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  1. Am I supposed to take my dog a shower during the mating process?
  2. how do u know if your male dog haas mated??
  3. I want to mate my dog. but dont know the steps .....Help!?
  4. Mating dogs.?
  5. We check pedigree of Dogs, Horses and other animals before allowing to mate
  6. Ok guys i'm mating my dogs and the girl dog is just running with the boy on her
  7. LOST DOG! How far and how long would a bi+ch roam in search of a mate?
  8. My husband dogs me for gaining a few pounds can he not see his big gut and bald...
  9. My partner does not like my dog and said that he will not live with us when...
  10. why does my dog scream in pain while she is being mated?
  11. is it possible to mate an extra large dog breed with an extra small dog breed?
  12. has anyone heard of a medicine/pill given to a female dog the day after mating?
  13. I have a girl dog I am going to mate with my boy dog. How long until I have
  14. My pit bull dog is 10 months is it to soon to mate her?
  15. Is it possible for a spayed female dog to give off a "mating scent" that is...
  16. Can a sheep dog mate with a Jack russel Terrier?
  17. has your dog ever taken a dislike to your partner,,?
  18. male dog who continues to want to mate after being neutered at age 8 months?
  19. why does a male dog attempt to mate with a spayed female dog?
  20. My dog doesn't like my room mate, he just growls at him?
  21. My partner has 5 cats and 2 dogs .... and spends about $5,000 a year in...