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  1. My dog was spayed at a shelter-- do her stitches look infected?
  2. My poor cat died and now the shelter will not allow me to adopt another one?
  3. Infected shelter dogs and puppies.....?
  4. Does it cost money to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  5. Can I leave the cats litter tray outside (sheltered of course)?
  6. getting a shelter/rescue dog?
  7. Interview Questions for Cat Shelter?
  8. do cat shelters take stuffed animals as donations?
  9. How I can I find out who adopted my dog from the animal shelter in Mesquite, NV?
  10. what will my dog need on the way home from the shelter? the drive will be
  11. can i give my dog to the shelter even if it is sick?
  12. My neighbor has a 13 year old cat that they do not take care of, will a...
  13. Dog Section: People never look in shelters, why is that?
  14. I had to put my beloved cat to sleep yesterday. He was sick when I adopted him from
  15. I have two questions....About shelters and dogs and stuff...Plz help?
  16. Medical issues I should expect from a shelter cat?
  17. how many dogs are killed every day in shelters in america?
  18. What type of dog do you think this is? The shelter said some type of Sheltie Mix?
  19. House-breaking a shelter dog?
  20. Petsmart shows dogs from shelters right?
  21. dogs from the shelter?
  22. Best way to help shelter dog get over her skittishness?
  23. How do I let this go? About a dog at the shelter?
  24. has anyone had experience housebreaking a 3 yr old shelter dog?
  25. How do you tame elusive stray cats who found shelter in your storage room?
  26. A dog from an animal shelter?
  27. what is a good no-kill shelter for cats?
  28. Can you volunteer to just walk dogs at a shelter?
  29. How can I teach a new shelter cat to cover his poop when he uses litter box? It
  30. What is a reputable animal shelter you would suggest to adopt a dog?
  31. What is a reputable animal shelter in New Jersey you would suggest to adopt a dog.?
  32. How can I house-train my 1-year old shelter dog?
  33. Are the cats at the animal shelters vaccinated?
  34. Is it legal to trap my neighbor's cats and bring them to a shelter?
  35. How can I convince my mom to take this cat to the animal shelter?
  36. Can I volunteer as a dog walker at a shelter?
  37. I want to get a cat from the RSPCA shelter. Any Advice?
  38. do you have to pay for dogs that come out of shelters???or are they free because
  39. Are there any other dog rescues shelters in pa other than the humane society...
  40. Who is responsible for the dogs being euthanized in shelters?
  41. How can I help dogs in shelters?
  42. the animal shelter i volunteer at has great conditions for cats but the dogs are...
  43. do you have to be of a certen age to adopt a cat from a shelter?
  44. where can i volunteer to walk dogs at an animal shelter?
  45. Adult shelter dog suffering from separation anxiety aggression towards other dogs?
  46. Dog rescue/shelter people?
  47. My parents are planning on sending my cats to a shelter?
  48. Help Please! My dad wants to give up my cat.. i need excuses to not take him
  49. What are the chances of passing something from shelter dogs to dogs you have at home?
  50. Does it really matter that Obama chose a purebred rather than a shelter dog?
  51. Adopting a senior cat from a shelter?
  52. Is it wrong to get a dog from the animal shelter if I live In an Apartment
  53. If you take a dog into a shelter and you lie about owning him to get medical
  54. What can I do to help dogs and cats in danger of being put to sleep in shelters?
  55. how do you best choose a shelter dog as a pet?
  56. Dog Section: Regarding your breed's availability in shelters/rescues, and...
  57. I just sheltered a dog? Never had a dog before.. please help?
  58. Where in northern California can you walk dogs for free at a shelter?
  59. Why do cats rescued from shelters have nearly an 80% more likelihood of...
  60. What breeds of dogs do most shelters have?
  61. do dogs at the shelter scare you?
  62. Should you really have to be 21 to adopt a dog from an animal shelter?
  63. I left my dog at a shelter because im going on vacation, and i terribly miss her?
  64. Does anyone know of a dog shelter in England?
  65. I really need help! Its about cats and pounds/shelters!?
  66. Do dog shelters carry puppies?
  67. Have you seen a dog tied up with no shelter?
  68. Can you file discrimination/profiling charges or sue against an Condo
  69. I found a little 3-4 pound girl chihuahua at the shelter. Would this be a good
  70. My daughter adopted a shelter cat?
  71. Our dog her name is Lucky needs a new home. Is there an animal shelter...
  72. do dog shelters really need donations?
  73. Best dog for this situation? (No shelter suggestions just breeds)?
  74. Where is a good pet shelter to adopt a dog?
  75. Why should I adopt a shelter dog as opposed to a breeder dog? Aren't they...
  76. Sooo my friend got a cat from the cat shelter and he needs advice?
  77. What would a shelter do with a pedigree dog?
  78. Do you know of an organisation or shelter in East London that fosters out
  79. dog shelters in sheffield ... details...?
  80. Hypothetically, if there were no dogs in shelters?
  81. What can I do for this cat? No shelters are until Tuesday! (a little long
  82. My dog was given a bordettello shot and put on clavomox because he was in a shelter.?
  83. Why are shelter dogs so expensive?
  84. is getting a dog from the shelter for a first time dog bad?
  85. Is an animal shelter another word for dog pound?
  86. Can I stop Animal Shelter to spay a pregnant cat that I am ready to adopt?
  87. Is there a way to help all the dogs that are in shelters?
  88. Shelter dogs nails. Is it too late?
  89. Can I use a dog house as a shelter for ducks and chickens? ( photos)?
  90. My cat scratched me across my face numerous times. Should I declaw to save him
  91. I bought my dog about 3 months ago, from a animal shelter, i've tryed 5
  92. Can anyone tell me what kind of dog I adopted at a shelter? Shes 6 weeks old I...
  93. I have a pregnant cat that someone left behind. I cannot find a shelter...
  94. How do I get the cat to stop??? Please help, he will end up in a shelter soon...?
  95. I just got a cat she is 10. She had lived in a shelter for about 7 years....
  96. Why Are People Doing Ads About Dogs And There Shelter And Being Abused Or
  97. Shelter dog waiting,Need Instant Tax Return help?
  98. how much is a dog at a shelter?
  99. Rabbit vs. 75 lbs. dog association problem... lately the dog has been attacking...
  100. shelter dog or pet store puppy?
  101. i know that this might sound stupid ,but how to adopt a dog from a dog shelter??? ?
  102. Would a shelter let me adopt a dog if I tell them I dont take the one I
  103. how much will a shelter dog cost??
  104. We adopted 2 cats from the shelter...fighting.?
  105. Dog section: Labradors and shelters...?
  106. How do I start a cat shelter?
  107. People near san fransisco: Where are some shelters for dogs?
  108. Websites with dog shelters?
  109. Why am i a bad person if i get my dog from somewhere other than a shelter?
  110. What are the requirements for adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter?
  111. what happends to dogs after they are dead in the shelter?
  112. Do you think I should get a kitten or a cat that's in a shelter?
  113. how long until you can take home a dog from the shelter and how much is a...
  114. Dogs from shelters are good option?
  115. what is a good site to find a shelter dog to adopt?
  116. Adopted a dog from shelter, what kind of mix do you think she is?
  117. Shelters i can adopt a dog for free?
  118. Shelter dogs????????????????????????
  119. looking to find out if www.helpsaveone.org is a real shelters for dogs and where
  120. I posted this earlier about shelter dogs??????
  121. How should I set my shelter up for my dogs?
  122. My dog was given a bordettello shot and put on clavomox because he was in a shelter.?
  123. Cat from shelter, scratching problem?
  124. Obama's dog: How many of you believe Obama should adopt a stray from the shelter?
  125. I Recently Adopted A Shelter Dog And Have A Few Questions (Sorry this is long)?
  126. how do i get rid of my dog (pound, shelter, i don't know)?
  127. Has anyone rescued a dog destined to be put down by a shelter because of being...
  128. do animal shelters have a lot of dogs?
  129. How can I get my dog back from a shelter?
  130. Aggressive behavior from my two shelter dogs?
  131. male cat 3 years maybe, vomits a liquid tinged with lite red color....
  132. my cat was recently saved from animal shelter. i feed him a good portion,once...
  133. how can i talk my parents into letting me adopt a dog from the shelter?
  134. Why didn't Jon and Kate adopt a dog from an animal shelter?
  135. Dog breeds in shelters - UK?
  136. Does anyone know anything about ACA (American Canine Association)
  137. Why so many more cats than dogs in shelters and euthanized?
  138. How to build a no-kill stray dog shelter with only a few resources?
  139. Is there a website that provides information on types of dogs in shelters...
  140. Unapproachable cats at the animal shelter?
  141. I volunteered to photograph the adoptable cats at the animal shelter for...
  142. Why so many more cats than dogs in shelters and euthanized?
  143. Need help finding home/no-kill shelter for lovable, stray, pit mix dog in Georgia.?
  144. Why so many more cats than dogs in shelters and euthanized?
  145. Name for youth newsletter at cat rescue shelter?
  146. Should the Animal Shelter pay for my Deceased dog?
  147. Pros and Cons of adopting a dog from a shelter.....what are they?
  148. Got a dog from the shelter and I'm 8 weeks pregnant..?
  149. My roomate hates my dog and while i was out she put him in a shelter...
  150. what are the requirements to adopt a cat/kitten form a shelter?
  151. friends dog ranaway-showed up at shelter by us. could it be her.? please read!?
  152. What are the name and location of some dog rescue shelters near 92571?
  153. Are veterinarians too busy to run a dog shelter?
  154. How do I go about starting a dog walk to raise money for shelters?
  155. Am I eligible to adopt a shelter dog or do I have to buy one?
  156. We received a bunch of new dogs in our shelter. What do you think they are mixed
  157. where are some dog shelters?
  158. Tips to get new shelter dog to pee.?
  159. What is a good dog shelter I could get a puppy from?
  160. House training a young shelter dog.?
  161. Where is an animal (dog) shelter in Orlando, FL that have yorkies?
  162. I'm raising a dog-rescue shelter in Brazil. Would people from the rest of
  163. Is it OK to rename a cat I got from a shelter?
  164. Can I ask county animal shelter to check up on the dog?
  165. Why get a dog from a breeder and not a shelter?
  166. Is it best to get a dog from a shelter or breeder?
  167. Aggressive shelter dog, biter?
  168. My dog is at the animal shelter. =(?
  169. Tomorrow is the big day plz help me get ready for it....it is my cats last...
  170. question about dog shelter?
  171. My Shelter Dog Coming Home?
  172. Question about kittens/cats, animal shelters, overgrowing cat population
  173. Which job would be the best for having a dog shelter?
  174. Is it true NO-KILL shelters will still ship off pregnant cats to be killed...
  175. What is the cause of all the dogs in shelters?
  176. Why is Obama getting a pedigree dog when there are tons of cuddly mutts dying...
  177. How do shelters dispose of all the poor innocent dogs and cats they have to
  178. How would I get this dog from the shelter/foster home?
  179. If I take my cat to the shelter will they kill him?
  180. Databases for shelter dogs?
  181. Help we just adopted a new 1yr old cat from the shelter and he does not want to eat.?
  182. I just adopted a 1yr old female shelter cat about three days ago. She has...
  183. should dogs in the shelter be put down when there is no more room in the shelter?
  184. Do you wanna help a shelter dog?
  185. if u adopt a dog from a local animal shelter or a spca, do u have to pay in cash or
  186. saved a dog from a HK animal shelter, she is pregnant, feeling strong...
  187. Elderly dog / shelter cat. Do you have any advice?
  188. Getting a dog from a shelter...?
  189. Can I take these dogs to a shelter myself?
  190. Is it better to get a dog from a shelter or a breeder?
  191. My dog bubba is at the animal shelter what should i do?
  192. How much do dogs from the shelter usually cost?
  193. When Obama said, most shelter dogs are Muts like me why didn't YA block...
  194. i adopted a dog from the shelter on dec 24 08 my dog now has an extremely large...
  195. how much are dogs from the shelter?
  196. What should I wear to volunteer at an animal shelter for cats?
  197. Should dogs and cats be uthenized at the shelter?
  198. My son broke out in hives because we brought a dog home from the shelter....
  199. Adopted sick dog...blame shelter?
  200. We adopted a dog from the shelter and her formers owners said she was fine left...
  201. Has anyone else been to an animal shelter that wouldn't let you look at all
  202. Can anyone help with a biting dog rescued from a shelter?
  203. Whenever I go to a animal shelter, I run screaming from the larger dogs barking...
  204. ? about getting a dog from a shelter?
  205. How can I get my dog back from a shelter?
  206. The Obama's dog, should they go to a shelter?
  207. For anyone that has sponsored a dog, or volunteered at a shelter / rescue..?
  208. can u check out this poem about a dog at a humane shelter ?
  209. When the animal shelter says a dog is going to be euthanized on a
  210. How much does an average dog cost at the shelter?
  211. Would someone who doesn't believe in declawing rather a person take their
  212. Shelter Dog Name , **** IMAGES ****?
  213. Would a shelter dog already be used to being crated all day?
  214. Last time :) How to keep 2 dogs at home from fighting. Please help don't want to
  215. How do you keep 2 dogs at home from fighting??? Please help... don't want...
  216. i need a dog shelter?
  217. Brought Home Sneezing Shelter Cat, Now My dog Sneezing Too. Should I go to the vet?
  218. Why are dogs from shelters recommended by more people?
  219. How to stop feeling guilty over returning dog to shelter?
  220. Are There Any Shelters That Babysit Dogs ?
  221. how to adopt a cat from a shelter if your a tween?
  222. Is getting a posh, designer dog bad when there are tons of shelter dogs out there?
  223. Why do shelters have significantly more female cats than male cats?
  224. Anyone heard of the Traditional Cat Association?
  225. How old do you have to be to walk dogs at a rescue shelter?
  226. Give a dog to the animal shelter.?
  227. I have a few questions about dog shelters?
  228. I want to get a shelter dog, but how do I get the right one?
  229. Im getting a dog from shelter what breed is best for me?
  230. What do people have against shelter dogs?
  231. Our shelter dog just bit my daughter around her rib cage...?
  232. Can I trust what an animal shelter tells me about their adoptable cats?
  233. have you ever given up your dog to someone else or a shelter?
  234. what is a good dog breed? and shelter or breeder?
  235. can shelters have purebred dogs?
  236. What have to aggressivee dogs that owners give up to animal shelters?
  237. Name for a new cat shelter?
  238. Adopted Dog not spayed by Shelter Question?
  239. Should i get a cat from a shelter or pet store?
  240. People who think a dog should be sent to a shelter when owner can't afford treatment?
  241. I want to adopt a puppy/dog from the shelter?
  242. What does it mean to foster a dog shelter?
  243. Might have to take a cat to the kill shelter, what else can I do?
  244. adopt a helpless dog at the shelter ...?
  245. Shelter dogs..........?
  246. How much does a shelter pay to feed a dog?
  247. I need to raise money for my dog shelter, Any ideas??? ?
  248. If someone returns a dog to a shelter, can they ever adopt from them again?
  249. Cat breeding...I adopted three siblings from a shelter.?
  250. Have you ever taken a dog or cat to an animal shelter?