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  1. just got a new dog from a shelter, need help adjusted him to the dog we had.?
  2. Basic question about shelter cat cage cleaning?
  3. Would it be a good idea (if it's allowed) to take my dog with me to the animal
  4. What happens when you surrender your dog to a shelter?
  5. Shelter; how can I convince them not to use clumping cat litter?
  6. I feel really bad for cats at shelters?
  7. what breed is this dog? look clsoely at his ears. the shelter has him labeled wrong?
  8. Sadly I sent my dog to an animal shelter in February and she's still...
  9. Good names for a dog rescued from a shelter?
  10. Adopting a Dog from a Shelter of Rescue?
  11. Is it right for Animal Shelters 2 fix ur do dog and put them up 4 adoption...
  12. Questions about getting a dog from a shelter?
  13. Where can i shelter my dog free while between homes?
  14. Do rescue centres/shelters etc HAVE to tell you about problems the dogs have?
  15. Can you have a shelter dog bathed before adopting him/her from the shelter?
  16. How does a dog know you saved their lives when you adopt them from the shelter?
  17. what is easy to make or bulit a cat shelter without going to the store spend alot
  18. Is it really possible to rent a home in missoula when you own a dog, you...
  19. Is it really possible to rent a home in missoula when you own a dog, you...
  20. What to do so animal control do not have to quarantine my dog in the shelter?
  21. Questions about getting a dog from a shelter?
  22. Unsafe local dog shelter...Am I able to do anything about it?
  23. No-Kill Shelter or Rescue for my aggressive dog?
  24. I adopted a stray cat from a shelter, what should i do now?
  25. Question about dog shelters?
  26. Can you tell what breed my new shelter dog is?
  27. Adopting a husky from local shelter with small dog at home.any words of advice?
  28. housing association refused to give permission for me to keep my dog?
  29. In Las Vegas, NV, how much does it cost (total) for a dog from the Animal Shelter?
  30. When trying to adopt a dog would it be a turn off to the shelter that I have...
  31. Putting my dog in shelter?
  32. housing association refused to give permission for me to keep my dog?
  33. What associations allow mixed breed dogs to earn points and titles?
  34. Is it right for Animal Shelters 2 fix ur do dog and put them up 4 adoption...
  35. Questions about getting a dog from a shelter?
  36. What does it take to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  37. Can adopting a bunny from a shelter get my cats sick?
  38. Do you think i should take my dog to a shelter?
  39. When trying to adopt a dog would it be a turn off to the shelter that I have...
  40. I Live In A Local Housing Association House Can I Get Free Pest Control? I Lost My
  41. Is it right for Animal Shelters 2 fix ur do dog and put them up 4 adoption...
  42. Few questions for dog lovers about breeders and animal shelters?
  43. Are there any dog shelters I volunteer for?
  44. If I adopt an older dog from a shelter will I get it free or do I still have to...
  45. When trying to adopt a dog would it be a turn off to the shelter that I have...
  46. When trying to adopt a dog would it be a turn off to the shelter that I have...
  47. Basic question about shelter cat cage cleaning?
  48. What happens when you surrender your dog to a shelter?
  49. Can the association cite me for having a service dog in a no dog or cat condo?
  50. Questions about getting a dog from a shelter?
  51. Good names for a dog rescued from a shelter?
  52. How would the humane society or shelter deal with my dog?
  53. When trying to adopt a dog would it be a turn off to the shelter that I have...
  54. Is it crazy to adopt a dog from a shelter 7 hours away?
  55. Is it crazy to adopt a dog from a shelter 7 hours away?
  56. Poll: did you get your dog from a breeder or shelter?
  57. Do you think i should take my dog to a shelter?
  58. Where is a good no kill animal shelter that I can bring my dog to ASAP?
  59. Neighbours keep their new dog out in all kinds of weather with no shelter - can we
  60. Why would a county vet euthanize a dog within only 3 hours of being brought at...
  61. Where in Temecula CA or near there is a no kill animal shelter that I can
  62. Should surplus dogs in shelters be used for animal experimentation, instead
  63. if you went to an animal shelter and saw a human sitting in a cage, would...
  64. DS: What do you think to Dogs Trust shutting its doors over Christmas?
  65. A real thinker about adopting dog from shelters?
  66. The shelter is spaying our dog. What should we do?
  67. Is it normal for my dog to get diarrhea after bringing her home from the shelter?
  68. can shelters track down missing dogs with their microchip?
  69. Have to give my shelter dog back?
  70. Are there any animal shelters/rescues that do not require a dog to be
  71. cat shelters in cheshire?
  72. release outside or put in a shelter cat?
  73. getting a second dog frm a shelter, cant decide between these 3 dogs...help
  74. We have a stray cat who we have given shelter to?
  75. will i find a dog shelter or owner for my dog?
  76. isit weird for a cat shelter to pay for kittens?
  77. Available Cat Shelters?
  78. i just adopted a dog from the shelter two days ago. he pants alot and takes...
  79. How hard is it to work in a dog rescue centre? (For humane shelter
  80. how to convince your parents to get your cat back from the shelter?
  81. Do cats really love you or is it just because we feed them and give then shelter?
  82. How Can I Help our Four Year Old Foster Dog from the Shelter Settle in?
  83. Would you rather buy a dog or adopt a dog from the animal shelter?
  84. I lost my dog and when I went to a shelter I was denied to be able to see...
  85. I adopted a 3-year old shelter dog on Sunday and he has some quirks. I need some
  86. I have to take my cats to the shelter.?
  87. Shelters NOT euthanizing dogs humanely and nobody has to say anything. Why?
  88. Is it possible to reclaim your dog if your mom just dropped it off at a shelter?
  89. My six year old daighter got a new cat from the shelter the other day and
  90. People in Birmingham Alabama, where is a dog shelter or pound that I can adopt from?
  91. Making cat toys for shelter- should I bother putting cat nip in them?
  92. Would you sign online petition for a dog who was carelessly executed by county
  93. is there an animal shelter to take in cats close to Bitburg? we just had a baby
  94. Pros and Cons of fostering dogs from a reputable shelter?
  95. Help! Rescued shelter dog doesn't want to eat, and is throwing up yellow bile!?
  96. What does one do with cats they can no longer care for when all the
  97. Are you allowed to trade dogs at the dog shelter?
  98. I don't like at all my first new dog I got from the shelter?
  99. Shelter dogs or Pure bred dogs?
  100. New cat from the animal shelter. quit using litter box.?
  101. Do Cats get adopted at the shelter?
  102. How can I help the dogs in my local shelters?
  103. My cat was taken to the shelter and possibly killed, i dont know what to do?
  104. Taking dog to shelter?
  105. I don't know were to go-which dog shelter?
  106. Do you think too many dogs die in shelters each year?
  107. Does anyone need instructions for building an outside cat shelter for winter?
  108. we might be adopting a dog from a shelter. I've been told he needs a flea...
  109. Constant worry about shelter dogs? I think about shelter dogs I've seen online 24
  110. my dogs are in a shelter?:(?
  111. What are some animal shelters that DON'T put dogs to sleep?
  112. Just got dog from animal shelter yesterday...growls and acts scared of people..?
  113. Home Owners Association gave everyone a notice ,cats cannot roam outside? Is
  114. Should I be afraid to adopt cats from a shelter like this?
  115. Percentage of dogs euthanized at shelters?
  116. a shelter in PA to donate cats.?
  117. I've read that black dogs are less likely to get adopted at shelters - is that...
  118. Guilt about taking cat to shelter?
  119. My dog has severe separation anxiety and I don't want to give her back to the
  120. if i get a shelter dog (GSD) will it most likly have HD?
  121. Release date for movie DVD The thing /straw dogs / take shelter ?
  122. How much does an adult shelter cat cost?
  123. Should a dog shelter deny your adoption based on age?
  124. why is it that some dogs at shelter have requirement that "both must be adopted
  125. What does it cost so much money to adopt a dog at a shelter?
  126. PLEASE HELP? We got my dog from an animal shelter and he was rescued
  127. Have any horror stories about shelter dogs, did it attack you when you got it home?
  128. Is there a lack of range of dogs in animal shelters where you live?
  129. I rescued a dog from a shelter, they say he is lab/terrier mix.?
  130. Getting a dog from a shelter?
  131. i got my cat from a shelter 4 weeks ago..when can i let him go outside?
  132. A dog from a shelter. Pro et contra.?
  133. If you get a dog from a shelter and it bites you the next day, can you sue?
  134. If I go to an animal shelter and got a dead dog, could I then have a doctor...
  135. Should I feed and shelter a cat?
  136. We got a new 5 mo.old cat from the shelter. we have her on a large cage
  137. Am i the only one who opposes most cat shelters or at least the fact they...
  138. The animal shelter lost my cat.?
  139. Can anyone tell me how many dogs are euthanized in our U.S. shelters?
  140. What's it like adopting a dog or cat or any other animal from a shelter?
  141. Police dog in a animal shelter? What are the odds?
  142. Emergency shelter for 500 dogs ?
  143. How do animal shelters get death row dogs?
  144. Is it a good idea to get a dog from the shelter?
  145. Adopted an abused dog from the shelter, how long til he stops cringing when I try...
  146. To people that bought their dog from a shelter in australia. Please help. 10 pts.?
  147. Winter dog shelter ideas?
  148. Can the ASPCA take this cat to a shelter?
  149. Adopted a dog from the shelter recently. Is being lethargic normal?
  150. Dog adoption organizations/shelters in New York that accept 18+ applicants?
  151. Cat owners:Where did you take your cat/s, rescued, shelters, breeders.......?
  152. Is it better to leave the cat to suffer in a shelter or get it declawed?
  153. I fell in love with a shelter cat?! Help! 10 points?
  154. What would they appreciate for the dogs in a dog shelter?
  155. Why do shelters blame REPUTABLE breeders as the cause of dogs in shelters?
  156. Returning a Dog to Shelter - Will I Regret It?
  157. Important questions about cats in a shelter?
  158. Is it good to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  159. What do they do to cats at animal shelters?
  160. how to make a stray cat shelter?
  161. Would you feel comfortable adopting a dog or cat from a dirty pet shelter?
  162. Is there a homeless shelter in San Antonio for a woman and her small dog?
  163. Foster home or shelter for my dog?
  164. Adopted a dog we took to the shelter two weeks ago, then saw a missing dog flier...
  165. Is it safe to adopt a dog from the shelter?
  166. Start My Own Cat/Kitten Shelter?
  167. Why don't shelters allow first time dog owners to adopt a dog?
  168. what have politicians got to say about the over-flooding of dogs in animal shelters?
  169. Would you still adopt a dog from a shelter that is currently having a
  170. Is it embarrassing to get a dog from a shelter and then take it back the next week?
  171. What type of "material" should I use to make a dog shelter?
  172. DS: what's the most ridiculous excuse for surrendering a dog to shelter/rescue?
  173. Do you want to run to God for shelter, or run away like a scaredy cat?
  174. My friend & I want to volunteer at a dog shelter, how do you find and
  175. what info do you need to provide to the shelter to adopt a cat?
  176. Should I go hiking or see the cats at the animal shelter today?
  177. Will the animal shelter groom dogs before you buy them?
  178. Should I feel guilty about returning this dog to the shelter?
  179. Returning dog to shelter? Opinions, please help!?
  180. Urgent! Does anyone know any shelters/rehoming centres in Birmingham that...
  181. If a dog gets free food, free shelter, free medical and dental care and
  182. if a cat's been in a shelter for 9 years...?
  183. Do I have to pay to put my cat in a shelter?
  184. surrendering a dog to the spca or animal shelter?
  185. Do you need to license a dog you adopted from the shelter?
  186. Looking for animal shelter/dog training volunteer options in the Orlando area?
  187. Returning my dog to the shelter...?
  188. When adopting a cat, what information does the shelter ask from you?
  189. can i just go to a dog shelter and get a dog?
  190. Is it good idea to adopt a dog from shelter that has been owned 7 times previously?
  191. can I sue a dog shelter for selling me a dog that attacked my mother?
  192. Is it immoral to buy a purebred dog, when shelters are overfilled with...
  193. DS: If you saw your dogs sibling at the shelter, would you adopt it?
  194. What is your shelter dogs story?
  195. How do i a dog shelter?
  196. what do I have to do to a dog shelter?
  197. i want a pug butt the condo association say no to having dogs. so i want a pug to...
  198. If a pet store wants to sell dogs/puppies from shelters-what would be the best...
  199. How do I train this shelter dog?
  200. Can you bring cats to a shelter?
  201. Parents are not reclaiming their cat from the shelter...should I get it or no?
  202. Where did all the dogs go in my local county shelter?
  203. I want to start a organization that helps disabled and dogs from shelters
  204. Finding my dog that i had to shelter?
  205. Burmese/Siamese Cat From Animal Shelter?
  206. For those of you with rescue/shelter dogs...?
  207. Dog Section: Adopting from a shelter vs Buying from a breeder?
  208. very young dog from the shelter with heart worm need help i took him to the vet and
  209. if my american pit bull is registered with American Dog Breeders Association,...
  210. I sheltered two baby kittens for two days and have just found the mom cat....
  211. My friend & I want to volunteer at a dog shelter, how do you find and contact one
  212. No kill pet shelter for cat with behavioral problems in WA?
  213. Please help?! i found a cat should i call an animal shelter?
  214. There's this cat at the shelter, how do I get rid of her?
  215. Animal shelter cat adoption question?
  216. Should I get an adult cat, or a kitten (from the shelter)?
  217. Would my cats catch anything if I brought strays to the animal shelter?
  218. list of stuff needed for a dog shelter?
  219. If I want to start an animal shelter for lost cats and dogs......?
  220. .. Getting a Cat From The shelter?
  221. If i return my dog back to the shelter after 7 months do i get my $25 deposit back?
  222. Dog names that have association with the colors black white and orange?
  223. What kind of questions can I expect for job interview at cat and dog shelter?
  224. My first shelter dog experience sucked :/????
  225. Are there a lot of puppy's in Newcastle cat and dog shelter or are there just older
  226. RagaMuffin cat breed in shelters?
  227. What should i name my male 10 month old shelter labrador retriever dog?
  228. Why did an adopted from a shelter dog got dog aggression?
  229. do i have a man coon cat, i rescued him from the local animal shelter. his markings
  230. What do animal shelters do to dogs when they die or get put down?
  231. Thinking about adopting a dog from the shelter.?
  232. New shelter cat owner emergency?
  233. Do You Pay To Give Your Dog To A Shelter?
  234. So i want to have a little house in my back yard and have rooms so i can adopt
  235. Little afraid to get an adult shelter dog?
  236. How much does it cost to adopt a dog at an animal shelter?
  237. I found a cat and need to take it to a shelter.?
  238. I got a dog from a shelter yesterday and now I think I should return her?
  239. How is my newly adopted dog from shelter?
  240. Knowing what breed a dogs parents were at animal shelter?
  241. My dad is gonna take my dog to the animal shelter?
  242. Do animal shelters kill pregnant dogs or cats?
  243. Are animal shelters the first recommendation before seeking a dog breeder?
  244. There is a dog at my shelter that they tell people is good w/ kids, but it has
  245. does anyone know of shelters that would accept 3 kittens and a cat in Los Angeles?
  246. How do I get my mom to like cats before we go to the animal shelter?
  247. Outside Cat Shelter for Winter.?
  248. How long must a vet wait before taking an abandoned dog to the shelter?
  249. Good dog shelter computer games?
  250. When a shelter says a cat has "behavioral issues" what does that mean?