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  1. If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu together...?
  2. is age 7 to old for a male dog to mate ?
  3. My partner hates my dog and threatened to leave! Was I right to stand my ground?
  4. What is the best breed of dog for someone that wants a jogging partner...?
  5. I would like to mate my female rottie. AKC OFA registered. Not a show dog
  6. My dog just mated...?
  7. for u who is more faithful, ur dog or ur partner...?
  8. Can dog dads and their daughter mate?
  9. what day do you mate a dog?
  10. Dogs being mated twice within 12 months...?
  11. My room mate is a lame dog owner?
  12. what happens if i don't know what mated with my dog?
  13. Can female dogs mate with their pups?
  14. When is the best time to mate my dog ? There are signs of blood. She is 2...
  15. how many time do dogs have to mate to have puppies?
  16. dog anxious for mating. must see?
  17. Please tell me if I need to seperate my dogs when female is having her pups.
  18. Please tell me if I need to seperate my dogs when female is having her pups.
  19. Is it possible for dogs to get stuck to each other during mating? ?
  20. What would happen if we mate a really big dog with a really small dog?
  21. when dogs are mating, do they have to lock in order to guarantee a pregnancy?
  22. two males mated with my dog is it a problem?
  23. when dogs lock during mating?
  24. My female dog is done mating with another dog is it normal for her to smell?
  25. Its been 10 days since my bitch (dog) mated and she mated like 3 times.
  26. Sad: My mate had his dog put down last week! ?
  27. Can dogs from the same litter mate? after being altered?
  28. after dogs mate (and get locked or stuck) can they run and play?
  29. is it good for a dog that had her first period to mate?
  30. How bad would it be if brother and sister dogs mated?
  31. PLEASE HELP! Female fixed dog attempting to mate with not fixed female puppy?
  32. Concerned about dogs mating?
  33. why does my male dog whines since he mated with my female dog? Why does he...
  34. help my partners dog is driving me mad!?
  35. How do I get my dog to eat canned food. He was brought up on game meat, my...
  36. If your dog was barking at the back door and your partner was banging on the...
  37. What way is there to make sure my b1tch mated with a particular male dog?
  38. Can hardvarks mate with dogs? are they the same speces?
  39. is it possible for these two breeds of dog to mate?
  40. Good Book Explaining Dog Mating/Pregnancy?
  41. How old does a puppy/dog have to be im order to mate? ?
  42. would it be safe to mate a shih tzu bitch with a 7/8th english bulldog 1/8th...
  43. My partner has left me with his dog and its not very pleasant to be around
  44. Dog colour genetics: Does mating a fawn to a black produce diluted colour puppies?
  45. Why animals like dogs doesn't suffer STD despite doing it without...
  46. how do you get two dogs to mate?
  47. Why animals like dogs doesn't suffer STD despite doing it without protection and
  48. what happens if a pure white dog mated with a pure black dog?
  49. How do cats/dogs mate?
  50. Why does my best mates dog have a erection when it sees me??(serious question)?
  51. Are there any two dog breeds that cannot mate and produce fertile offspring?
  52. will sibling dogs mate with one another?
  53. My male dog just got fixed on Fri and mated today. Do I have to worry...
  54. do i take my dog for mating after the blood has stopped or during the flow. you can
  55. Why my dogs mate so much?? always mating..?
  56. does my dog want to mate or what???????
  57. Whats the best way to help my dog after losing its life partner?
  58. when a dogs boobs grow does that mean she is pregnant? but i didnt mate her?
  59. when a dogs boobs grow does that mean she is pregnant? but i didnt mate her?
  60. How to encourage dogs to mate?
  61. What would you do If you were in a happily married relationship and your...
  62. Loving dog turning against his house mates. Please help?
  63. Do two dogs when mating have 2 tie (lock together) for the female to get pregnant? ?
  64. Will my dogs mate?What are signs of heat?Read on plz....?
  65. Fretting dog due to its partner being put to sleep. Will not eat, has lost all...
  66. If wolves mate for life, why don't dogs?
  67. How do i get my dogs in Sims2 to mate?? They won't and It's bothering me. Do i need
  68. How many times could a Dog in heat mate in a day?could she mate several
  69. do you think mating 2 different dog breeds is OK?
  70. Would dogs mate with their siblings?
  71. A dog homozygous for both dominant traits is mated to a droopy-eared,silent...
  72. How long to dogs mate for (IMPORTANT!!!)?
  73. Can dogs on the nintendo ds game dogs mate?
  74. is my dog to old to mate?
  75. My domestic partner's dog just passed away...?
  76. Can a shi tsu and a pug mate and still produce a dog that looks like a shi
  77. Any ideas on trying to suceed with my partners dog?
  78. what is a good SMALL dog breed to mate with a maltese?
  79. HELP! My dog just mated!?
  80. Would you rather mate with a dog than a random stranger?
  81. What will be the biggest problem having Mike Vick as a team mate?That he's dog
  82. How do I stop my dog from mating with his pillows?
  83. Is it ok for a dog that is not in heat to mate?
  84. Is it possible to have a bear dog dog? IE bear mates with dog, bear dog mates with...
  85. i lost my room mates dog and he wont come home, what do i do?
  86. Would you let your mate walk you like a dog for ?
  87. my male dog likes to mate with other male dogs, what should i do?
  88. my male dog likes to mate with my other male dog, what should i do?
  89. What do you do when dogs that are mating get stuck together? Both pulling
  90. dog mated 64 days ago. hasnt gained wt. (mini schnauzer) but has been producing milk
  91. My dog just had puppies. When can I breed her again and how many times can...
  92. I have a female dog,is it bad if I keep her home when is the time to mate?
  93. Why do my two female dogs try to mate?
  94. can a small dog that mated with a large dog have puppys?
  95. my bitch is kc reg and she mated with a dog lovers club?
  96. Can a dog not be mature enough to mate but is capable?
  97. If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu, would it be called a bullshit?
  98. My male neutered dog is still trying to mate my female. Any supplements...
  99. What happens when a male dog loses it's mate?
  100. If a male dog can get boner is he ready to mate?
  101. If my dog just mated, when will I be able to tell that she is pregnant?
  102. Should I get my dog a play mate?
  103. How do i know if my dog has been mated with?
  104. What type of dog is a good partner for 7 mo old Lab?
  105. What happens if sibling dogs mate?
  106. my small dog mated with our big German Shepherd. ?
  107. My Dog Of Nearly 3 Years Lost It's Partner about 6 Weeks Ago..?
  108. Assisting dog mating questions?
  109. How often should a dog in heat mate with the stud to ensure she gets pregnant?
  110. help dog mating again?
  111. About dogs that mate?
  112. My dog was in heat last month and i am not sure if she mated but she was around a m
  113. How to know if your dog is ready to mate?
  114. Which do you love more - your partner or your dog/cat?
  115. what kind of dogs have the greatest risk of mating with a wolf or coyote?
  116. my partner always refers our home as his bcuz he pays the bill now he say...
  117. my dog has been showing signs of nesting behaviour but has only been mating for...
  118. medium dog, small dog mated?
  119. If a dog and a human were to mate, what would be the result?
  120. Questions about dogs mating?
  121. Brother and sister dog that mated?
  122. Dogs becoming partners in crime?
  123. when can i mate my dog?
  124. Dog trying to mate (not a breeding question)?
  125. My neighbor's dog is trying to mate my dog!(PLEASE HELP!)?
  126. why does my female dog yelp when my male begins to mate her ?
  127. Why are dogs coupled (stuck) together for many minutes after mating, and what keeps
  128. my dog was in heat about a month ago and mated with another dog its been
  129. my dog mated with my friends dog and now she is pregnant and i was wondering how
  130. Why does our dog growl at my partner?
  131. My partner just hit our dog hard around the head..?
  132. I got a dog a while ago and fell in love with him and want a puppy play mate?
  133. why does my boy dog mate with other boy dogs ?
  134. Dog mating - a bit gross..?
  135. My dog, 4 months old, is alreay showing signs of mating! he's humping my female...
  136. why do dogs butts stick together after mating??
  137. is it the right time to get my dog a partner?
  138. I mated my bitch 2 weeks ago, the dog mounted her but they didnt do the tie,...
  139. Why are my dogs always tring to mate?
  140. My dog mated with my friend's dog...?
  141. Dogs can get pregnant by more than one partner and have puppies from differnt
  142. How long does it take dogs to detach after mating?
  143. my dog mated with to male dogs is she going to have 6 pupps?
  144. How would someone go about getting their dog back after a breakup if their
  145. When is the best time to mate my dog?
  146. Looking for my dog's litter mates!Stonehenge Olde Bulldogs from Happiness is Pets...
  147. will my 5 year old maltese dog try and mate with my new 8 week old puppy
  148. is it animal cruelty to never mate a male dog who is not neutered?
  149. my dog just mated with my other dog today and shes 13 and i dont know what...
  150. my dog just mated with my other dog today and shes 13 and i dont know what
  152. my dogs are trying to mate....?
  153. can a dog get pregnant after one time of the 2 mating?
  154. should I get a partner for my dog even though he is neutered??
  155. i have been with my partner for 8years and have always wanted a dog, they
  156. Do men and dogs move their butts bak n forth the same way when they are...
  157. can a dog mate with a fox and successfully have puppies?
  158. If your partner said it's me or the dog, who would you go for ?
  159. I want to buy a Staffie dog but my partner wants an English Bull Terrier any...
  160. Do female dogs make crying noises when they want to mate?
  161. We adopted a dog and it growls at my partner, especially when he comes home from
  162. How can I help my dog accept my living partner?
  163. How can I know when my dog needs a sexual partner?
  164. My dog is preggy and she mated more than once she's almost due, how will
  165. Are Brittany Dogs and Golden Retrievers good joggin partners?
  166. If your dog started to talk would you be scared what it would tell your partner?
  167. Have 2 dogs and they live inside downstairs and they charge at my partner when he
  168. can dog daughter and dad mate?
  169. My dog mated with my other dog on the 5th July is she pregnant?
  170. when i have my monthly cycle my male dog gets grumpy towards my partner?
  171. What dog breed is a good running partner, from your experience only, please?
  172. is it animal cruelty to never mate a male dog who is not neutered?
  173. how do i get my short male dog to mate with my tall female before she goes out of...
  174. how often should dogs mate?
  175. My neighbor mated her dogs and she's trying to...?
  176. Were can you find dogs that are not neutered? I am looking for a mate for my...
  177. I have a dog that is a Shiba inu Chow Chow mix and he want to mate. What should i do?
  178. my dog is having territorial mating
  179. when do male dogs retire from mating(breeding)?
  180. my female dog had puppys 4 weeks ago. why is my male dog trying to mate with her
  181. I have a 14 yr old dog who has not mated with another dog. Is he too old to mate...
  182. WHat is it called when dogs mate?
  183. Is it wrong if I get turned on when my dogs mate?
  184. Unlikely pair of dogs: Should I be worried about them mating?
  185. my dog just mated with my other dog today and shes 13 and i dont know what
  186. How long does it take for a female dog to have puppies after mating?
  187. Accidental Dog Mating
  188. how do I know when my dog is ready to mate?
  189. Is there anyway to Teach a Dog to be faithful to His Partner and not...
  190. How do I persuade my partner to let me have a dog?
  191. What are the chances of an inexperienced male and female dog mating??
  192. should i mate my dog?
  193. Partner versus Dog?
  194. Can a dog mate with it's mother?
  195. My partner incessantly picks on my dog, even though I have warned him not to
  196. Dog or Partner?
  197. help my partners dog is deaf and will not stop barking!!!?
  198. were can i get a mail coockapoo dog to mate with my female cocapoo dog?
  199. Out of curiosity do people actually cook dog food pies etc for their partners
  200. my dog is a chihuahua she mate yesterday and could she be pregnant?
  201. can a dog and a fox mate and successfully have offspring
  202. how can i mate my min pin with a very respected min pin show dog, with
  203. is it ok if i never mate my male dog?
  204. my dog mated with other dogs im thinking of spaying her but she might be pregnant?
  205. I Have Two Questions To Ask About Mating On Dogs?
  206. Why is it so Bad to let your Dogs mate before fixing them?when U have a Huge
  207. When to mate my female dog in heat?
  208. which dog breed [taken to the park] is mostt likely to melt a potential
  209. does it feel good when dogs mate?
  210. What would you do if your partner bought you a dog?
  211. How long does it take for dogs to mate??
  212. I want a chawawa dog but my partner says NO! IS THIS FAIR?
  213. When Dogs Mate, Is It True That During Mating The Male Dog Is Stuck Together To
  214. Do male dogs miss their breeding partners after the breeding is over?
  215. Partner wants a 'butch' dog but we already have a cocker spaniel!!!?
  216. Every time my partner hugs me, my dogs get jealous and go nuts, they bark...
  217. I really want a dog, but my partner and I both work. How can we be good dog owners?
  218. Advice on a dog partner?
  219. Can larger dogs mate with smaller dogs???
  220. Should I let my partner grow vegetables on my deceased dogs grave?
  221. what is the earliest proper age for male Rottweiler dogs to start mating/breeding?
  222. my partner and i like the name Harry but thats our dogs name.?
  223. Dogs mating..?
  224. Is it possible that my dog who has already had a litter of puppies, mated...
  225. when is the best time to mate a dog so it gets pregnant?
  226. what is the best way to find a mate for my dog?
  227. why wont my dog mate?
  228. Can a male dogs genes be tainted if mated with a different breed?
  229. My female dog won't let a male dog mate with her when she is in heat. Is...
  230. My dog mated like 30 times within 9 days she is not pregnant?
  231. how to teach my dog to hump his mate in the right place?
  232. How do you know who your dog's mate is?
  233. how can i get my dogs to mate and have puppies?
  234. my dog has just had pups but because she was like 2week under 1 wen she got caught...
  235. MY DOGS were mating and i dont want them to mate!!!?
  236. What you would do? You meet you your partner's friends for first time walking...
  237. I have mated my dog with a female dog and i wanted to know how many puppies...
  238. Breeding or Mating a Dog?
  239. why can't 2 different species mate to produce an offspring? Like a cat and a dog...
  240. We need to find a mate for our dog. Help :)?
  241. seriously anyone know what takes place in detail when dog mates apart from the
  242. I have not allowed my dog mate for 2-1/2 years since its birth. Will that cause any
  243. What happens when a just neutered male dog is mating an unneutered female dog?
  244. do great pyrenees/newfi dogs need a play mate or will they be fine just them selfs?
  245. My female dog is in heat, what happens if I don't let her mate?
  246. Why spay and neuter dogs if they don't get a chance to go out doors and mate...
  247. can my dog give birth without a mate?
  248. Why does my dog bark and act out while my partner and I are having sex?
  249. Can a domestic dog and a red fox mate??
  250. BLOKE CALLS TO HIS MATES HOUSE.The family dog s the door and says"Can i help