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  1. Why does my dog always turn away when I try to take her picture?
  2. in this video which is cuter the cat or the deer?
  3. I think my cat, the one pictured, is lonely. He is 1 y/o and not NEUTERED. Hope to
  4. Does anyone have the pictures of Charles Barkeley with his two dogs?
  5. pictures of Lucifer the cat in cinderella?
  6. I need a picture of a red-ish cat.?
  7. So this is our first dog, what do you guys think (picture fixed)?
  8. music video lead singer is a girl with red hair and wearing white make-up song
  9. What should I name my fluffy white dog? (Pictures included)?
  10. What to expect from my new chihuahua/miniature picture puppy?
  11. Where can I find pictures of worms that you find in dogs poop?
  12. where can i find any good cat video?
  13. why does my cat do this(video)?
  14. Cat wiggles it's tongue video seizure video. Has anyone seen this on yahoo?
  15. Any picture of a Akita/shiba dog mix?
  16. What kind of dog is in this picture?
  17. What kind of dog is in this video?
  18. What kind of CUTE dog is this (picture included)?
  19. Red circe with dot in middle on dogs belly? pictures?
  20. For people who have seen the BME PAIN OLYMPICS video,do you think my cats reaction
  21. What type of dog is this? (Pictures Included)?
  22. Muslims, I have pictures of my beloved dead dog & Bamiyan Buddhas, will...
  23. I need videos to traing an adult dog to retrieve?
  24. what's the dog in the picture?
  25. What breed is my puppy? (Pictures Included)?
  26. Do you think this is one of the saddest videos ever? A cat tried so desperately to
  27. What can I do if I stumbled upon a dog fighting video on You tube?
  28. Anyone have some sad dog videos?
  29. Good Dog names? *Picture of the dog*?
  30. What Type Of Cat Is This (Picture Included)?
  31. I posted a picture of me pointing a gun at my kitty and everybody.....?
  32. what is the kine of cat lady gaga use in her Lady Gaga - Bad Romance here the
  33. What kind of dog is in this video?
  34. i need to know what this dog skin desiese is called i have pictures?
  35. erica painted a picture of her dog.the picture's area is 3,600 sq. cm. and is square?
  36. is there a video of people acting the play the power of the dog by ellen dryden?
  37. What is on my dogs head??? is it a cyst? omg help! picture inside?
  38. I need to upload a video of my dog on my laptop but idk how?
  39. pictures of adoptive cats in indiana?
  40. What are these round red circles on my dogs feet? Pictures Attached!?
  41. My dog is breaking out in hives! Pictures included! HELP!!!!!?
  42. Is it illegal to post pictures of a dissected cat? If so, why?
  43. does anybody else's cats go crazy if they hear another cat meowing. like if...
  44. Picture of a Yorkie with a Puppy Cut...?
  45. have you ever took a picture for your cat like this?
  46. Was it rude of me to borrow someone's puppy in the park for this picture ?
  47. What kind of dog is this? (Pictures)?
  48. video game where you dog fight in houses and you fight against other toy stuff.?
  49. whats the name of the video with meat on the grill and theres a hot dog named Oscar?
  50. DS: Post a recent picture of one of your dogs & tell us a bit about h/her?
  51. Can you tell me what's wrong with my dogs eyes? (pictures)?
  52. German shepherd puppy pictures to adults?
  53. What breed dog is this? (picture)?
  54. did anyone else see the video of the dog riding a turtle and think it was halarious?
  55. what dog breed is this? picture its a pure bred but i dont know what?
  56. What kind of cat do I have? (Pictures)?
  57. How to enter a picture of a cat in a calendar?
  58. Is there a website that just has pictures of cats?
  59. What kind of Dog or animal is this..! Picture included?
  60. Puppy Names? *Pictures of her*?
  61. How do you judge a dog trainer, what do you think of the statement in the video?
  62. Can someone send me a CLEAR picture of the shirt that Chris Evans wears in the
  63. What breeds of dog do I have? Picture!?
  64. What breed of dog? She is a brindle color and the pictures were taken
  65. I am looking for a picture of Sanne Van`t Stokerybos /Bernese mountain dog?
  66. What Breed Is My Cat? [Picture Included]?
  67. I need a picture of a light brown cat: can you please give me the link to one or
  68. Do you know what kind of dog this is (pictures)?
  69. Is that human-dog hybrid picture real or fake?
  70. What is wrong with this dog (picture included)?
  71. What do you think the cutest breed of puppy is?(Provide a picture with the breed)?
  72. Funny caption for a picture of a cat with a cigarette?
  73. I need a picture of a brown black and white cat that's layered like a wolf,
  74. Picture of 6 week old puppy in womb?
  75. What breed of dog was in the movie "Hazard of Hearts" (video provided)?
  76. What kind of Dog or animal is this..! Picture included?
  77. I found a very, Very skinny cat! [[pictures]]?
  78. Kenny Glenn cat abuse video?
  79. should a dog be able to do this (video included)?
  80. What do you think of this dog from the picture?
  81. What kind of cat is in this video?
  82. What breed is the dog in these videos?
  83. About my new griffon puppy{includes picture}?
  84. question about my cat (video included)?
  85. Does my cat look pregnant? [Pictures included]?
  86. Dog - Rabbit Hybrid, anyone seen the video?
  87. What breed of dog? (Pictures)?
  88. For Sale Pioneer DJM-2000 DJ Mixer for $1800USD,Pioneer CDJ-2000 for $1300USD
  89. i am looking for George Carlin fanatics , what special does he explain the cat and
  90. My dog's nail is split (picture)?
  91. what breed is this cat(pictures)?
  92. is it wrong to video tape your cat getting put down?
  93. What breed of dog is this in this video?
  94. I'm looking to adopt this dog, and I have a few questions! (picture included)?
  95. What genes do you think this dog has from looking at the pictures provided?
  96. What type of dog do you have? Pictures.?
  97. What kind of dog is this? (picture included)?
  98. For cat lovers only...Isn't this an awesomely funny video?
  99. What kind of dog is this in the picture?
  100. Can you guess what breed these dogs are? I'm confused. Are there 2 different...
  101. How to pint a picture of a cat?
  102. Can you answer in pictures - Dog Edition?
  103. Who's the cat on the cover of Warriors book#2 or the first series, and has...
  104. can you name this puppy i have a picture to help?
  105. what breed do you think my dog is? (pictures) I see Belgian shepherd...?
  106. can dogs see the picture on a tv?
  107. Can Dogs play video games?
  108. does anyone know what kinda dog the dog in my picture is?
  109. What kind of dog is in this picture?
  110. Lump on dogs neck-picture. Please help.?
  111. Dog breed in Justin Bieber video?
  112. There was a music video back in the 80's that had mummies walking dogs. Who was the
  113. What about those Muslims that have pictures or dogs in them?
  114. What kind of dog do I have? Pictures included!! :]?
  115. Do you keep pictures of a dog you used to have?
  116. what kind of dog is this in the video!??!?
  117. hand swabbing nude pictures finger prints random searches drug tests dogs up my
  118. Abused Cat video on Youtube. Is this curable?
  119. What breed is my cat? pictures included?
  120. Dog breed in Justin Bieber video?
  121. can you show me a picture of healthy gums in puppies?
  122. Does any one have a clue to what my dog has? Picture included.?
  123. i need help finding a cute puppy name! PICTURES INSIDE!?
  124. how to you put words on pictures like the funny cat ones?
  125. Is the Chinese video of the dogs and cats in crates being killed for fur legit?
  126. Dog lovers, do you take a lot of pictures of your dogs?
  127. What should i name my puppy pictures included?
  128. My daughter added a cartoon picture of a boy and a dog. It shows up
  129. What should i name my new puppy? (pictures)?
  130. Could this be the cutest puppy picture ever?
  131. This has gotta be the Stupidest/Funny 25sec Cat video ever! Haha:)?
  132. What type of dog should I get...send pictures if you can. :)?
  133. Which picture of a kitten or puppy do you think is better?
  134. What do you think of this dog for showing?! (pictures)?
  135. Need help finding a picture of this dog?
  136. clear perspex,i have a stray cat coming in,scratching wallpaper side of door?
  137. What breed do you think my cat is? (Picture?)?
  138. i found a picture of this dog what kind of dog is it?pic in detail?
  139. Where can i download videos of stray cats and dogs?
  140. My girlfriend cut me out of a picture of her and her dog for her main myspace...
  141. What kind of dog is Chopper? Anyone have a guess? Pictures: http://bit.ly/bcR3EG?
  142. How would I go about fixing the eyes of my dog in this picture (flash has...
  143. URL to a really big picture of hello kitty?
  144. What picture of my dog do you like better?
  145. What kind of dog was this? (No picture, just a description!)?
  146. What is a good Warrior cat video plot or theme?
  147. Can you tell me what type of breed my dog is - with picture?
  148. What is the cutest puppy/dog or puppy/dog picture you can find?
  149. spiritually speaking, why does everybody have a cat picture set?
  150. Spiritually speaking, Why does everybody have a cat picture set?
  151. What type of breed is my dog with picture?
  152. What should I name my puppy? (picture included)?
  153. Is it stupid that i put up some pictures of me and my dog on fb?
  154. The music video with the cats ... released a few years ago?
  155. What's the name of the old school rap band that made a weird video-clip where they...
  156. how do i stop my 6 month old cat tearing wallpaper off my wall :-(?
  157. Where can i find really cute puppies online with pictures?
  158. Why is there so many funny cat videos on youtube?
  159. what is the dog breed on animal planets video puppies 101 its white tan...
  160. What is my dog's mom a mix of? (Pictures)?
  161. are my cats the right Weight, pictures included...?
  162. How do I get rid of this avatar and insert a picture of my dog as many of you have?
  163. Which friends episode is the one where pheobes smelly cat song gets turned into a...
  164. Help Finding Pictures From The Anime Black Cat?
  165. What was the recording company with the picture of the dog at the microphone?
  166. Anyone have picture of dog that looks like snoopy?
  167. Is hello kitty a kitten? are there pictures? is there a hello kitty dress?
  168. Which music video has more shots of dogs in it? Snoop Dogg or 'Who Let the Dogs
  169. Who are these video girls in Snoop Dog and Dr Dre vid 'Still Dre' ?
  170. What kind of dog is this? ( Video included )?
  171. What breed of dog is this? *picture*?
  172. Does anyone remember what the funny flash video was called where a blue oval-shaped
  173. Pictures of cute wolf puppies?
  174. My dog has a rash over his eye.... what is it? Is there a website I can go to
  175. puppy names? HELP! picture!?
  176. How big will my puppy be when he is fully grown (picture included)?
  177. Why are dogs eyes green in pictures but peoples are red?
  178. What kind of dog is this? I need the real answer! (if you can tell by picture)?
  179. Can I see a picture of your kitty? (Cutest/funniest wins the points!)?
  180. What is this puppy mixed with (pictures included)?
  181. (Picture included) What dog breed does this look like?
  182. Have you ever seen a Cat fight off a Bear? Well watch this video!?
  183. What type of breed is my dog? (Picture included)?
  184. What is the rave song in this video? (LSD cat)?
  185. Where can I find a purse that you could put your dogs picture in?
  186. How to get the hair from Janet Jacksons video Black Cat?
  187. This video scared my cat! Would it scares yours?
  188. Does anyone know this dog breed? Here is the picture:
  189. where can i download a free video of dogs in a pound?
  190. Help?! I need advice about getting my senior picture with my dog.?
  191. My Tonkinese cat's nose is pink spotty (picture included) any ideas?
  192. What should I name my new puppy? Pictures Included !?
  193. My cat is 6months old and is a handful.He likes to jump on high dressers and
  194. Can you please help me make my funny cat video become viral?
  195. how much would you pay for my puppy? (pictures)?
  196. Please tell me what is the second song in the you tube video (not who let the...
  197. Is there any video on youtube that can beat Keyboard cat?
  198. can anyone help me find the breed of the dog in this picture?
  199. watch this video about my dog XD?
  200. Does my dog's stomach look unhealthy? (picture included)?
  201. Name for Male Golden Retriever Puppy! Pictures Included?
  202. what's the name of cat(maybe dog)'s sort on Lady GaGa's Bad Romance Music Video?
  203. should i throw my overweight & mean Cat into this machine ( VIDEO )?
  204. Is my cat sick? (some squeamish people may not want to look at these pictures)?
  205. Does anybody know from what site on the internet I can buy posters with dog's
  206. how do i see the video of a dog rescue that happened on the news about 20...
  207. What kind of dog is in this picture i really want one but don't know what its
  208. Any guesses at what kind of dog this is? (picture included)?
  209. Has any seen that youtube video sneaky ninja cat?
  210. Does anybody know what dog breed this is? Please Help. (pictures)?
  211. Who Likes My Dog? Picture Included.?
  212. Who plays the cat who sings in mr.mistoffolees in the musical CATS? VIDEO INCLUDED?
  213. How big do you think my 4 month old puppy will get? PiCTURES?
  214. want a smokey blue cat with blue eyes, any breed. what breed can you...
  215. What breed is this dog? (Picture included)?
  216. what is the name of that snoop dog video where a little boy has a snoop dog doll?
  217. What is this strange sore on my dog's leg? (Pictures included.)?
  218. Is it illegal for regular citizens to spy on me by constantly taking pictures
  219. Is anyone willing to sell this Forever 21 Hello Kitty sweater to me? *picture
  220. collie cross dog pictures?
  221. When you hear the words "Whose in the Dog House!" which of these breeds
  222. i have a picture of my dog on yahoo messenger and i want to know what kind you...
  223. fat cat in video game?
  224. What kind of dog is she besides the cutest? PICTURES!!?
  225. CRAZY CAT LADY POLL: Why don't you have a picture of your pet as an avatar...?
  226. Can a dog be trained to press different large buttons with different pictures...
  227. Does your dog do this too? :) Video Included?
  228. Who has a rescued dog and has a picture with name, age, breed?
  229. how do i find the old snl video "dog show"?
  230. Do you have a video of your dogs doing any activity such as heelwork to music etc?
  231. Can someone give me a picture of what my puppy will look like.?
  232. What kind of dog is this (picture) (easy 10 points)?
  233. Can you please link to really cute dog/puppy/wolf pictures?
  234. Are these two cats best friends? (video included_?
  235. anyone have a picture of the dogs umbilical scar?
  236. I want to see some Mixed dog Breeds....if you have a picture post it......?
  237. Flash animation music video about a bunny falling in love with a cat?
  238. What kind of dog is this? (pictures)?
  239. what is my cat trying to tell us? video posted?
  240. Could these dogs be pals if we adopt a second one? VIDEO?
  241. What kind of dog is this? Picture!?
  242. What type of dog is in this picture?
  243. What's wrong with my cat? (This time with pictures?)?
  244. Do you like funny cat videos?
  245. What kind of dog is in the chef michael's dog food commerical? (picture)?
  246. Where can I still buy the Forever 21 Hello Kitty Sweater (picture attached)?
  247. What's the cartoon video called where a girl leaves her dog and it waits for her...
  248. Cutest cat picture? 10 points?
  249. How do I teach my dog how to talk like the husky in this video?
  250. Is there any Beagle in this dog? Bigger picture?