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  1. Do people in the dog section care about the other animals in shelters?
  2. What should I add on to my shelter cats name to make it a little different?
  3. Will nay shelters let you foster and then adopt a dog?
  4. I have two female cats that are spayed I am looking into saving another cat from
  5. are there any shelter or rescue organizations in the US for Savannah cats?
  6. what cat is better???? from petsmart or animal shelter?
  7. When your cat goes into heat& loses cuteness, is it ok to let her free...
  8. I think my dog from the shelter broke its leg at one point?
  9. i want to buy a dog. But not from a shelter. What pet Store sells dogs?
  10. How bad are the foods at the shelters and humane societies for cat and dogs?
  11. A new dog for me.Maybe you can help.I want to get a shelter dog this spring.I am...
  12. Why do dog shelters favor rich people?
  13. can some ppl plz give me sit for puppy shelters or dogs thanks?
  14. ok i bought two dogs at the animal shelter plz help?
  15. I wanna build a cat shelter but need a plan..?
  16. If your dog was in a shelter, would it get adopted/bought?
  17. Dogs at shelter- guess?
  18. I have some questions about dogs and shelter for dogs ..........?????
  19. My dog was taken to the shelter for his bad behavior. How can he be toned down so
  20. do you know any adoption shelter for puppies/dog?
  21. Dogs at shelter question.?
  22. Volunteering at a dog shelter in the hollywood area?
  23. I want to volunteer at a dog shelter......?
  24. Should we adopt another rescue dog, or foster for the shelter?
  25. I cracked the ceiling on my wooden shelter and a cat popped out....how long will...
  26. is it better to get a dog at a breeder or at a shelter? (school project)?
  27. Dog Shelter- Puppies?
  28. What is the fee to pick up your lost dog from an animal shelter?
  29. Advice for new owner of shelter dog?
  30. Am i a horrible person for giving my cat to the local animal shelter?
  31. Whats a good fundraiser for a dog shelter?
  32. Dog Shelter question.?
  33. I want to buy a cat from a shelter?
  34. How does this sound to write to my animal shelter i adopted my dog from?
  35. How can I help my shy dog I just rescued from the shelter?
  36. Save dog from shelter?
  37. My new shelter cat seems to have problems with Rat Ulcers and fluid build up in leg?
  38. Shelter price for adoption- Dog type?
  39. Can you have shelters for one breed of dog only?
  40. Why do some people assume all shelter dogs are "sickly"?
  41. Is it true that cats don't forget abuse or just ? I was at a shelter recently
  42. I really want to help save shelter dogs! What can I do to help the cause?
  43. I bought a dog at a shelter that is declawed is that normal?
  44. Do you have a shelter/rescue dog?
  45. Why do people buy cats from pet stores when theres thousands of pet shelters!?
  46. I just picked up a 2yr old cat from the shelter and he is mega slow and uninterested?
  47. Can you swap dogs at the dog shelter?
  48. Do Alaskan Malamute Dog Need Cool Shelter?
  49. If I don't leave my dog outside for long do I need a dog house or shelter for him?
  50. My Korean neighbor goes to the animal shelter twice a week, he gets new dog
  51. Would an animal shelter turn away a family with a young child if looking for a
  52. My new dog, what should I do? Shelter dog or Puppy?
  53. New cat from shelter,will she get used to things?
  54. Can anyone give me a name of a loving shelter for a street dog in Bangkok?
  55. my do is about 4 years old...so not a puppy....she is a shelter dog and
  56. does it cost money to take a stray dog the the shelter?
  57. So I bought an insulated, wooden shelter for the feral cats -- should I put a
  58. Cat and Dog Shelters?
  59. Help Training a Shelter Dog Who Won't Eat and Doesn't Mind Sleeping Where He Poops?
  60. When you want to adopt a cat what do you have to do (from a shelter)?
  61. the shelter said the dog i adopted likes cats,but she chases mine?any help
  62. What do you need to set up a dog shelter?
  63. Dog Shelter-German Shepherd?
  64. Dog Shelter Question?
  65. i really need to find a no kill animal shelter for my cat?
  66. How much does a dog cost at a rescue shelter?
  67. would you be able to find this breed of dog in a shelter....?
  68. How old do you have to be to buy a dog from a shelter?
  69. How difficult is it to adopt a dog or cat from a shelter?
  70. garage shelter for a visiting dog?
  71. help with finding a no-kill pet shelter for cat?
  72. I'm walking dogs at my local shelter..?
  73. where can i find a shelter in orlando,fl to give away my cat?
  74. If it is discovered and confirmed that your dog is retarded, would you
  75. Can't find a Home for Cats! What would you do shelter or euthanize?
  76. Taking shelter dog back home in the car?
  77. My cat got sick after I started volunteering at animal shelter?
  78. Bringing new dog home from the shelter, what to do?
  79. Rescue/shelter employees what reasons do people give you when handing in dogs?
  80. Cat Shelters and Suggestions?
  81. We need to rehome three cats. We don't wanna take them to our shelter,bc
  82. Should I get a cat or kitten from the shelter?
  83. How to convince mother to let us foster a dog from a shelter?
  84. are animal shelters scary places for cats?
  85. Dog pounds? Cat Shelters?
  86. When you adopt a dog from a shelter, is there anything you need to be wary of?
  87. Potty training a shelter dog.?
  88. Should I take the dog back to the shelter?
  89. Do shelters allow you to adopt more that one dog?
  90. Getting cat from shelter or breeder?
  91. Are there associations with ghosts and cats?
  92. i found a dog, gave him to the shelter but i want him back!?
  93. I would like to fix my retriever an outdoor shelter this winter. Anyone
  94. Should I bring home my rescued 2yr old dog right after treated for ringworm
  95. My cat won't shut up? About to take him to shelter,help?
  96. What can I do (specifically) to enrich the lives of shelter cats, reduce their
  97. Anyone know of any kill shelters sites where I can search for a dog to...
  98. Neutering a dog before taking it home from a shelter?
  99. Who else is fed up of the way these animal shelters kill dogs because
  100. If a cat smells a little in the shelter, will they still smell when we
  101. Moms: If your kid really wanted a dog from the shelter for christmas what...
  102. Hi guys whats a good dog shelter in fl?
  103. Cat Fanciers Association Show - Champion Information?
  104. Can my local shelter be wrong about my breed of dog (pics included)?
  105. Homeless female cat outside door,I feed her,I have 3 cats, should I adopt
  106. Maltese or shelter dog?
  107. Cost to adopt a dog from this shelter?
  108. what shelter can i take my dog to ?
  109. Petition to prosecute employees responsible for intentionally starving dogs in the
  110. How to adopt a cat from millstream animal shelter Manchester?
  111. How early can they kill a dog that comes to the shelter?
  112. Where dd you get your dog? Did you get him/her from a shelter?
  113. i have difficulty taking care of my dog and i can't find a new home or...
  114. Does my shelter dog has issues or dangerous issues?
  115. A lot of people tell me they wouldn't adopt a dog from a shelter because they...
  116. what dog shelters are there in wales uk or that will adopt to there?
  117. Do All Petsmart Cats Come From Shelters?
  118. How are shelter cat's euthanized?
  119. Shelter dog questions?
  120. Which Shelter cat would you get?
  121. Any Like Minded People Who Want To Help Canine Charities & Dog Rescue Shelters
  122. How to help stray cats in winter? Shelter, food, etc?
  123. I found a stray dog if i take her to the shelter will they be able to tell
  124. Adopted a dog from the shelter and he wont eat?
  125. How is the adopotion process at a local shelter to adopt a dog?
  126. Is it wrong to give my dog to a non kill shelter or rescue?
  127. What good dog shelters are there to volunteer at?
  128. Question about a cat at the shelter?
  129. WHY do people always say take a cat to the animal shelter?
  130. Holiday season for shelter dogs, how will you help?
  131. i have been to my local shelter and cant find a dog there any ideas where...
  132. I have 20 cats, up to 20 straw bales, need to make a winter shelter for them?
  133. Is it against the law to abandon a cat at an animal shelter?
  134. I got my male cat fixed at the county shelter, and now he won't stop sneezing?
  135. Dog from a Shelter or Rescue?
  136. Why didn't the Obamas adopt their dog from a shelter?
  137. i adoped a pitbull from the shelter and he killed one of my cats. any help...
  138. How to know shelter cat is healthy?
  139. Why are there so many Pomeranians in dog shelters?
  140. Does anyone know a "no kill" cat shelter in NYC?
  141. Should shelters be labeling dogs that are obviously Pit Bulls as other breeds?
  142. What are some good dog shelters I can volunteer at?
  143. what do shelters do with all those bodies of the euthanized cats and dogs ?
  144. Have you ever taken your dog to the shelter only to change your mind and take him
  145. Why do so many people make new dogs when there is so many poor, homeless dogs...
  146. when at the shelter did you find your cat right away?
  147. I just adopted a dog from a shelter i have some questions!?
  148. Is rescuing a dog from a bad owner the same as rescuing them from a shelter?
  149. i get black colored dog from shelter and now everyone tells me to return it
  150. Socializing a shelter dog properly?
  151. I am looking into getting a 2-3 year old dog from a shelter. What should be
  152. Fell in love with a Shelter cat but Dad says no?
  153. What is the best cat association to join if you want to buy a kitten with plans to
  154. what kind of dog is the best to et from a rescue shelter now?
  155. Can a wild/feral mother cat find her kittens if their shelter is disturbed...
  156. what are the benefits of shelter dog adoption FOR THE DOG/CAT?
  157. Why do people choose to buy purebred dogs instead of saving a shelter dog's life?
  158. Does anyone work or has worked for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association?
  159. i gave my cat to a shelter and i want to know where she is now, is there any way i...
  160. how to start a no kill dog shelter?
  161. How can you tell if a dog at the adoption shelter will be good?
  162. im getting a cat from a shelter?
  163. Older dog from a shelter wont pee outside.?
  164. Can I adopt a dog from an animal shelter out of my county?
  165. there is a stray cat family living in my backyard, i want to send them to a shelter
  166. Which one will be better? Giving up your cat to an animal shelter or
  167. Outdoor Cat Shelter? New England Weather?
  168. Neighbour turns cat over to the shelter?
  169. Cool names for a cat shelter?
  170. Adopted a female dog from local shelter. They spayed her before I brought her home.?
  171. Are there any dog shelters in the woodlands where kids can voulenteer?
  172. My dog BJ was quarrentined for ten days and the animal shelter accidentally
  173. How can I provide shelter for stray/feral cats in winter time?
  174. Where can I adopt a cat from a no kill shelter in North Orlando (Sanford)?
  175. Can you get fined for dropping a cat off at a shelter?
  176. Abandond cat- please no animal shelters?
  177. Can I give my cat to a pet shelter?
  178. Have you ever adopted a dog or cat from an animal shelter?
  179. Looking for a no-kill cat shelter in the midwest area for a declawed cat that
  180. Have you surrendered your cat(s) to a shelter before?
  181. do cat shelters allow trial runs?
  182. Kattepensioner.Does that mean cat shelter in danish?Or what?
  183. a mama cat had kittens under my house and the shelters are full. anyone know...
  184. Do you know of cat animal shelter in the midwestern U.S.?
  185. Survey...Declaw the cat or take it back to the shelter?
  186. Help, I don't want to have to return my cat to the animal shelter?
  187. Is it possible to find out who adopted a certain cat from a certain shelter?
  188. How much does an American Shorthair cat cost if you buy from a breeder?A shelter?
  189. What do you think of an animal shelter letting one of their elderly workers
  190. picked up my new cat from the shelter today?
  191. I am trying to find a no kill cat shelter?
  192. I believe in a No Kill Animal Shelter.. but what about the paralyzed cat...
  193. Royal Dutch Police Dog Association Certification?
  194. Dog bit child and I need to find a shelter or something within 10 days?
  195. Why are black male dogs the last to be adopted at shelters?
  196. I scared to get a shelter dog.?
  197. I need to find a shelter for my dog-Help?
  198. Does anyone know the number of dogs in animal shelter across Australia?
  199. How get dog to allow appeal from housing association?
  200. I HAVE TO MANY CATS WHAT TO I DO....no kill shelters?
  201. (Pic) Should I give this name to my shelter cat?
  202. How do I go about selecting a dog for adoption from a local shelter?
  203. I have to take my cat to the shelter tomorrow...?
  204. Need to find a new home for my dog but local shelter wants 100 dollars to take him?
  205. Is there a place for cats that need a home other than a shelter?
  206. What are the pros and cons of adopting a dog from a shelter?
  207. Questions Regarding A Shelter Dog (Lot to read)?
  208. Has anyone ever adopted a grey hound/whippet or any kind of ex racing dog
  209. Do all legal cat shelters give ALL their cats/kittens appropriate shots?
  210. Shelter /rescue volunteers, what is the worst excuse you have heard from an
  211. Shelters that will take in a cat that dont have fees.?
  212. Shelter dog never displayed aggression till now?
  213. How do i convince my mom i want a shelter dog now?
  214. hi my dog just died a couple of days ago and the grief is unimaginable I did go...
  215. I rescued a baby Blue Jay from my cat, and I can't return it to the nest....
  216. Does a dog humane society shelter kill the dogs if not adopted?
  217. Just out of curiousity, Why do people say that designer dogs are...
  218. Poll: Is euthanizing dogs in over crowded shelters right?
  219. How do I convince my mum to get a dog from the shelter?
  220. Where can I take care of an animal shelter cat or dog for a day?
  221. Can an animal shelter help someone find a dog that matches the person's
  222. Our own dog shelter any ideas of what are we going to need?
  223. I'm going to be working at a cat shelter, will this make my own cat dislike me?
  224. Bringing a shelter dog into my house with a Jack Russell?
  225. Wen dogs have been@ a shelter and been there for a long time and are goin 2 get
  226. I have a wonderful dog that I rescued from a shelter...?
  227. Dogs in shelters??? how many ?
  228. where can I find a dog shelter in fannin county?
  229. One of the early dog training associations set up in the USA pre-dates the APDT
  230. Im going to the shelter to pick out a cat...tips please :)?
  231. Should I take my daughter's cat to the shelter? Please advise!?
  232. I just adopted an abandoned gray tabby cat from an animal shelter, he is 7...
  233. Persuasive thing about adopting shelter cats?
  234. is getting a dog from a shelter a better option or not?
  235. Caring for dogs from shelters.?
  236. Any advice for ing a cat shelter?
  237. I want to adopt a shelter dog?
  238. how much does a young dog in the shelter costs?
  239. What is the chance of finding an Aussie dog in a shelter near Greenville, nc?
  240. i live in houston,tx i wanna adopt a dog at a animal shelter but where?
  241. What does it usually cost to adopt a cat from a no-kill shelter?
  242. Does anyone have any information on disabled cat shelters or how to help
  243. What is a good name for a cat shelter?
  244. Have you ever given up your dog to a shelter?
  245. no-kill shelter for my dog?
  246. What happens after you adopt a cat from a local Humane Society Shelter?
  247. What qualifications would i need to work in a dog shelter?
  248. is it possible to locate a dog you surrendered to a shelter, only 4 purpose
  249. No Kill Shelters and dogs waiting for years?
  250. Neighbor abandoned her cat. SPCLA, are they a no kill shelter?