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  1. Where can I BUY(Not adopt) a young(1 yr or younger) Pomerainian? Can people
  2. I want to adopt a puppy/dog from the shelter?
  3. I am thinking about doing this for the dogs at the Animal Shelter?
  4. PETS/Dogs/Is anyone familiar with the American Canine Association and how to
  5. How to make a simple shelter for your dog?
  6. Getting a cat from the shelter. I absolutely love 2 of them, how do I choose?
  7. dog breeder versus shelter?
  8. Am I a bad person for thinking about taking our cat to an animal shelter?
  9. What are the first few things you should do when you bring your new cat home
  10. Should I adopt a stray cat from a shelter, or ?
  11. What can I do about my New cat that I got from someone but the one I got from the
  12. What can I do about my New cat that I got from someone but the one I got from the...
  13. People who think a cat should be sent to a shelter when owner can't afford treatment?
  14. Do you know Any Breeders or Cat Shelters For a Common Grey Tabby Near Gravesend?
  15. Adopting Cat from Shelter?
  16. adopting a shelter dog... how does their age effect training?
  17. how can I get my new shelter dog to get along with my cats?
  18. How do i get my dog back from this adoption shelter without paying?
  19. I wanna know how many people have rescue/shelter dogs?!?
  20. How do designer dogs contribute to the overflowing shelters and why are they bad?
  21. What small breed dogs will I run into a lot at an NY shelter?
  22. My new 2 yr old shelter dog is great, except for unreasonable amounts of
  23. how do i get my mom to get a dog and also about animal shelters?
  24. Can I change a dog's name after I adopt it from the shelter?
  25. Shelter for cats. I need some help in this area of where to even start?
  26. Shelter has my former dog?
  27. Have you ever been to an Animal Shelter, if so, what was the nicest type of dog
  28. do animal shelters like seaaca take in dogs that are sick and cure them?
  29. I am considering adopting an 11 year old female dog and the shelter is not going
  30. Is it ever a bad idea to get a dog from a shelter?
  31. Do have a shelter dog, or a pure bred?
  32. Am I a bad person for taking my cat to the animal shelter?
  33. Shelter dog with a problem. . . ?
  34. Outdoor Cat vs. No-kill Shelter?
  35. I want to adopt a small shelter dog but she is so unfriendly to me. I have seen
  36. i've got a dog from the shelter..they came with to many problems so now i
  37. buying a big dog from a legitimate breeder or getting one from a shelter?
  38. Do animal shelters in the US still gas dogs?
  39. Does any one know a Shelter that let's 18 year old Adopt Dogs in NJ?
  40. I recently adopted a dog from the local animal shelter and my problem is my...
  41. Looking For A Dog Shelter?
  42. High-kill shelter will NOT answer my calls regarding one of their dogs...?
  43. Did you get your dog from a breeder or a shelter?
  44. Would you adopt a dog from the shelter even if it was getting to the end of
  45. Did you know.... 25% of Shelter dogs are PUREBRED?
  46. Is there any dog shelters in san jose, CA?
  47. Can anyone help me find a cat shelter in my area?
  48. How do they guess the age of a cat at a shelter?
  49. National Dog owners Association?
  50. Should shelters use designer breed dog names (like labradoodle) in the...
  51. Have you ever rescued a dog from a shelter?
  52. Shelter workers, how accurate are your breed descriptions? How do you
  53. I adopted 2 cats from a shelter and they are feeling bad?
  54. I have a shelter dog that is so mean to our family and growls all the time.?
  55. DID YOU KNOW.... 25% of Shelter dogs are PUREBRED?
  56. i have 2 cats that i rescued from the shelter but they dont seem to get
  57. New dog from shelter growls at 2 year old...advice needed.?
  58. Cat shelter volunteers needed to answer.?
  59. strange shelter dog.?
  60. Was anyone else put off by Obama's remark that all shelter dogs "are crazy like me"?
  61. Anybody have any information on no kill cat shelters?
  62. Do animal shelters usually have friendly dogs for my dog to play with?
  63. How to introduce shelter dog to house ?
  64. Do animals shelters allow their dogs to play with MY dog?
  65. shelter dog questions?
  66. did i just hear obama say he's half bred like the dog he wants to get at
  67. Is it possible to make a make-shift shelter for a cat, and keep it there?
  68. if a dog is properly taken care of, loved, sheltered, and not chained,
  69. are there any cat shelters where i live?
  70. Are there any cat shelters in my local area?
  71. Wjy can't australian Shelter/pounds actual list the dogs that have been adopted.?
  72. How to convince my parents to adopt this adorable dog from the shelter?
  73. Hi, about 2 months ago I got an shelter dog they just said it was mixed by this pic
  74. well my cat sometimes hits me with her paw. is this human abuse? can i...
  75. Need advice and tips on how to house train a dog adopted from a shelter.?
  76. How to convince my parents to adopt this adorable dog from the shelter?
  77. What is life like for a shelter/homeless dog?
  78. do you think people should buy dogs from a shelter or store?
  79. Silver tabby cats in shelters?
  80. Need Idea's for a shelter dog?
  81. Pure bred or shelter dogs?
  82. making a shelter for feral cats...?
  83. Making a shelter for feral cats...?
  84. Will pet insurance limit the number of dogs& cats 9years old+ in
  85. I took my in-laws cat to an animal shelter?
  86. Are dogs from shelters nicer than breeder dogs? ?
  87. Does PAWS animal shelter give shots for cats?
  88. Have a dog that came from a shelter that the vet thinks has distemper as well...
  89. Why do people think "designer dogs" are so unhealthy but shelter mutts aren't?
  90. Where are some dog shelters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and plz don't...
  91. Adopting a Cat at My No-kill Shelter?
  92. is this a good enough shelter for the stray cat?
  93. Shelter for your outdoor cats?
  94. Why are dogs at shelters so much more expensive now?
  95. Adopting a Cat at a Animal shelter?
  96. I wrote this for an animal shelter. Would you adopt a dog if you read it? ?
  97. animal shelter stole my dog please help?
  98. want to a cat shelter?
  99. Is it too risky for my dogs for me to volunteer at an animal shelter?
  100. how to build a cat shelter?
  101. Question about a pregnant dog at the shelter I volunteer at ?
  102. If you've adopted a dog from a shelter or foster home help me please!!?
  103. How can i find out if my dog is in the shelter?
  104. Why did my mom give away my dog to a shelter and how can I get it back.?
  105. Cat No Kill Animal Shelter in Orlando, FLorida ?
  106. dog shelter in virginia?
  107. how long can a dog last in a shelter before they put them to sleep?
  108. An older, untrained shelter dog is making it hell to train my new puppy. Help me out?
  109. Can my shelter cat give me the virus that gave her her upper respiratory...
  110. Returning cat to shelter?
  111. I post on the web for a local shelter's dogs once they become urgent. I
  112. is adopting a dog at the san leandro fairmont shelter free?
  113. If everybody got their dogs from shelters what would happen to the rest of them?
  114. There are 45 more cats than dogs living at Artís Animal Shelter, which houses...
  115. i just got a new dog from a shelter?
  116. Is it allowed to keep Pets(Dogs) in appartments in Bangalore? Can...
  117. should I adopt another shelter cat?
  118. Is this a great cat shelter or what?
  119. My dog has bitten a guy twice in my neighbour, is it fair to leave my dog...
  120. How do you choose a dog at an animal shelter?
  121. How do you get a free unwanted dog that's not from the shelter?
  122. In order to your own dog shelter/refuge/rescue...?
  123. Dog at an animal shelter?
  124. How to impress Klee Kai shelter owners to get dog?
  125. In order to your own dog shelter/refuge/rescue...?
  126. Should I adopt a dog currently being fostered or one from the city animal shelter?
  127. How to pick out a guard dog from an animal shelter?
  128. Are these shelter cats Russian Blues?
  129. Shelter dogs.......train-able?
  130. adult dog saved from shelter whining?
  131. Converting shed to shelter for foster cats?
  132. When you adopt a dog from an animal shelter in your town, do you get the dog
  133. a question on sheltered dog breeds?
  134. Volunteering at Dog Shelter?
  135. I just adopted a one year old male Chocolate lab from dog shelter.?
  136. What are the pros and cons of adopting a dog from a shelter?
  137. Who has rescued a dog from an animal shelter or anywhere?
  138. Can I still get a dog from an animal shelter?
  139. does the cattle feed industry still buy dead cats and dogs animal shelters
  140. What should I name my shelter dog?
  141. How long until they offer a dog up for adoption at Animal Shelter?
  142. Abused Shelter dog, how do i housebreak him?
  143. Does anyone know the dogs in the Stuttgart Germany Animal Shelter!?
  144. I got my dog fixed from a shelter, but now I'm starting to wonder if he really is.?
  145. Pros and cons of buying a dog from a pet store or adopting it from the shelter?
  146. I want to ask some of the local dog shelters if it would be okay for me to conduct a
  147. I want to ask some of the local dog shelters if it would be okay for me to conduct a
  148. monthly boarding shelters for cats?
  149. if you get a dog from the animal shelter?
  150. for hurrican gustav, the animal shelters left and have no where to leave my
  151. I just adopted a dog from the shelter and it looks like he's got bald spots on his
  152. Are shelter cats trained to use ONLY the litterbox AND are they de-Clawed??
  153. Thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter?
  154. horrible dog shelter????
  155. I am looking into adopting a dog from a shelter, yet . . .?
  156. Adopting two cats tommorow from a shelter?
  157. How do you get a no-kill shelter to take a semi-ferral cat?
  158. Designer dogs / Shelter Dog s / Walmart dogs ?
  159. dog whisperer-did anyone see the one where Ceaser is at a shelter looking
  160. cat at the local shelter?
  161. Taking my roommates dog to the rescue shelter?!?
  162. i adopted a dog from a shelter they told me boxer and hound mix our vet told us
  163. how much are dogs from an animal shelter?
  164. I adopted a shelter dog and seems that this shelter is incompetent and shady,
  165. Does anyone know of any shelters for dogs that wont put them down?
  166. My dog is very naughty and does lots of mischief. Should i surrender him to shelter?
  167. Dog Shelters near Abington, PA?
  168. can anyone build shelter for street dogs/cats?
  169. Anyone remember a "dog shelter" story?
  170. Shelter Rescue Dogs?
  171. Donating to a dog shelter...?
  172. Is this a good dog to get? - at my local shelter - site included?
  173. Perfect name for a dog at the shelter?
  174. i need help , i bought a dog from a no kill shelter and she got sick with mange 3
  175. Dog shelter?
  176. What all is involved with being like, a shelter dog halfway owner? please help!?
  177. My neighbor took my dog to the shelter, is it possible to re adopt my dog from
  178. i work at a dog shelter and what could i do to help adoped them i tried hanging
  179. Can someone please tell me what my shelter dog is mixed with (pics included)
  180. What in world is our shelter dog mixed with? No one seem to know for
  181. My condo association does not allow pets. Is there a way that I could get
  182. thinking of starting a shelter for prego dogs and pups?
  183. What dog breeds are you most like;y to find in an animal shelter?
  184. Why do Veterinary Associations "certify" Crappy dog foods such as this one that that
  185. We are fostering a dog we just got from a high kill shelter?
  186. Would a shelter keep my cats alive?
  187. Asking Again. We recently adopted this blue eyed dog from our local shelter -
  188. my dog is always on a lead he has 3 walks aday the workmen work for the...
  189. I am looking to a dog daycare in Texas and need to know which association I
  190. How to get a cat from a shelter?
  191. I am asking for you to vote for my shelter dog.?
  192. Is there any club or association that will register a dog even if it's...
  193. What is the root cause reason behind the association of men with dogs and
  194. Cat Fanciers Association?
  195. where is a good shelter i can rescue a dog from?
  196. Why do shelter sometime seperate paired cats OR PAIRED dog when they have to
  197. Are there any tell-tale signs I can look for that will let me know if my...
  198. We recently adopted a chocolate lab from a shelter. Great with people, But she
  199. Should I / could I re-adopt a dog I already brought back to the animal shelter?
  200. My cat had puppies and the animal shelter won't take them?
  201. someone please help me? shelter for outdoor cats?
  202. Dogs in the shelter..........
  203. I can not find an animal shelter in CT that will take my cat.?
  204. Help! No more, "no kill shelters." Is there a Cat Sanctuary in the state of PA?
  205. I adopted dog from shelter who is afraid to urinate in yard but will go at...
  206. What do you need to up a dog kennel? Do you need some kind of
  207. How to handle dog coming home from animal shelter?
  208. Horse shelter made from dog kennel....
  209. how to approach dogs in an animal shelter
  210. People leaving dog poop on common areas at condo...breaking association and
  211. give dog to shelter?
  212. Poll: would you rather get a dog from a pet store or an animal shelter?
  213. What can I do about a Home Owners Association that will not let me put up a
  214. Cats euthanized SAME day they are brought into animal shelter?
  215. Do you know where good dog shelters are?
  216. Does your local animal shelter import dogs?
  217. Just got two 1 1/2 year old shelter cats - how long should it take to get used to us?
  218. What do I bring to pick up a dog from animal shelter?
  219. Do you know of any dog shelters in toledo or sylvania, OH?
  220. can i register pedigree pups with the kc if their parents are registered with dog
  221. How do I convince my parents to approval for a shelter dog.
  222. Now, I need help with a shelter I promised to foster one of there big dogs,
  223. Shelter dog show's aggression towards my husband and men??
  224. Animal Shelters Puppies/Dogs!!
  225. We recently adopted a beautiful blued eyed dog from our local shelter - what...
  226. My shelter dog is pooping in her crate, how can I get her to stop?
  227. is there any association in uk i can report my neighbours to..their dogs...
  228. Is it possible to start your own dog association?
  229. Could you believe that a dog carried a human baby 50 meters from where it
  230. Are my shelter dog's true colors finally showing causing him to misbehave or is...
  231. how to adopt a cat / kitten from an animal shelter?
  232. Will it tramatize my shelter dog to stay in a kennel for 11 days? How can...
  233. Do you believe this is a reason why many shelter dogs do not get adopted
  234. I recently adopted a cat from an animal shelter which was sick. I live in...
  235. Types of treats for shelter dogs?
  236. Is (cat)certified accounting technician better than (aat)Association of...
  237. Would more shelter dogs get adopted if .......?
  238. When did the grey wolf's (dog) association with man begin?
  239. do i need parental consent to adopt a shelter dog in New york??
  240. I'm trying to housetrain my nine-month old shelter dog. Am I doing it right? If...
  241. Humane Association vs. rescues....Regarding the Ellen DeGeneres dog rescue...
  242. Myspace song for Shelter Dogs!?
  243. Im looking to adopt a Dog from a high kill shelter in Rhode Island or Mass. I
  244. I am asking for you to vote for my shelter dog.?
  245. Can You Sue A Non- profit shelter, if my dogs gets hurt becuase of a...
  246. I live in Ohio and I am trying to find a no kill shelter to take ten cats...
  247. Can a cat be captured and taken to a shelter because it does not have identification?
  248. Can we sue condo association for pitbull dog negligence?
  249. What are reasons people take their dogs back to the shelter?
  250. Volunteering at a cat shelter?