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  1. my dog LOST in tsunami. How to find him please? for god sakes i want to locate him?
  2. Will a dog grooming business hire me?
  3. My dog has discharge in one eye. I'm using a natural eye wash from the
  4. my pom has a big bare spot on her back since the last grooming was done the
  5. Would it hurt a dog to use ppl mouth wash?
  6. Our dog has pain after grooming?
  7. Can I just use corn starch to keep my dog's ears dry after washing them?
  8. hands itch after i wash my dog?
  9. Why is my dog grooming her toys?
  10. Will washing a pair of trousers with dog poo on at 60'c make it safe for me to...
  11. Is it possibly better to use a little bit of conditioner to wash a dog instead of...
  12. hi everyone we will be starting a pet grooming business in a yr or so in the L.A...
  13. Quick question about dog grooming, anyone?
  14. How old does your dog have to be to get groomed at Petsmart?
  15. Best dog grooming clippers for a Mini-Poodle?
  16. Ideas for a name for dog grooming shop?
  17. I need help with housing, I'm on Social security Disabilty and have a large dog.
  18. How often do you groom your dog?
  19. cheap pet grooming in montreal, Quebec?
  20. Do I tip pet groomer at Pet smart grooming department?
  21. grooming my dog, please help?
  22. Why does my dog groom so much?
  23. Are there any dog grooming places in San Francisco owned by Chinese people?
  24. Dog grooming question?
  25. How do i clip my dogs nails?
  26. Do you think that a groomer can thin out my cats fur ..It's so thick & she sheds...
  27. Suggestion for a good brush for a cat?
  28. What grooming equipment should I use to groom a non shedding dog?
  29. Should I bathe my dog daily?
  30. Dog grooming schools in BC?
  31. Is it fine to bathe a pregnant dog?
  32. what are some pet grooming places?
  33. How often should I wash my dog?
  34. Could washing a dogs tennis ball make it bad?
  35. How do they wash your dog at pet places?
  36. I just purchased a professional womans grooming salon do YOU like the name " Un-curl
  37. Clipped dog's nails and now it's bleeding?
  38. is petsmart a good location to get my dog groomed?
  39. Does your dog go bananas over freshly washed/warm blankets?
  40. Rule of thumb for frequency of washing dog linens?
  41. How to wash a dog?!?!?
  42. How do I trim My Dogs Nails With Human Clippers?
  43. Has anyone used Aussie Pet Mobile for their dog's grooming?
  44. Is it normal for a dog to wash and preen itself like a cat?
  45. my cat sheds alot is there anything i can do . there is hair every where?
  46. How often should I clip my indoor dog's nails?
  47. how often sould i wash my dog?
  48. stop cat from shedding?
  49. my dogs paws hurt after clipping?
  50. How many times should you wash your dog in a month?
  51. Best deshedding comb for dogs?
  52. how can I get my dog to let me wash her?
  53. What can I do to get my DOG's nails clipped?
  54. Is Wahl a good brand for pet clippers?
  55. I have a question about Pet Grooming?
  56. Dog show stroller/cart AND grooming table all-in-one, where can I find it?
  57. Bathing dogs in the winter?? Is it bad to do?
  58. can i bathe my dog in the shower with me?
  59. Dog grooming places in Danville CA? 10 POINTS FOR ANSWERING!?!?
  60. HOw to toliet train a dog you just found...?
  61. shedding cat 24/7 need help.?
  62. How to brush my short hair cats?
  63. Is there Dog Placenta in certain body washes?
  64. Standard Poodle banding/wrapping & grooming?
  65. How in the world do you brush a cat's teeth?
  66. My dogs nails are too long but she growls when we try to clip them?
  67. How to groom a blind dog?
  68. How to bathe a terrified dog....?
  69. How can I calm my dog down long enough to clip her nails?
  70. How to get dog pee off of a shirt you cant wash?
  71. Are there any Pet Grooming schools in Regina, SK?
  72. I went on pet finder to find a dog similar to my old one how does this puppy look to
  73. can you wash dog's feet with dawn?
  74. is it better to de-shed my dog before or after i bathe him?
  75. best grooming tools for dogs?
  76. Pet grooming vacuume tools?
  77. Is it bad to bathe a dog while they're in heat?
  78. pet grooming vacuume tools?
  79. does it make my dog potty when i wipe her butt with a warm wash cloth?
  80. I love cats with beautiful long fur but my boyfriend hates shedding?
  81. Do you think I will enjoy pet grooming school?
  82. TeaCup Poodle Grooming?
  83. Why my clean hand washed dishes smell like a wet dog?
  84. When should you start brushing your cat's teeth?
  85. Is it bad to wash a dog 4 times in 2 weeks?
  86. What's the best way to stop a dog from shrinking when you wash him?
  87. Can you do a records request to get a record of how many times a police dog false
  88. Homemade Eye Wash for Dogs?
  89. how do i register a dog i found to be mine?
  90. Do cats whiskers shed?
  91. Where can I buy a dog nail clipping guillotine thing? (i don't actually know
  92. Is it OK to bathe my dog once every 1-2 Weeks?
  93. What are some cats that DON'T shed?
  94. Does anyone know any good ways to remedy cat dandruff and shedding?
  95. how often to bathe a dog?
  96. I heard that omega 3 fish oil is good for shedding cats. Can I give them the human
  97. WOuld a mobile hair dresser or salon be better for me?
  98. Is there anything I can give my cat to help with her shedding?
  99. How to find a Hound dog?
  100. I saw a nail clipper or filer on TV (for dogs) and it is supposed to be...
  101. The music in Mameshiba (those japanese bean dog) clips? Link attached?
  102. Washing the dog joke hahaahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  103. Explain the key aspects of a dog’s behavior patterns during grooming and how to
  104. POLL: How can I wash my dog quickly...?
  105. How to wash my dog properly?
  106. How often should I be bathing my dogs?
  107. Are there any good emo/scene hair salons in Mobile, AL?
  108. i have a print of a painting its of a sad little girl and a dog im trying to
  109. Is it okay to wash your dog everyday?
  110. My dog smoke WEED to clip nails?
  111. Do dog groomers put big dogs and little dogs in the same kennel when after groomed?
  112. My cat doesnt cough up hairballs and he sheds allot! Should I be concerned?
  113. I want to start a pet grooming service, but how do I start?
  114. Is my dogs eating/bathing schedule ok?
  115. my dog keeps peeing on my washing machine in the night?
  116. Is it safe to wash your dogs bowls with hot water and bleach?
  117. How come there's a 9,400 yrs. old dog recently found, if the earth is 6,000
  118. do self groom places have kennels to hold a dog?
  119. What comes under the heading of 'grooming products'?
  120. will white knight spot and spray harm my dog after i washed it off the grass and
  121. i got my girl dog the snuggie for dogs can i wash it?
  122. Got my dogs nails clipped?
  123. help with "how to wash your dog"?
  124. Dog getting groomed causes redness and irritation around butt?
  125. Dog Grooming Courses in Berkshire?
  126. Your favorite Horse Grooming Products?
  127. One of my dogs keep getting runny eyes in a morning I bathe them with a
  128. is it safe to wash my dogs ear out with peroxide?
  129. Have you ever washed your dog in the bathtub?
  130. how often sould i use FURminator deShedding Tool on my dog to stop shedding...
  131. I want to start a pet grooming service, but how do I start?
  132. Excess Shedding of Coat - Cat?
  133. Dog groomers question : When you are grooming a head hanger how do you keep them...
  134. What's the best way to groom an old pet rat?
  135. I given opportunity to run nor operate a hello kitty pet grooming?
  136. Need tips on how to keep cats out of my shed?
  137. How to bathe my dog that bites and scratches?
  138. How long should I wait to bathe my dog after she has been fixed?
  139. When you bathe your dog, do you have any standing water in the tub?
  140. Best ways to minimize my cat's fluff shedding?
  141. Is it ok to keep cats in shed with outdoor run?
  142. How often do you bathe your dog?
  143. My dog is shaking and acting wierd after grooming !?
  144. How do i keep my dog from smelling inbetween grooming at the groomers?
  145. Dog Grooming- The hair cut?
  146. How do I groom my dog like a pro?
  147. what is a good slogan for a dog grooming business?
  148. any 1 know off any dog grooming courses in Glasgow, Scotland or near to this?
  149. grooming a puppy?
  150. Anyone uses the Pedipaws nail clipper for their dogs or any pet?
  151. Help! Please let me know how to find STUD dog for Giant schnoodle (standard poddle+
  152. Is it hard to clip dogs nails?? Do groomers clip, then file?? to make them perfecto?
  153. would it hurt a dog to cut their nails with human nail clippers?
  154. What is the best quick groom product for horses?
  155. Best pet hair clipper?
  156. What temperment do "Westies" have? Do they require specialized grooming, do
  157. Can a 14 year old get a summer job bathing dogs ?
  158. How can I get my dog to let me clip her nails?
  159. How to bathe a big dog?
  160. Where can I get a loan for a dog grooming school in Michigan?
  161. how can i groom my 2 month old poodle mix with bichon frise?
  162. Shih tzu hair help!! No professional grooming!
  163. what is the best place to groom your dog for cheap in lexington sc?
  164. Dog grooming school or grooming training via Petco?
  165. Should I groom this dog?
  166. When cats brush up against us, is it ONLY b/c they want to mark us w/their scents
  167. Grooming products for dogs?
  168. How to properly clip dog nails?
  169. Does anyone know of good dog grooming course in Scotland?
  170. How to hold down a dog to get its nails clipped?
  171. Is there a difference between the FURminator and the deshedding tool?
  172. There is a pregnant cat trying to get into my shed, should I let her in? It's...
  173. what can I use for my cat as she is inundated with fleas. I am constantly brushing...
  174. dog grooming courses in london?
  175. Can you sedate a dog to clip it's nails?
  176. My dogs nails/claws always bleed when I clip them, how can I stop them from bleeding?
  177. Has anyone done an online dog grooming school?
  178. PLACES BIG DOGS DO NOT BELONG - the nail spa?
  179. Which cat sheds the least?
  180. .......Clipping dog nails?
  181. Dog urine cleanup: Zero Odor or Triple Enzyme washing powder best?
  182. Which cats shed less and also can be alone without feeling sad, more independents?
  183. How am I ever going to find the perfect dog for my family?
  184. High quality grooming products?
  185. Deshedding shampoo?
  186. my cat is a long hair and i brush her weekly but she is getting seroiously matted?
  187. Tips and tricks for brushing a cat?
  188. are dog nail clippers essentially the same as cat nail clippers?
  189. why is my one dog growling at the other after they were groomed?
  190. Does anyone have any advice on where to go to school to become a dog groomer...
  191. .............Pet Grooming?
  192. How often do you bathe your dog?
  193. Poodle grooming - Money Eater?
  194. How much is the starting price for a 6lb dog to be groomed at Petco?
  195. Apprenticeship UK in dog grooming? how?
  196. Food allergy or allergic to grooming products?
  197. Which NY Dog Grooming School should I attend? NY School of Dog Grooming or...
  198. Is brushing a cat or dog's teeth just taking it bit too far?
  199. Are there any good online pet grooming schools and are they worth the money.?
  200. I am looking at starting a dog grooming business from home live in S.Australia
  201. My dog was hit by a car and has three legs. How can I keep him standing to bathe him?
  202. What is everybody's favorite grooming products?
  203. When grooming a Dog how do groomers judge/price the dog weight wise for a...
  204. Dog grooming school? Career?
  205. I have a dog which is a mutt, we love her. Now has her period, what happens? Also I
  206. Am i brushing my cats properly?
  207. How often to bathe a dog...?
  208. How do I convince my mom to find a new home for her dog?
  209. Where can you get a student loan for dog grooming school?
  210. What is the difference in electric pet clippers and human hair clippers?
  211. My pet duck has asked to be shaved for the upcoming summer weather. Should I use...
  212. Groomax Spa Dog Shampoo, Better product suggestions? EarthBath?
  213. Need a good nail clipper for a small dog.
  214. I want to start a "spa" for dogs?
  215. What are the best pet clippers to buy for clipping long haired cats?
  216. Thinking of going to grooming school but will I have time for dog shows?
  217. Do you know of any animal grooming schools that teach grooming for animals
  218. Brushing my cats teeth?
  219. Can I use my dog's nail clippers to trim my cat's claws?
  220. does anyone know of any dog grooming schools in the burbank, glendale, pasadena area?
  221. Dog Grooming: warm clippers?
  222. My cat's been shedding like crazy. Would getting him groomed by professionals do
  223. I have a long hair cat that I brush frequently sometimes the next day there is
  224. how can i wash the dogs bed?
  225. Lady Parts Poll: Do you have your grooming done by a professional or do you
  226. I want 2 be a dog groomer now but I'm only in middle school Help!?
  227. I'm fixing to go to school to become a dog groomer, and i need help on which
  228. What's the best nail clipper thing to cut your dogs nails?
  229. My dog does not like to have her nails clipped with any kind of doggy clippers?
  230. How to bathe a dog and keep them from jumping from the tub.?
  231. HELP! My dog will not let me clip his nail need help ASAP!?
  232. Any good Pet Grooming Games?
  233. I groomed my 10 week Toy Poodle and he looks bad HELP!!!?
  234. Damnit, i bathed my dog to the max with everything, she still has fleas and ticks...?
  235. how often do you need to bathe a dog?
  236. Question About Clipping Dog Nails?
  237. What would be a good name for a dog wash /dog walking?
  238. does the FURminator cat brush really work?
  239. How to wash a service dog vest?
  240. Tips for bathing my older dog?
  241. is it worth it to go to pet grooming school, or work my way into it?
  242. What do you think about the furminator deshedding tool?
  243. my big dog just always smells, doesn't matter if I bathe him that day he just has an
  244. how to get a loan for school-dog grooming school?
  245. my dogs havent gotten a bath in ages, and there nails havent been clipped and...
  246. I bought a dog bathing brush for my dog; is it safe to use?
  247. I just gave my dog a dip, how long do i have to wait to bathe her?
  248. Where can I download a sound clip of the drum beat thing in Courage the Cowardly Dog?
  249. What do I do if i have to groom a shih tzu who've not trained to be groomed
  250. Is AXE a good brand of grooming products?