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  1. Can we sue condo association for pitbull dog negligence?
  2. How can I start my own non-profit cat shelter in northern illinois?
  3. How long does it take a cat from the shelter to adjust to it new home.?
  4. What dog breeds are usually restricted by Homeowners Association?
  5. Humane Association vs. rescues....Regarding the Ellen DeGeneres dog rescue...
  6. What should I look for in a shelter dog?
  7. shuld i work/own/make a dog shelter for rescued dogs wen i grow up?
  8. What education or work experience is required to work as the director/manager
  9. Have u ever seen that free adoption dog shelter commercial?
  10. National Dog owners Association?
  11. Should i buy a shelter cat, or a purebred cat?
  12. Can anyone help me find a cat shelter in my area?
  13. In Texas, does a dog shelter have to notify the owners before euthanizing a dog?
  14. Why should I adopt a shelter dog as opposed to a breeder dog? Aren't they...
  15. Is there a local dog shelter near me?
  16. Did anyone see the guy on CBS News last night who spent $2mil on a cat shelter?
  17. Is it allowed to keep Pets(Dogs) in appartments in Bangalore? Can association...
  18. What is a good dog shelter I could get a puppy from?
  19. Would you take a longstay shelter cat home?
  20. Anyone heard of the Traditional Cat Association?
  21. I need the name of an association that will give me financial assistance for...
  22. Rabbit vs. 75 lbs. dog association problem... lately the dog has been attacking the
  23. Were do you find or know where a dog shelter near you is located?
  24. Can my shelter cat give me the virus that gave her her upper respiratory...
  25. How much are cats in the cat shelter????????
  26. i need a cat shelter in north east ohio?
  27. How much does a dog from a dog shelter/pound cost?
  28. I have a new dog from shelter. What is the best way to introduce a new dog?
  29. How can I get my new shelter dog to eat new food?
  30. Volunteering at a local dog shelter?
  31. where can i find a dog shelter in maryland that sells dogs?
  32. How long does it take a cat from shelter to adjust to it new home.?
  33. Are veterinarians too busy to run a dog shelter?
  34. When adopting a shelter cat, is male or female better?
  35. In which association can we pick up a dog/cat, etc. that mostly has been abandonned?
  36. Does it break your heart to go to a dog shelter that kills?
  37. This pet from the dog shelter has been altered, what does that mean?
  38. Is it ok to return a cat to the shelter?
  39. Anyone want to volunteer at a cat shelter?
  40. Should i get a cat from a shelter or pet store?
  41. how do i a no kill dog shelter? what do i have to do?
  42. Cat shelter?
  43. Name for youth newsletter at cat rescue shelter?
  44. What licenses and other “Legal” things do I have to get to a Dog Shelter.?
  45. how to establish a web page for a cat-shelter?
  46. PETS/Dogs/Is anyone familiar with the American Canine Association and how to...
  47. Whats a really good name for a dog and cat shelter?
  48. dog shelter?
  49. Local shelter invited me to come in and train their dogs?
  50. which shelters could i drop off my dogs safely?
  51. In the US; how many dogs are put into animal shelters?
  52. My new shelter cat is sneezing?
  53. Adopting Shelter Dog?
  54. I Adopted a Dog From The Shelter And Got Neutered But?
  55. Why don't pro lifers fight just as hard to protect dogs from shelters...
  56. the number of dogs taken daily at a local animal shelter increased from 4 in...
  57. I own a non-profit dog shelter,but im thinking about closing it down cuz...
  58. Is it always preferable to take a stray cat to a shelter?
  59. Did you buy your pet dog from a Breeder, or Pet Store, or animal shelter,...
  60. Does anyone know if u get a dog from a shelter and its
  61. Does anyone know of a cat shelter/rescue centre in or close to Athens Greece?
  62. Ds:Today where going to the shelter and might get dog there what do we need?
  63. Getting a cat from the shelter today how should we be prepaed?
  64. Adopting a shelter dog? Laws?
  65. What does it cost a shelter (per day) to hold and care for one dog?
  66. Should I convince my friend to take his dog to the shelter?
  67. How come the shelter is making me pay for a dogs spay bill?
  68. where is a dog shelter in northern ireland?? 10 points for best answer!?
  69. If you adopt a cat from a shelter, will it know that you adopted it?
  70. New dog from shelter?
  71. Have you ever had to surrender a dog to a shelter?
  72. I saw a cute cat roaming in our apartment complex - should I take her to the shelter?
  73. I have a very shy, introverted, shelter dog. He won't interact with other dogs.?
  74. There's a cat at the shelter I just fell in love with? Help?!?
  75. should I get a shelter dog?
  76. i got a 1 year old tabby cat from our local shelter, his hair is shedding really...
  77. What mixed breed dog did u adopt from ur local shelter/humane society?
  78. my chiuaua dog has a a little swelling not from from hisgenital part. he was
  79. is there a dog shelter in somerset-dorset?
  80. What breed of dog gets adopted last at a shelter? PLEASE ANSWER.?
  81. New dog from animal shelter, questions?
  82. Help on hiding my cat from condo association?
  83. "Every puppy born means ten shelter dogs die."?
  84. i just got a dog from a shelter?
  85. How can i pick the right dog from the shelter?
  86. do animal shelters in NYC kill cats/stray cats?
  87. Big dog suggestions for shelter adoption?
  88. Does any one know of an aninal shelter where i can put my dog for...
  89. how many dogs are brought into shelters every year in Australia?
  90. Where can I volunteer at a dog shelter?
  91. I need the opinion of a stray cat expert, or shelter provider, please.?
  92. Moral dilemma about giving cats to a shelter?
  93. Giving away a dog in Italy. Where is an animal shelter?
  94. Do you think a shelter will take these cats in?
  95. I need to get rid of one of my cats but the no kill shelters are filled?
  96. questions about animal shelters, dog pounds, and dog breeders?
  97. Why the dogs I see at the shelter are people friendly affectionate and loving...
  98. How long do cats have in shelters/havens?
  99. Need to find a no kill shelter for my cat.?
  100. Ds:should i get a dog from the shelter?
  101. Is this true about a Dog shelter?
  102. is this too much to pay for a shelter dog?
  103. When animal shelters give cats away, do they make sure they're giving them to the...
  104. DS: Shelter dog bragger?
  105. Shelter wont give me my dog back. what should i do?
  106. I still feel like I rescued my dog but I didn't get her from a shelter?
  107. How to stop condensation in plastic cat shelter?
  108. re homing a dog from a shelter?
  109. Adopted a dog from shelter. Pees and poops all over the place HELP!?
  110. Will this make my shelter dog healthier?
  111. How best to build a stray cat shelter to keep these friends warm during winter?
  112. How to adopt a dog?Which is better?shelter or pet store?
  113. Dog shelters in Dallas?!?
  114. Shelter dogs/ mental problems?
  115. I have a cat on hold at the shelter.Now I am having second thoughtsCan I back...
  116. If a dog was returned to the shelter because he bit someone?
  117. What sort of donations would a dog shelter accept?
  118. my dad is telling me i should give my dogs to the shelter but im afraid they wont...
  119. Shelter gave me a really sick dog and didn't tell me?
  120. where is a no kill dog shelter in baltimore maryland?
  121. Is there a shelter for dogs who have mauled a human being in the North eastern Ohio
  122. I have a boxer dog he is 20 months old he sleep on the out side of the house on
  123. In the pet shelter, are there puppies or all grown dogs?
  124. FINALLY! I'm Getting A Dog From The dog Shelter!?
  125. Dog section: Is this BS about Paulding Co. Animal shelter true?
  126. Is it haraam to bring my cat to the shelter?
  127. Trip to the dog shelter!?
  128. What are the pro and cons for getting a certain breed of dog verses a mutt...
  129. Bringing dog back to shelter?
  130. I volunteer at a cat shelter and I just found out I am pregnant should I be worried?
  131. Why do cats think that just because you fed them once, that makes you their...
  132. Why would my shelter adopted cat suddenly stop using her litter box?
  133. How to pick out a cat from a shelter?
  134. Is there a way for an animal shelter to track a dog?
  135. what do you think about shelters (aspca) euthanizing dogs?
  136. what are some animal shelters in Indiana Corydon? I'm looking for a dog?
  137. Are dogs in shelters usually aggresive?
  138. Does any one know of an association or foundation that works with mixed breed
  139. is it haraam to bring my cat to the shelter?
  140. Has talents listed as a vet worker,shelter worker but breeds dog?
  141. How long do most dogs have to live once they're put in a shelter?
  142. what dog shelters are there?
  143. Do the dogs at the shelter associate people with a potential new home or family...
  144. My 6 year old cat won't urinate in her box, although she defecates
  145. Shelter won't let me adopt a dog?
  146. In the state of Florida can a Home Owners Association ban dogs?
  147. How do I introduce a dog into my very sheltered cat?
  148. Cats suffering from Cat Flu in Animal Shelter?
  149. when you find a dog is it best to keep it and let the animal sheltar know or...
  150. Do you think it's rude for a family member to take your cat to a animal...
  151. dog shelter.? help me?
  152. Works in a Shelter, yet clearly states hates cats.?
  153. Shelter dog owners! How did you know your dog was The One?
  154. Do you have a Shelter dog?
  155. Should I adopt a cat from the animal shelter or petsmart?
  156. Should we give up our dog to the shelter =(?
  157. Dog shelter, dog breeder or pet shop?
  158. dog shelter...............................?
  159. I got my cat from a shelter and she was 4 years old. She still won't let...
  160. What is the difference between shelter dogs and Pedigree dogs?
  161. I'm adopting a dog from the shelter and...?
  162. Do all stray cats get dewormed upon their arrival at a shelter?
  163. If a dog is adopted from a no-kill shelter would it be possible to write a note to...
  164. if a lost dog goes to a shelter will they sell him?
  165. When dogs at the shelter see new people out of their cage do they wonder if they...
  166. There is some place to shelter homeless cats during the winter in Boston (MA) area
  167. dog and shelter question?
  168. Our puppy, 8 mo, shelter dog, has diarrhea almost every day and vomiting...
  169. Why should i get a cat from a shelter? Answer please!!!! =)?
  170. Adopting Cats From Shelter?
  171. Stray Short Hair Cat Shelter?
  172. volunteer@animal shelter (with dogs)?
  173. why is my dog that i just got from the shelter alwasy so sad?
  174. I have reserved a one year old cat at my local shelter.?
  175. How do shelters/rescues know if a female dog has already been spayed?
  176. What mix is my dog? I adopted her from a shelter and as she gets older she looks
  177. Dog shelters in stockholm Sweden?
  178. Dog section: what do you think of this shelter?
  179. Pure Bred cat vs Shelter cat? Are all shelter cats lazy?
  180. My neighborhood association want me to get rid of my dogs what can I do?
  181. i want to start volunteering at a local dog shelter but im too young i think?
  182. How can I housebreak my 1 year old shelter dog?
  183. Things to look for when adopting a dog at an animal shelter?
  184. Anyone know how i go about getting a dog from the humane shelter?
  185. should i bring my stray cats to a shelter?
  186. Should i get a puppy or a dog from a shelter?
  187. Question about a shelter dog?
  188. What are some disability dog shelters in oregon?
  189. Need tips to help shelter dog with abuse triggers, please?
  190. Will a shelter accept my dog if she's not neutered?
  191. Where should I get a cat from? Pet store or shelter?
  192. DOG SHELTERS help please!?
  193. dog and cat shelters that euthanize?
  194. What most likely happened to our dog in the past before we adopted her...
  195. what are some shelters that euthanize dogs?
  196. Why dogs at the shelter are so people friendly and are easily excited
  197. How do you housebreak an adult dog adopted from a shelter?
  198. What will i have to do if i wanna take dogs from the shelter and do a clinic with...
  199. Why sheltered dogs are so people friendly and are easily excited when
  200. with what cheap material can i build a dog house/shelter ?
  201. Would a shelter call a dog by a designer name when adopting it out?
  202. What's your worst shelter dog experience?
  203. I'm thinking about adopting a cat from a shelter?
  204. What do you think of shelters keeping non-adoptable dogs?
  205. Why would people adopt dogs/puppies at a shelter when you can buy?
  206. My one-year-old cat was in the shelter a long time and is now overweight?
  207. How to crate train a dog I adopted from the shelter.?
  208. Which is more expensive? Dog from pound/shelter or from store?
  209. Giving away cats to an animal shelter, some question?
  210. Do animal shelters in America de-sex their dogs before letting get adopted as...
  211. Could you tell me as many rescue shelters for cats as you can think of in
  212. what are some ideas for advertising to adopt dogs out from the local animal shelter?
  213. Shelter dog names! Help?
  214. Name changing for a shelter dog?
  215. Returning dog to shelter? Please Help?
  216. Do you feed stray cats and do you provide shelter for them in the winter?
  217. Could you tell me as many rescue shelters for cats as you can think of in
  218. Will the shelter where i'm gonna adopt a dog ask for my income?
  219. I've heard people say its a bad idea to get two dogs at the sme time. Is this...
  220. My one-year-old cat was in the shelter a long time and is now overweight?
  221. Changing a shelter dog's name? Help!?
  222. I have a stray cat in my yard and she had kittens... Need to find a no kill shelter?
  223. What are some procedures I must have to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  224. What is an acceptable reason for returning a dog to the shelter?
  225. Shelters in Germany apparently charge people to surrender dogs. What are...
  226. Will the shelter where i'm gonna adopt a dog ask for my income?
  227. Shelter lost the dog that I surrendered?
  228. Will the shelter where i'm gonna adopt a dog ask for my income?
  229. Must we have income in order to adopt a dog from a shelter? (Humane Society)?
  230. Should I get a cat from a previous owner or from a shelter?
  231. Does the RSPCA transfer dogs to other shelters?
  232. if a cat isn't registered yet and she goes missing can I call the shelters?
  233. my boyfriend dumped because he refused to surrender his dog to shelter. I...
  234. Is there a shelter where i can adopt a dog for free in texas?
  235. Is there any store in los angeles county where i can buy a dog. 10...
  236. I adopted a shelter dog who is afraid of my grandson (20 mos. old). The dog hides...
  237. Can the city pick up an abandoned dog and take him to the no kill shelter
  238. How can I save my cat from going to the shelter?
  239. My dog has not pooped in 36 hours, she just got spayed and is an adoption from
  240. Do they have pure bred dogs at shelters?
  241. is there a shelter in texas, where i can adoption a dog that dosent have a fee not
  242. Did you know that dog shelters and rescue homes MURDER many 1000s of...
  243. Adopting a dog from a shelter, what age and type?
  244. does any one no any dog shelter websites?
  245. How to convince a shelter to let me socialize a standard poodle with other dogs?
  246. Are shelter cats/kittens healthier than breeders?
  247. Have you ever found that when you were a child your parents sent your dog to
  248. am on a fixed income but have about 30 stray cats and kittens . have had...
  249. what is considered adequate shelter for outside dogs?
  250. Shelter/others and HA dogs. Is it better to put them down or put money in them and