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  1. Will a boy cat and a girl cat mate if they are brother and sister?
  2. is it possible for my cat to mate with a dog?
  3. What is the biological reason that a dog can't mate with a cat to form animals that
  4. my partner is pregnant and my female cat is acting strange.?
  5. Is it common for a neutered male cat to still mate with an unspayed female?
  6. Why dose my male cat try to mate with a female who is pregnant.?
  7. WHEN can a male cat mate with a female? What is the earliest age you've heard of?
  8. Can a 4 yr old male cat mate with a about 6 week female ? why does he lick...
  9. Have you ever seen a girl dog try and mate with a girl cat in heat?
  10. why wont my male cat mate with her?
  11. Is it possible for a dog to mate with a cat? Or the other way around? ?
  12. Why is my boy cat trying to mate with my pregnant cat?
  13. my cat ranaway few days after the death of the other cat partner. will it...
  14. Do mother cats ever mate with their male offspring when they're grown older?
  15. My cat sometimes starts eating but as soon as his cat mates come he stops?
  16. What age do cats start mating?
  17. Why do cats make so much noise when they mate ?
  18. Would you leave a spouse/partner if he/she abuse or kill cats or other house pets?
  19. My friend has a new room mate with two cats and one of them is literally...
  20. my male cat is trying to mate my female who is not in heat, but she is allowing...
  21. My cat's an idiot, he doesn't know how to mate.?
  22. could my cat want to mate even tho she is pregnant?
  23. My partner owns a vicious cat - I don't know how to handle it. Can anyone help?
  24. Will cats mate with other cats outside their breed?
  25. How do I get my room mate's cats to leave me alone?
  26. When are toms ready to mate with She-Cats?
  27. Is it possible that my room mates cat is bipolar?
  28. Should I get my male cat a play-mate?
  29. my mate put my cat to pound they dont know where he went or is how do i find out?
  30. Can cats from 2 seperate litters but with the same mother mate?
  31. is it safe for cats from the same litter to mate?
  32. why mating in cats is so aggressive?
  33. Help on How to mate my cat?
  34. How long does the mating season last for cats?
  35. A black female cat that mates with an orange male...?
  36. Rephrase to - :) male de sexed cat wont mate with my female cat.?
  37. :) male de sexed cat wont mate with my female cat.?
  38. Would a 5 month old cat run away to mate?
  39. Cat in heat but male not mating ?
  40. Besides Kanye West, Yoko Ono and feral cats mating, what other performers would
  41. My room mate's cat thinks I'm mommy!?
  42. What would you do if your partner hurt your dog/cat?
  43. why is it very difficult and time consuming for cats to mate?
  44. Can cats mate even when they're not in heat?
  45. Will my mate's cat be this nervous for the rest of her life?
  46. My 6 y/o (spayed)cat, got out the house for 30 mins last night, and is bleeding
  47. Should I be worried about my neutered male cat mating the female (in
  48. can my cat be mating secretly?
  49. how old is a male cat when ready to mate?
  50. My cat, my mate just die, i feel guilty i want to die it is to much pain on me,?
  51. Is it true that mating is extremely painful for a female cat?
  52. I found 1 week kittens 3 months ago and took them to a no-kill shelter. Now i...
  53. Is my male cat trying to mate with my female kitten?
  54. Got a cat 24hrs ago, now room mate has a cough, is she allergic?
  55. Whats the chance of a cat getting pregnant first time mating?
  56. Can siamese mated to a solid color cat?
  57. why does my male cat mate with his toy?
  58. Cat: mating/ in heat?
  59. My brother and his mates terrorise the cat and it upsets me?
  60. How many attempts did it take before successfully mating your robotic cat
  61. Spiritually Speaking, why is it that we never see cats mating?
  62. i want a cat, my partner doesnt like cats. what can i do??? x?
  63. will my cat's mate..............?
  64. my male and female cats mating from 3 days now the tom is tired but the female still
  65. Will these cats mate?
  66. why wont my male cat mate with my female cat?
  67. my male cat wont mate with my female cat?
  68. Can cats of two different breeds mate or have their own kittens?
  69. Can cats of two different breeds mate or have their own kittens?
  70. Please HELP! Feral cats, mating, pregnant...?
  71. What do cats that are mating sound like?
  72. Weird question .. Can two desexed cats still mate, or have the urge to mate?
  73. Do cats care about breed when mating?
  74. Can male cat mate at 2 months?
  75. Is my female cat mating with the not neutered?
  76. Are my cats trying to mate?
  77. I feel that my cat needs a play mate of some kind. What is the best creature to...
  78. When will my cats mate?
  79. New male cat growled at my female feline, possible sign she's looking for a mate?
  80. cats mating...help....?
  81. why wont my cats mate ?
  82. New male cat growled at my female feline, possible sign she's looking for a mate?
  83. If my cat mates while in heat will she automatically be out of heat after wards?
  84. why does my cat always lick me and my partner?
  85. How to keep two cats from mating?
  86. How can I tell if my female cat mate last night? Please help?
  87. How can I ease my male cat's need to mate? without actually letting him go...
  88. My cat keeps trying to mate with me. . .Why?
  89. Why is my cat scared of my partner at night?
  90. how early do cat's starting mating?
  91. Cats: do litter mates mate with each other?
  92. Why wont my cats mate with each other ?? any ideas ?
  93. Ailurophiles: do female cats caterwaul during mating sessions? Or do only males...
  94. why wont my cats mate ?
  95. How long after a cat is neutered can he "mate"? Let me explain?
  96. Persian Cats Mating Query?
  97. mating two cats that have never met but they always hiss and fight?
  98. Help it's Cat business Only mating!?
  99. Tank mate for my male betta (cory cats)?
  100. Will female cat mate when NOT in heat?
  101. How can i get my robotic cat to stop mating with my toaster?
  102. Male cat calling for a mate?
  103. male cat behavior?.. signs of mating season?
  104. my cats mated for 2days then they stoped but the female in still in heat?
  105. Why Won't My Cats Mate...?
  106. can dogs and cats mate?
  107. Male cat won't mate with female?
  108. What In The World?My Bunny Was Trying To ''Mate'' With My Cat?
  109. Can a male cat and a female dog mate and have cogs? (cat dogs)?
  110. How does a cats mating period last?
  111. Can a cat mate with 2 different males and the kittens have different fathers?
  112. how does a female cat act after mating?
  113. Is it normal for a adult male cat to want to try to mate with a kitten? Cost to...
  114. Our 8 mos old cat is pregnant but she is still having sex (mating) with our male
  115. What age to cats start mating?
  116. Will a male cat still meow if he gets a mate?
  117. How can I stop my cats attacking my room mates?
  118. i'm possibly mating a female light grey and dark grey striped cat with?
  119. I rescued a dove from my cat a week ago..Now its mate is seriously...
  120. well i have two cats who are brother and sister they mated and she had
  121. my friends cat mated, two other male cats from next door forced to mate with it!!!!?
  122. my cat had birth form 11 days..iam worried about its going to mate and
  123. How do i get my male cat to mate with a female he has never met?
  124. well i have two cats who are brother and sister they mated and she had kitten...
  125. Will my cat mate with him if she doesn't like him?
  126. Did my female cat mate? My other female is hissing and growling at her and they...
  127. does my cat stay in heat after mating with a tom..?
  128. my 2 cats got done today male and female (brother and sister) as they tried to...
  129. should i trust this vet ? he gave my cat birth control pills the day she mated !?
  130. Would a old male cat mate with a female kitten?
  131. My cats in heat, picked very bad feral cat to mate with! Hellpp!!?
  132. Did my cat mate last night... i think i already know the answer have another
  133. do tom cats mate with tom cats?
  134. Newly neutered cat still aggressive, spraying and trying to mate?
  135. I think my room mate has been abusing my cat. I don't know how to
  136. Are my cats ready to mate? HELP PLEASE !!?
  137. Does heat end immediately after cat mates?
  138. my male cat is trying to mate my male kitten!!?
  139. "My mate Russ has a black cat called sooty who's just had ginger kittens,Russ
  140. My male cat has recently started scratching my partner. He also cries really...
  141. What is the chance of a cat not getting pregnant after it mates?
  142. What do i do if my full grown male cat trys to mate with my female kitten?
  143. How far will my cat Travel to mate?
  144. is it normal for a male cat to try and mate with his brother?
  145. At what season do stray/feral cats start mating?
  146. One of my female cats in in heat. My other female is acting as if to mate with
  147. How does one successfully mate their cat with their computer?
  148. Would you get rid of your cat if your wife/husband/gf/bf/partner was allergic...
  149. How do House Cats Mate/Have Sex?
  150. Cat Help? Friends or Mating Call?
  151. Cat acting pregnant but could not have possibly mated?
  152. Do female cats still mate after be neutralized?
  153. Why is my Cat trying to mate?
  154. room mates cats both died suddenly within the same day, what could of caused this?
  155. I hate cats, does that mate me a animal racist?
  156. My Female cat is scared to Mate?
  157. Does a cat stay in heat the day she mates?(read the bottom of the question too)?
  158. Can cats mate with foxes?
  159. what happens when a cat mates with her father? will they be inbred?
  160. HELP!!! Cat became extremely MEAN after heating cycle ended, and after mating?
  161. How do I tell my partner her Cat is all Big and Loose?
  162. Do male cats still have the urge to mate with neutered female cats?
  163. Do cats moan/wail before they mate?
  164. how can you tell if your cats mated?
  165. Should I SPAY my female cat right now that shes in the MATING season?
  166. If my cat mated before she had her surgery to be fixed, could it be...
  167. Do cat offspring mate with parent cat?
  168. Do male cats try to mate with female cats that are not in heat?
  169. Could a shirazi cat mate with a normal cat?HELP !!!?
  170. Can male cats still have the urge to mate after being castrated?
  171. My cat is registered under my partners name...... if i took the cat would...
  172. My neutered male cat is trying to 'mate' with kittens?
  173. how can i stop the need of my female cat wanting to mate?
  174. My neutered cat won't quit trying to mate! Help?
  175. I have a cat that is 6 years old and another that is 1 years, how likely is
  176. Would a brother and sister cat mate and have no problems? EASY 10 POINTS!?
  177. mating problem with household cats- Not sure female is in heat?
  178. I used to free feed my cats, but my partner said they were getting fat?
  179. Whats with my cats 'mate'?
  180. Anti-mating sprays(for dogs), can I use them on cats?
  181. Can a cat adjust to living alone after being with litter mates?
  182. How do i get my male cat to mate with a female he has never met?
  183. Would a mama cat mate with her own son?
  184. Partner's Cat is Seriously Sick...These Sympoms Apply?
  185. Do cats normally drive away their mates after giving birth?
  186. why did my two cats mate?
  187. question about cat mating?
  188. Male cat wont mate with female cat?
  189. I have a 5 month old male cat and a 13 month old female cat. Is it possible for...
  190. What time of the year do cats usually mate?
  191. How would you know when a Cat is Horny and wants to mate?
  192. I need to mate my male cat. Can anyone tellme is mating like a one night affair...
  193. Can I mate my bettas in a tank that has cory cats in it?
  194. How long does the cat mating cycle last?
  195. A Female Black Cat Mated With An Albino Male had babies, genetic situation.?
  196. would my cat be pregnant if she mated with 2 different male cats?
  197. does a cats heat go straight after she mates?
  198. Repost: How long does it take for cats 2 mate?
  199. If the litter resulting from the mating of 2 short tailed cats contains 3 kittens
  200. Do Cats make lots of noise when their mating?
  201. What is a the ideal age for cats to be fixed,and would it stop them from mating?
  202. Warrior Cats- Who do you think was the best mate for Fireheart/star?
  203. Warrior Cats- Who do you think was the best mate for Graystripe?
  204. Cats started to bite and enforce mating - what now!? 10 points?
  205. How Can I tell if my cat just mated?
  206. What is a good color to mate my all black cat with?
  207. If my female cat mated with one male cat how many kittens would she have?
  208. my female cat wont let my male cat mate with her?
  209. just now outside my window i heard cats meowing loudly..it turns out they were...
  210. What Would Happen If A Dog Mated With A Cat? Has This Ever Happen? What Would They
  211. Why wont my dog mate with my cat?
  212. Can I keep pygmy cory cats and albino corry cats together without them mating?
  213. how can i stop my cats from mating?
  214. Serious answers: about cats mating?
  215. My Female cat and dog keep trying to 'mate' is this normal??
  216. Cats mating help? ?????????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  217. my cats not mating!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  218. Do cats need privacy when they are mating?
  219. Can Brother And Sister Cats Mate?
  220. superstitions about cats mating?
  221. Do cats need privacy when they are mating?
  222. My neighbors cats are mating, and they are brother and sister...?
  223. Hey my cat had 5 kittens they are now 8 weeks old my partner started driving up
  224. Do female spayed cats mate?
  225. Brother and sister cats 5 months..are they starting to mate?
  226. If a male cat unneutered runs away to find a mate, will he come back?
  227. The scent of a cat changes the way his cat-mates (Sibling Mother) behave toward him?
  228. my cat mated a male cat yesterday evening. she is now spotting tiny bits of
  229. How many kittens will my cat have if she mates with ONE male cat?
  230. How long will female house cats stay outside if mating?
  231. Can a cat refuse to mate?
  232. my cat misses her mate, brother ......?
  233. Were the cats fighting or mating?
  234. Hey my cat had 5 kittens they are now 8 weeks old my partner started driving...
  235. House mate allergic to are cat?
  236. how can i tell if my cats have done some mating?
  237. my cat is not mating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  238. Help feral and domestic cat mating.....?
  239. when mating a serval with a domestic cat what breed should the domestic cat be?
  240. Hey my cat had 5 kittens they are now 8 weeks old my partner started driving up
  241. Umm.. Cats.. Mating..?
  242. my male cat tries to mate with my female cat but how do i tell if they are really
  243. My mate Ritchie has got ginger hair owns a black cat called sooty that has just...
  244. Hey my cat had 5 kittens they are now 8 weeks old my partner started driving up
  245. House cat mating question?
  246. At what age might a male cat run off in search of a mate?
  247. How does a vet tell if a recently mated cat is pregnant?
  248. Can a brother cat mate with a sister cat and...?
  249. Do cats always make noise when they mate? Is my cat pregnant?
  250. My cats mating problems help?