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  1. I have been looking for a small adult dog to adopt. I have see quite a few
  2. can I sue someone for taking my purebred dog to a shelter?
  3. Pros and cons of adopting 3 month old puppy or a two year old dog? Both
  4. Do a lot of animal shelters prevent people living in apartments from adopting
  5. Adopting a shelter dog experience?
  6. Shelter dog or lab puppy?
  7. Is the Whitehouse Shelter Mutt named BO for Barack Obama or Beau for Sgt Bird-dog?
  8. Nervous about shelter dog?
  9. What should I do about my neighbor who chains his dog outside without shelter from
  10. should i get a dog from animal shelter?
  11. What are some good dog/animal shelters near Orange County, California?
  12. dog dog was pregnant they killed the puppies from the shelter without permission?
  13. Do I return my dog to animal control or take him to a different shelter?
  14. Adopt a dog that has been returned to the shelter?
  15. Would an animal shelter just let me play with the dogs?
  16. How much does it cost for one day for a shelter to keep a dog?
  17. Should I adopt a senior shelter dog or a puppy, given my situation?
  18. Song about stray/shelter dog?
  19. A shelter cat has a tumor?
  20. Do animal shelters take in cats?
  21. What would be a reason a person would be refused a dog by a shelter?
  22. my fav cat died cat shelter I loved cooper a lot and cat died heart problem.?
  23. How to get an outdoor cat to use a outdoor shelter?
  24. What size dogs do animal shelters have?
  25. Newly adopted shelter cat won't stop licking me, how do I get him to lay off?
  26. (URGENT) Can I Give Up My Sick Dog To A Local Animal Shelter? (URGENT)?
  27. I need a no kill dog shelter for my beautiful pitbul is there one in chicago?
  28. Should I get my mother a cat to keep her company in her sheltered accommodation?
  29. question do you know of any good dog shelters that would have puppies to young dogs?
  30. I want to get my moms dog put in a shelter?
  31. Need a name for my new dog. Picked him out of an animal shelter.?
  32. 5 month old puppy from dog shelter can I still take him to get his shots?
  33. Recently adopted dog showing signs of aggression, how long do I give him before
  34. Do you call the shelter first before going to adopt a dog?
  35. Returning a cat to a shelter?
  36. How long does can a dog stay in a shelter before it is euthanized?
  37. Really worried about my shelter dog?
  38. Do animal shelters have calico cats?
  39. Do animal shelters have calico cats?
  40. How often do shelters get Calico cats? & Do they even have them?
  41. I'm not begging or pleading for a dog. i have been on all the shelter sites
  42. How do I get my shelter cat to live outdoors?
  43. Male dogs are $20 cheaper at the animal shelter?
  44. Will a shelter let me have a dog?
  45. How much money would it cost if I get a dog from a shelter like a Labrador
  46. recently brought home a dog from a shelter.?
  47. I need two cats (feral) from where I use to live to the animal shelter. How do I...
  48. Should I adopt a shelter dog, or buy from a breeder?
  49. Is having children a negative when filling out an adoption form for a dog...
  50. Should I adopt an adult dog from a shelter?(Detail)?
  51. Shelter dog seems depressed?
  52. Elderly sick dog lleft at animal shelter?
  53. Can humans bring home Dog sickness from animal shelters?
  54. Should I adopt a dog from a shelter?
  55. Will "my" dogs at the shelter remember me after about 3-4 months?
  56. How to Convince my mom to not take my dog to a shelter?
  57. How to Convince my mom to not take my dog to a shelter?
  58. I got this little guy from the shelter and he looks awe fully like a Bengal
  59. are there any animal shelters in nyc that I can take my 3 cats to?
  60. I want to recue another dog from a city or county shelter?
  61. Should I take my dog back to the shelter?
  62. where do you go to adopt a dog from a kill shelter online?
  63. Should we take our dog back to the shelter?
  64. Give back a shelter dog after a bite?
  65. How much does it cost to euthanize a dog at a shelter?
  66. I called the animal shelter, because of a neglected dog, but everything is
  67. What kind of dog breed is this? It's a mix, she's from the animal shelter.?
  68. my Dog is microchipped but through the animal shelter I adopted her from.?
  69. How can I convince my mum to get a shelter cat?
  70. How do i give a cat to a shelter?
  71. How can I get a stray feral cat to use a shelter?
  72. I have this animal shelter for cats and we need more visitors?
  73. Is it safe to adopt a dog from a lower-class shelter?
  74. there has been a stray cat,i have been feeding it,calling shelters to take him he...
  75. Dog section - if you got your dog(s) from the shelter, can you answer this?
  76. Why are shelter dogs so expensive and such a pain to get?
  77. Adopted an adult shelter dog..,lots of problems.?
  78. why can't we charge owners who put their dogs in a shelter?
  79. Any shelters willing to take in a stray cat?
  80. Weird connection with shelter dog?
  81. adopting cat from shelter, and I have young kids?
  82. How to help two shy female cats at the animal shelter?
  83. Getting my cat back from the shelter?
  84. Why do some hybrid car owners, shelter dog owners and vegans/vegetarians?
  85. Purebred dogs from a shelter?
  86. How to stop my mom from giving away my cat to a shelter?
  87. Housetraining a shelter dog-not a puppy?
  88. How can I get a stray feral cat to use a shelter?
  89. Can I get my cat back from the animal shelter?
  90. What to look for in a shelter dog?
  91. I am adopting this dog from a shelter, I believe he is a husky or Alaskan malamute?
  92. Getting my cat back from the shelter?
  93. Can my homeowners association legally ban dogs in our complex?
  94. I wanta munchkin cat how much are they and where can I get them near...
  95. How to stop my mom from giving away my cat to a shelter?
  96. Adopting a dog from a shelter - just as prone to health problems as irresponsibly
  97. Can my homeowners association legally ban dogs in our complex?
  98. Why is my cat adopted from shelter aggressive with kids when they said the cat...
  99. How often do animal shelters get new cats & dogs?
  100. Can my homeowners association legally ban dogs in our complex?
  101. How to convince my parents to allow me to adopt a shelter dog?
  102. Shelter for dogs who bite?
  103. Never owned a pet before, but want to adopt a dog from the shelter.?
  104. The total number of cats and dogs at the shelter is 125. There are 5 more cats...
  105. My parents don't wanna take the stray dog to the animal shelter to see if he has...
  106. I went to the shelter to adopt the dog i wanted and right when I got there ,...
  107. Can a foreigner adopt a shelter dog or volunteer for an animal shelter?
  108. Are there any animal shelters in New England where if you foster dogs they will pay
  109. My cat came out of the shelter with rhinotracheitis. Why arent they...
  110. What are the Steps In Adopting a Dog/Puppy from the Shelter?
  111. Am i a bad person if i return my dog back to the shelter?
  112. Are shelter dogs more likely to be aggressive?
  113. Am i a bad person if i return my dog back to the shelter?
  114. Is there a proportion of male to female dogs in shelters/rescues?
  115. dog shelter vs dog kennel whats the difference?
  116. Name of movie about former shelter dog protect children's hospital from thieves?
  117. My dog bit my mother, the took it to the shelter. What happens it there?
  118. Should I adopt a stray cat from the "to be destroyed list" at the shelter?
  119. About 3 months ago we adopted a dog from a shelter. He had been hit by a
  120. Is there a place that neuters/spays dogs for a cheaper price? Do shelters...
  121. My dog needs company during the day, and I want to save a shelter animal!?
  122. I want to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  123. Condo association wants to evict me because of dog?
  124. What to do when a shelter refuses to take a neglected dog?
  125. Should I give my dog to a no kill shelter?
  126. If my dog was lost , someone who found her took her to a shelter and she was...
  127. Why do people call the shelter when they see a bad dog owner?
  128. How can I get story out to news people about shelter dog?
  129. Can you adopt a cat from the shelter and keep it outside to chase mice?
  130. how to foster a dog from a shelter?
  131. Can the animal shelter neuter my dog without my permission?
  132. Is there help out there for homeless woman who is about to lose her dog in...
  133. Shelter or cat rescue decision?
  134. Can I teach a former stray/shelter dog impulse control regarding food ?
  135. Is this a crazy charity idea? Could this save dogs from kill shelters and help
  136. I want to adopt a cat from the animal shelter but I have no idea how to
  137. My dog is in a shelter how much will they charge?
  138. I signed off my dog to the shelter?
  139. DS: Do you think it's ridiculous for people to get a dog from a rescue or
  140. DS: Strictly dog speaking, how are puppy mill dogs/BYB dogs different than...
  141. How to keep a dog shelter running?
  142. Puppy or shelter dog?
  143. Are some dogs in UK animal shelters more or less likely to be adopted than others?
  144. are there any dog shelters in albuquerque new mexico that let 13 year olds volunteer?
  145. Do you think $200 is a lot for an animal shelter to charge to adopt a dog?
  146. Dog Shelter/Adoption Centers in El Cajon?
  147. Lost dog ! with collar should i call the shelter?
  148. Cat exposed to uri, shelter question?
  149. Picking up my first shelter cat tomorrow!?
  150. What Does it Mean When Shelters Say Certain Dogs Need to be the Only Dog in...
  151. Help? adopted shelter cat. she is too big?
  152. Best dog shelter in Arizona?
  153. Has Anyone Attempted to Make a Winter Feral Cat Shelter?
  154. dog at shelter too hyper/independent?
  155. Cat Shelter with crazy uri problems?
  156. Cat cage. like the ones in the shelter?
  157. Should I get the shelter dog or the dog on the classifieds?
  158. What should I do about aggressive, new cat; feel bad about taking him to the shelter?
  159. re home cat without shelter?
  160. My new shelter dog does not eat her dry or wet food.?
  161. What do dog shelters ask your landlord?
  162. Would calling my local PetSmart to find a safe shelter for two cats be okay?
  163. Is it difficult to find a pet in a shelter that isn't a dog or a cat?
  164. Will dog shelters deliver a dog?
  165. Adopting an older dog from an animal shelter?
  166. Returning a dog to the animal shelter?
  167. Shelter for fe-leukemia cats?
  168. How to get stray cats into shelters, and how often do they need...
  169. we have a rescue cat. Siamese. She was so lovable at the shelter so we adopted her.?
  170. Should I let my neighbor keep her cats or call the local shelter to come and
  171. Local animal shelter stole my dog and won't give her back.?
  172. I adopted a new dog from the shelter but she wont play with me?
  173. Ae there any dog shelters in Buckinghamshire/MK/Bedfordshire?
  174. Why do dog shelters want a vet reference?
  175. my dog is sick after coming from the shelter?
  176. DS: Would you put your dog in a shelter?
  177. Why are dogs euthenized in animal shelter?
  178. My new cat from the shelter?
  179. 4month old shelter cat afraid of litter box?
  180. How can i start a fundraiser to start a dog shelter?
  181. I handled a cat at the shelter with ringworms. What should do?
  182. If I take my cat the shelter?
  183. Gave cat to shelter and he came back home?!?
  184. I asked my local shelter for a black cat and they said no?
  185. my apartment is saying they can let the shelter in and take away my dog?
  186. Puppy vs a shelter dog?
  187. Would it be best for me to return my dog to the shelter?
  188. Do you think that this animal shelter is overpricing their dogs?
  189. How much are dogs from shelters?
  190. Change Dog's Breed on Shelter Papers?
  191. Will a shelter allow me to adopt a dog?
  192. How to up a dog shelter?
  193. What are the percentage of the animals at the shelter are cats?
  194. My dog from animal shelter is prejudice?
  195. Does any one know of dog dog shelters in Bedfordshire, MK or Luton?
  196. My dog is at the shelter and I don't have a license for her or rabies certificate?
  197. Should I have to give my new sweetheart back to mama cat at the shelter? TN
  198. No-kill animal shelters near 46526 (for a dog)?
  199. 1/2 Alpha Dog - adopted from shelter?
  200. How many dogs can I adopt from a California shelter?
  201. giving my dog up to a shelter?
  202. My parents own two big dogs, i want to get a small dog from the shelter?
  203. What percentage of dogs are put to sleep each year at animal shelters?
  204. Well being of shelter dogs when taken from one environment to another?
  205. To save a cat i would need to declaw him. He is at a shelter, hes been
  206. My cat is dying and I have absolutely no money to go to a vet or shelter. What do I
  207. Should I give my dog back to the shelter?
  208. Is it better to take a stray cat to an animal shelter or animal hospital?
  209. Should I take my adopted dog back to shelter?
  210. Will the shelter take my dog away?
  211. Should I adopt a shelter/stray dog or a pure bred ones? :c?
  212. Can I rename a shelter dog?
  213. What does "HOLD" mean at the cat and dog kennels/ shelter?
  214. Will shelters take bags of dog food if the bottom of the bag is wet/would it be
  215. My dad is putting my cat in a shelter because hes allergic to flees?
  216. Shelter Cat meows like crazy?
  217. why wont my animal shelter treat a dog they have for its heartworms until its
  218. Is this price too much for a shelter dog?
  219. Adopted sick shelter dog?
  220. What is your advice for starting a cat shelter in New Jersey?
  221. I scraped the dead cat because the animal shelter didn't do any action?
  222. Getting a shelter dog and experience with nervous/aggressive dogs?
  223. How would I go about volunteering for work at a dog shelter?
  224. Can I adopt an adult shelter dog even if I have a bird?
  225. My shelter dog is throwing up unknown objects?
  226. If I take my dog to a shelter, would they put him to sleep?
  227. My cat is sad after I surrendered her at the animal shelter?
  228. What does it take to a dog rescue center/ shelter?
  229. Does anyone know of a shelter that has sphynx cats on the East Coast?
  230. How do i chose a dog in the animal shelter?
  231. I made an dog shelter on suvivailcraft any of you want to go on it here is the ip?
  232. My animal shelter labeled my dog as, pit bull. is there a way to legally have
  233. what is the difference from adopting a cat from Petsmart and adopting one from a...
  234. Adopting my first dog at a shelter?
  235. an out door cat went to the shelter after one week she lost wait and
  236. No kill shelter for cats?
  237. Is it wrong to adopt a dog from the animal shelter, kill it, cook it and eat it?
  238. I need to find a shelter for my dog...?
  239. what is the name of the movie where kids that rods bikes save dogs from an animal...
  240. If I go to adopt a dog I took to the shelter, do I have to pay?
  241. Long Island shelters for stray cats?
  242. my mom took the neighborhood cat i was feeding to the city shelter-I was just...
  243. Are cats at the animal shelter spayed and neutered already?
  244. should i take my cat back to the shelter?
  245. I have to surrender my dog to a shelter?
  246. Boarding my shelter dog?
  247. Would an animal shelter be able to get another dog from another shelter . . .?
  248. For everyone one dog brought from a breed one in a shelter dies?
  249. Just adopeted a shelter dog and hes scared..pls read and hellppp?
  250. What are the chances my dog will get adopted from the shelter?