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  1. Is it rude to ask my room mate to keep their dog confined when i have a
  2. Tips on training hyperactive dog to be a jogging partner?
  3. My dog is in heat and she had a matting on 9th day and missed on 11th day...
  4. I think my female dog was just mated with...any way to tell for sure?
  5. Dog Mating?
  6. Do dogs choose who they want to mate with?
  7. My dog still bleeding after mating....?
  8. Does a male dogs penis fully retreat Only after mating?
  9. I know its mating season for animals, BUT my dogs been whining more than ever?
  10. My pomchi mated with a dog a little bigger than her . Will she be able to...
  11. How to ask my room mates to keep their dog locked up nicely?
  12. Ease Dog In To Running Partner?
  13. What do do with female dog mating?
  14. Do dogs eventually give up trying to mate?
  15. Why does my dog growls at me whenever I get near to it and its partner?
  16. My dog is attracted to the neighbor's dog and they always try to mate, what do i do?
  17. My female dog just mated and I need help?
  18. Do male dogs only mate with females who are in season?
  19. My male dog won't stop trying to mate with my female... Help?
  20. I have a dog my partner hates?
  21. Dog mating?
  22. Is it safe for both of my dogs to mate twice in a week?
  23. I'm conflicted and lost. Feeling like my partner's puppy dog?
  24. My dogs mated to early any advice?
  25. Is it possible for a coyote and a dog to mate?
  26. What would happen if a male dog mated with a 5 month old male puppy .?
  27. Why is my dog more nervous around me than my partner? We both look after him, I walk
  28. best way to get dogs to mate?
  29. How long did it take for your dog to mate?
  30. My neighbor's male dog keeps trying to mate with my female dog?
  31. Why won't my dogs mate? I'm a little annoyed.?
  32. My dog is a Canine Distemper survivor but several people want him to mate with
  33. My dog only obeys my partner never me?
  34. Is it normal for a female dog to thrust her male partner?
  35. So my dog is a male and he is not very smart so he doesnt know how to hump his...
  36. So my dog is a male and he is not very smart so he doesnt know how to hump...
  37. So my dog is a male and he is not very smart so he doesnt know how to hump...
  38. How will i know if my dogs mated?
  39. Can humans be soul mates with dogs?
  40. what to do if my dogs mated and their brother and sister ?
  41. what to do if my dogs mated and their brother and sister ?
  42. Please Help!!!! While My Dog was in Heat, she got away with a male dog do you...
  43. What is the perfect dog breed for a work out-partner?
  44. Can foxes and dogs become mated pairs?
  45. Why would a dog and a fox become a pair...when there are so many foxes for...
  46. My dog just mated how can i know that she is pregnant?
  47. Do you think my dog has mated?
  48. Moved in with a room mate-out dogs don't get along HELP?
  49. How can I get my cat and dog to mate?
  50. After two dogs have successfully mated?
  51. is my chihuahua depressed? shes not herself since my partners mothers dog had to
  52. my dogs been castrated and he's still managing to mate my other dog?
  53. need help mating my dogs?
  54. Time to mate my dog? Or is she too young?
  55. what could happen if mother & son (dogs) mate ?
  56. My dog has his his balls chopped and is still mating is that normal?
  57. Brother trying to force my dog to mate for profit and I have no control...
  58. if your relationship with your partner breaks up and the dog which you own is...
  59. do dogs naturally mate with other breeds?
  60. Why does my friends dog mate with stuffed animals?
  61. My dogs father was 9 months went mated, side effects?
  62. Has your spouse/partner ever taken your dog to the Vet and paid for...
  63. Is it normal for a male dog who is fixed to act depressed or flustered after mating?
  64. Male dogs that are ready to mate?
  65. Why does rescued dog attack his mate?
  66. my dog breathing heavily after mating?
  67. why do dogs like mating with humans?
  68. I Have a question about mating my dogs?
  69. Will my female dog mate with her son?
  70. I have a husky and have just had a mate move into my house, my dog follows him
  71. Why aren't my dogs mating?
  72. I dont think my dog understands mating?
  73. how do I get a female pit bull to mate when she fights other dogs?
  74. dogs only mated for 10 secs can the female still get pregant. also they...
  75. Should small and big dogs mate?
  76. can a dog become pregnant after mating 6 times?
  77. Do I have legal rights to my male dog puppies, if he was illegally mated?
  78. Spaying female dog after mating?
  79. Do I have legal rights to my male dog puppies, if he was illegally mated?
  80. my yorkie is 2yrs and my room mates dog is 10 months both males, all of
  81. Dog in heat ??????? Mating?
  82. How to make my dogs not mate?
  83. what time do you mate a dog when its in season?
  84. How do I tell if these dogs have mated?
  85. my lab was 1year old female dog some people ask for mate can i give or not?
  86. My chihuahua only wants to mate with dirty, big dogs from the streets?
  87. How long do dogs usually stay in heat after mating?
  88. Are there any dangers for a male dog mating?
  89. My male dog which is 8 months and he is always trying to mate with my female
  90. If a dog gets spayed/neutered does it still have the urge to mate?
  91. Why would my male dog be still mating my female dog?
  92. Can a male dog get it on with it's mate's mother.?
  93. I had Mated My dog Deu Bordeaux On 10th of october But No signs n symbols r
  94. Can 2 different dog mutts mate?
  95. Really want a puppy but my partner doesn't like dogs?
  96. My dog wants to mate?
  97. Is my ex partner being cruel to my dog and me?
  98. Will a un-neutered male dog try to mate with my spayed female dog?
  99. Im looking for a male dog to mate with my female mutt:-D?
  100. y my dog nd female not mating ??
  101. why wont my dogs mate?!?! its starting to really piss me off?
  102. Do stud dogs naturally know how to mate?
  103. Can I seperate my dogs from mating?
  104. Is there a way to tell if your female dog has been mating?
  105. Mother and Son dog mated but son was just neuturded?
  106. Would 2 male dogs mate with each other?
  107. my dog seams upset since my partners mothers dog came to live with us.s?
  108. What is the ultimate jogging partner dog for me?
  109. Mother and Son dog mated but son was just neuturded?
  110. My dogs just mated...now what?
  111. Is it possible for a dog to mate with a coyote?
  112. I want to train my dog/ "partner in crime" in Japanese?
  113. can a female dog gets pregnant when mates once?
  114. Can an lhasa apso get pregnant from one mating in their heat cycle? She was tied
  115. Father pulled stuck mating dogs apart with force?!?
  116. Unfortunate dog mating?
  117. My partners brother and gf have gone on holiday for a week and left their ill dog
  118. Is large amount of clear liquid discharge normal after dogs mate?
  119. Do dogs cheat on their mate?
  120. can my chihuahua survive birth if mated by a medium sized dog?
  121. brother and sister dogs mating?
  122. can mother dog develop eclampsia from the death of her mate?
  123. can a male dog mate with a fixed female dog?
  124. My dogs mated and got stuck?
  125. Is it necessary to mate your female dog once in her life span?
  126. Why would two brother dogs have different mating behavior?
  127. my male 9 month old dog is obsessed with trying to mate with my other dog,not
  128. If you get a dog off a mates mate and this happens...?
  129. will a male dog continue to try to mate after successfully tied?
  130. Can a dog and a cat have mate, not reproduce?
  131. My dogs mated twice but my male dog is old?
  132. When will my dog stand for her mate now?
  133. can a west highland dog mate a bitch at 9 years of age?
  134. Why isnt my dog mating?
  135. My dog won't go for a walk with me but he does want to go with my partner. Why?
  136. How to say you want a mate for your dog In other words?
  137. Sacrifice a big wish (2nd dog) for your partner?
  138. What is the closest relation dogs can be and still safely mate with out genetic
  139. Female dog on heat she stands but won't let mate?
  140. Dogs mating Questions????
  141. do female dogs in heat have the urge to mate?
  142. do dogs have d n a ?? if a mother & son shitzus mate , will the pupies be messed up.?
  143. Has my female dog been mated with?
  144. mating dogs got stuck!!!!help!!!!!?
  145. Is it normal for my dog to still be in her heat cycle after mating?
  146. My Dogs Accidentally Mated...?
  147. my dog mated for the first time and will not eat, just want to follow girl dog is...
  148. can a dog mate with it mother dog?
  149. My dog is throwing up and can barley move after mating with my other dog. What
  150. My dog keeps barking because it wants to mate ? How do get it to stop?
  151. I found my dogs stuck together (mating)?
  152. Can someone post some solid proof that dogs can mate through a chain link fence?
  153. My dogs are doing a weird mating ritual?
  154. Can mating kill my dog?
  155. Do male dogs get angry during mating season, if don't get a mate?
  156. My dogs stomach is hard and she was mating yesterday. Does this mean she's pregnant?
  157. If I mated my dog and they got stuck 3 days in a row, which day did she get pregnant?
  158. Is my dog sensing my deceased partner.?
  159. My dogs just had sex! Is the female pregneant after only one time they mated?
  160. Help! Can a Chook mate with a Dog?
  161. Are all dogs the same when it comes to mating?
  162. My best mate dog and relationship with her?
  163. how does a dog mate plz?
  164. Is it bad if my dog tries to mate when she just had puppies?
  165. If a small dog mates with a larger dog will she give birth?
  166. HELP My mate got with the girl i like at a party so i started crying on the phone to
  167. Should my friend mate inbred dogs?
  168. Dog help about mating and testicular cancer?
  169. If My Dog Had A Litter & i Mate Her With a Different Dog Does The Puppies Come Out
  170. What age dogs can mate* have sex?
  171. my dog and bitch got together and i dont know if they mated how can i tell?
  172. How do i get my female dog to mate?
  173. dog mating question ?
  174. Why wont my dogs mate?
  175. Can a female dog get pregnant from another dog after 5 days from mating with anther
  176. Would my dog mate with its sibling?
  177. If a potato and a monkey mate in Australia, then what color is Obama's dog?
  178. can my dog mate his half sister?
  179. My dog barks at my close mates but wot bark at strangers?
  180. Sims 2 pets? Why can't I tell my dogs to mate?
  181. Help? My female dog is trying to mate with the other female? Wtf?
  182. Why do dogs get stuck together during mating!?
  183. When can my dog mate?
  184. Weird question but....How do dogs mate?
  185. Will my male dog definitely mate?
  186. At what age do male dogs start getting interested in mating?
  187. How can i stop my bitch from getting pregnant if she mated today with my own pet dog?
  188. If a female dog has her period will a wolf see her as food or a mate?
  189. Can a female dog get pregnant from another dog after 5 days from mating...
  190. my partner got a dog a week ago?
  191. Do u need to mate your dog once to prevent cervical cancer?
  192. What to expect when a large dog mates with a smaller (toy) breed?
  193. My dog only had one puppy, is there something I should do to replace her having...
  194. Dog mating problem?? Do I have to get IT out?
  195. how can you tell if a female dog has mated?
  196. Can these two dog breeds mate?
  197. my male beagle is in heat trying to mate with my other male dog?
  198. my male beagle is in heat trying to mate with my other male dog?
  199. how old should a girl dog be to mate?
  200. Where can I find a female pug to mate with my dog?
  201. how long does it take a dog to get pregnant after it mates with a male how
  202. Will a male dog try to mate with a female more than once?
  203. Does it mean if a dog mates once means only 1 pup?
  204. has a girl ever been mated with by a dog?
  205. My female dog wont let her male partner touch her . Is she pregnant?
  206. Will a male dog become vicious if they don't mate?
  207. What would you like to ask?can i stud my dog when hes never actually mated?
  208. My dog keeps scratching she does not have flees me and my mates checked but how
  209. How do I settle in my partners outside/inside cat with my outside inside cat...
  210. At what age should my dogs start mating?
  211. What are the chances a dog will get pregnant at one mate?
  212. What do you do if you want a dog but your partner doesn't?
  213. Why does my dog watch me and my partner during intercourse? Does anyone elses?
  214. If evolution is true, why is it that dogs make better emotional partners
  215. Are there any breeds of dog or cat that my partner will be able to...
  216. a dog grieved for 7 straight days after the loss of his partner,what do you think?
  217. do dogs remember partners that have passed away?
  218. My room mate's dog sometimes cowers/pees/runs away from us?
  219. my partners dog really annoys me and keeps licking its bumhole?
  220. My partner wont leave his dog to see me?
  221. Im looking for a male dog to mate with my female mutt:-D?
  222. Can i go to Jail for putting dog shit on somones car. that person being the gf of
  223. What would you do if your partner/spouse did this to your dog?
  224. What does a complete mate over a dogs eye mean/problems?
  225. My dog mated before I noticed any bleeding and now 57 days after she mated temp...
  226. My dog shivering when me and my partner leaves the house?
  227. Why wont my dogs mate?
  228. What do you do if you want a dog but your partner doesn't?
  229. if male was neutered and mated within 30 days and the dogs tied is there...
  230. Will there be offspring if dog and pig mate?
  231. What's a good dog breed for a running partner?
  232. My partners dog is really bad behaved?
  233. MEN: Does your partner or your dog love you more?
  234. At what age can make dog mate with another dog and get her pregnant?
  235. I have a great dane female, i had given mating for my female dog at the age of 2
  236. a dog grieved for 7 straight days after the loss of his partner,what do you think?
  237. What is the best breed of dog for a running partner?
  238. What age is too early for a male dog to mate?
  239. Dog mating at dog park?
  240. Have my dogs been mating or fighting?
  241. Do you think dogs need a partner?
  242. Can a Dog Mate with A Cat?
  243. My caught my female dog mating and it has been 68days and Still see no sign
  244. How can i get my partners dog to like me more?
  245. Which dog is more athletic, for an exercise partner?
  246. I found a thick greenish discharge coming from my Dog's vagina yesterday
  247. my dog is not letting my partner near me she barks and wont let him near me?
  248. Can you mate a big dog with a small dog?
  249. Should I punish my neutered dog for trying to mate with my unspayed female dog?
  250. how do dog breeders stop their dogs from mating so often?