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  1. What spiritual/religious group(s) is responsible for killing cats?
  2. Who are the best racing dog rescue groups AND greyhound racers in the Sarasota area?
  3. Which group of dog breeds would you pick and why?
  4. Group Halloween costume ideas with a dog?
  5. Which of these dogs in the toy group are best to have?
  6. How do I keep a group of outside cats warm?
  7. will all of the cats be infected with Feline leukemia already if a group...
  8. what animal group is a bird&human&dog& whale in?
  9. looking for and old cartoon about a group of dogs who are transformed into...
  10. Culture groups: Ever thought about putting peanut butter on ur balls & letting
  11. What dog group do you prefer? (Read details)?
  12. Group (of 2 or more) dogs attacking and seriously injuring/killing another...
  13. Why, a year on, are there still hate groups about that autistic woman who binned
  14. Question about adopting a dog from a Rescue group?
  15. What group of dogs you do like best?
  16. Are cats in rescue groups, spayed, de-wormed, vaccinated, and given other similar
  17. is there a cat rescue group in fl?
  18. Allergic to one group of cats, not the other?
  19. Coast guard Deployable operations group (DOG)?
  20. Where can i find some dog agility clubs/groups near modesto, ca?
  21. Agility groups for dogs around Bradenton, FL?
  22. How many hours of group play does my dog need?
  23. A Question About Dogs and Ethnic Groups?
  24. Discovered a group of feral cats...?
  25. Do I have a cool pack (group of dogs) ?
  26. Where are no kill rescue groups for large mixed breed dogs in the Knoxville, TN area?
  27. Creative Cat Rouge Group Positions?
  28. I can no longer form and email a category (contact) group, when I try this pops...
  29. Dogs going through chemo: any support groups/online resources for canine...
  30. What favouite group of dog breeds?
  31. Cultures & Groups: What do you think smells the worst, a wet dog or a pissy cat?
  32. My 4 dogs who shots are up to date were exposed to a pup I got from a recue...
  33. How do wild dogs live together in groups without causing fights?
  34. I need a group dog costume idea?
  35. Group of dogs ran through, killed cat. Is there anyone we can call/alert?
  36. What are the 8 most intelligent dog breeds (based upon group)..in YOUR...
  37. Shouldn't the people have a watch dog group who makes sure people like Barney?
  38. Would being in a riot police group affect joining the dog unit?
  39. Considering the bigoted Iowa focus group this week, how much will Repubs use dog...
  40. The hospital where I work wants us to do a community service project and the
  41. What do you think of certain groups of people sleeping in bed with their dogs.Also
  42. Dog abusers, will you support a group that will take revenge on those who abuse?
  43. is their any dog activitys or groups i can join for me and my dog?
  44. Is there a Yahoo community/group/thread dedicated to diabetic cats?
  45. Is there a difference between the way these two groups view cats?
  46. If a group Dogs (a pack) where to somehow survive at end of mankind, can they...
  47. Is there an official anti-declawing group for cats i can join?
  48. why do certain asain groups eat dogs and cats?
  49. How do you kill ringworm in a large group of cats?
  50. Are there other groups of animals that use complex facial expressions to
  51. who was the pussy cat doll that left the group?
  52. What is the first dog that comes to mind with each group?
  53. Has anyone ever owned a dog from each of the various groups?
  54. Dog is aggressive towards certain groups of people?
  55. Amount of cats in a group of 27 dogs and cats, if there are 4/5 as many dogs as cats?
  56. Good dog breeds for large groups?
  57. What are some collective nouns I can use interchangibily for both groups...
  58. Any rescue groups in Brooklyn that can help brother and sister dogs, please...
  59. Will Obama call the animal rescue groups that helped save some of the Vick dogs?
  60. What was the children's tv show about a group of crime fighting dogs?
  61. Should certain groups of people teach and influence other cultures,even though...
  62. i was walking in the woods with my dog, and there was a group of people in white
  63. How can I get more group members for my Hamilton Ontario cat rescue group?
  64. How does a dog get placed with a rescue group?
  65. Who Do You Think is a better singing group? The Spice Girls, Girls Aloud,or The
  66. In dog shows, what group does a shih tzu fall under?
  67. I am interested in starting a breed specific dog rescue group anyone know...
  68. Can anyone reccomend a fun and interesting dog related Yahoo group?
  69. I was watching the big cat diaries and a group of lions came upon baby
  70. My cat just had kittens and she isolated one from the group!?
  71. How much pork is Pelosi going to offer the Blue Dog group today to buy their votes?
  72. Does anyone know what a dog rescue group looks for in a home inspection?
  73. Adopting a dog from a rescue group - Dog is very skinny. What could be the cause?
  74. Need some good name for cats group?
  75. Whats the name of that internet watch-dog group that does stings on child
  76. is the leader Nicole of the music group Pussy Cat Dolls realy dead?
  77. What a good cat lovers group?
  78. Group of at least four trolls attacking the cat section?
  79. Which gang, organization or group uses the cat symbol in order to make their...
  80. Which gang, organization or group uses the symbolism of a cat in order to...
  81. How long does a dog/cat have to be in the animal shelter before it is in the Lonely
  82. Is it better to get a cat from the ad in the newspaper or from a rescue group?
  83. What dog group is the pit bull?
  84. What should i do in my new cat group?
  85. So, is cat hair on food a 'condiment,' a 'spice,' or a 'food group'?
  86. The singing group Pussy Cat Dolls do they suck or is it just me?
  87. what do you call a group of domestic cat's?
  88. My group stuck it on me to find a labeled diagram of a cat's muscles and i need help?
  89. What dog group is Pitbull under?
  90. What nationality is the lead singer from the music group The pussy cat dolls from?
  91. Should I give my dog back to the rescue group?
  92. Does anyone know how to add a cat to my group of seven other cats? She wants to be
  93. create the anti pussy cat dolls, group at leat 4 scary celebs that would be...
  94. Would different breeds of cory cats group together?
  95. Anyone who is in a dog rescue group?
  96. For my dog: group obedience of one on one?
  97. I am owner of the yahoo group called CATIONARY which is used for readers of my CAT...
  98. I'm thinking of adopting a dog. What questions should I ask the rescue group
  99. want to adopt dog from a group says they are of the us sisters of advocate...
  100. What happen the the girl "Asia" who won the Pussy Cat Dolls reality (get...
  101. Some nice small dog breeds in the working group?
  102. We really should start a yahoo group for us dog people on here, and then invite
  103. What breed/dog group is a reliable companion and is a good guard dog?
  104. Can I join a shelter or group home with my dog?
  105. Why do poodles win their group at dog shows so much?
  106. How to catch Adult gangs group who killed my cat and now they're trying to
  107. How many have joined the political watch dog group?
  108. How many dog breeds group are recognized for the FCI?
  109. In a group of people, what is it about a cat that makes him zero in on...
  110. How did the music group 'Three Dog Night' get its name?
  111. Why wasn't there a Golden Retriever in the sporting group on Animal Planet
  112. Have you ever wondered if your dog would fit into another group?
  113. i used to belong to a group kitandkaboodle. they had a story on there entitled
  114. what is the most athletic dog in the working group?
  115. Anyone know how many girls are in the Pussy Cat Dolls group?
  116. how to get my dog group in the zone?
  117. what is the type of dog on the farmers insurance group advertisment card thingy?
  118. What do we call a group of mongooses and a what do we call a baby
  119. Is there any place, group or org. that really will neuter a cat for free? Or...
  120. I have different group of cat families at my home. How do I unite them? One...
  121. Would anyone be interested in joining my group? I love my cat and I would
  122. What dog won the Herding group in the Westminster Kennel Club?
  123. What age group listen to Cat Stevens?
  124. As cat and dog are nouns, what word group does bing, and boing belong too?
  125. Animal rescue groups - Why are they aloud to have 35 cats in their home?
  126. what is the movie called when there is a british or australian couple and
  127. Docile dog unless we're with a group of people?
  128. Has the the media, hollywood and watch dog group's effort to uncover...
  129. Should a dog rescue group test for heartworm?
  130. What is the best way to go up against a rescue group that has taken my dog.?
  131. A group of men a escaping onto a waiting plane. It takes off with their...
  132. Are domestic cats solitary or are they group animals and or do they have a hierarchy?
  133. What would u do if u saw a dog taking a dump on a group of zombies?
  134. dog tags for a church youth group?
  135. do winners of dog shows (by groups, or best in show) ever get a cash prize or just
  136. Is there a rescue group in ga that will take Feline Leukemia positive cats...
  137. Old cartoon about a group or either cats or dogs?
  138. Where can i find webpages or groups that are AGAINST CAT VACCINATIONS !!?
  139. Starting a volunteer group for our local dog park?
  140. how many of u work/have worked in cat rescue groups?
  141. How much involvment does a rescue group have with a dog after they find them a
  142. What can I do after volunteering to foster two dogs from a rescue group run
  143. Is there anything to back up thunder cats as a possible church youth group name?
  144. Does your dog dislike certain groups of people?
  145. What do cat rescue groups do if they run out of space?
  146. Does anyone know any group that transport pet cats From India to Canada?
  147. why would a group of dogs kill one of their own, all are family pets?
  148. If a group of dogs were left alone, would they live in a hierarchical
  149. Is there any group I can join that will email me when dog food is recalled?
  150. A group of men beat my dog?
  151. groups that are trying to changes the ohio law about vicious dogs?
  152. Are there any groups like WeightWatchers for cats?
  153. Who is more reliable for reportin the truth in News? independent watch dog
  154. does anybody remember this scary movie, 3 stories..one was about a group of
  155. What do you call the group of people who go in the cat section and bash cat
  156. Can Anyone Help Me Find A Dog Role-Playing Group?
  157. If a group of cats is called a clowder, a group of crows is called a murder, what...
  158. DS: How close is your dog group?
  159. Does anyone recall a music group named Casanova Cats?
  160. Would you be willing to hunt wild boar or Grizzly Bear old school? With dogs...
  161. Which oriental group eats cats? is it Chinese,Japanese,Cambodians, Vietnamese? etc.?
  162. Is EVO for all age groups of dogs?
  163. Any suggestions on getting a group price to spay and neuter 6 cats at once?
  164. Is there a group/type of dog that you wouldn't want to own?
  165. why can't a access my dog club's yahoo group web site?
  166. Cat Section: United Pet Group Expands Recall?
  167. Do Cory Cats Have to Stay in groups with Their Type? (Example: Albino)?
  168. Which dog from the "toy sized" group do you think would fit best for her?
  169. Want to adopt a dog from Rescue group..?
  170. Where should a first time dog owner buy his dogs? Reputable breeders, shelters,
  171. DS: What are your favourite dog breeds within each group?
  172. Why senior cats seem to be the friendliest of cats of other age groups in
  173. Which food group is most important for cats?
  174. Do Cats hunt in groups?
  175. Why are animal right groups so contradictory on dog meat in Korea?
  176. Looking for dog walking groups in New Haven or Fairfield county area..?
  177. the original who let them(dem) dogs out not the trinidadian group or...
  178. needing a rescue group for small dog breeds that allows adoption in monroe
  179. Safe to split up frontline plus with a group of different sized dogs?
  180. Does anyone know of any groups that help pay for dog surgery?
  181. So which group of so called reality TV show persons are uglier? the group from...
  182. When You Join a Schutzhund Group, What Does It Mean to Get Your Dog Evaluated?
  183. Do rescue groups PAY puppy mills for the dogs?
  184. neutering a male dog make him less of the alpha male in a group of male dogs?
  185. cultures & groups what do you think of my dog?
  186. My cat ran away for 2 days and we suspect she was hanging with a group a
  187. Why is the Boston Terrier under the non-sporting dog group and not under the
  188. what are the procedures in adopting a dog from a rescue group?
  189. Coast Guard Deployable Operations Group (DOG)?
  190. I belong to an animal rescue group. Donations low. Need wet cat food in bulk. Price
  191. Why do people suggest dumping aggressive dogs on rescue groups instead of...
  192. A group of students takes their math teacher out for lunch. If five...
  193. What group are boxers in at Westminster dog show?
  194. A group of arabs/asians branded my dog unclean when I was taking him for a
  195. I am trying to verify my AOL address so that it will be my primary address for...
  196. Sloppiness of dog adoption group??
  197. I am writing a book about a group of dogs and 3 children?
  198. Animal Conservation/Rescue groups. Wild Cats?
  199. How can i get involved in a group with my dog that goes to visit hospitals and such?
  200. What is you opinion of breed specific rescue groups they only want pure breed dogs?
  201. Cultures and Groups, why my question about the Iranian movie THE PERSIAN CATS...
  202. Are there are dog walking groups in Nottingham?
  203. why are people or groups negatively called dogs? what are they referring to?
  204. how much do native american indian dogs usually cost? and would they be cheaper if
  205. Dog cancer Q/A website, support group... mast cell tumor?
  206. What is the meaning of the group Big Bang's song Crazy Dog?
  207. What do you call a group of cats?
  208. Information on the Coast Guard Deployable Operation Groups (DOG)?
  209. Who do I report Malware attack when trying to join a Yahoo group? Tried...
  210. Sunshine Coast, BC (Gibsons) Dog Meetup Group?
  211. Cat Rescue Groups in Cleveland Ohio? Looking for a home for a stray kitten.?
  212. What are four groups within the dog species?
  213. what group was the best the backstreet boy, destiny's child, TLC, 98 degrees, the
  214. cartoon vhs from the 80s about a group of dogs that solve a mystery?
  215. What do you do if your walking and a group of dogs attack you?Do you fight back?
  216. What can i do to get the best groups out of the GAMO big cat 1200?
  217. How do you feed groups of dogs?
  218. Does anybody know rescue groups for cats?
  219. According to AKC(America Kennel Club) Standards, What are 5 dogs in the working
  220. What kind of dog in the toy group is great with children?
  221. Does anybody know rescue groups for cats?
  222. What group are Potuguese Water Dogs placed in in dogs shows?
  223. Why do groups of dogs all start barking at once?
  224. Attention cat rescue groups in Georgia?
  225. What are the dog breeds that make up the whisky group? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS?
  226. whats you farvorite dog from each group?
  227. can anyone remember a kid show on bbc one about a group of kids battleing an...
  228. On Meerkat Manor 3, when the Whiskers split with Rocket Dog as the leader...
  229. whats you farvorite dog from each group?
  230. Al-Queda and other extremist groups keep persisting that we and they are like...
  231. Whats worse: Attacked by Alligators during a Flood or Attacked by a group
  232. good games for dogs from the herding group?
  233. Will a group of female dogs living together go in heat at the same time?
  234. Anybody know of any dog agility training groups in Devon (near...
  235. Why would a group of cats form a perfect circle randomly, usually at night?
  236. A group of 200 ppl are asked whether they own a pet cat, a pet dog or any...
  237. How can I know which dog is stronger in a group?
  238. who wants to join my yahoo dog training advice group?
  239. DOGGY GROUP IDEAS/GAMES PLEASE~I am planning a "barkday" party for my dog....
  240. Planning to start a group of therapy dogs?
  241. What are some good big cat conservation groups I can donate to?
  242. Dog Groups AmericanKennelClub?
  243. Where can I buy promotional products like kennel leads, dog waste bag
  244. Does anyone know of a FIV positive cat sanctuary or rescue group in California?
  245. Like dogs, can humans get a DNA sample to tell which ethnic groups they belong to?
  246. What's a catchy name for a group trying to stop noisy dog kennels from locating...
  247. A group of kids let their pit bull kill my cat!?
  248. What cartoon movie had a stray cat that was adopted by a stray dog group?
  249. What if that mystical religious group the Dyslexics are right and there...
  250. Where can I find a discussion and support group for owners of dogs with