what to name it?
  73. do i have a double dapple and should i breed?
  74. Are there any snake pet shops in CT?
  75. worms in cats question??...?
  76. Kitten Help...Again...Experienced Cat Owners Only Plz!?
  77. What temp. do you bake sand for hermit crabs and for how long?
  78. my dog ate chicken bones!what should I do?Help!!?
  79. Do guinea pigs make good pets?
  80. Do you like this horse?
  81. How do we know dogs can see in black and white?
  82. what is a small catfish that can go with jack dempseys?
  83. choose from a german shepherd,siberian husky,terrier or australian cat
  84. Would you let your 11 year old daughter...?
  85. Just got a shih tzu and would looove some "real" help!?
  86. where should my cat be?
  87. My dog only got 2 of her puppy vaccines, she is now 4 years old, can I
  88. 1 betta, 5 neon tetras, 4 cory catfish in a 10 gallon tank.. Can I add
  89. Can i leave my puppy in the car?
  90. Parakeets Breeding?????????????
  91. do hamsters have germs that could make a person sick?
  92. Can the fins and color of a betta fish improve?
  93. i am buying a dog that is very small,is white and chunky lol can anyon
  94. when i walk my dog...?
  95. How do I remove Bristle worms from my aquarium?
  96. Is it ok to feed my aquatic turtle tuna fish?
  97. Puppy introductions?
  98. My dog has a weird mole on his testicles?
  99. Do you have any suggestions for my ferret nation?
  100. I have a Teacup Chihuahua and i have questions!?
  101. Did you know dogs forget every five minutes?
  102. what common aquarium fish are wild caught?
  103. how much space does each chinese painted quail need ?
  104. how do I get rid of the fleas?
  105. Why does my dog keep scratching this one spot in her back?
  106. 55lb English Bulldog and Coyotes?
  107. Are German Shepherds good with Boxer dogs?
  108. I recently rode a horse for the third time in my life and I really rea
  109. how to introduce two new gerbils (two male gerbils)?
  110. !!!URGENT HELP PLEASE!!! My house is having a big infestation with tho
  111. why does my Dragon fish keep flipping out?
  112. Are Huskeies good dogs?
  113. What r some good dogs for house pets?
  114. Would like to know is my dog pregnant?
  115. i my hermit crab molting?
  116. what kind of cat do i have?
  117. Chihuahua with REALLY bad teeth?
  118. How can I be safe around a vicious dog?
  119. How do I know whether my kitten is happy with me? ?
  120. My dog has been drinking an excess of water and she pee'd inside which
  121. I have a male beagle & want more puppies at home.Any female beagle own
  122. How Can You Tell The Difference Between Two Cats "Play Fighting" And R
  123. turtles acting weird?
  124. Parrot Tricks please answer?
  125. What would be a good pet for a 3 yr old.(besides a puppy)?
  126. My cat has FIP like symptoms, what can I do?
  127. how will my fish react to this?
  128. Why do people ask health questions about their dog, then ask if they s
  129. Help!!!!, My 20 Day Old Puppy Got Stumped By My Horse!!!?
  130. Who else likes horses? ?
  131. My 2 parakeets are fighting?
  132. Could my horse be pregnant or just fat?
  133. Dog Food Vs. Dog Food?
  134. Keeping chickens healthy? Loosing feathers!! Help!!?
  135. Does my dog have salmonella? ?
  136. Lately, my male rat has been really horny...?
  137. my betta is losing color and seems to be "breathing" heavily.?
  138. i have a rescue dog who i guess was abused by men. she is terrified of
  139. Can anyone tell me where i can get a FREE siberian husky puppie? It ha
  140. Does Your Dog Have A Favorite Day Of The Week?
  141. Bring a older dog into a puppy's home?
  142. large birds that is a scavenger?
  143. my puppies are not walking right?
  144. My puppy is doing brown mucus poo....Help!?
  145. How do I find out how to Breed fish and make a tank to do it?
  146. i am lookin for a cheap male pit/ or pit puppy>?
  147. Why does my friend's dog not like me?
  148. rescue dog with severe seperation anxiety..HELP?
  149. Should I get my siberian husky a dog house?
  150. Would this work for hunter jumper?
  151. pick one!!!!!!! please.?
  152. Is my dog Brain Damaged?
  153. Can you have wild mice as pets?
  154. german sheperd puppy have blood in her bowls?
  155. where can i buy this snake?
  156. 2 Month old kitty aggressively trying to suck milk from 3 month old ki
  157. What is a good warrior name for an ARCTIC wolf?
  158. What store is the Weazel Ball at?
  159. I am having a problem with snakes getting into my house...help!!!?
  160. How often should I clean my Ball Python enclosure?
  161. What kind of cat is this kitten? (pic inside)?
  162. Baby rat with very stinky poop?
  163. My cat won't come out of bedroom?
  164. why do some people...?
  165. Neon Tetra help ?
  166. Breast lumps in chihuahuas ?
  167. Can weed hurt a dog?
  168. are gold dust day geckos fast or the standings day gecko or just a nor
  169. why do people hate mutts so much?
  170. What kind of Dwarf Hamster do i have?
  171. what is the best way to euthanize a fish?
  172. Is it possible for a puppy's coat color to change?
  173. Spayed my male dog...What does this symbol on his penis mean?
  174. Am I good at riding? (video inside)?
  175. cockatiel help!! please?
  176. Should I buy A Fish?!?
  177. is it normal for my dog not to poop after he got neutered a few hours
  178. Dog chewing problem!!?
  179. Can a dog have allergies?
  180. I Think My Oscar Fish Is Dying, Help!!!!!?
  181. How long is a cat missing before it's gone?
  182. cat eating human food... LOTS?
  183. Do You Ever Wish You Could Switch Places With Your Dog?
  184. my kitten keeps making a mess...?
  185. In-Ground fences? Best, Worst, Do it yourself or have it done?
  186. Kitten sneezing? suggested meds?
  187. Home made pet urine spray?
  188. Adivse My Dog Has Parvo!!!?
  189. could i keep some local starfish and snails in a 5 gallon saltwater?
  190. How many guppies can live in a 5 gallon tank?
  191. Can I feed my 2 week old mouse oatmeal?
  192. betta help. please help?
  193. how much is the vet gonna cost me?
  194. I have 2 new kittens, 3 month and 1.5 month, how do I get them to get
  195. What do you do with orphaned wild rats?
  196. To what degree is your dog considered part of the family?
  197. How do i help my dog's bottom get better without surgery?
  198. My rabbit has bald spot on his back & his skin is a purple-ish color?
  199. Owning a spider monkey... and moving state to state?
  200. HELP please! my cat meows constantly when i pick him up! i want 2 be a
  201. I think our new rat is pregnant.?
  202. A dilemma some others may have face with dog rehabilitation.?
  203. How much milk to give baby mice?
  204. My dog pees to much?PLEASE HELP?
  205. What are the signs that your horse has worms?
  206. What are some cute names for a bunny?
  207. Information on dog breeds? ?
  208. Odd behavior in female dog...what is normal?
  209. breeds of doodle puppies?
  210. I've just fallen in love with Harold from Neighbours?
  211. How long is it before a guppy has her babies?
  212. Jumping form question (picture)?
  213. My dog has 2 small bumps on his belly?
  214. Does a maltese dog come in another color than white?
  215. How do I know how far along my guppy is in her pregnancy?
  216. water spray training puppy?
  217. drawf lionfish in nano reef...what?
  218. how much do anoles cost weekly?
  219. Our hamster just had babies and is not caring for them.. is there anyt
  220. Does anyone know what dog breed would fit my life style?
  221. i have a question about my chihuahua?
  222. A new wild pony! From Mount Roger,VA!?
  223. A Really Really Shy cat?
  224. 15lb yorkie at tampon HELP!?
  225. C&C cages - chinchilla?
  226. what type of cichlid can i put in a 20 gallon tank?
  227. can i use a hailea 5 gallon tank for salt water fish?
  228. snake dream help me please?
  229. What to feed my hatchling snapping turtles?
  230. My dog scared of harness and leash?
  231. Is the spaying process for a dog long and strenous?
  232. Should my dog have blood in his mouth because one of his molar teeth f
  233. my dog licked a sticky mouse pad catcher. Is it poisonous?
  234. My leopard gecko is limping and has a swollen leg, what could this be?
  235. is my cockatiel ok?!?! ?
  236. My fish seems to be floating a bit...?
  237. Why does my dog growl when someone tries to fight me?
  238. What color goes well with a dark bay horse?
  239. What should I name my two male turtle?
  240. Are there any other color cats that are predominantly male or female?
  241. Hermit Crabs....i need help, got answers?
  242. Hellppp Meeee Pleaassee :)?
  243. Good pet shelter in Sacramento?
  244. what is the difference between guinea pigs and hamsters?
  245. a parakeet playnest???
  246. building a kennel website, what else should we put?
  247. White face border collie, so many different opinions!?
  248. Problem with my kittens mouth! Help?
  249. why do jack russel tereiers have blood shot eyes?
  250. My dog's privates are swollen and red?