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  1. Is it ok to leave my dog (who is in the mating season) alone with my baby?
  2. Dogs mating question?
  3. i want to breed my dog so how can i find someone to mate with her?
  4. Does neutering your dog make him less frustrated and more happy if you're
  5. the family dogs are mating, female is chihuahua cross jack russel and...
  6. What is the minimum amount of time dogs have to be mating to have puppies?
  7. My dog is 9 months old and a boy do i need a mate for him at this age?
  8. How many times does it take for a male dog to mate with a female dog to get her...
  9. My partners dog and my dog are being very aggressive please help?
  10. How quickly can a successful dog mating last- without tying?
  11. OMG OMFG Gay DOg like WTF Mate?
  12. where can i find a mix of yorkie and a husky my dogs mated and i wanna see...
  13. Need help as to why dog won't mate?
  14. how long will the dogs stay stuck when mating?
  15. what do i do about my dog that has mate with another dog?
  16. when your partner is giving you silent treatment and there is a cold war at...
  17. How do animals mate? (dogs)?
  18. When can I mate my female dog?
  19. What do wolves and dogs mate?
  20. Jindo Dogs and mating?
  21. When can I mate My female Dog in heat ?
  22. My room mate has a dog who got pregnant as a puppy, never had the puppies, and is
  23. How do i get my dog to leave my new house mate alone?
  24. Dogs mating.........?
  25. dog-vey: Can a Great Dane and a Chihauhua be mated?
  26. Whats wrong with my dog? Mating Hormones?
  27. How soon after mating can you tell whether a dog is having puppies? Are there
  28. room mate problems- nasty dog and friends?
  29. Do i keep my dog or let my partner and daughters eczema get worse?
  30. where can i take my dog so he can mate? he's been neutered, but he still has...
  31. What Happen if a Brother and a Sister dog mate?
  32. Why Wont My Female Lock When Mating Dogs?
  33. At what age can you mate a famale dog?
  34. Question about nuetured dog still wanting to mate?
  35. in dog mating helpp!!!?
  36. Can dogs from same family mate?
  37. Sixty pound male dog mated with 35 pound female?
  38. Can dogs and cats mate?
  39. why does my dog poop/act strange when i have sex with my partner?
  40. What kind of a dog is Miley's dog "Mate"?
  41. Can a pregnant female dog mate when she's about 56 days pregnant? Or is that bad?
  42. can i put my mates dog down for her?
  43. How do female dogs attract mates ?
  44. What will happen if two dogs mate when only one has reached puberty?
  45. Why did horses that escaped rush me and mate walking dogs?
  46. Do dogs mate when the female isnt in heat?
  47. In dogs, wire hair is due to a dominant gene W. Two wire hair dogs were mated and...
  48. can a male dog behavior change after mating?
  49. Can a 14 pound male dog mate with a 2 pound female dog?
  50. Did my dogs just mate?
  51. Would you ever put your partner before your dog?
  52. If a male dog mated with a female dog and then died a few weeks later due to...
  53. My dog is in heat, when can she mate?
  54. how do i know if my big dog mated with my small dog?
  55. How long do dogs stay stuck together after mating?
  56. Are female dogs suppose to whine while mating?
  57. How do I know if my male dog is ready to mate?
  58. Mother and Son dog mated. Puppies seem fine at 1 year. What's the worst...
  59. Mating dogs that are brother and sister?
  60. if you mated a prairie dog with a meerkat?
  61. how to mate a female labrador dog?she is not allowing the male to mate her?
  62. How to teach my dog to mate?
  63. Can neutered dogs still do the mating act,even if they car nt have
  64. can a dog mate when it gets older? I mean a female?
  65. When a b!tch is ready to be mated wil she let the dog do it time after time or...
  66. Why did my mates dog chew up his false Teeth?
  67. Male dogs and mating?
  68. do breeders pay before their female dog mates with stud or after?
  69. dogs mating question?
  70. If your partner /lover was a DOG {real } what type would they be & why?
  71. If your dog had a daughter and he mated with her what would happen to the pups?
  72. What breed is Miley Cyrus's new dog "Mate?"?
  73. my two kitties (bro/sis) mating and girl kittie interested in our dog?
  74. my dog is in heat. Question about mating?
  75. What does mating male to male dogs mean ? Is it ok , my puppy is just 3 months?
  76. Dog mating and genetics?
  77. whats the odds of a dog being pregnant after mating?
  78. my dog chews all my stuff but not my partners!?
  79. I just lost a dog 3 months ago, now I am wanting to get a cat. Problem, my partner...
  80. Our dogs been trying to "hump/mate" with our new 9 week old puppy for days, how
  81. Should I tell my mate his dog is queer? (Are there such things?)?
  82. How to deal with a room mate and his being mean to his dog!?
  83. Mating a dog with a pig?
  84. Why shouldn't dogs be mate within the family?
  85. How can I help my dogs mate?
  86. Can a German Shepard mate with another kind of dog?
  87. Do male dogs still try mating with a off heat female?
  88. My male & female dogs are fixed but male is aggressive & still tries to...
  89. Is it possible for these two dogs to mate?
  90. How upset would you be if your mate forgot your birthday but remembered the dogs ?
  91. my dog growls at me and bit me is need for mating an excuse ?
  92. how long does it take for dogs to mate?
  93. my dog has mated. what are the chances she is pregnant?
  94. My dog mated with 2 dogs 3 weeks ago, how long will it take her to get big?
  95. unplanned mating between my labradors, discovered dogs parents sire has...
  96. How do reputable breeders keep two intact dogs from mating when the...
  97. when can my dog start breeding? and how do i find mates?
  98. you bring bags full of shopping in ,who is into the bags first.. you,,, your...
  99. Did you ever make your partner a pie with cat/dog food in it?
  100. neutered dog mating?!?
  101. I have a dog and a cat and was wondering wether they would mate?
  102. when the dog give birth from the day that mate?
  103. do dogs have standards when mating?
  104. This may sounds strange but whats the best way to greet my partners dog for the...
  105. My dog keeps trying to mate with my 4 month old puppy, what should i do?
  106. can a castrated dog still mate to the extent they get stuck together?
  107. Will letting a male dog mate change him?
  108. my female dog keeps trying to mate with humans?
  109. hi im in charge of sorting out a night at the dogs for about ten mates can u help!!!?
  110. is it true that its dangerous to seperate two mating dogs? Should he have her spayed?
  111. I have a female dog in heat, but the male won't mate. What should I do?
  112. is it normal from a male dog to bleed from penis after mating?
  113. need help coping partner got rid of dog?
  114. If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu, would it be called a bullshit?
  115. At what Age a Female Dog is Ready for Mating and can Produce good Puppies ?
  116. how can u make dogs/cats mate?
  117. my dog is in season,when is the best time to mate her?
  118. how many of you good people out there are married or in a serious relationships...
  119. Do dogs stop trying to mate once the female is pregnant?
  120. dog mating question???
  121. my partner gave our dog away but she is registered to me at the vets but
  122. Ladies. Have you ever made love and had your partner scream as your
  123. My room mates dog is driving me crazy!!! Help please!?
  124. I was just thinking... if dogs can sucessfully mate by a crack in the fence...?
  125. Responsible breeders & pet owners, has there ever been an "accidental mating"
  126. How old does a dog have to be to mate?
  127. What personality traits has your dog picked up from you and/or your partner?
  128. how do i get my dogs to mate?
  129. Helping my dog who lost his mate?
  130. my bitch mated with a dog how many days before will i know if she having puppies?
  131. is it normal for a female dog to scream during mating?
  132. is it true that if a male dog mates before he turns a year old he will...
  133. When is a good time for a dog to have a partner?
  134. Why Dogs get locked in mating?
  135. how can you manualy get a male to mate with a female that is ready to mate both the
  136. what should I do about my partner's anxiety over our new dog?
  137. Do male dogs ever mess up and give female dogs anal by accident when mating?
  138. Could my dog have a health problem after mating with the neighbors dog?
  139. is there anything i can do after my dogs mate, so they won't have any puppies?
  140. What happens when a small male dog mates with a larger female dog?
  141. Bringing male dog to the Singapore pet farm and mate?
  142. what type of dog would be suitable for mating my female dog?
  143. I need a male labrodour dog to mate my female dog.?
  144. does my dog have her period? i want to mate her?
  145. Would you give up your cat/dog for a mate?
  146. Is it possible that dogs can mate through chain linked fencing?
  147. World C lass Dog Mating Question?
  148. Would you give up your cat/dog for a mate?
  149. If I mate with a dog can me and the dog produce a man-dog?
  150. I have a boxer (dog) and am considering getting her a play mate. What sort of
  151. Where can I find a dog to mate with my male!?
  152. what would you do? best mates dogs?
  153. my puppy lost her mate and now she seems really lonely.. i can't afford
  154. If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu, would it be called a bullshit?
  155. Where do you leave the dogs when you want them to mate?
  156. If two dogs of the same breed color mate...?
  157. i have a 10 month old cocker spaniel she is in heat and my friends dog tried to mate
  158. can female dogs get sick when they are forced to mate with male dogs?
  159. The next door neighbors dog mated with my black lab.?
  160. Is it ok to mate a brother and a sister dog?
  161. Is there something to give my male dog to deture mating?
  162. Why won't my dogs tie when they are mating?
  163. Question about dogs mating?
  164. Question about online dog mating and advice. Wierd question?
  165. Mate kicks his dog hits it etc.?
  166. When 2 dogs breed, what is the common stud fee? And do you have to pay it if...
  167. my dog (bitch) isnt in season but is mating all time with male dog its been
  168. Will it affect the dog if She was mated, then spayed after she has puppies?
  169. Is it wrong to mate two, brother and sister dogs?
  170. can you alter the litter size of a dog if you control the amount of times...
  171. My dog really wants a mate!?
  172. Dog mating accident - is she pregnant?
  173. I need help i just can't get my two dogs to mate?
  174. Can i relationship work if you are not a dog lover and your partner is?
  175. Would you give up your cat/dog for a mate?
  176. When you mate your dog does it take 63days after they first get stuck or...
  177. I have a female boxer who mated with a mixed breed dog will this ruin her blood line?
  178. I'm splitting from my partner, we're arguing about who keeps the dog! Help!?
  179. why do dogs attack pen mates when they have seizures?
  180. Can i still get a dog if i dont have a stable schedule my partner work from 8-5pm.?
  181. My female dog mated with a male and they tied/attached together after sex, does...
  182. why do dogs get stuck during mating?
  183. Do male dog's general behavior change after mating for the first time?
  184. How can I get my dog to be a better jogging partner?
  185. Can dogs mate thorugh a crate?
  186. Can a relationship work if you are not a dog lover and your partner is?
  187. Can a female dog be spayed in heat after mating?
  188. Is it realistic to have a dog when you and your partner have full time jobs?
  189. I need help mating my dog? Websites?
  190. Dog mating question??/?
  191. When do I know my dog is ready for mating?
  192. Can male dogs still want to mate even when they are neutered?
  193. What breed of dogs make good long distance running partners?
  194. Dog mating problems - any advice?
  195. I had my dog mated with another dog and they only got stuck once...?
  196. i have a dog that is ACA and thought bout breeding do i have to have the mate...
  197. how do u work out how far into a pregnancy a dog is ? is it from the first mate or
  198. after mating will my dog still stay in season?
  199. Why wont my male beagle dog mate with our female beagle?
  200. Is it OK to mate my dog around her 2nd heat cycle?
  201. Yaaaay My mates dog is pregnant!!!!!! what would a german shepherd half...
  202. why do dogs and cats get stuck together when mating?
  203. My partner and I bought a dog and now were are on the rocks?
  204. What is the biological reason that a dog can't mate with a cat to form
  205. My male dog just mated and he had a problem help please :{?
  206. How often should I have my dog mate?
  207. i have a female sibrian husky and the male dog we mated them 2/14 her nipples are...
  208. how to know if dog is pregnant 8th day after mating?
  209. my mummy says that I have no friends becuase im gay..... i know my only mate is my...
  210. Can a female dog be mated with a son or vice versa?
  211. my dog was in heat and she mated with a mastif what kinda ears will they have im...
  212. How can I make a small dog mate with a medium dog?
  213. My Rhodesian Ridgeback is a great dog with a lot of energy. What type of
  214. Is it bad for your dog to mate with her pup?
  215. Is it normal too cry a little bit coz your best mates dog is getting put down?
  216. How To make two dogs mate?
  217. if a male dog mates with a female dog?
  218. Can a Dog get pregant without getting tied to her mate?
  219. if a male pit bull mates with a different type of dog and then a year later...
  220. i have a 4 month old male dog, hes been trying to mate with a bitch, can he
  221. my dog has bags under her teats and mated with the male about 3 weeks ago...
  222. Do dogs know not to mate with their siblings?
  223. My dog doesn't know how to have proper sexual intercourse with his partner?
  224. CAN fennec foxes mate with domestic small dogs?
  225. How long after a dog is in heat ..will allow the male to mate.?
  226. i am going to let my dog mate with a female in heat fro cash. what is the norm on...
  227. Is it normal for a Dog to refuse mating?
  228. What age do dogs begin to mate?
  229. Are my dogs mating with each other?
  230. Is my dog ready to mate?
  231. Where on akc.org can I find a mate for my dog?
  232. Can large breed dogs mate with small ones?
  233. help my dog has mated with my mums dog?
  234. HELP! Question about dog mating-locking?
  235. What do I do when my partner is more committed to his dog than me?
  236. How can I stop my room mate from taking my dog when he moves out?
  237. Why does my male dog get aggressive towards me when I pick up my female dog he
  238. is it normal for semen to pour out after two dogs are finished mating?
  239. is dog mating compulsory?
  240. Why is my dog still trying to mate?
  241. How can I get my dogs to mate to have puppies?
  242. Can a dog mate with a coyote or vice versa?
  243. I met my current partner while walking my dog (cliche I know) and now I
  244. my dogs mated and are suck together....?
  245. What type of dog to partner with my Labrador Retriever?
  246. I asked what kind of dog me and my partner should get in the 'Dog' section.?
  247. should i let a male dog mate my precious little female dog?
  248. Separating dogs while mating?
  249. My ten year old mixed breed dog mated recently arnd fag end of heat period. Will
  250. Several questions about dog mating adoption....?