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  1. Is it illegal to have dogs as pet in appartments ?
  2. What's the easiest pet to take care of?
  3. I'm moving into a house and need to know how to get the pet smell out of...
  4. We have pet snails in my son's fishtank..?
  5. Yorkshire Pigs as Pets?
  6. Do human pet owners slow down an animals evolution rate?
  7. What's your pet peeve?
  8. Can all types of parakeets can be kept as pets? ?
  9. Survey:: Have you ever worried your pets ?
  10. Which pet would you rather have?
  11. What is your absolute pet hate at work?!? A few of mine are...?
  12. When I pet my cat, she spilt some liquid?
  13. How do you go up levels on super pets app on myspace?
  14. How come I don't see chipmunks or squirrels as pets?
  15. im doing a speech on my pet fish?
  16. What are some good virtual pet dog websites?
  17. if your pet was a pet what would its habitate be what food and drink would
  18. my little pet hamster got out and got hurt by the cat.....HELP?
  19. Small, easy-to-maintain, non-salmonella-giving pets that aren't fish?
  20. Want to take this pet survey? Fun Questions?
  21. What pet likes to be carried around allday long and likes living very close to its
  22. what would you name your pet duck?
  23. Is your pet an emergency wake up call. ?
  24. doctor's that can give a prescription of a pet in the merced area. ?
  25. People with land, how do they get their pet rabbits to stay?
  26. Cows as pets? (and yes it's serious question)?
  27. Survey:: Do you have a pampered pet ?
  28. My pet bird has an obsession with?
  29. do you think that a dog (or any other pet) is a good substitute for human...
  30. Can tigers be house pets in the state of California?
  31. pet stores in ontario?
  32. Do your pet rats like wheels?
  33. is there a certain age you should be to own a pet snake?
  34. Do Water Dragons make good pets?
  35. How do i let my pet rats play?
  36. pets for a fish tank?
  37. Do anyone have the code to download the full version of SALLY SALON &
  38. the pet shop boys single Aways on My Mind has a old man sat in the back of the car ?
  39. I have the pet of the month in webkinz but...?
  40. If you had a pet panda, what would you call it?
  41. Pet lovers, Help needed about Ticks?!?
  42. Silly, maybe, but can pets sense labor?
  43. my Webkinz pet of the month loot?
  44. I have a 3 year old yellow lab that has been a great pet. She has been great
  45. what are some ways to get your parents to allow you to get a pet.?
  46. The feed store says bulk pet food often has bugs in it? Do you really feed this...
  47. Unique Pet Names for Boys?
  48. is putting down the ailing pet animal the best thing to do?
  49. can pets tell when your pregnant ?
  50. Help me with pet food please? ?
  51. Who wants to pet my monkey?
  52. Can I die in Sims 2 pets?
  53. Would printing out for "floor use", editorial opinions from the...
  54. I'm starting a pet-waste disposal business and does anyone have any ideas on...
  55. Any suggestions on a blow dryer/pet dryer to use on a cat?
  56. Need a pet fish name.... PLEASE HELP !?
  57. Who has the most hits, songs and albums, Pet Shop Boys or Erasure?
  58. Does anyone know any good pet stores to buy hamsters from in the Cumming,GA area?
  59. Small black turtle, found in parking lot, what kind is it? What do I do with it...
  60. Do you have a pet?? What is it??and it's name?
  61. If your pet(s) could talk, how much would you pay to keep them quiet?
  62. Are there any pets out there, that have the personality of a ferret, but don't smell?
  63. Favourite type of pet?
  64. A pet raising mmorpg?
  65. how come i cant see my pet of the month prize in my dock?
  66. anyone know if Pet Project Foundation in San Clemente, CA serves all of Orange
  67. In WoW, how do you get pet abilities?
  68. pet travel question...what does this quote mean..just making sure?
  69. on webkinz, if i already have the pet of the month, why don't they give me
  70. How good of a pet is a Yorkie?
  71. What kind of pet did Hong Kong Phooey have and what was its name?
  72. Pets pets pets and pets help please?
  73. Stressful for class pets (rats)?
  74. wut kind of pets do u have?
  75. Problem with a pet deposit?
  76. How do you make your pet a profile on the new Facebook? ?
  77. quaker parrot or green cheek conure makes better pet bird?
  78. Dog eats pet bird help please?
  79. Can you identify my pet fishes? I have two fishes, they look like betta
  80. If McCain wins will he continue to cremate orphan soldiers in a Pet
  81. What is the best kind of Pet to get?
  82. What kind of pets do you guys have????????
  83. My daughter's pet rat is fat, how could we slim her down?
  84. My dog growls viciously when I pet him while hes laying down when hes tired ?
  85. do pet stores sell puppies to minors?
  86. webkinz, pet of the month question?
  87. Vet misdiagnosed my pet, b/c of the HUGE mistake she now needs a $900 surgery. Can I
  88. where can i get a pet monkey and a pet sloth?
  89. Whats your favorite pet?
  90. What's your current pet peeve?
  91. has anyone ever been to or bought a puppy from the pet store "puppy...
  92. Do any UC residence halls allow pets?
  93. Does "murphy's law" tell you it will be just your luck that on your pet safety
  94. how would i convice my parents to get a pet?
  95. Is a sugarglider a good pet?
  96. IM worried the local pet shop may have given me another female to pair with...
  97. how to obtain a copy of your dogs AKC Certificate when the person who purchased...
  98. PLEASE HLP! Which is a better pet???!!!!?
  99. Have you ever had to give up a pet?
  100. what kind of turtles can you have as a pet that dont get huge?
  101. I need advice on coping with the loss of a pet?
  102. I need a pet safe way to get rid of house crickets?
  103. Can i keep octopii as pets in canada?
  104. Which dog breed to choose for pet? ?
  105. how can you make your parents allow you to get a pet snake?
  106. how do i make my mega man PET recovery faster?
  107. Survey : Have you ever caught your pets ?
  108. Help i want a pet how to persude ? :(?
  109. Well known seller of luxury pet products in the UK?
  110. Pet Mouse Help???????????????
  111. We suspect that the baby rat we bought from the pet store is pregnant.?
  112. which breed is Eddie in the TV show Frazier (his father's pet dog) and...
  113. how can i tell if my pet snake is angry?
  114. What's the best pet insurance available?
  115. my cat hates my new kitten what should i do? she is so mad at me she
  116. Older people and pets?
  117. On neopets, is there any way to keep your pet's color the same, but change...
  118. One of my pet rats died... should I replace him?
  119. survey . when you are out shopping , what is your all time pet peeve ?
  120. What was your favorite pet?
  121. My pet rat has a tumor, is it expensive to euthanize?
  122. what is your favorite action/habit that your pet does?
  123. What's your Pet Peeve?
  124. webkinz pet of the month?
  125. why do people love their pets?
  126. Where can i find the miniature electronic pets wal-mart used to sell? They
  127. what type of pet should i get?
  128. Has anyone tried the "peticure" device advertised on TV for trimming pet toenails.?
  129. How do I get my pet horse to like me again?
  130. I'm thinking about renting a house that has a really strong pet odor...what...
  131. sims 2 pets wii, leaving town square?
  132. if your pet is being attacked in the park or in your garden by someone...
  133. 'They' sold pet rocks, didn't they?
  134. Would Moss Killer on the lawn contribute to us having to put our pet rabbit to sleep?
  135. Pets often look like there owners?
  136. Does anyone know the name of a good pet psychic, or can give me a website to go to?
  137. Sudden death of Corella Pet Bird...so sad??? But why?
  138. What should I feed my new pet rats?
  139. I have a wild Mouse as a pet.?
  140. Does anyone know anything about possibly having a "Blue Penguin" or a...
  141. Where did you get your pet?
  142. How can I tie in my pet portrait art service with animal or pet organizations?
  143. Do you use Pet Names for people?
  144. How Do I Get my pet rat to eat treats?
  145. What are some Pet and kid Safe pesticides? Are any of them organic?
  146. My Pet Pigeon is 13 years old. She will not eat or drink. I love her and I don't
  147. Do your pets talk to each other?
  148. Where can I find Chia Pets?
  149. do you make nicknames for your pets?
  150. What should I name my pet rabbit?
  151. A question about my pet rat?
  152. Pet registration? can somebody explain please???? HELP!?
  153. Is is illegal to keep a sugar glider as a pet in Oregon?
  154. I am 13 would a beagle be a great pet for me?
  155. Do rats make a good pet?
  156. What pet(s) should I get? My girlfriend and I are thinking about a puppy. What pet
  157. Can my pet iguana live with a tarantula? ?
  158. Where is there a small pet store in the Duvall - Carnation - Redmond area?
  159. if you were to die and come back as an animal either a pet or exotic
  160. when choosing a pet, what are your reasons for it and what kind of pet?
  161. Whats your biggest pet peeve.....?
  162. I think my pet guinea pig is sick?
  163. Are border collies good pets please tell me??
  164. What is your biggest pet-peeve?
  165. What's your pet called?
  166. Did you guys know that apparently PETA kills a whole lot of pets? I'm not trying...
  167. Recommend a good pet for me? I'm 14 turning 15, I've had gerbils, fish and dogs, I
  168. Pet rat fight...What should I do?
  169. What to feed my pet planarian (but don't have any eggs or liver)?
  170. What is the best name for a pet deer?
  171. I got a new pet and i need help?
  172. Where do you order your pet's meds from?
  173. Webkinz stadium, AFTER you enter? (Also pet of the month?)?
  174. Cleaning pet things....?
  175. class pet for 5th graders?
  176. what kind of pets do you have?
  177. Looking for another pet lizard or lizards?
  178. Pets that won't bother cats!?
  179. pet scorpion, plz help?
  180. whats a good pet for a 12 year ?
  181. How do you convince a Mum to get a pet Schnoodle?
  182. Neopets pet page layouts?
  183. what are some good exotic pets ?
  184. What has to be done in order to care for pet goats?
  185. a question about pet adoption and shipping fee.?
  186. Pet photographer needed?
  187. Does any one have a sims 2 pets serial?
  188. What is the best way to knit a scarf without getting my pet's hair in it ?
  189. Would it be a REALLY bad idea to get my girlfriend a hamster as a pet?
  190. Can anyone give specific names and locations of pet stores that sell live...
  191. Sims 2 : give pet to ... where did the kitten go?
  192. how do u get a monster as ur pet?
  193. I'm applying for pet insurance in the UK, but wondering which excess is
  194. Write a descriptive paragraph about a favorite person or pet in your life?
  195. Did you guys know that apparently PETA kills a whole lot of pets? I'm not...
  196. Is there anything that REALLY takes the smell of pet urine out of carpeting? ?
  197. where can i get a cat besides the pet store or shop?
  198. Where can I buy MC Lars Horris - Radio Pet Fencing?
  199. Q: Moshling pet for your Moshling Dude?
  200. Does anyone know where to find "pet abandonment" laws for the state of Colorado?
  201. How to get pet urine smell out of backyard gravel?
  202. Poll-What is your favorite Pet Shop Boys Song?
  203. What should we do to keep the house fresh and aired out from pet dander?
  204. Does anyone have a budgie from a pet shop that is tame?
  205. My future feeder fish pet?
  206. i just got a large convict cichlid from the local pet store and it hasnt been...
  207. What's a better pet for my situation?
  208. What do you think about this pet store? =)?
  209. Is this an appropriate pet for a young boy?
  210. !!!!!!!!!! Pet Pig !!!!!!!!!!?
  211. Are there any snake pet shops in CT?
  212. Have you ever noticed this in the pet section of craigslist?
  213. Poll: What's your Y!A related pet peeve?
  214. Do you know anyone who ever had to go to therapy after the loss of their pet?
  215. Is it OK to keep a pet Mongoose in a cage with a Goose?
  216. What is The perfect pet Parrot for me?
  217. Pet opinion/ question?
  218. sims 2 pets :getting a golden egg?
  219. What kind of pet do you think that I should get?
  220. Does having a pet make you a "non-vegan"?
  221. Des Moines Photography Studio (allowing pets)?
  222. Trying to find a good mythical name for my pet ?
  223. my dad wont let me get a pet what should i do?
  224. Do guinea pigs make good pets?
  225. Pet Names!!!!!!!!!!!?
  226. Did you know that how you pet a GSD can actually harm them?
  227. Is burying pets legal in Toronto?
  228. HELP!!!!! does anyone know what pet i can get???? ?
  229. will long cont. flights keep track on your pets in the cargo if your on the...
  230. What did you name your pets?
  231. what kind of snake makes for a better easier to care for pet?
  232. On Sims 2 Pets, what Pet's can you own?
  233. What is the general shelf-life of pet vaccines?
  234. Are pet penguins allowed in Illinois?
  235. How To Keep A Soil Centipede As A Pet?
  236. Can i have a fruit bat as a pet?
  237. My cat bites and licks me when i pet him or stop petting him?
  238. Question about Pet Rats?
  239. my sister really wants a pet monkey ?
  240. Do you think horses are pets?
  241. urgent pet store help??
  242. Pet Trainer help???????????????
  243. Home made pet urine spray?
  244. i installed the sims 2 pets and copied the crack file but i still cant run the
  245. Good pet shelter in Sacramento?
  246. what pet is better gerbil or hamster?
  247. How can i make my pet happy in Sims2 Aprtment PetS?
  248. i want to raise crickets as pets. how do you take care of them?
  249. What kind of pet should I get?
  250. how do i find my pet american robin after he accidently flew away?