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  1. how do dogs really mate?
  2. Should dogs get married before they are mated?
  3. Dogs separated during mating tie?
  4. My dog has mated with another dog, now what?
  5. Our dog seems obsessed with my partner and constantly stares at him?
  6. male and female dog mate when she is in heat?
  7. Why won't my dog mate?
  8. Poddle dog niw a year old. food they eat. mating time?
  9. Is this a Sign My dog wants to mate?
  10. Do insecure females take their reflective past on male animals(such as
  11. Is it better for my dog to mate?
  12. My Dogs Are Having Trouble Mating?
  13. Dog crisis!!!!!!! Dogs mated pls help!!!!?
  14. how old does my dog have to be untill i can mate her ?
  15. My partners dog bites what should I do? I dont want to put him down but...
  16. When Should I Mate My Dog?
  17. can my labrador dog mate with my jack russell b*tch?
  18. Can a dog mate with 3 sisters?
  19. my two dog's mated w/my boy dog idk if there pregnant?they dont have a vet i cant...
  20. Can an ex partner ask for maintenance for a dog?
  21. Christians:Should dogs be "married" before they are mated?
  22. My dog is about to come onto heat when is the best time through her cycle to
  23. My partner keeps bathing my dog?
  24. is it normal for my female dog to have two partners?
  25. when i have anal sex, my partner's hot dog will have some of my crap on it. Help?
  26. When dogs mate, why do they not seem happy?
  27. Double Dog Dare How many sex partners in your whole life? .?
  28. What to do with a dog being aggressive towards her other dog house mate?
  29. How to get my dogs to mate?
  30. my dog mated and his penis is sticking out about 1 inch and swollen?
  31. can a dog mate with a fox and successfully have puppies?
  32. is it the right time to get my dog a partner?
  33. Can a cat and a dog mate with each other?
  34. what's the best time to let the female dog mate with a male after she starts...
  35. Your partner had to have his dog put down and you find out dog is
  36. How do I find a mate for my dog who is in heat?
  37. A friend is going to mate her dog, and wants to know if the dog is in heat will...
  38. How can i get my male dog to mate with my female who is in heat?
  39. How can I help my male Lhasa Apso dog to mate?
  40. Can my dog mate with its sisters puppies?
  41. Are there risks if a brother and a sister dog mate?
  42. Can a female dog mate with her father or brother and produce healthy pups?
  43. How do I make my partner get rid of his dog..help?
  44. What breed of dog is a best suited partner for the Yorkshire Terrier?
  45. Should I change my dogs bed as her partner dog has died?
  46. Have you ever given away your dog because a new partner wanted you to?
  47. How do you mate a dog and a female dog if its there first time for both?
  48. What do you do when your partner wants a dog, but you don't?
  49. Can a male dog still mate if he is fixed?
  50. My dog poops when me and my partner are out of the house.?
  51. My partner and I bought a dog and now were are on the rocks?
  52. Could a toy dog and a large dog mate and give birth to puppies?
  53. Can a female dog mate if she is not in heat?
  54. my ex partner has reported my partners dog?
  55. should i let a male dog mate my precious little female dog?
  56. what beed of dog makes the best running partner?
  57. How often should I have my dog mate?
  58. can a female dog mate when its not in heat?
  59. Can a cat and dog mate and make babies?
  60. How do I get my dog to eat canned food. He was brought up on game meat, my
  61. How do I mate my dog with a wolf?
  62. Will a male and female dog mate if they have lived,ate, and slept together...
  63. How would someone go about getting their dog back after a breakup if their
  64. Can a bernese mountain dog mate with a pomeranian?
  65. Which do you love more - your partner or your dog/cat?
  66. Why does my dog bark and act out while my partner and I are having sex?
  67. Where can I find a Standard Poodle owner kind enough to allow their dog to
  68. Can my dog be my partner in practicing wicca?
  69. Does a male dog mate the female once?
  70. Can a male dog mate with a female with no testicles and not make her pregnant?
  71. Do you make your dog leave the bedroom if you and your partner decide to get busy?
  72. Me and my partner are planning to get a dog, any idea for a short hair,...
  73. What kind of dog is a good running partner?
  74. My female dog won't let a male dog mate with her when she is in heat. Is there
  75. How do i convince my partner to allow me to keep a pet dog?
  76. Guys/Girls: How is a dog a better partner than say a Girl/Guy respectively (or
  77. How can I find a good dog to mate with mine in my area?
  78. How do you teach a dog to be your running partner? How far is too far for
  79. Could a Whippet dog mate with a Chihuahua dog?
  80. Can any breed of dog mate with any other breed?
  81. How can i get my dog male to mate a dog female?
  82. Can a domestic dog mate and have puppies with a fox?
  83. Where can I find a male dog to mate with my female?
  84. I have not allowed my dog mate for 2-1/2 years since its birth. Will that cause
  85. How do you get a male and female dog to mate?
  86. Partner wants a 'butch' dog but we already have a cocker spaniel!!!?
  87. What type of dog to partner with my Labrador Retriever?
  88. im planing to mate my dog? and its my first time mating her how long is the...
  89. Me and my partner were thinking about buying a dog or two, any ideas?
  90. Fretting dog due to its partner being put to sleep. Will not eat, has lost all its
  91. What age is alright to mate your dog?
  92. Grrr! When your pet hates your partner, is it a territorial cat or dog who
  93. How many times can a male dog mate in one day?
  94. When should I spay my female dog? I also have her male litter mate.?
  95. will a male dog try to mate a pregnant female?
  96. why do dogs stick after mating?
  97. Dog mating while not in heat?
  98. How can I mate my dogs in The Sims 2?
  99. will some one mate their male chiuahua with my girl dog she is in heat?
  100. Can a Dog Mate with a Cat?
  101. Do wolves/dogs need privacy to mate?
  102. The Great Dane and Chihuahua are both domestic dogs, the same species....
  103. What are the chances of dogs mating?
  104. if a dog is pregnant will she still want to mate?
  105. My dog tries to hump me during sex with my partner. I think he enjoys the...
  106. Would my dog, a West Highland Terrier, make a good running partner? Tips and Advise?
  107. How do I temporally stop my dogs from mating.?
  108. why do people think letting dogs mate is wrong?
  109. My Dog IS Mating with another dog what should I do?
  110. What it means if female dog wont allow to mate?
  111. Why do different species of dogs mate with eachother?
  112. if hybrid long-haired dog mates with a purebred short-haired dog, what will its...
  113. why are both my dogs acting weird after mating?
  114. How do I comfort my room mate who's dog just died?
  115. POLL: If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu...?
  116. looking for a mate for my dog?
  117. How to mate two Dogs (they are Akita)?
  118. Will my dog still bleed after being mated? Or does their season stop?
  119. what can i do when my partner hates my beloved dog?
  120. my mate has recieved letter from the council stating that an abandonment...
  121. Boxer dogs best play mate?
  122. Should i help my dogs mate?
  123. Why do dogs howl? Is it beacuse they are sad or because they are lonely or
  124. Have YOU ever wondered if your business partner's associate was his g/f or guard dog?
  125. Am I legally responsible for my room mates dogs?
  126. quiet female dog after mating what does this mean?
  127. My neighbors wants me to have my dog mate his dog?Help?
  128. i have two 2yr old siberian husky they r wounderful dogs but my female won't let...
  129. what is the inbreeding coeficient of offspring produced by mating parent...
  130. why did my mates dog hump my arm 0_0?
  131. What is the inbreeding coeficient of offspring produced by mating parent and...
  132. my dog is sick my partner in hospital and i dont have any money while monday and...
  133. Will my dog get testicular cancer if he doesn't mate?
  134. how can you tell your dog has got pregnant without actually seeing them mate?
  135. when can a female dog begin to mate?
  136. Do dogs KNOW they are gonna get stuck when they mate?
  137. A family member accidentally let her male dog mate with it's mother! What's gonna...
  138. OK so my dog went into heat. 7 days later i mated her. They tie for 1/2
  139. At what age do dogs mate? (Chihuahuas)?
  140. Deciding on which dog to choose as a mate for my current 8 month old dog.?
  141. why do female dogs bleed after mate?
  142. How many time female mate per cycle and how many female can male dog...
  143. What happens when you put a dog, dragon, and cat to mate.?
  144. can a smaller breed of dog mate with a husky?
  145. How old does my dog have to be to mate? (male)?
  146. Spaying a female dog in the mating season?
  147. Will dogs mate if they have just seen each other?
  148. Is your dog one of your soul mates?
  149. does a dogs penis fully retreated from the sheath without mating?
  150. Why does this happen when dogs are mated ?
  151. If I mate my Dogs in front of...?
  152. why is my male dog being so protective over my female aftter mating?
  153. Poodle Dog Mating ?????????
  154. do male shih tzu dogs pass away if they ejaculate seamen twice or mate twice?
  155. how old does male dog need to be to mate?
  156. What if two dogs are mating and..?
  157. I cant have room mates becasue my dogs attack people when I'm not in the same
  158. dog mated on third day of heat is that normal?
  159. Will be taking in a 5 year old Shih Tzu who previous home had other dog mates,...
  160. dog mated on 3rd day of heat while still bleedin. can she get preggo? ten...
  161. I am allergic to partner's dog - Need advice please!?
  162. Do you ever feel like your dog is your (doggy) soul mate? :)?
  163. are thes to good dogs that i had let mate?
  164. If I mate my Dogs in front of...?
  165. Partner wants another dog - How do i persuade him not to?
  166. does a dog recognize its litter mates?
  167. Am I bad not wanting to be with my ex-partner's dog that is being put to sleep today?
  168. where to get male lab dog for female lab dog to mate in TX?
  169. how to get a male dog to mate?
  170. does age matter when mating dogs?
  171. If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu, would it be called a bullshit?
  172. what are the chance that dog will impregnate just mate only once?
  173. My room mates kind of abuse there dog what should I do?
  174. why is my dog acting out towards my new partner?
  175. Dog mating question?
  176. my dogs just over a year old now, can i mate her?
  177. My neighbors dog got out and mated and shes only show a few signs is she pregnant?
  178. why do my dogs eat mine and my room mates underwear?
  179. My 6 Month Old Dog Just Mated and Tied What Should I Do?
  180. What type of dog is under 40 pounds and can be a lap dog but can also be a running
  181. why do people like to watch dogs mate?
  182. when can i mate my dog?
  183. When dogs are mating, why do they stuck?
  184. Will my female and male dog attempt to mate at 6 months old and if so can I
  185. Can I spay my dog if she's 2 days pregnant?/How long does it take for a dog
  186. my male dog is mounding my girl dog is he trying to mate her?
  187. my dog is on heat but does not want to allow the male mate with her?
  188. My female dog cries when she's mating?
  189. how does a female dog act after mating?
  190. Why is a female dog not willing to mate when in season?
  191. do you think this is wrong what breeders do when mating dogs?
  192. My dogs have mated and tied. but they are still doin it. is this ok? normal? or does
  193. is bleeding after mating for a female dog is common?
  194. my dog is due to have pups, it is 63 days since she first mated but it happened
  195. When a Male dog is ready to mate will it some time continue to smell a
  196. My Dog Is Bleeding After Mating, Why?
  197. my dog mated twice. how many puppies will she have?
  198. Neutered dog having trouble urinating after "mating"?
  199. My Dog Is Bleeding After Mating, Why?
  200. how do you get 2 dogs to mate?
  201. how to get your dogs to mate?
  202. My girl dog has been spaded Why did my boy mate with her?
  203. My ( Male ) Dog has been ill today after Mating?
  204. Dogs Mating Questions?
  205. if my partner and I split, who gets the dog?
  206. Why do people seem to think allowing a dog mate will IMPROVE his behaviour?
  207. because i let my dog mate do that iam a bad person?
  208. can 2 different breeds of dogs mate?
  209. How Old Is Too Old For A Male Dog To Mate?
  210. Relationship with your dog(s): Friend, Parent, Master, Partner, Companion, Other?
  211. if i bought a dog for me and my common law partner, if we split who gets the animal?
  212. my poodle mated with my pugapoo dog..?
  213. my poodle mated with my pugapoo dog..?
  214. How to stop my new dog from attacking/mating my old dog? They are both guys?
  215. I have 3 chihuahuas my youngest is 8 months and she mated with my 2 y/o dog what's
  216. my room mate always thinks theres somthing whong with her dogs.?
  217. Advice needed - partner wants us to get rid of our dog.?
  218. my dogs has been stuck for 45 minutes with the dog he mated with. what do i do?
  219. My room mate is always cooking our corn dogs in tuna oil.?
  220. How old do dogs have to be to mate?
  221. Can two dogs that mate, produce every breed of dog possible?
  222. When do dogs start being "in season" to mate?
  223. My big dog mated my chihuahua dog.what can i do??/?
  224. Why is my dog crying while he's mating?
  225. Would it be possible for a Dhole to successfuly mate with an African Wild Dog?
  226. Do you know any good male mating partners for my dog?
  227. what happens to both mother and puppies if brother and sister dogs of the...
  228. How do i get my dogs to mate?
  229. I know a lot of dogs look the same, but do these look as if they could be
  230. my friend wants to mate her male dog with my female dog?
  231. How long does it take to know if a dog is pregnet when it mates?
  232. Where can I find a female pomeranian that can mate with my male dog?
  233. How old do dogs have to be to mate?
  234. The Great Dane and Chihuahua are both domestic dogs, the same species. But,
  235. when do i mate my female dog?
  236. Dog still bleeding 5 days after mating is she pregnant?
  237. can i help my dog mate with his parnter?
  238. Why does my dog sometimes go for his mate?
  239. What are the most common signs when a female dog is ready to mate?
  240. My male shih-tzu dog is in heat/ready to mate, looking for a female shih-tzu in...
  241. How do I tell my neighbor no to mating our dogs?
  242. My room mate adopted a dog without telling me. What should I do?
  243. Why is it a bad idea to let a 7 month old male dog mate?
  244. can a fixed male dog still be able to mate?
  245. How do I get my two dogs to mate?
  246. how many times should my dog mate while shes in heat to make sure she...
  247. Can My Dog Mate At 8months?
  248. can all types of dog breeds mate with each other?
  249. is it possible to mate puppy to a dog?
  250. Will a male dog actually mate with his female offspring?