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  1. I live in the baltimore area and I want to know where i can walk/socialize
  2. Why do groups of cats line up and look at you?
  3. We have a group of Therapy Dog's that visit challenged adults once a week....
  4. What is the name of this cartoon? It was around in the 90s, about a group of...
  5. what are the names of some dog rescue groups in Milwaukee, WI?
  6. Feral cat rescue group in CT?
  7. Do wild cats have group roles like wild dogs do?
  8. How to start a dog rescue group?
  9. I need a catchy name for my new dog group?
  10. 2 Q's: Why do Christian religion have an extra-large support group for
  11. Which dogs from the working group do you like most and how do they fare as a...
  12. How many different dogsled teams of 6 can be formed if the dogs are chosen from a
  13. what is the movie the was on disney channel or toon disney a few years ago...
  14. Dog play group in Phoenix?!?
  15. Help needed to start a DOG rescue group :)?
  16. What dog group is Pitbull under?
  17. What groups of people would dogs benefit?
  18. My neighbors cat was attacked by a group of dogs?
  19. my neighbors cat was attacked by a group of dogs?
  20. Starting Small Dog or Puppy Play Group?
  21. Would different breeds of cory cats group together?
  22. anybody know about or remeber a rap group from arkansas called project dogs?
  23. Is there a rescue group devoted to Doodle-mix puppies/dogs in Ohio?
  24. when out walking ur dog or a group of dogs?
  25. Anyone work for a rescue group? Dog limits?
  26. Which dogs are you hoping for to win their group in the Westminster dog show Tonight?
  27. Why do poodles win their group at dog shows so much?
  28. Sporting Group Fans ...Westminster dog show?
  29. Doesn't it seem that the same type of dogs win in group shows?
  30. Has the Sporting group been shown on the Westminster dog show?
  31. What dog won the Herding group in the Westminster Kennel Club?
  32. Do dogs have blood groups?
  33. what is the most athletic dog in the working group?
  34. How to get rid of a group of feral cats living under my house?
  35. what is the most athletic dog in the working group?
  36. I keep hearing rumors about secret dog section groups?
  37. what are the dog resuce groups in So. Ft. Myers.?
  38. What is your favorite dog breeds by dog groups?
  39. Out of the spaniel group of dogs?
  40. WHow do you create visual interest on a group shot, that involves dogs and
  41. Who Do You Think is a better singing group? The Spice Girls, Girls Aloud,or The...
  42. Best dog out of this group for a mild allergy sufferer (I am Not Looking...
  43. Does anyone know of a group that takes dogs to visit at convelesant
  44. What was the name of that cartoon aired in the 90's about a group of cats? ?
  45. Question for Sporting Dog group owners?
  46. Why is the LGBT Cat. in Cultures and groups?
  47. My group stuck it on me to find a labeled diagram of a cat's muscles and i need help?
  48. "Hunting dog'.......what breeds/groups are considered "hunting" dogs? ?
  49. survey time ! what breed of dog do you like best in each group : ?
  50. Name your favorite dog breed from each group?
  51. Need some good name for cats group?
  52. Is there such a thing as puppy play groups? Where i can take my puppy to play
  53. How many have joined the political watch dog group?
  54. Cat rescue group name?
  55. Any cat rescue groups to volunteer for in Paris cemeteries?
  56. What do you think of these dogs (which is your favorite of the group)?
  57. Can exposing a dog to group situations such as a doggie daycare cause...
  58. Has anyone else had a negative experience with a dog rescue group?
  59. Do you know this online dog community/group?
  60. Is there a Group in yahoo that feed their dogs The B.A.R.F Dog Diet?
  61. How to stop groups of cats caterwauling?
  62. What happen the the girl "Asia" who won the Pussy Cat Dolls reality (get in our
  63. How do I get people to join my Yahoo Group for Dogs?
  64. Yahoo Group for Dogs...?
  65. What makes the miscallenous class of dogs different from the other groups?
  66. In a group of 54 children, 17 had a dog, 20 had a cat, and 9 had both a
  67. Looking for a group theme to dress up 8 dogs for Halloween.?
  68. In a group of people, what is it about a cat that makes him zero in on the...
  69. Do animal rescue groups and animal shelters find it more difficult to adopt black
  70. Does anyone know of any certain dog rescue groups in the Washington area??
  71. Did the dog rescue group lie to me and is my boxer (mix) really an American pitbull?
  72. name the film? a group of ppl survived human destrustion in a train and later a
  73. Anyone hear belong to another dog forum besides Yahoo!, The Official Dog Section
  74. I need help figuring out a name for a cat rescue group, ideas anyone?
  75. Are there any stray cat registry groups?
  76. If these celebs were in a cat fight, which group would win & why?
  77. question about my dog group?
  78. 4-h groups for dogs?
  79. what is the group of cats called?
  80. would you join a group with dogs?
  81. Looking for the dog rescue group recently on TV, couple do it from home and
  82. How many people agree that the "Cat" community is the most unstable group of people
  83. Did anyone watch the search for the next doll, why won't they let Asia...
  84. Does anyone know what a dog rescue group looks for in a home inspection?
  85. Can you name a dog from the molosser breed group?
  86. how many are there in the pussy cat dolls singing group?
  87. Girlfriend likes hanging out w/ my guy group, but they are dogs- should i tell...
  88. I'm a dog trainer and want to know what rate I should rent a space for group classes?
  89. Care2 Petition to stop pre-Olympic cat kill...from Pets_Calgary Yahoo Group?
  90. why isn't the girl called Asia who won "the search for the next pussy-cat doll...
  91. Can anyone tell me the group and/or name of this song.
  92. Doggie groups like playtime for dogs?
  93. What religious group has the most cat crazed people in the world?
  94. functional group that smells like cat food?
  95. Wht did God intelligently design that one Pssy Cat Doll to be so much
  96. is there a group on yahoo for regulars from the dog section?
  97. I found out about a group of byb's sucessfully advertising as an...
  98. Has anybody here been involved with or heard of the Alley Cat Rescue Group?
  99. I live in Salt Lake City and I need info on raising a Guide Dog for the...
  100. What age group listen to Cat Stevens?
  101. Which groups release of BLACK CAT is the best?
  102. Any Advice on Trapping a feral cat to have fixed, vaccinated, tested among a group
  103. Have read that certain ethnic groups in the middle do not like or fear dogs. Is
  104. There's a song with the cat chow meow in the background, what is the rap group's
  105. What are some activities for a group of 5 dogs?
  106. what toy group dog should i get?
  107. Are there Christian support groups for ex-cats-with-limes-on -their-head?
  108. Animal Control / Enforcement Groups? Regarding laws for stray cats.?
  109. I need a name for a cats rock group ....?
  110. do african wild dogs travel in groups?
  111. I'm looking for a dog/puppy play group in westland (suburb of detroit) michigan?
  112. what is the type of dog on the farmers insurance group advertisment card thingy?
  113. A herd of cows...a pack of dogs...What is a group of armadillos called?
  114. How to catch Adult gangs group who killed my cat and now they're trying to kill...
  115. Anyone know how many girls are in the Pussy Cat Dolls group?
  116. Yahoo! Group for cat lovers?!?
  117. Yahoo! Group for cat lovers!?
  118. Would a mason rather throw a bone to a dog than to another human outside of their...
  119. A group of girls keep ing my dog's gate?
  120. There are 37 kids in a group. 14 have dogs and 20 have cats. 12 kids have both.
  121. What dog group is the pit bull?
  122. The term "hunting dog" is so ambigous as to be useless.....which groups...
  123. why would a dog that's sweet to all single out one guy out of a group to growl at...
  124. Does anyone know of national or groups local to Kansas that would donate to get a...
  125. i used to belong to a group kitandkaboodle. they had a story on there
  126. Dogs that are grouped into The AKC Working Group were oringinally bred to do what ?
  127. 7 man each have 7 sacks. each sacks have 7 cats. each cat has 7 kittens, how
  128. dog play group at petco?
  129. toy group,non-sport group, and sport group DOG?
  130. cannot find my dog group at unitedfidosc@yahoogroups.com?
  131. Is it just me or is Yahoo! Answers just as much of a corporate dog as any of those
  132. Animal rescue groups that will pick up a dog in (outskirts) of Dallas?
  133. Song title and group? clues: 60s/70s song (i think) sings about "cat" and
  134. Have you ever heard of a news story of a person being attacked by a group of...