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  1. what shelters can i take cats to in California so they wont come back?
  2. If I take a stray cat to a shelter...what happens?
  3. Dog Shelter Question...Dallas Area?
  4. where can i find an animal shelter were they dont cost to much so i can operate my
  5. Where is a safe shelter in Michigan where i can donate all of my cats to?
  6. How can I make contact with a seeing-eye dog association?
  7. How can I make contact with a seeing-eye dog association?
  8. Adopting a shelter dog?
  9. just got a dog from the shelter. he hasn't been vaccinated for rabies and just bit...
  10. Shelter Cat Experience?
  11. How do I housetrain a 7 month male dog I got at a rescue shelter?
  12. my dog just had puppies, and i need help finding a no kill shelter in el paso help!?
  13. my vet says my cat is probably part siamese. i got him as a stray from a shelter.?
  14. Adopting a Dog from a Shelter, any one have experience?
  15. I need to find a no-kill animal shelter for cats. Can you help me?
  16. What dog breeds are usually restricted by Homeowners Association?
  17. What dog breeds are usually restricted by Homeowners Association?
  18. Possible risks of temporarily sheltering a stray cat?
  19. where are some shelters to buy dogs?
  20. Your opinions on dog shelters and mutts?
  21. my animal shelter had dogs i dont like or want to adopt. could there b more
  22. Choosing a shelter dog?
  23. Where can I take my dog to a shelter at late hours in Houston, TX ?
  24. Is it common for shelters to lie and say a dog is younger than he is in
  25. I recently adopted a female cat from a shelter. shes around a year old
  26. Does it cost money to put a dog in a NO KILL SHELTER?
  27. Whats the process in adopting a dog from a shelter?
  28. I adopted a cat from an animal shelter today. When i brought him home i let...
  29. does anyone know where to find a free dog in yarmouth?? or capecod?? besides an
  30. does anyone know where to find a free dog in yarmouth?? or capecod?? besides an
  31. I had a dream I was at my old beach house during a hurricane trying to find
  32. My dad took our cats to the pet shelter?
  33. what kind of degree do you need to your own dog shelter? and how much
  34. I am fostering a pregnant dog for my local no kill shelter.?
  35. How do I teach an old dog new tricks? (Housebreaking An Adult Shelter Dog)?
  36. How to tell if a shelter Pit Bull is dog aggressive?
  37. Shelter Dogs?
  38. Can I pick up a dead cat from a shelter to dissect?
  39. question about dog shelter and sick dogs?
  40. I need help finding a animal shelter w/small dogs?
  41. Shelter and Pounds for dogs & cats or either in Australia?
  42. Do all dogs have an adoption fee at shelters?
  43. we have two cats one is 15 years old the other is 1 we got from a shelter...
  44. What to do with a rescued dog? Shelters won't help me?
  45. How long does a dog/cat have to be in the animal shelter before it is in...
  46. this friday i may go and get two little dogs from the animal shelter ?
  47. what kind of dog should I get? from the shelter?
  48. Hi. Were adopting an adult cat who is 5, she came from a home (now in a
  49. If you could see 2 breeds of dog out of shelters What would it be?
  50. how do you volunteer for a dog shelter?
  51. Shelter Dog Sick?
  52. leaving an adopted shelter cat alone overnight?
  53. We just got a puppy from the shelter and we mixed in new dog food with the dog...
  54. How do you protect your dogs and cats from illnesses if you work as a volunteer
  55. How do you find dogs and cat that are intact? Can you tell the Shelters...
  56. Dog pound, shelter?
  57. June is "adopt a shelter cat" month?
  58. Where can i find dog shelters in the state of new york?
  59. Is there a risk from adpoting an American Staff from a dog shelter?
  60. cat&dog shelter dog?
  61. Shelter dog... how will he know where to pee???
  62. do people volunteer at dog pounds or only at shelters?
  63. About what percent of the dogs from pounds or animal shelters puppies?
  64. I trying to a adopt a dog from a shelter but Im becomming really impatiet, can you
  65. Dog Stolen-posted fliers at vet and shelters in the area?
  66. can't have my cat anymore but don't want to send to shelter??
  67. I had gotten my 2 cats at the same time from the same animal shelter.?
  68. Reasons Why do shelters Need to euthanise pets particular dogs, cats, that come in?
  69. question about dog shelter and sick dogs?
  70. i got a new dog at the shelter and i would like to know what kind of shampoo is
  71. What's the best way to introduce a new shelter kitten to an older cat?
  72. Adopted a sweet 4 year old cat, she cries all night and during the day to. She was...
  73. WHAT TO DO WITH UNWANTED CATS/KITTENS when the shelters are full?
  74. whats the price to pay to the mspca just to buy a dog from the shelter? like just...
  75. Does anyone have any advice on how I should decide which dog at the shelter is...
  76. In los angeles is there any shelters that only charge $5 for cats in adoption fee?
  77. Are shelter dogs healthy i want one but dont know whether they are healthy?
  78. I Need A Cat Shelter That Has Less Rules About Adopting!?
  79. I am looking to adopt a dog from a shelter or buy one from a breeder yet i...
  80. When is it ok to rehome a dog, or put him/her in a shelter?
  81. where can I find a no kill shelter for an abandoned cat?
  82. Can every adoption center or dog shelter you find be safe to buy a dog from?
  83. How long do animal shelters keep dogs until they are uthenized?
  84. I adopted a dog from the shelter, and I'm having trouble determining her age. How
  85. Wrong dog put down in Michigan Shelter?
  86. I have 1 dog, want to get another from a shelter. how do I go about...
  87. When people adopt dogs from the shelter, do they typically change their name or...
  88. sick dog from dog shelter?
  89. cat rescue shelter...?
  90. Are there any no-kill animal shelters in Mississippi or Alabama that will...
  91. With all the 'nice' dogs in shelters is it worth spending time & money on