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  1. are there any organizations that will help someone pay a medical bill for an
  2. why is it so wrong to buy dogs at a pet store i buy mine their its eassy
  3. Starting a safe dog place/shelter (Second Chances 4 me too)?
  4. How to adopt a disabled dog (i.e blind or deaf) from a shelter?
  5. I have a shelter puppy who who is only 2 months old pees who pees around my...
  6. How to make durable all weather outdoor feral cat shelters?
  7. is it just me or do animal shelters pull dog breeds out of a hat?
  8. Adopted a shelter cat 3 days ago... she hasn't come home since this morning..?
  9. How much are dogs in animal shelters?
  10. Dog shelter close to Des Plaines,IL?
  11. I have a dog and my mom might take it to the pound if we cant find a
  12. Shelter for cats, fenced in? an actual building?
  13. If everyone adopted dogs from shelters, what will happen to the unsold puppies
  14. My newly adopted, shelter dog, is doing great at housebreaking! However...?
  15. Can a dog who "possibly bites when scared" be adopted from a shelter?
  16. Do all pet shelters have theirs dogs neutered or spayed?
  17. My dog of 15 or 16 years died today at the vet, she was a daushound and chawawa mix
  18. Why are black dogs easily the least popular at dog pounds and shelters?
  19. How much is it to adopt a dog from Little Shelter Animal Rescue?
  20. Humane society animal shelter: Can we pay fees online and get dog
  21. Can the animal shelter i adopted my dog from take it back for any reason?
  22. Just brought new dog home, shelter said she had fleas. Now what?
  23. So is a shelter a great place to get your favorite dog breed from?
  24. Can't find a home for my dog, and I refuse to take her to any type of shelter.
  25. What no kill animal shelter can i take a dog that i found i tried to keep...
  26. Why do people push "adopting" from a shelter instead of getting a dog from a breeder?
  27. shelter dog.................?
  28. I have a cat, and every shelter i call says they have to kill it, What could i do...
  29. Does anyone know of any non termination shelters or organizations that take
  30. I want to take this stray cat to the shelter but my neighbor would be mad?
  31. Why do I cry when I see cats and dogs in animal shelters; does this happen to anyone
  32. How many dogs get killed in shelters?
  33. Someone took my cat to a shelter!!?
  34. Should I call an animal shelter or what should I do about this dog?
  35. is there any dog shelters in gloucestershire?
  36. Animal Shelter best for an aggressive dog?
  37. Questions about volunteering at a dog shelter?
  38. So I just got a Siberian Husky from a shelter, I am a first time dog owner, does...
  39. Should I forward this shelter dog message?
  40. what kind of dog is he? i got him at my local shelter :)?
  41. How can one home cats in a foreign city without animal shelters?
  42. Are alot of the cats in local Cat Shelters vicious/aggressive?
  43. Emergency evacuation shelter for my dog?
  44. Can I leAve unwanted pet dogs at any shelter?
  45. dog from shelter... one black nail?
  46. Can the shelter provide me with a cat like this?
  47. Why are there more mixed breed dogs in shelters than there are pure breeds?
  48. Ideas for shelter dog "adopt me" clothing?
  49. What animal shelter can I take my dog to?
  50. How old do you have to be to visit dogs at humane society/ animal shelter?
  51. 1st night with new shelter dog, destroyed his crate and has been crying for over...
  52. Does this shelter even care about their dogs?
  53. How long does it take for a shelter cat to really adjust to his new home?
  54. dog shelters in nyc???
  55. Dog animal shelter chances of..?
  56. cat attacked brother violently. should he now be returned to shelter?
  57. Do you have to adopt a dog at your LOCAL animal shelter?
  58. I am going to adopt a dog from animal shelter?
  59. do dog shelters neuder/spay? all there animals?
  60. Are there any no-kill shelters that will pick a cat up?
  61. I got a cat from the animal shelter, she was spayed.?
  62. Would it be worth it to breed the dogs or should I go to a shelter?
  63. Where can i find cheap prices on a dog without getting it from a shelter?
  64. What is the probability that a cat will be euthanizedd if put in a shelter?
  65. Would it be better to get a cat from a pet shop or the animal shelter?
  66. Convincing friend to get a shelter dog.?
  67. Dogs section: Do you think that first time dog owners should get their favorite
  68. Should my dog be returned to the shelter?
  69. How easy would it be to find a cat like this at a shelter?
  70. Can I rehome/give away a dog I adopted from a shelter?
  71. Question about dog shelters?
  72. how old do you have to be to volunteer at a dog shelter?
  73. Is it my fault my dog got put into animal shelter?
  74. so my cat had one kitten, and when i was volunteering at the shelter they gave me...
  75. Why is it every time anyone asks a question about a purebred cat people...
  76. Advice on adopting a cat from a kill shelter?
  77. is it hard to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  78. shelter dog growls at nothing?
  79. Shelter dogs vs puppies?
  80. How Do I Help Abandoned Cats Find Animal Shelters?
  81. Unprovoked growling from shelter dog?
  82. I just rescued a dog from the shelter I need some advice?
  83. How can I best take care of 29 dogs at an animal shelter?
  84. Why get a dog from a breeder instead of a shelter?
  85. I adopted an adult shelter dog would she need the DHLPP series as an adult...
  86. besides in rescue/adoption shelters, is it legal to have a cat in a cage?
  87. How much do animal shelters charge to neuter a dog?
  88. Are dogs free at the animal shelter?
  89. in what animal shelter can i find a lab-boxer mix dog, in sherman oaks, CA?
  90. How can I convince my dad to let me get a shelter dog?
  91. I got a new dog a couple weeks ago from a shelter, but I'm not sure what breed it is?
  92. Bringing home a shelter dog?
  93. Do anyone know any good dog shelters?
  94. I got my cat from a shelter 2 yrs. ago . she would go to anyone then, now she
  95. whats the difference from adopting a dog in the shelter or on the website?
  96. Could an animal shelter possibly hold my cat for a couple weeks until i can get...
  97. Our new adopted shelter dog won't eat?
  98. Removal of my 2nd dog from my townhouse by condo association. Failure to receive
  99. How many people who dump their dogs in shelters are aware there is a
  100. Why are we not encouraged to adopt children like we are dogs in shelters?
  101. ~ NO-KILL Shelters for cats?
  102. I am looking to adopt a dog from an animal shelter and I was wondering if you
  103. Getting a shelter dog vs a purebred rescue shelter?
  104. I need help finding a good dog breeder/shelter?
  105. Looking for loving cat rescue/shelter?
  106. What are some local dog shelters?
  107. So what dog breeds do you see the most in Shelters (to those who work there or...
  108. Amazing Dogs Town In Brazil In the city of Caxias do Sul lies a unique...
  109. Will the American Border Collie Association cancel my registration if i...
  110. i bet folks in local heartland Homeless shelters could naut out rap the masters...
  111. good animal shelter to give your dog to in New Jersey?
  112. Whould a shelter allow you to adopt a dog when you are not in their...
  113. We just got a dog yesterday at a local animal shelter but he is coughing really
  114. Returning a Shelter Dog?
  115. Should I keep my dog or return him to the shelter due to cost of vet bills?
  116. Cat shelters/Homes in Havant?
  117. I love love my dog. He's a hound mix from a shelter. How do I get him to stop...
  118. What kind of dog breed should I get..from a shelter or breeder?
  119. Are dog rescue shelters always a good thing?
  120. How can I become a foster Mom for a shelter dog?
  121. Would I be good enough to help out dogs in a animal shelter?
  122. dog/bone, chicken/egg, ball/bat.. what other word associations can you think
  123. I just got a dog from the shelter and she is scared of other people. I need help!?
  124. Why do some cats in the shelter don't want to get out of their cage isn't
  125. A cats shelter near Connecticut?
  126. I want to adopt a particular shelter dog, but I'm not sure how my parent's...
  127. Give dog back to shelter?
  128. Can you get your dog's shots done at a local animal shelter?
  129. Need help with a cat, or I have to bring him to the shelter!?
  130. Can a condo association really remove my dog because she is over 35 pounds?
  131. So Torn: Purebred vs. Shelter Dog?
  132. Do animal shelters in West Virginia have a lot of hunting dogs for adoption?
  133. Isolating cats in a shelter with URI?
  134. What's the best way to crate train an 8 month old shelter dog (terrier mix)?
  135. Will most shelters adopt to you, even though you have an unaltered show dog?
  136. looking good shelter for my cats?
  137. Is what I did in the shelter with the cats weird and would you really feel...
  138. How do I socialize the shy cats at the shelter and get them out of their cage?
  139. Adopting cats from a shelter- any tips?
  140. Dog Shelters??????????
  141. Why do animal shelters spay/neuter the dogs?
  142. If you had the means to a dog shelter would you rescue a specific breed...
  143. I recently adopted a dog out the shelter he is a terrier about 1 yrs old. I
  144. What is a strong loyal dog?Please help, going to the animal shelter tommorow?
  145. i need to known whitch states used gas in shelter to killed dogs or cats?
  146. I have to give up my dog, what is the process of a NO-KILL shelter? She does try
  147. help i need money for a dog in a shelter fast?
  148. Do shelters allow your dogs in there?
  149. Advice on adopting a dog from a shelter?
  150. A dog at my shelter isn't being adopted....?
  151. 15 years and wnat to work in a dog shelter, is it possible?
  152. Can someone tell me as much as they can about volunteering at an animal or dog...
  153. How do i get to get my mom to take me to the animal shelter and look at dog or
  154. Do dog shelter's take requests/ have waiting lists for certain breeds?
  155. How much will it cost to adopt a small dog or pup at the shelter?
  156. Wanting to adopt a dog from a kill shelter in IL please HELP?
  157. we just adopted a dog from a shelter and she is 7 months old a lab mix. she was
  158. new dog from shelter 3 issues -- need help please?
  159. how can i convince my parents to let me adopt a shelter dog?
  160. About adopting a dog from a shelter...?
  161. In general, how long can a dog stay at a shelter? If it's a "no-kill...
  162. Hello, I just got a 14mo. old Boxer from the animal shelter. And I am not
  163. Question about applying to adopt a cat from a shelter..?
  164. What kind of dog and cat breeds would you find at an animal shelter or would be
  165. should we take the dog back to shelter or not?
  166. How much should it be to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  167. What is a cute name for a dog shelter?
  168. Made my decision and picked a dog from the shelter over the one from the
  169. What to look for in a shelter dog?
  170. Does this cat I visit at the shelter like me?
  171. Help! I adopted a 8 mo old dog from a shelter, he won't crate train and he
  172. What to do in order to have cat's rescued and brought to a shelter?
  173. If you adopt a shelter dog, can you change the name?
  174. Should I adopt a dog from a shelter or a breeder?
  175. Where is a no-kill dog shelter in Orlando, FL?
  176. I adopted a new cat from a shelter?
  177. Do shelters take bags of dog food?
  178. About how much are animal shelter cats?
  179. Where can I find a No Kill cat shelter, or person to help rescue cat?
  180. new shelter dog is just aggressive with us :( need advice?
  181. NEW dog from shelter -- 3 issues & need help?
  182. Insulated cat shelter for outdoor cats?
  183. if your dog was taken to a shelter can you get it back?
  184. cat from shelter persian?
  185. Has anyone else had trouble adopting a dog from a shelter because he workers are...
  186. where can i find an adoption shelter in philadelphia where i can adopt a bull dog...
  187. north carolina used gas chamber on dogs at shelter how do you feel about this?
  188. How to start a dog shelter?
  189. should we take dog back to the shelter?
  190. what do you think of my sisters new shelter dog?
  191. very sweet dog in shelter about to be put down! needs home fast!!!!?
  192. Adopted a cat from a shelter, he has tapeworm, and needs to be dewormed. I...
  193. how do i get my mom to take me to the animal shelter to look at or buy a dog?
  194. I want to start a dog shelter for the behaviorally challenged dogs that would
  195. Question about adopting a dog from animal shelter...?
  196. we just got a dog from the shelter a jack russle terrior/min pin mix who
  197. How do I train a year old dog adopted from a shelter?
  198. What can I do to improve my relationship with this cat that I visit at the...
  199. NEW dog from shelter -- 3 issues & need help?
  200. will it be hard for a dog to get adopted at a shelter if she is about 4 yrs. old?
  201. Should I keep a stray cat or take it to a shelter?
  202. Experiences with shelter dogs?
  203. How should I act around shelter dogs/cats?
  204. I got a cat from the shelter about a week ago, and I need help litter box...
  205. Why would the shelter dog I just adopted not let me look at his teeth?
  206. Question for anyone here who has temporarily looked after/fostered a dog for a
  207. Adopting a dog from a shelter...scared of my parents reaction...?
  208. how do you find a dog a home without taking to a shelter?
  209. Pregnant shelter dogs?
  210. Constipation issues with Shelter Cat, food advice.?
  211. Should I take these peoples cats to a shelter?
  212. What happens to dogs/cats that are in shelters who don't get adopted?
  213. cat rescues, shelters and breeders? need help finding cat?
  214. HELP!!! Need help potty training my dog! If i don't get her potty trained she has...
  215. Any animal shelters in temecula or at least cat pounds!??!?
  216. How to convince your father to adopt a shelter dog?
  217. Will a dog breeder or dog shelter prevent you from getting a certain breed?
  218. what do you think about the statics an average of 135 cats and dogs being
  219. How do I leash train my shelter dog?
  220. I have a cat shelter and im wondering where is there no cat limit around the city...
  221. Are gas chambers still used today to put shelter dogs to sleep?
  222. These are the dogs available at the shelter I used to volunteer at. Which would
  223. Have new 7 mo. old dog from shelter. He will go outside, but refuses to come
  224. What to look for when adopting a shelter cat?
  225. I got a new cat from the shelter and I think he might be deaf?
  226. My dog dose one more thing wronge and off to the shelter what do i do!!!!!?
  227. DS: How do you feel about shelters advertising their dogs using "designer" names?
  228. How old do you have to be to be a dog walker or volunteer at a dog shelter?
  229. Has anyone ever raised a deaf dog? i am considering getting one from a shelter
  230. How much do shelter dogs cost?
  231. Whats the average amount of dogs and pups that get put down in kill
  232. Getting a dog from a trusted breeder, not a shelter.?
  233. Is it possible to "test" a dog before you adopt it from a shelter?
  234. How can I convince parents to get another dog, but from a shelter?
  235. How should I ask shelters if I can take pictures of the cats for them?
  236. Dog shelter volunteer work any help?
  237. how would you approach a stressed cat in a carrier at an animal shelter?
  238. We just got a dog from a shelter and whenever he sees a man he starts...
  239. Having Problems Finding A Dog In A Shelter....?
  240. I am considering adopting a shelter dog who is heartworm positive- any advice?
  241. How do I pick a good dog from a shelter?
  242. does anyone know if the burbank animal shelter in california euthanizes
  243. Could you help? qoinq to qet a shelter dog soon:](Read)?
  244. Is this dog neglect.? Should I bother contacting the shelter?
  245. What are some dog shelters in California?
  246. Why do people breed dogs when there are so many in shelters?
  247. PLEASE HELP!! How to find a dog in animal shelter?
  248. problems with adopting a dog from the shelter?
  249. shelter dogs, are they good for the family?
  250. anyone know of any animal shelter or dog grooming jobs within los angeles county?