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  1. can a cat get worms from mating?
  2. Room mate giving me attitude because she's allergic to my cat?
  3. my cat has knocked my partners a.genic tank off the side and the spiders...
  4. Will my kitten mate with my other male cat when she is old enough?
  5. My cat is neutered but he still tries to mate with my other spayed cat.....
  6. My cat got mated what on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April what date will she...
  7. Are there any breeds of cats that mate for life?
  8. I think my mates' cat really loves me. If I stole it? Tell me how I could do that?
  9. What to do if you find a dead cat on the road with its live mate near it?
  10. How can I make my cats (one female one male) mate ?
  11. Why is a 7+ week pregnant cat still mating?
  12. Does it possible for Ocelot cat and Lynx cat to mate and breed to get TIGER
  13. Why does my cat hate my partner?
  14. Is my cat meowing for a mate?
  15. How can I tell if my cat has mated?
  16. Cat siblings tryna mate?
  17. My neutered cat won't quit trying to mate with a neutered female?
  18. is my cat pregnant? she mated a month ago. But there isn't any noticeable
  19. Can female cats mate with each other ?
  20. Why Did My Male Cat Stop Mating With My Female Cat? Shes Still In Heat?
  21. my female cat is in heat.. will it harm her if she wont mate?
  22. How to tell if cat has mated?
  23. Is human sexual attraction different than animal mate selection? If not why do...
  24. Meeting cats for mating which house to choose ?
  25. How freaking far can males cats travel for a mate?
  26. when will my mating cat return?
  27. feral cat mates again!!!!?
  28. Are cats so pretentious because they generally get to choose their mates...
  29. Why Did My Male Cat Stop Mating With My Female Cat? Shes Still In Heat?
  30. mating cats stay friends?
  31. My rabbit actually just mated with my cat. What the hell....?
  32. how long does a cats heat last if mated?
  33. I have a cat in age 5 months and she's having (Role of pregnancy for...
  34. how does mating work in the warrior cats series . best answer gets 5 stars?
  35. persian and angora cat. will they mate?
  36. My sisters cats have mated?
  37. Please help!! what happens if a male cat mates with a famale while she's pregnant?
  38. My sisters cats have mated?
  39. How likely is it that a cat got pregnant with one mating?
  40. My male cat (Un-neutered) is trying to mate with my 2 female cats that are in heat?
  41. When do cats mate and how can I avoid it until I get to the vet?
  42. My cat is in an abusive relationship with her mate?
  43. feral cat let her fathers mate with her and not any other male?
  44. Can turtles mate with cats?
  45. Is it ok to mate 2 cats from same parents?
  46. how to know if your cats are mating?
  47. how long it takes to loose heat in female persian cats after mating?
  48. Can you mate a dog and a cat ?
  49. my chihuahua mated with my cat!!?
  50. Mother's partner is abusive to my cat?
  51. Did my cat mate when she ran outside?
  52. my pesian female cat mated last dec 8, 2013 its about a month now.is it possible she
  53. How to stop my cats mating?
  54. my cat got out has she mated?
  55. If my female cat is not in her "period of heat", will she prevent my male cat to
  56. Can a female cat become pregnant with one mating?
  57. Would dogs and cats mate with their siblings?
  58. Do female Cats have the urge to mate even after being spayed?
  59. what can a neutered cat have for mating frustrations?
  60. help ! my cat is acting weird after mating !?
  61. Cat acting strange after heat and mating.?
  62. Will mating your cat with her father cause diseases in the babies?
  63. My male cat is trying to mate with my new male kittin?
  64. Why do female cats hiss when male cats try to mate with them?
  65. male cat doesnt know how to mate?
  66. My female cat is trying to mate with my female cat?
  67. why does a male cat act like he's mating when he is neutered?
  68. Can a neutered male cat still mate?
  69. Do male cats only start spraying when they mate for the first time?
  70. cat mating!! advice pleasee?
  71. Will female cats mate if they are fixed?
  72. Can cats and ducks mate?
  73. how do i know if my cat has mated?
  74. how do feral cats mate?
  75. Do cats stop mating, if the cat is pregnant?
  76. I have 2male cats that are 10months old and litter mates, neither are neutered and
  77. What should I do if I have a male cat that is trying to mate with my other cat?
  78. Mating my siamese cat ?
  79. My 4 month old male mated with my 5-7 month old girl cat?
  80. Is female cat will get hurt if i don't get them mate during heat season?...
  81. Cat mating will my cat mate?
  82. Is it possible for a humans soul-mate, To be a cat?
  83. why my cats male & female not mating while they are alone?
  84. I always see my male cat bite the neck of my female cat for her to submit to
  85. my cat was in heat and mating for 2 weeks. when will she give birth?
  86. A mating of two short-haired cats yields the following kinds and numbers of kittens:?
  87. Help! My tom cat mated with my kitten, please don't judge, just look and answer!
  88. Why is my male cat still trying to mate with my female cat 3 days after I got...
  89. How do I know if the cats mating was successful?
  90. Why does my cat spaze out after she has mated?
  91. can i do anything to help my cats mate?
  92. How can I stop my cat trying to mate with me?
  93. why does my female cat want to mate with me?
  94. At what age can a male cat begin mating?
  95. Why won't my male and female cat mate?
  96. Can cats get kittens without mating if they don't get sprayed?
  97. My cat is about a year and she's in heat when will mating season be over?
  98. Why does my cat try to fool me into thinking he hasn't been fed in front
  99. when cats mate, why does the male bite the cat and make her scream in pain? :[?
  100. I don't know if my cat has just mated..?
  101. My boy cat is trying to mate with my other boy cat?
  102. how do i get my cats to stop trying to mate?
  103. My 2 males cats attacks my mates?
  104. My cat mated on the 7th and 8th of July when is her due date.?
  105. My male cat tries to mate with its daughter?
  106. My un-neutered male cat keeps trying to mate my 4 month old neutered female
  107. What is this cat trying to do? Play or mate or what?
  108. My male cat is mating with a male kitten, why is he doing this?
  109. My male cat is mating with his brother :$?
  110. Do cats stay in heat after mating?
  111. My cats, who were litter mates, also started hissing at each other when I...
  112. When will my male cat return if he's out to mate?
  113. Are my cats fighting or getting ready to mate?
  114. My cat wants to mate but my mom isnt letting her what to do?
  115. Is it normal that my boy kitten wants to mate with my adult female cat?
  116. I think my savannah or Bengal male cat wants to mate with my Calico female?
  117. Would you get rid of your cat for your partner?
  118. If A Dog And A Cat Would Mate ?
  119. is mating for a persian cat with a stray cat noxious for persian cat?
  120. Are these cats mating?
  121. My male cat is trying to mate with my othe male cat?!?
  122. Question about Cats mating. ?
  123. When cats mate, does the female get pregnant every time?
  124. Why do cats twitch their back feet when mating?
  125. My partner is a cat lover and wouldn't hurt a fly we are so hurt with this and
  126. Male adult cat mating with kitten?
  127. You cannot own a cat. The best you can do is be partners?
  128. Do cats get lonely when their partner dies?
  129. Why did my cat mated only once?
  130. When cats mate will the female reject the male ?
  131. Has this cat just mated?
  132. I want my cat to mate, but it only mated once i want more kittens! Why did she...
  133. if male cats have barbed penises, why do female cats in heat want to mate with them?
  134. My ginger cat mated with a black cat, what color will the kittens be?
  135. Do female cats like mating?
  136. Do cat only mate when in heat?
  137. My male cat keeps trying to mate with female cat?
  138. Does a cat conceive the very first day they mate or does it take a couple of...
  139. Why does my male cat mount my other male cat like there mating?
  140. Do female cats still mate after being spayed?
  141. Can my cat get spayed even after she mated with another cat?
  142. Cat Mate Water Fountain?
  143. Do you think my cat mated, or not?
  144. Can a female cat be impregnated by multiple partners?
  145. Will a male cat mate with a dog in heat?
  146. Do bother and sister cats mate?
  147. Just neutered my cat but still trying to mate with female cat and still spraying.?
  148. My cat is getting thinner after mating. Is it normal?
  149. Cats Mating After being Neutered/Spayed?
  150. Male neutered cats do they still get the urge to mate?
  151. How do male cats know how to mate?
  152. Do female cats reproduce different types of kittens when many different color
  153. Why my indoor cats mating every day?
  154. Which male has my female cat mated with!?
  155. will my cat mate help please?
  156. How can I get my cat back from my ex partner?
  157. Do cats still have the urge to mate if they're neutered?
  158. How long does a male cat search for a mate?
  159. What can happen to an unneutered male cat with no chance to mate ?
  160. Can a rabbit and cat mate?
  161. can a house cat mate with a Bob cat?
  162. My male cat is going around and trying to mate with my female cat.?
  163. Why am i pushing my late partners cat away?
  164. I have three cats that are all fixed but the male still tries to mate with 1
  165. If a girl mentions that we should let our pet cats mate does that mean?
  166. Is it normal for two house cats to mate?
  167. what is the first result of cat children from mating the shirazi with a cat street ?
  168. My house mates cat keeps pooping in the bath tub?
  169. why is my female cat trying to mate my other female?
  170. Could this cat be my soul mate?
  171. why is my female cat keep hissing at me and my partner when we pick her up?
  172. any one wants a cat study partner for 2012...?
  173. if a girl mentions that we should let our cats mate, does that mean?
  174. Can dogs and cats mate? I like them both!?
  175. My Partner of 2 years has given me an Ultimation its either him or my cats..?
  176. can a neutered male cat mate?
  177. Will cats from da same litter mate with each other? ?
  178. Warrior cat mate stories?
  179. Why does my female cat scream after mating with my other male cat?
  180. gender studies: would it bother you if your partner's cat licked their face
  181. Why do cats scream, roll around, and lick themselves after they mate?
  182. Little bit of blood on cats anus after mating?
  183. At what age do cats mate?
  184. If me and my partner splits, who gets the cats?
  185. Do cats keep a partner for life?
  186. my cat is struggling with moving in with my partner and her pets?
  187. Have you ever seen a cat so loyal to his partner, he will jump on the screen door...
  188. Will my desexed male cat try to mate with a female cat?
  189. Why does my cat step on stuffed animals like he's mating?
  190. My room mates cat wont STFU!?
  191. How can I get my cat to mate with a cat if she does want to go outside and
  192. My cats-a female and two males- sometimes position themselves over the...
  193. Will my partner's staff get on with my cats?
  194. does cheetah and serval cat can be mate?
  195. My male cat has been meowing a lot lately? does he want to mate?
  196. Do cats get pregnant everytime they mate?
  197. my cat hates my partner?
  198. Why wont my male cat simply mate with my female cat both.are uneutured?
  199. Can a cat get pregnant with only 1 mating?
  200. my cats black and mated with a ginger wot colour will the kittens be?
  201. I think my cats are trying to mate.?
  202. Why does my cat swipe at my room mate?
  203. Does my cat want to mate with the stray cats on heat?
  204. Why does my male uneutered cat mate with a t shirt but not with a unspayed female?
  205. Is there any way to let my male cat breed without his female mate have kittens?
  206. Were can I find a breeding partner for my female siamese cat in las vegas or nevada?
  207. Shall I Show My Cat Her Dead Partner?
  208. How long does it take for a cat to mate again?
  209. My dissection partner is hogging our cat?
  210. was this cat trying to mate with my cat?
  211. Male cat trying to mate with his own sister?
  212. my cat is due to give birth any day but she has came into season and my tom cat is
  213. Should I watch my cat while she's outside to make sure she won't mate with a male?
  214. Why are stray cats mating in my front yard.?
  215. What is the best way to mate with cats?
  216. Can a shorter tom mate with a longer cat?
  217. peugeot partner van cat took off?
  218. Why does my neutered male cat continue to try to mate with my unspayed female cat?
  219. I want my two cats to mate, how can i make them breed?
  220. Mating in cats ?????????????
  221. My persian cat mated with tom cat?
  222. My male cat doesn't know how to mate?
  223. A male cat was mating with my cat. Is she pregnant?
  224. Why did my cat introduce me to her mate?
  225. how to make cats mate?
  226. how to dertermine true breeding of when a stray black cat is mated with curl...
  227. How to ask my partner to go for Cat-fight for a healthy sex life?
  228. My cat won't stop attacking and trying to mate with my shoes, what should I do?
  229. I want my cat to mate?
  230. I believe my female cat mated but not sure?
  231. Tank mates for panda cory cats?
  232. Is it find for my cats at this age to mate?
  233. 2. Two short-haired cats mate and produce six short haired and two
  234. why wont my male cat mate?
  235. Can a black cat that mates with a tiger cat have _____ Colored kittens?
  236. Cat is losing lots of fur and getting thin? Male cat trying to mate with her...?
  237. What is the best breed to mate with my British Shorthair cat?
  238. Can my ex partner legally take her cat from my home even though its under my
  239. Is having sex with my cat illegal? In biology today, we talking about how two
  240. How does female cat give birth? At around what age? also do they need male partner?
  241. I have an admittedly bad cat that has become too much for my partner. Is it time to
  242. can a dog and cat mate?
  243. male cat mating with my other male cat?
  244. help, is there a way to tell if my cat mated?
  245. Any ideas for cat mating partners?
  246. Please help me ,I got new cat (male) for my female cat to mate .............?
  247. If cats and dogs mate? What would happen?
  248. Is it possible for a male cat to mate with his own mother?
  249. why is my neutered cat still trying to mate?
  250. Why does my partner's cat come and sleep with me after he has left to go to work?