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  1. What kind of dog should I get from the shelter?
  2. Can I adopt a dog on hold at a shelter?
  3. Introducing shelter dog to my two dogs?
  4. walking dogs from shelters in London?
  5. walking dogs from shelters in London?
  6. curious about dogs and condo associations?
  7. New dog from the shelter?
  8. When I make a small local cat shelter, what should be the maximum number of cats?
  9. Do you think shelter dogs are more loving?
  10. Is there a way to get the Euth list form the shelter and spend time with those dogs?
  11. any advice for a dog rescued from a shelter with seperation anxiety?
  12. where can i bring a dog where she won't get killed or be in a shelter?
  13. Finding dogs for sale on craigslist...is it similar to adopting from humane
  14. Why do Shelters put down dogs?
  15. My dog going back to the shelter?
  16. any dog shelters or homes?
  17. Shelter/adoption dog in Ft. Worth, TX 76133?
  18. Bringing a dog home from the shelter?
  19. Taking my dog to a no kill shelter realistic?
  20. Why would a shelter dog that's not aggressive attack our other dogs?
  21. I adopted a dog from a shelter I volunteered at for a while but...?
  22. i need help no where to turn need list of any kind of shelter that will let me...
  23. What should I feed cats? Drinks? Call the animal shelter?
  24. What are the cons of adopting an adult dog from a shelter?
  25. Help! My newly adopted shelter dog hates my dog!?
  26. If I adopt a dog from a shelter, and I want to change its name, do I have
  27. my shelter dog doesn't want anything to do with my family members?
  28. Should i return my dog to the shelter one year after I adopted her?
  29. cat shelters near 91709?
  30. I volunteered at a cat adoption shelter... skills?
  31. Is it illegal to chain a dog outside at night with no doghouse or shelter?
  32. Dad put cat in animal shelter. What to do?
  33. Is it insane to adopt a dog with distemper? Or did the shelter catch it soon enough?
  34. If I adopt a puppy from an animal shelter how do I know if this dog has some kind...
  35. Dog owners, if you rescued a dog from a shelter - what made you select him/her?
  36. Are shelter cats TOO affectionate?
  37. Do adoption shelters ever give cats and dogs to working farms?
  38. Returning a dog to the Shelter?
  39. Should i take my dog to an animal shelter?
  40. Do you think a shelter will take these dog crates?
  41. Question about cat problem at shelter?
  42. why would animal shelters give dogs to rescues instead of adopt them?
  43. How to handle dogs at animal shelter?
  44. How do cats eats there food at the animal shelter...?
  45. We rescued a dog from a shelter..?
  46. We rehoused our cat we adopted from the shelter?
  47. should i gave my cat back to the shelter?
  48. Help!!! I think my spayed cat is pregnant. Is the shelter responsible or am I ?
  49. My mother told me she's taking my cat to a shelter as soon as she gets a chance?
  50. Can you get cat vaccinations at a shelter?
  51. Why won't the shelter let me adopt a cat?
  52. Is fish harmful to cats despite the common association?
  53. how could i try to not remeber my dog who was given to the shelter?
  54. Do Animal Shelters Neuter Their Dogs?
  55. Giving dog away to a no kill shelter?
  56. Do some dog breeders adopt from shelters?
  57. Can you just drop off your dog at a humane society/dog shelter?
  58. Stray/shelter dog that needs to be trained.?
  59. The first night after bringing a dog home from the shelter... What to do and what
  60. do the animal shelter charge if you adopt a cat?
  61. Is there a shelter in Toronto where one can volunteer to play with puppies/dogs?
  62. 2nd outbreak in the last 3 years at cat shelter?
  63. Went to a shelter and could not be pulled away from a dog?
  64. I don't want my dog anymore, can't find any no kill shelters near by?
  65. Given the run around by a dog shelter--what gives?
  66. How can I save my cat from being put in a shelter?
  67. My dog poops in the house when i leave and he is a shelter dog?
  68. How to convince grandparents to let me adopt a shelter cat?
  69. Do you have to explain your reasoning on why you want to put your cat in a
  70. Why aren't dogs allowed in the Texas state park screen shelters?
  71. Is this expensive for a shelter dog?
  72. How can I know if a German Shepperd that I get from a shelter is a wolf dog
  73. Got my dog from a shelter 2 months ago was an angel until now he is having...
  74. I was trying to figure out what kind of breed my dog is, the shelter said she...
  75. Adopt a dog from shelter and then rehome?
  76. How can I blacklist a person from adopting a dog or cat from an animal shelter?
  77. Have you ever acquired a dog at a shelter, pound, humane society?
  78. Good dog shelters/rescues in maryland?
  79. heartbroken-take back to a shelter dog?
  80. Just adopted the most beautiful shelter dog?
  81. Adopted cat from the shelter, is he getting sick?
  82. How to get new shelter dog to calm down HELP?
  83. should i adopt a teacup dog from the shelter sense i live in an apartment?
  84. my new shelter cat maximus?
  85. Cat rescue shelter in Grove Oklahoma?
  86. Leaving my dog outside with shelter for 8 hours?
  87. Are shelter dogs house trained?
  88. How to get new shelter dog to calm down HELP?
  89. How to get new shelter dog to calm down HELP?
  90. I have two dogs, both adopted from shelters, the new one knows how to use...
  91. Cat shelter problems?
  92. what shelter to get cats?
  93. I got this dog from a shelter. Please help me figure out breed?
  94. I'm thinking about adopting a dog from the local shelter.?
  95. I am adopting a shelter dog, why did you adopt one?
  96. An animal shelter has 104 cats and dogs. the ratio of cats to dogs is 5:3.
  97. If we were to eat cats in dogs in pounds and animal shelters?
  98. Is it wrong to return a dog to the shelter after having her a year and a half?
  99. Fostering Cats for Shelter....?
  100. My dog was released by an animal shelter to my psycho neighbour?
  101. which dog from the shelter suits me best?
  102. I recently adopted a dog from a shelter?
  103. Should people adopt dogs from animal shelters?
  104. dogs home/shelter question?
  105. I adopted a cat from the shelter and she's becoming a nightmare?
  106. If a shelter stated that my cat was spayed but I find out she's not,...
  107. Shelter cat and dog...?
  108. Can association demand dog DNA?
  109. why is there an association between cats and gays?
  110. Should i buy a brand new puppy or an old dog from a shelter ?
  111. How would i train my basenji to bark she is a barkless dog i got her from...
  112. Dog shelters in england(uk)?
  113. What to look for in the right cat at an animal shelter?
  114. Which is better, the shelter/pound, or a place where is no kill facility,...
  115. How to bring a shelter cat home?
  116. why do cats seek shelter beneath a car?
  117. so i just got a cat out of a shelter?
  118. How to pick out the best shelter dog(puppy)?
  119. New Cat from shelter has worms?!?
  120. How is the best way to choose a dog from the shelter?
  121. Do you think i should take my dog to a shelter?
  122. Help! i have dog questions regarding shelter?
  123. i recently rescued a de-clawed neutered male cat. he bites would he be...
  124. I would like to adopt a dog from an animal shelter. Which one?
  125. can cats miss other cats when they go to the shelter?
  126. Poll: did you get your dog from a breeder or shelter?
  127. Is it possible to have a dog on hold in a shelter?
  128. I Am Visiting Shelters To Adopt a Dog?
  129. Can the association cite me for having a service dog in a no dog or cat condo?
  130. How does a dog know you saved their lives when you adopt them from the shelter?
  131. Would an animal shelter take my old cat toys etc?
  132. Does the SPCA shelters take dog and cat treat donations?
  133. I adopted a 5 year old cat from the shelter and we got her dewormed at the vet and
  134. Dog shelters in South Delhi?
  135. Does anyone have experience with being a member of the North Amercian Dog
  136. Tips for shelter dog?
  137. Will the shelter let me adopt the dog I want if we have a deck with a gate. but...
  138. Outside cat (from a shelter) or no cat at all?
  139. Shelter dog afraid of strangers and other dogs?
  140. Cat from the shelter and dog...?
  141. Can you re-name a shelter dog?
  142. I want to own a rescue shelter for dogs, cat, horses, ect...?
  143. Should i buy a puppy or a old dog from a shelter ?
  144. Dog shelters helpp in houston tx?
  145. Is volunteering at the animal shelter harmful to my own 2 dogs?
  146. Surrendering dog to shelter?
  147. Dog shelter in Stuttgart, Germany?
  148. Would it be a good idea (if it's allowed) to take my dog with me to the animal
  149. Advice/opinions from anyone experienced in taking home a shelter cat?
  150. What stops you from getting a shelter dog?
  151. Cats sneezing like crazy - animal shelter problem?
  152. Is it wrong to return a dog to the shelter after having her a year and a half?
  153. I want to vollenteer at a cat shelter..?
  154. What to do so animal control do not have to quarantine my dog in the shelter?
  155. No-Kill Shelter or Rescue for my aggressive dog?
  156. My mom and I had to give up my dog to the local shelter :(?
  157. How with these shelter dogs?
  158. 60% of pets are killed by euthanasia in a shelter. Millions a year. Why...
  159. How much would it cost to pick up our found cat from the shelter?
  160. What can I get for shelter for my outdoor cat?
  161. What happens when you surrender your dog to a shelter?
  162. What does it take to adopt a dog from a shelter?
  163. proces of adopting a dog from shelter?
  164. Tips for adopting a dog? Shelter experience?
  165. Adopting a dog from shelter,whos been raised at shelter good idea?
  166. Urgent!!! My dog could be going back to the shelter without your help!?
  167. Where are some good rescue shelters for dogs in North Carolina?
  168. If my dog was sent to a shelter, how many days would I have to retrieve him?
  169. what is easy to make or bulit a cat shelter without going to the store spend alot
  170. Why are there so many mix dog breeds in shelters?
  171. Putting my dog in shelter?
  172. I have a *relevant* question! (Steve?) How much of a dog's behavior can be
  173. housing association refused to give permission for me to keep my dog?
  174. DS: Is there anything that people working with rescues/shelters do to get dogs...
  175. What associations allow mixed breed dogs to earn points and titles?
  176. Adopting a Dog from a Shelter of Rescue?
  177. (ASAP) Should I adopt a dog from a shelter?
  178. How would you introduce a adult shelter dog to another dog?
  179. I surrenderred my dog to a shelter less then 24 hours ago. huge mistake.
  180. Does Obama have a program to feed the indigent that involves euthanized dogs
  181. I need some advice for the first time I'm rescuing a cat from a shelter.?
  182. My dog has worm... He has to go back to the shelter?
  183. Questions about getting a dog from a shelter?
  184. Please help me identify what breed(s) dominate in my shelter dogs?
  185. I want to adopt a shelter dog?
  186. How do you rescue a dog without going to a shelter, rescue, pound or organisation?
  187. What to look for when adopting an adult cat from a shelter?
  188. Do dogs from shelters make good pets?
  189. Should my local animal shelter pay my cat's vet bills?
  190. Are there any dog shelters I volunteer for?
  191. If i adopt a dog from a shelter?
  192. Surrending my cat back to the shelter?
  193. Is animal spay/neutering mandatory if the dog was lost then found at the shelter?
  194. What are some Mythic and Symbolic associations of cats - especially black ones?
  195. How would the humane society or shelter deal with my dog?
  196. How can I not let my emotion get involved when becoming a foster parent of...
  197. An animal shelter has 104 cats and dogs. the ratio of cats to dogs is 5:3....
  198. Tips on how to help a rescued cat adjust. She is an adult cat who was at a
  199. Good names for a dog rescued from a shelter?
  200. i adopted a 5 year old cat from the shelter and its horrible:(?
  201. No kill Cat shelter in Orlando Florida?
  202. DS: What are the advantages/disadvantages of fostering dogs from a shelter?
  203. what is the BEST dog shelter in Devon/Cornwall? urgent?!?
  204. Housing association refused to give permission for me to keep my dog?
  205. Can you tell what breed my new shelter dog is?
  206. How much do cats cost from a shelter?
  207. Are the dogs in shelters nice?
  208. How do I get my dog back from a shelter ?
  209. When trying to adopt a dog would it be a turn off to the shelter that I have...
  210. Sadly I sent my dog to an animal shelter in February and she's still...
  211. Shelter; how can I convince them not to use clumping cat litter?
  212. what is she mixed with? staffordshire & ??? looking to adopt shelter dog?
  213. Should I turn in a feral cat into a shelter?
  214. Working dogs in rescues/shelters?
  215. I adopted a stray cat from a shelter, what should i do now?
  216. Will the animal shelter be able to neuter my cat?
  217. just got a new dog from a shelter, need help adjusted him to the dog we had.?
  218. does anyone know of a no kiill shelter in md? i have a cat with diabetes and i cant
  219. Cat problems? Shelter?
  220. Can I give up my dog to a shelter?
  221. Why did they euthanize the cat if the shelter isn't crowded?
  222. Can i still get my dog back from the shelter ?
  223. My dad adopted a dog from the animal shelter and he took it back 4 days later?
  224. Dog at animal shelters?
  225. Is the possibility of a stray dog or cat being put down by shelters okay?
  226. does my dog look like a pure bred apbt the shelter said she was but didnt...
  227. Can adopting a bunny from a shelter get my cats sick?
  228. Looking for high kill animal shelters in Indianapolis to adopt a dog from...?
  229. is it okay to rescue a dog that our local shelter is considering killing if?
  230. how much does it cost to adopt a kitten or a cat from a shelter and/or Pet Smart?
  231. Is it really possible to rent a home in missoula when you own a dog, you...
  232. How to get a shelter cat to trust you?
  233. Question about dogs at no-kill shelters?
  234. Basic question about shelter cat cage cleaning?
  235. Found a dog, tryin' to find animal shelter, HELP!?
  236. Do shelters neuter dogs fast?
  237. How to make sure a shelter cat is healthy before adopting it?
  238. Adopting a husky from local shelter with small dog at home.any words of advice?
  239. How to keep a shelter cat indoors?
  240. Can you have a shelter dog bathed before adopting him/her from the shelter?
  241. In its monthly report the local animal shelter states they have 24 dogs and
  242. How many cats and dogs perish in shelters, in the United States, per year?
  243. Should I get a shelter dog?
  244. What Are Some Dog Breeds Found In Shelters?
  245. Got letter from condo association claiming that I don't pick up my dogs' poo?
  246. What is an alternative(s) to taking a dog to animal shelter?
  247. We adopted a dog from our local animal shelter...?
  248. My dad is putting his "fat cats" in a shelter is this okay?
  249. I hard the pet adoption shelters are now actually being blamed for killing tons of
  250. what are the restricitions during a shelter quarantine for a dog bite in Palm...