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  1. can i take my dog to the shelter if hes hurt.?
  2. What is the cost of shelter dogs/cats in your area?
  3. how much is it to take a dog out of the animal shelter?
  4. I got a dog from the shelter yesterday and now I think j should return her?
  5. Can i get my dogs back from the shelter?
  6. how much are dogs at animal shelters? which dog should i get?
  7. if you go to buy a dog at a shelter do you have to pay? or is it free?
  8. I am fostering a dog for a shelter and she has a jumping habit am I liable?
  9. I work at an animal shelter so I know very well how many dogs are left unwanted
  10. How does a dog that was used by Old Navy as a mascot end up in a shelter to be
  11. Saved a 1 year old female dog from the shelter what do I need to do?
  12. Getting a second dog from the animal shelter?
  13. What is it like for an unhealthy cat at an animal shelter?
  14. Are dogs at shelters from puppy mills?
  15. How can I help dog shelters?
  16. which brand of food should i buy for the shelter dogs?
  17. Dog lived in shelter for over a year....?
  18. is it legal to tie a cat on a chain without shelter?
  19. Volunteering at dog shelters?
  20. Crate training a shelter dog?
  21. I want to make a animal shelter for dogs in India but I am a teen based in...
  22. Am I an ass-hole for thinking about giving the dog i just adopted back to the...
  23. Can a cat get pregnant in a shelter?
  24. What do I do with a dog adopted from shelter and her nails are growing out, down
  25. How can I shelter a dogs genitals from children?
  26. Dog shelters in germany?
  27. are anmial shelters sad? do dogs even like staying there? is it fun for them?
  28. Questions about adopting a dog from the shelter.. ?
  29. is there a no kill shelter/ rehabilitation center in so cal for dogs who...
  30. okay I want a small dog and find many mixes in rescues, few in shelters Rescue...
  31. Should I donate money to the dog shelter or give them dog food?
  32. Is it possible my city's animal shelter is unnecessarily euthanizing dogs?
  33. adopting a cat from the shelter and 2 1/2 weeks later..please help?
  34. Just recently adopted a cat from the shelter, and I already have a cat. Should
  35. I live in a very small town with no shelters or animal control and I...
  36. Should we give our dog back to the shelter?
  37. If you take your dogs to an animal shelter would they kill them their?
  38. Dog Breeder or Adoption from shelter?
  39. How hard is it to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  40. tips for getting a new dog from the shelter?
  41. What do I do when I pick up the wrong cat at the shelter?
  42. Are there shelters in Iowa that will take in your cat?
  43. help with project. Who affected by the many stray dogs the United States has to
  44. what is it called those guys that pick dogs and cats from the animal shelter. ?
  45. Anyone in dog rescue/shelter work...?
  46. Adopting a cat from a shelter seems like a huge process?
  47. Best time of year to adopt a shelter dog?
  48. Should I adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue group?
  49. I just adopted a 1 and a half year old cat from a shelter and im concerned
  50. A question struck me. Why do shelters just give out the cats ....?
  51. Is it good to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  52. How long does an average shelter keep a cat before killing it?
  53. Dog shelters in Milan Italy?
  54. Have you ever adopt shelter/rescue dog?
  55. Starting a dog rescue shelter?
  56. My dog ran away and when we got him from the shelter, he acted different...
  57. Friskys cat shelter volunteering?
  58. I work at an animal shelter , declaw cat or no?
  59. Volunteering with a high kill shelter. Are dogs more likely to bite or have
  60. dog needs a shelter!!?
  61. What shelters euthanize cats for space or other reasons?
  62. Where is a no kill shelter for dogs in western massachusetts?
  63. We're going to adopt a dog from the shelter?
  64. What happened to all of the no-kill cat shelters in cleve.,Ohio?
  65. Getting a dog from a shelter questions?
  66. I am about to get a shi-tzu dog from animal shelter. However it says "age unknown".
  67. Association asked us to have our dog removed, can we do anything about this?
  68. Dogs in high kill shelters?
  69. just got a dog from the animal shelter.. he's just skin and bones. how long...
  70. I feel like people look down on me for not getting a shelter or rescue dog . . .?
  71. My shelter dog loos like a feist, is he one?
  72. my dog doesn't want to come inside.. just brought the dog home from shelter...
  73. my dog bit my other dog. I dont want to give her away, any alternate ideas
  74. At night time my dog likes to sleep on my back? Is it a protection thing?
  75. cat and dog shelter uk?
  76. Shelter Dog is Scared of Me?
  77. Friday I had a complaint from animal control saying my dog doesn't have the proper...
  78. Are all dogs in an animal shelter domesticated?
  79. Help on dogs and dog shelters?
  80. Are shelter dogs more affectionate?
  81. Isn't it awful how so many lovely dogs are dying in shelters? What do you think...
  82. cat came back from the shelter?
  83. Does anybody in sacramento,ca know a no kill shelter for dogs?
  84. i have 10 cats 4 by choice, 6 by strays who have had kittens. i could not bear to
  85. Give my vicious dog to animal shelter?
  86. Does anyone know of a good no kill animal shelter for cats in Indianapolis?
  87. Returning my dog to the shelter?
  88. Should I give my cat to the shelter?
  89. Animal shelter info/process and reasons for putting down dogs lost?
  90. are there shelters that don't kill cats?I couldn't take them to be
  91. Shelter cat has sensitive stomach. Questions?
  92. adopted a cat. shelter lied.?
  93. Aggresion with new shelter dog?
  94. Cons of taking puppy/dog to animal shelter clinic?
  95. The shelter has my cat?
  96. my dog bit my other dog. I dont want to give her away, any alternate ideas
  97. Dog pooping in house HEEEEELP!!!! (giving to a shelter is not an option!!!)?
  98. Can you return a dog if to an animal shelter if it becomes aggressive?
  99. Going buy a dog at shelter and not tell my dad?
  100. Would some cats actually prefer to live in shelters?
  101. we adopted a dog from the shelter have a few questions?
  102. I'm really upset and crying, worrying the shelter put down my dogs...?
  103. How can I get up the courage to take my dog to the shelter?
  104. Isn't it sad how black cats get overlooked in shelters etc?
  105. dogs from animal shelters?
  106. feline shelters for medium sized cats?
  107. Just adopted a dog from the shelter?
  108. What is needed at a dog shelter?
  109. What are your amazing shelter dog stories?
  110. I'm going to the shelter tomorrow to pick out a cat...what are the signs...
  111. The number of dogs taken in daily at a local animal shelter increased from 4 in
  112. Dropping a cat at the shelter - Can I be anonymous?
  113. When she was the dog shelter she didn't bite or jump?
  114. Does anyone know of a shelter that will keep my dog while im moving in/around...
  115. Is it normal for shelters to get the age of a dog way off?
  116. Cat shelters/rescues in Nashville TN? Looking to donate kitten supplies?
  117. I got a cat from the shelter and i ment to say shes been sneezing the
  118. I have adopted a 2 year old male cat from a rescue shelter?
  119. I have 2 dogs but fell in love with another dog at our local shelter. Should I go
  120. I got a cat on friday from the shelter and now shes been sneeking like crazy
  121. I think my friend's cat has been adopted out of the shelter?
  122. Dog to a shelter????!!!!!?
  123. When she was the dog shelter she didn't bite or jump?
  124. i rescued my dog from a shelter almost a year ago, she was obiviously having a
  125. I want to start Dogs welfare association?
  126. can anyone help these dogs @ a kill shelter in GA they have date to be PTS!?
  127. Can I return a dog to a shelter?
  128. What to look for when picking a cat to adopt from a shelter?
  129. How much does a shelter dog cost?
  130. Is it alright to go on an overseas holiday within the first year of getting a
  131. I can't find any dog rescue centres/shelters in Scotland. Help?
  132. Don't you feel sorry for those dogs and cats in the animal shelters stuck in cages?
  133. Do you foster rescue or shelter dogs?
  134. Dog is getting a mange dip friday but came from shelter. Should i give bath anyways?
  135. im planning on getting a dog from City of Hartford Animal Shelter but i have a
  136. need help found cat yesterday should i let it go or call shelter?
  137. In a dog shelter,what do these colors mean?
  138. How to approach and restrain a stressed out cat in a cat carrier at an
  139. what is the difference between getting a dog form a pet store and shelter?
  140. Why can't I adopt all the needy cats in animal shelters?
  141. Im adopting a dog from the local shelter with a fractured wrist. How long will it
  142. Lots of stray cats outside the animal shelter?
  143. How hard would it be to start my own dog shelter? Help please?
  144. whats the best dog shelter in Brooklyn?
  145. Is rescuing a tied up dog and taking him to the animal shelter stealing?
  146. My home is in foreclosure and I will have to move very soon. I had to take my...
  147. How can you stop a dog from eating poop? I have two dogs and just got
  148. in fable 2's premium content see the future how do i travel to different worlds
  149. how much do dogs cost at the animal shelter?
  150. We had to take my dog to the shelter?
  151. i dont want my two dogs anymore, can i go leave em in a shelter?
  152. Are there any animal shelters that would take in 25 cats without putting them to...
  153. Should I get this dog from the shelter?
  154. Any dog shelters around?
  155. Looking into adopting an adult shelter dog,instead of puppy?
  156. With the overpopulation of dogs in the US and shelters killing them,...
  157. Can the animal shelter take away my new dog? read description...?
  158. How can you prevent cats from getting FIV in shelters?
  159. At a shelter, what are the first dogs you walk up to: quiet, jumping, barking, etc?
  160. Cats and dog shelters in Japan?
  161. Is there a way to see who adopted my dog from the shelter?
  162. Cats and dog shelters in China?
  163. Would it be so bad to return my shelter cat?
  164. how can I by myself save dogs from hell hole shelter?
  165. Is there anything I can do for this shelter dog?
  166. We just adopted a 5 year old male Ragdoll Cat from the shelter and he is
  167. How do the shelter people track your cat?
  168. Dog in the shelter how to turn mean people in?
  169. if you adopted a shelter dog...?
  170. Any animal shelters in NJ that let you foster a dog for Christmas?
  171. I saw a dog in a shelter and i fell in love with her ? Memory of old dog...
  172. I rec used a dog from a local shelter, I believe that he has been abused. every...
  173. Whose adopting a shelter cat any time soon?!?
  174. Stray Cat Non-kill shelter?
  175. Which shelter do I adopt a cat from?
  176. How do I insulate box shelters outside for dogs?
  177. How can I tell if my dog is a Korean Jindo? I adopted him many years ago from a
  178. The shelter would not let me adopt a cat?
  179. are most sheltered dogs "potty trained"?
  180. Do Animal Shelters vaccinate Dogs for the Parvo Virus?
  181. Cheap, easy shelter for a stray cat?
  182. What should I look for in a shelter cat's personality?
  183. what do they ask you when you go to a shelter to adopt a dog what...
  184. Christmas gifts for dogs in shelters?
  185. Why not save a shelter dog this Christmas?
  186. I work in an animal shelter, and we have recently taken in several cats...
  187. My grandma gave her two cats to the animal shelter?
  188. Is it possible for a small dog to find shelter and survive below zero temperatures?
  189. Have you ever adopted a dog from the shelter?
  190. A friend is giving me a cat adopted from a shelter?
  191. Weird human POV regarding shelter dogs?
  192. Brought home two shelter dogs yesterday;?
  193. So is it just better for a first time dog owner to get his dog from a shelter then?
  194. Can you take a dog home from a rescue shelter for a weekend?
  195. how much is it too rescue a dog from a shelter?
  196. Do you think animal shelters would take old dog beds?
  197. names for a shelter dog?
  198. Do Shelters Lie About Dog Breeds?
  199. Puppy or Dog from the Shelter?
  200. Are shelters and rescues near you adopting out puppies/dogs around Christmas?
  201. Is it considered animal abuse if a cat is out in the snow and has no shelter...
  202. What is a good way to get cat's at shelter adopted?
  203. Do domestic or feral cats take up shelter/sleep in ground burrows to survive
  204. ? for those who work/volunteer in dog shelters/rescues?
  205. What is the easiest way to train a dog you got at the shelter?
  206. Review on the dogs at the Burrillville Animal Shelter.?
  207. i just adopted a cat from the shelter and i'm not sure why she keeps hissing at me?
  208. Puppy or dog from the shelter?
  209. I am looking for a small dog from a shelter Las Vegas! Please Please help!?
  210. My Dog Doesn't Seek Shelter During Rain?
  211. What do dog shelter inspectors look for in your house?
  212. We got a new cat from a shelter 4 weeks ago and she meows all the time. What can...
  213. Can I volunteer at a dog shelter when I'm 6 months pregnant?
  214. Does anyone know of a no kill dog shelter?
  215. Poll for cat people. Would you buy a photo book detailing the life of a shelter cat?
  216. What does the dog shelter do to your dog?
  217. How do I start a cat shelter?
  218. How long should I wait before neutering a shelter dog that I am adopting?
  219. How can I make contact with a seeing-eye dog association?
  220. What dog breeds are usually restricted by Homeowners Association?
  221. Does anyone know anything about ACA (American Canine Association)...
  222. Dogs & Home Owner's Associations?
  223. I am converting a stray i recently took in, back into an outdoor cat. What shelter
  224. Does it really matter that Obama chose a purebred rather than a shelter dog?
  225. How to introduce shelter dog to house ?
  226. What are the chances of walking into a dog shelter or spca and find a pure...
  227. cat shelter?
  228. are cats kept in cages when they stay in the rspca/cat shelter?
  229. Does anyone know the name of a no-kill cat shelter in/around Orange County, CA?
  230. Parents' home owner's association will not let dogs visit without obedience...
  231. What are the questions to ask when considering a adult shelter cat?
  232. Does anybody know of a small dog shelter or organization in ohio?
  233. How do I pick a good shelter dog??
  234. Do shelter dogs get given different varieties of dog food?
  235. What does it mean to foster a dog shelter?
  236. How to build a cat shelter?
  237. how to build a cat shelter?
  238. do you know of any dog sites that have all dogs aknowledged bye many...
  239. Can you file discrimination/profiling charges or sue against an Condo
  240. American Dog breeders association?
  241. How to choose a cat from a shelter?
  242. Dog shelter?
  243. When adopting a cat from a shelter, are they cat litter box trained?
  244. We just got a 5 year old shelter dog and she will not pee or poop on a...
  245. what is a good site to find a shelter dog to adopt?
  246. how much does it cost to bring a cat to a shelter?
  247. I have just got a cat from a shelter that keeps sporadically aggressively...
  248. Dog shelter medical plan and how much do meds usually cost?
  249. How to a no kill dog shelter?
  250. Is there a difference between the National Cat Fanciers' Association and