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  1. Cleaning out old rabbit cage?
  2. questions about my tank?
  3. What are your thoughts about a person becoming a member of the ASPCA?
  4. How do I control her from doing this?
  5. Should we bring back the dog licence in the UK and how much per year?
  6. Rat tips:answer the following.?
  7. Is My Fish In Labour.?
  8. After my puppy gets fixed, will the potty training be a lot easier?
  9. How can I train my bulldog to do tricks?
  10. Why did my small dog tense up and whimper in pain when I lifted him of
  11. i have a koi that is 3" long?
  12. My hammy Nibby is PICKY! why? EASY POINTS!?
  13. My cat drank out of my sister's cup and she didn't know, so she's been
  14. One of my puppies has a weird convulsion thing..?
  15. How Could I Get My Jack -russell Terrier To Eat Dog Food; He Is A Stra
  16. What are some good dog names?
  17. Is it okay to let our new puppy sleep with us?
  18. which Rhodesian Ridgeback would you rather have?
  19. I have a 6 yr old Weimaraner who has had aspiration pneumonia several
  20. can i put my young males betta together (read more)?
  21. When will my dog stop peeing inside from her UTI?
  22. I've been noticing that overnight my cat is losing his fur around his
  23. Cichlid Identification? HELP!?
  24. How many years of school is needed for becoming a Veterinarian?
  25. My cat went missing, what else can I do?
  26. Should I get a Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier?
  27. In your opinion, do you think that "fat dogs/cats" is animal cruelty?
  28. Just got a new cat, how do I help the old one adjust?
  29. 2 year old dog?......?
  30. How many of you have been to your local animal shelter?
  31. setting up a new red eye frog enclosure?
  32. can i feed my freshwater mussels finley crushed algae wafers?
  33. How many Dobermans are in Washington state?
  34. a stray cat was in my boyfriends house a few weeks ago?
  35. SeaMonkeys ?................................................. .........
  36. how long it takes between cat pregnacies?
  37. I really need an answer bad so please help quick!?
  38. Is commercial "90 second" brown rice safe to give birds?
  39. question about temperature?
  40. 55 gallon freshwater setup?
  41. where are wild brineshrimp found?
  42. My Dog Wont Eat Human Or Tin Dog Food / Will Only Eat Dog Biscuits?
  43. what should i do with my kittens tonight 1)have them as house pets or
  44. What degrees celcius should my incubator be for chook eggs?
  45. How do i get my cat to like me?
  46. Do cats get angry when you give away their kittens? If so what are the
  47. Is it safe for my plescotumus to suck on my aquarium heater.?
  48. where can i find a cheap toy or mini poodle in az?
  49. My new puppy of three months looks like he is bald?
  50. what kind of algae eating snails should i buy that won't multiply rapi
  51. Are pets protected from cold temperatures in cargo of plane?
  52. help! she's giving birth right now.?
  53. Dos anyonehave horsie bf??? Maybe ride english?
  54. Can i catch a disease from my hamster??
  55. Regarding Malamute eyes?
  56. rat had baby's after purchasing?
  57. My dog has bumps on her tongue... what are they?
  58. Swollen eyes, and swollen throat? Green Iguana?
  59. Peeewww! Best way to get a doggy smell out of a winter jacket?
  60. I think my cat is pregnant...?
  61. what plants can i have in my reptiles enclosure!?
  62. Will leaving the light on scare Rats?
  63. I feel so bad for my dog...?
  64. what are some good tips?
  65. my dog is 8 months old and has not gone into heat yet is something wro
  66. My neighbors cat brought me a mouse?
  67. Does anyone else agree with me?
  68. Cat wont leave fish tank filter alone?
  69. Betadine For A Snake?
  70. Why is my kitten throwing up and doing diarrhea at the same time?
  71. Hand stripping a Mini Schnauzer coat?
  72. Painted turtles not eating suddenly?
  73. How long should i keep my cats separate?
  74. my puppy keeps making these noises it's like she wants to cough someth
  75. how old does a male dog have to be to be bred?
  76. Should I breed my dog? ?
  77. Caught Rabbit Breathing Fast?
  78. Are puppy hiccups normal?
  79. Advise for getting a mini pot bellied pig?!!?
  80. How Much To Feed A Horse?
  81. i need help with a baby rudis chameleon?
  82. How do I raise newborn Pit Bulls less than a week old that have no mot
  83. Shiba Puppy behaves differently around husband and wife?
  84. We have a frog that just moved into our backyard pond, it looks like i
  85. How big do hermit crabs get? ?
  86. how to get rid of honey bee nest in the building celings. they r six b
  87. What dog breeds physically resemble Pit Bulls?
  88. why is my puppy so trained?
  89. i have 3" long flower horn, but how can i know its Male / female?
  90. My dog had a heartworm treatment on Monday..?
  91. is my kitten agressive or just playing?????
  92. need help for metamorphosising axoltl.?
  93. I Have A Game For You!!!!!!!!!!?
  94. Why does my cat nibble on my toes while I sleep?
  95. Why do puppies twitch in their sleep? ?
  96. Wouldn't it be cool if scientists were able to make miniature dolphins
  97. How do I get My Sheltie's coat looking healthy?
  98. is your wife like your eggs?
  99. hi hope some one could help me.i have a chow puppies. and one of them
  100. Can we catch our cat's worms?
  101. what can i name my new kitten?
  102. What is the best dog food for my dog that has dry flaky skin?
  103. What's the best way to bathe cats?
  104. I want a peruvian guinea pig, where can I get one?
  105. Is it ok for 8 month old pup to lick his master when she trys to give
  106. how to convince my parents to get another pet?
  107. I would like to convert my 20g freshwater tank to sand substrate. Wher
  108. Help choosing a cat name... what do you think of these?
  109. Now that my Siamese cat is one years old should I continue to give him
  110. How much water/liquid should a puppy/dog consume in a day?
  111. Will Cats One Day Evolve And Take Over The World?
  112. rabbit problems?pls help!?
  113. Where can I find a pure bred cairn terrier?
  114. A Puppy Question Plzzzzzzzz Answer Yo!?
  115. Animal welfare in latin america.?
  116. How do I found out the livestock laws for Connecticut?
  117. Help with breeding cories!!!?
  118. where can i purchase percorten for my dog inexpensively? ?
  119. What Kind Of Pseudotropheus would be best for me?
  120. How do Northern Cardinals breathe?
  121. is it weird to bite my homies?
  122. How can I keep my cat out of the christmas tree?
  123. does this make me a bad person?
  124. what does it mean? snake attacking someone on my dream..?
  125. Cat cold...Has anyone had experience with this?
  126. Need name for 2nd male puppy?
  127. what are some of the smallest sized mute swans ever recorded?
  128. wat does it mean when fish are spawning? Can anyone help me with breed
  129. My Papillon just broke her leg, and she had surgery yesterday...?
  130. I have 2 Rosella's that aint breeding and they are at breeding age.?
  131. Will a platy that gave birth one month ago give birth agains soon?
  132. Can you Put any other birds with eastern rosella's?
  133. I just bought a new type of cat food?
  134. How do I keep my cat out of the window sill?
  135. Trying to decide between 3 dog names...?
  136. Why would my kitten urinate and poop outside her litterbox?
  137. My koi has gill rot, What should I do?
  138. How do you breed mice?
  139. Is it usal for princess parrots or grass parrots to lay their eggs on
  140. tell me what you think about my plants/fish idea for my 55 gallon!!!?
  141. How will I catch my hamster...?
  142. Hamster = sick (sneezing/coughing)? :(?
  143. Is my 10 gallon fishtank setup overstocked?
  144. What vaccinations do cats need?
  145. Rabbit not pooping after spay?
  146. Horse toes out - how big of a potential problem is it?
  147. How can I stop my cat from tearing up the furniture?
  148. my rat is well passed his time, and in process of dying.?
  149. is this cage big enough for two juvenile chinese water dragons?
  150. I've learned that there are several breeds of "Pit" Bull terriers. So
  151. German Shepherd Pictures and Names?
  152. My cat is climbing the Christmas Tree? Any thoughts on how to stop thi
  153. are peacocks considered wild animals?
  154. My cat is a freaking nightmare! Help!?
  155. Dog house plz help!!!!?
  156. My Budgie hurt his foot?
  157. I was wondering if it is ok to leave the actnic blue light on in a ree
  158. Help Me!! Please!!!!!!!!!!?
  159. What animal shelters are in Singapore?
  160. Baby Red Eared Sliders?
  161. Is a muzzle a good idea ?
  162. What is wrong with my cat. Her face is starting to...?
  163. whats wrong with my dog?
  164. Why are some dogs afraid of aluminum cans?
  166. Trying to decide between 3 dog names...?
  167. I have a 7 week almost 8 week old lab need little help?
  168. Is there something wrong with an animal hater? ?
  169. Any ideas or reccomendations for a 55 gallon tank?!?
  170. how do iknow if our geman shepard is a pure breed?
  171. Why do dogs do this - OMG need help?
  172. Dog had high fever and had a seizure. 26 Hours later...?
  173. My mollie just had about two hundred babies? What do i do?!?
  174. What do you love about your pet???...check out Princess's Profile :)?
  175. Is it bad that I get more upset when a dog dies than when a person die
  176. My dog was diagnosed with HGE -- now what?
  177. Baby un-neutered buck + Baby un-spayed doe = ?
  178. African Dwarf Frog Care?
  179. Why wont my dog stay off the couch?
  180. i would like to get a dog can you give me some advice or information o
  181. I have a 11 month old red-nose pit bull. I noticed that he walks like
  182. Has anyone ever heard of American Purebred Association or APA?
  183. Traveling on a plane with my cat. ?
  184. Dog in severe pain.. perhaps broken rib?
  185. What kinds of pets do college dorms usually allow to keep?
  186. Names for my 7 guppies!!!!! EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!?
  187. What is a reasonable price for a Border Collie puppy?
  188. Were can i buy a Rhinoceros Iguana online or in a store ?
  189. Why does my cat keep stretching her back legs alot?
  190. Is our u.s government doing anything about animal testing?
  191. How do I build up my confidence?
  192. What is wrong with my cat. Her face is starting to...?
  193. Why did my fish commit suicide!?!?!?
  194. is the german sheppard the right dog for me?
  195. How much dry food a day is best for a male cat?
  196. My dog will not eat or drink...?
  197. i have 1 hampster. should i buy another one to make them happier?
  198. Why do I get the urge to squeeze my cat?
  199. Can two male tomcats live under the one roof?
  200. is this a house training issue?
  201. My dog needs help!!!!!?
  202. what do you call a roosters crown?
  203. I need help with a cat that pees all over the house.?
  204. Does a Shetland Sheepdog bark at intruders?
  205. African Clawed Frog Tank all set up, but I have a question about filte
  206. what is the world's most dangerous snake called?
  207. i have a scorpion and i dont have a heating mat yet and the lamp im us
  208. will my baby leopard gecko be ok?
  209. Help my cat!!! Its an emergency!?
  210. can you tell me if this is fin rot?
  211. Can my cats get sick..?
  212. What do you need to start a rabbit farm?
  213. I really need your opinion here?
  214. IS this okay what I'm feeding my fish? BETTA!?
  215. Question to giant breed owner - Any male dogs experience medical probl
  216. Is the Jack Russell terrier dog the best dog on the planet or what?
  217. Guinea Pig problem-help please?
  218. Please help 10gal tank recommendations!?
  219. i'm looking for a minture horse?
  220. What should I do about my basset hounds bowl problems?
  221. I still need help on my fish problem!?
  222. My dog has a very strange habit?
  223. Do Cocker Spaniels or Beagles get stuff under their eyes?
  224. What do I do when I have a rat that often visits my car?
  225. is it ok for my cat to drink out of fish tanks?
  226. pet birds- what should I get?
  227. Why is my cat eating to much.?
  228. Aren't canned cat foods impractical?
  229. how do you tell the age of a hamster?
  230. I need some dog breed names ?
  231. Weird guy in the next building at my apartment complex was screaming a
  232. Can you explain the differences between all the dog anti-flea medicati
  233. My Cat is really a boy! can any one help me with some good names?
  234. Help! Puppy is still peeing in side the house!?
  235. How much money do you use to buy food for your German Shepherd?
  236. Please, I need information.?
  237. i have a female cockatiel and ?
  238. where can i buy feeder ghost shrimp online for a good price. thanks.?
  239. Live rock question concerning ick?
  240. How can I stop my female cat from urinating on things?
  241. How much exercise should I be giving my 3 month old boston? ?
  242. doberman has horrible really bad gas ?
  243. Are the automatically cleaning litter boxes worth the money?
  244. why did my OES dog started growling & barking at my son who just got h
  245. Beta turning white and bloating?
  246. are sib huskies great best friend dogs?
  247. i recently bought a pictus catfish and all he does is swim around the
  248. Can english girls be Cowgirls?
  249. Do guinea pigs make good pets?
  250. what should I pay someone to feed and water my cats and scoop their li