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  1. my cat just got mated?
  2. is it okay for a cat to mate three or more times a year?
  3. my mate jimmy who has ginger hair has a black cat who has had ginger
  4. why did my male cat junior leave now thats its spring is it cause he has
  5. how to stop cat trying to mate the rabbit?
  6. Will the mommy cat thats in heat?, mate with her son?
  7. Could my cat get pregnant if i broke up the mating?
  8. is my cat trying to mate me!?
  9. I have a male cat who try to mate with his own male kittens?
  10. My Tom Cat ran away because it was cat mating season.?
  11. How do i tell if my cat just mated? if she is, what do i do?
  12. how long can you mate a male cat for?
  13. how many months before the rabbit mate??..i have a 2 rabbit gray and...
  14. can the dadda cat mate with its daughter?
  15. Why are my cats trying to mate?
  16. What is the oldest appropriate age to mate the female cat?
  17. How often should the female cat be mated?
  18. Hi. My cat was recently neutered at a local animal clinic. Why is he trying to...
  19. Will my Male Cat stop trying to mate with my female cat once he is fixed?
  20. My cats aren't mating yet! What should i do?
  21. My cat is 7-8 weeks pregnant but lately my male cat is trying to mate with...
  22. Other cats trying to mate with our kitten!?
  23. Is it natural that my guy cat is trying to mate with its mother?
  24. My Cat was attacked by my Room mates Dog, what should I do?
  25. My older male cat is trying to ummm well mate with my other male cat what can i do?
  26. Is my cat mating? How do I find out?
  27. Are my cats mating or fighting?
  28. My male cat wants to mate.?
  29. MY LIFE PARTNER WANTS TO GIVE OUR CAT AWAY !!!!!!!!! help urgent!!!!!! CAT LOVERS
  30. Would a male cat continue to mate with a pregnant female cat?
  31. If my female cat ISN'T in heat, will she still mate with the male?
  32. will a cat mate with her brother?
  33. How do I tell if my cat in heat has mated?
  34. Could a cat go into depression and stop eating? It has been 3 weeks since his
  35. how do i get my cats to mate?
  36. How old are male cats when they first start trying to mate?
  37. Do male cats come back after done mating?
  38. How long do male cats stay away during mating season?
  39. Do male cats run away during mating season?
  40. How do you tell if your cat is trying to mate with you?
  41. If a cat is spayed or neutered can they still mate?
  42. How do you get a dog and a cat to mate?
  43. How long does it take for cats to mate?
  44. How can i get my cat to mate with another cat?
  45. If a female cat mated while in heat, would she remain in heat,or would her...
  46. I don't know if my cat mated or not ?
  47. My dog won't stop trying to mate with my cat..what should I do..* thankyou..?
  48. Do cats pee all over the house in mating season?
  49. My cat needs a girlfriend mate!?
  50. When would cats mating season be?
  51. My girl cats breath smells terrible. Her litter mates breath is fine. What can I...
  52. my male cat, both are not fixed, keeps trying to mate with his brother, why?
  53. can my cat still be in heat, if she mated and got pregnant?
  54. My male cat won't mate with my female cats. Why is this?
  55. i think 2 of my cats have mated...but there brother and sister...?
  56. How can i mate my female cat?
  57. How much do you love your cats, more than your partner?
  58. Girl/Boy cats mating? May be sister/brother...?
  59. Does my cat ovulate at every mating?
  60. What is the probability of a cat getting pregnant the first few times she mates?
  61. Male Cat Mates with Stuffed Animals?
  62. Could a cat, and a raccoon mate, and have babies?
  63. How do i get my cats to mate correctly?
  64. HELP my 6 month old cats are mating!!?
  65. My male cat was neutered but still trying to mate?
  66. Whats my cat doing some kind of mating ritual?
  67. Why was Cat Stevens,Yusuf to his mates?
  68. How can I tell if my cat just mated/had sex?
  69. will a cat mate with it's offspring?
  70. My sister's partner ended their relationship right before Christmas,because of her
  71. How can I stop my room-mates cat from binge and purge behavior?
  72. Can a neutered cat mate with a un-spayed female cat?
  73. at what age is a male cat ready to mate?
  74. I mated my cat 2 1/2 months ago she did'nt get pregnant and she hasn't gone into...
  75. How long does it take to cats to mate?
  76. If a pinay cat mate with a camel from jedi, saudi arabia...?
  77. what happened to http://freeware.it-mate.co.uk/?Cat=OCX_Files?
  78. Is my male cat trying to mate with my other male cat?
  79. Is it possible for a dog to mate with a cat? Or the other way around? ?
  80. Do fixed cats still want to mate?
  81. can a regular house cat mate with a bobcat?
  82. Is it ok to let my neutered cats mate with my female?
  83. How do you get a cat to stop making mating calls ?
  84. Do cats mate in this position ?
  85. Did you know when dogs and cats mate ..they can have 1 litter from several
  86. My cat is missing from a week! Will it come back? Is it mating season? How
  87. Mother cat and son mate...?
  88. Can domestics cats and raccoons mate?
  89. my cat farts when ever it gets scared.i think its mom mated with a skunk my...
  90. 2 cats and a house-mate with cat allergies. Anyone have any advice?
  91. why does my male neutered cat try to mate with my 3 month old un-neutered kitten?
  92. Can Cats mate despite being de-sexed/neutered? ?
  93. Do fixed female cats still let male cats mate with them?
  94. how long does it take for 2 cats to mate sucessfully?
  95. Will a cat want to mate at 16 weeks of age?
  96. Cat mating question- is she pregnant?
  97. Does it bother you when you are making love to your partner and there is a dog/cat...
  98. I have a black cat does that mean my partner is a witch?
  99. Are there any wild animals that can mate with cats?
  100. My cat went into heat and mated on the 16th of July.
  101. Does anyone remember that one cartoon they had on cartoon network about these two...
  102. How do I convince my domestic partner to let me foster cats/kitten. He...
  103. What do you do when your partner wants a dog, but you are only a cat lover!?
  104. she is always meoin and mate callin....but she is a home baby cat
  105. My partner has a cat and I am allergic AND don't want any pets?
  106. Is my male cat ready to mate?
  107. my partner doesnt want the cat on the bed at nights , read details plz?
  108. my cats waters broken yesday and this organ type thing cam out my partner bin it.
  109. My partner and I are adopting a rescue cat, how long shall we stay at home
  110. at what age doe cats need a partner?
  111. If you had to choose between your partner or your cat?
  112. How old does a cat have to be to successfully mate?
  113. How can I stop my cat annoying my partner during the night??
  114. How do I care for my female cat when her male partner of 12 years passed away?
  115. How can I make My mate (nono) feel better? Her cat just died?
  116. If your partner strangled your cat to death while you were visiting your...
  117. do cats actually choose their partners?
  118. Stop cat's sh*tting on my mates garden.?
  119. We wanna mate her! Cat help
  120. Does a male and a female cat from the same litter [[brother and sister]] mate?
  121. Looking for a sound clip of Cats mating?
  122. Is it safe for my cat to mate and get pregnant again?
  123. do domestic cats that arespade still have mates for intercourse?
  124. At what age can a male cat male cat mate?
  125. What do I do about a cat who disturbs me and my partner during intimacy ?
  126. Why do cats scream so bad when mating, and how do I stop them from doing it...
  127. why is my cat so scared of my partner ?
  128. When is a male cat able to mate?
  129. my cat ranaway few days after the death of the other cat partner. will it...
  130. Why does my cat still want to mate, although he is neutered?
  131. i have a question.my cat wont take to my partner?
  132. How could shaving your cat be a (your) sign of love for your mate?
  133. At what age can a female cat get pregnant? And when do cats start to mate?
  134. room-mates cat with worms...?
  135. i can't get over the death of my one in a million soul mate cat a year ago.?
  136. If a dog mated with a cat?
  137. Why are my neutered male cats are trying to mate with my female cat?
  138. How long it will take for a new male cat to mate with my cat?
  139. cats mating? wondering?
  140. Stopping the cats mating....?
  141. My cat is in heat, but she's been done. She might have tried mating...Please help.?
  142. Two MLM cats mate. What is the probability that any one of their surviving...
  143. Anyone heard of male cat killing female cat during mating? .?
  144. Cats mating??
  145. My cat mated with a orange tabby. She is Calico. Is it possible to have
  146. Is it normal for a neutered male cat to "mate" with a female cat?
  147. Do cats maintain their similar daily habits during mating season?
  148. Two MLM cats mate. What is the probability that any one of their surviving kittens
  149. Is it true that 1 female cat, her mate and her litter can produce at 370,000
  150. female cat trying to mate like a male?
  151. Why male cat biting female's neck when they are mating????
  152. If cat want to mating....What female cat do????
  153. tom cat has no interest in mating with in heat queen!??