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  1. question on dogs mating...?
  2. My partner said he would leave me if I got a dog what do you this this means? ?
  3. My partners dog wont listen to me i dont know what to do!?
  4. Partners dog hates me?
  5. Do you think it's weird to call a dog your "soul mate"?
  6. How long do dogs stay locked together for after mating?
  7. my dogs not in heat but my boys dog keeps trying to mate her can she get pregnet?
  8. neutered dog mating with female?
  9. Can a dog get pregnant it's first time mating?
  10. Do you think it's weird to call a dog your "soul mate"?
  11. my cat is trying to mate with my dog?
  12. I have a newborn baby, and my partner has a dog he uses for work that could
  13. Mismatched mating of dogs?
  14. Anyone reckon that the type of dog a partner likes is a really useful sign?
  15. Do you think it's weird to call a dog your "soul mate"?
  16. Can large dogs mate with smaller dogs?
  17. My partner said he would leave me if I got a dog what do you this this means? ?
  18. How to get female dog to stop moving during mating?
  19. my cat is trying to mate with my dog?
  20. How can i get my partners dog to like me more?
  21. dog mating issues!!!!!?
  22. How long does it take for a dog to conceive once mated?
  23. My 3 year old bichon/shih tzu mated with a male dog multiple times almost 5
  24. My dog mated now she is agrresive!!!!! HELP!!!?
  25. my cat is trying to mate with my dog?
  26. My partner of 9 years has bought a dog even though I'm allergic?
  27. Does a female dog's behavior change after mating?
  28. Room mates dog is not UTD on ANYTHING, what do I do?!?
  29. Dog mating, how long do two dogs have to do it for one to get pregnate?
  30. why my dogs dont mate until now?
  31. How to tell when a dog is un/willing to mate?
  32. Hypothetical Question - If a wolf saw a female dog in heat would it kill
  33. I want to get a dog, but room-mates are reluctant?
  34. My 8 month old yorkie chiwawa dog mated???? ?
  35. Question about dogs mating and on heat?
  36. Do dogs not loose the mating urge when altered?
  37. is it bad if two dogs mate when the female isnt in heat?
  38. Full bred dog mates with mutt?
  39. What dogs make good running partners?
  40. dog bleeding after possible mating?
  41. how to comfort my dog after loosing her mate?
  42. Help! Our male dog is trying to REALLY mate with our neutered male dog?
  43. My female 5y.o. Golden Retriever wont move, pee or poo after she mated with another
  44. Can A Dog Be Your Soul Mate?
  45. should i let my dogs mate, female is in heat?
  46. My dog snarls and growls if my partner tries to take him a walk at night?
  47. I love my cat/dog more than my partner, do you?
  48. Can a dog and cat mate?
  49. If a cat mated with a dog what would happen?
  50. if my female has mated already will other dogs still be attracted to her?
  51. My dogs just mated and I'm a bit worried...?
  52. How to i get a male dog to mate with my female?
  53. Is it possible for a female dog (on heat), and a male dog to live...
  54. How many days after my female dog mates will I tell she's pregnant?
  55. Is there no problem if my female dog was mated by her own 9 month old son?
  56. Did my female dog mate with the white male or the brownish male?
  57. Can you mate the dogs and wolves in the biological term?
  58. Do all dogs get stuck after mating?
  59. Help Dog, Mating, Fixed?
  60. Do all dogs get stuck after mating?
  61. ok so now my two dogs are mating with eachother in there hiding spot they
  62. why is my male dog mating with my female dog thats in heat?
  63. Will my dog's personality change after he helps his partner make puppies?
  64. My dog had two mates?
  65. Question about dog mating?
  66. if i have two dogs, in which age will they mate?
  67. Can a male dog try to mate with a female puppy?
  68. My uncles dog is trying to mate with his still puppy daughter?
  69. Dog in heat still. Has mated. Pregnant?
  70. what would be a good meduim size dog for a running partner?
  71. where can my dog meet a mate?
  72. I need advice, i want to disappear my partners dog forever?
  73. what is the red stuff where my dog mated at?
  74. Is it possible for a chihuahua to mate with a large breed of dog?
  75. Sibling dogs mated. Female is now pregnant?
  76. Dogs mating and whelping before AKC registration?
  77. how to tell when a dog is ready to mate?
  78. if a dog is pg by more than one partner can they have pups at separate times?
  79. What should I say to my room mate about her dog?
  80. dog mating question ?
  81. almost every night I weep loudly in my sleep, the weeping is so painfully loud it
  82. I mated ma dog exactly 5wks ago and i'm yet to see any sign of puppies in...
  83. Why can't large dogs mate with small dogs?
  84. What happens to a male dog if it has natural desires to mate but can never
  85. Dog question!! Can siblings mate (my dogs) lol. HELP ME?
  86. Help, my dogs can't mate can they?
  87. Is a mother dog pregnant after one mating?
  88. How do you mate dogs properly?
  89. Dog Breed Advice... looking for a running partner?
  90. How do we get our dog to mate ?
  91. Dogs whining after mating?
  92. Does My dog want to mate?
  93. If a Human female of breeding age and a male dog of breeding age mated what would
  94. Is it possible for a dog like me to mate with a human?
  95. is 7 too old to mate a female dog ?
  96. is it normal for a girl dog to bleed after mating?
  97. can a male dog that is the father of a litter of puppies mate with a female from his
  98. French Bulldogs mated naturally and had their dogs naturally?? Is this right?
  99. I saw my pregnant dog mate is she pregnant or not?
  100. should my sister mate her 7 year old dog?
  101. my dog did not protect my mate?
  102. Why do dogs get stuck when they are mating? i always saw this when i was little...
  103. Is there a website that finds dogs that can find a mate for a dog?
  104. Can brother and sister dogs mate?
  105. Would showing my dogs videos of mating get them aroused?
  106. My male rabbit was killed by my nieghbours dog, need some advice about his partner?
  107. A question about dogs mating?
  108. why do i have to pass the first heat of my golden retriever dog without mating her?
  109. i want to mate my dogs, but my female doesn't like the male, how do I get them to...
  110. I will Breed my dog with a shit-zu , how many times will the mate to get her...
  111. How can I tell when my male dog is ready to mate?
  112. Okay if dog mated three times?
  113. is it ok for dogs from the same litter mate?
  114. My Dog Drank Some Pepsi And Is Now Mating With Alligators?
  115. Dog mating question why do girl dogs chose their mate?
  116. can a dad dog mate with his babys or wud they cum out with sumthin wrong?
  117. why does my dog greet my partner before me?
  118. just been told my dog mated 6 weeks ago, while i was away! but she hasn't put...
  119. Male dog wont mate with my female dog?
  120. When i die should i give my dog tags to my Brother (best mate)?
  121. how many times should i let my dog mate to be sure she gets pregnant?
  122. My lab mix, just 1 yr old broke her collar while onleash and in heat. She mated
  123. How do I make my partner understand what my dog means to me?
  124. Why is my female dog trying to mate herself ?
  125. Where can i find a mate for my dog?
  126. How old does a dog have to be to mate?
  127. Spooky Creep Stalking me WANTS TO MATE WITH MY DOG ! 14 and need HELP FAST !?
  128. When can my dog mate ?
  129. Okay so my dog MIGHT be pregnant and she mated with our other dog,?
  130. where can i find a female pomeranian for my male dog to mate in the uk ?
  131. How old does a male dog have to be to mate?
  132. i am splitting up with my partner I paid for our dog and i pay the dogs insurance
  133. Can Big and Small Dogs mate together?
  134. HELP Scary Pervert stalking me 14 wants to MATE with my dog !!! im scared !?
  135. How long after a female dog goes into heat will she mate with a male?
  136. How would you handle being treated like dog by a partner?
  137. How do I stop my partner from acting like a dog?
  138. Why does my dog mate with duvets, pillows etc. ?
  139. My springer spaniel has always been my partners dog but now all of a sudden he...
  140. Is a Dog Better off with a Partner or by Itself?
  141. Will dogs from the same litter mate with each other?
  142. If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu...?
  143. my dog was mated 41 days ago, had an ultrasound yesterday, vet saw no pups but Im
  144. why is the mating process not successful with two very keen dogs?
  145. will my dog be pregnant the fist time she mates?...?
  146. Boston Terrier and Room-mates dog do not get along.?
  147. My dog mated with a ridgeback, she is a cattledog, Should she be able to
  148. Female and Male dogs mating problem?
  149. I like running and would like a dog for a partner?
  150. Could a dog die if it mated with a much larger dog?
  151. If my dogs mated today, how soon could I take her to the vet to find out she's...
  152. What dog should i mate On Dogz 5 PC?
  153. How many time can a dog mate to get pregnant?
  154. Can bitches be mated to purebred dogs after producing a litter of mongrel pups?
  155. Where is the male dog when his mate is giving birth?
  156. How do I get my dog to mate?
  157. what is the earliest a male dog can mate?
  158. Will dogs mate with another dog that they don't like?
  159. why is my dogs trying to mate?
  160. Can I still get my dog spayed even after she mated?
  161. Is it good if the dogs are mating and get pregnant even they are siblings?
  162. i think i am in love with my best mate, coz we agrue, like cat and dog,
  163. i swollen feet can i bee allergic to my partners dog?
  164. How do I train my dog to be a running partner?
  165. why is my dogs trying to mate?
  166. im worried a dog might try to mate with mine when i send her to this...
  167. Will neutered dogs still want to mate?
  168. Will dogs mate with a dog they don't like?
  169. My partner wants to get rid of our dog?
  170. What happens when 2 dogs of considerably different sizes mate?
  171. My boyfriend might have mated my dog without my consent?
  172. Will a male dog mate instantly?
  173. would you give up your dog to move in with your partner of 2 years, and get married?
  174. my 18 week old male staff is trying to mate with our other dog, but he cant
  175. will my dog die if she mated with a larger breed?
  176. if dogs mated once how many puppies would there be ?????????
  177. my dog mated my bitch through the cage?
  178. If my dog mates with her brother or dad, will the pups be deformed?
  179. My partner does not like my dog and said that he will not live with us when we move
  180. My male dog wants to mate with another male dog?
  181. Why do breeders mate their dogs on days 9, 11, and 13 (normally)?
  182. How can my partner adjust her sheltered dog to outside life?
  183. when mating dogs is it normal for bloody water to come out the bitch?
  184. Want a dog but house mate hates them?
  185. Should a male dog mate with his mom?
  186. will my male dog still want to mate with my female dog when shes done with her heat?
  187. Can Dogs Mate with Foxes?
  188. Dogs not finishing mating.?
  189. stray dog mating on my pouch?
  190. My dog is still bleeding after mating seven times, why?
  191. who would be a better walking partner? A friend or a dog?
  192. What's a good age to mate a dog. ?
  193. Do you think it's funny when a small male dog mates with larger female dog?
  194. How do I know if my dogs mated? ?
  195. my mates dog has diarrhea what should he do ?
  196. Hi, my dog was mated on day 13 & 14 of her season so would be 35/36 days
  197. Dog pregnancy? My dog was mated 29th & 30th of jan with a full English
  198. Will 2 dogs (male and female, of course) from the same litter mate with...
  199. My partner of nearly 5 years has just asked for space. We have a house...
  200. my partner smacks my dog does that make him a animal abuser?
  201. My dog mated with a fox, help!?
  202. My dog will mate tomorrow she did finish her last amoxil tablet today?
  203. Is it possible for a tiny male dog to mate with a giant female dog?
  204. my dog mated with his daughter will the puppies be ok?
  205. Why didn't my dog get pregnant wen she mate?
  206. 2 year old dog keeps trying to mate with 8 month old puppy need help!?
  207. My dog mated a week ago. Today she mated again with another dog can she be preg frm
  208. Why is my female dog trying to mate with my other female dog?
  209. How to mate my chihuahua dog?
  210. My bulldog and other dog mated?
  211. Breeding dog? WHERE TO FIND A MATE? Cocker spaniel...?
  212. Will my two dogs mate?
  213. Where can I find a business partner for dog training business?
  214. When mating dogs (am not mating)?
  215. Hello my dog is 11 months old male, if i let him mate would it effect his size?
  216. My partner hates our dog?
  217. Why is my dog protecting me from my partner?
  218. Why does mom dog(gsd) try to mate with her one daughter pup(gsd) ?
  220. My 3yr old spaniel male is trying to mate my female dog what can i do to stop this?
  221. if my bitch and my boy dog bite and play fight does that mean they are ready to mate?
  222. How can my partner an I make a light up dog collar made from recycled things?
  223. My dog hates my room mate's dog!?
  224. How to keep fixed dogs from mating?
  225. how should a male dog react after mating?
  226. why when dogs mate the female seems pissed with the male...?
  227. how old does a male dog have to be to mate?
  228. How can I negotiate with my partner to get rid of his dog?
  229. Can Fennec Foxes mate with dogs?
  230. why is my dog bleeding after 12hrs after her mating?
  231. Can my dog mate at 10 months with a female that is in heat and mature to mate?
  232. Dog whining after mating?
  233. when a dog dies does it's kennel mates forget the dead dog?
  234. Can someone post some solid proof that dogs can mate through a chain link fence?
  235. i am wanting to breed the ultimate guard dog i have a shepherd rottie mix
  236. Separate dogs to prevent mating?
  237. Separate dogs to prevent mating?
  238. what is wrong with dogs mating?
  239. I just caught my dogs mating. Its over but is his behavior going to change?
  240. Can dogs mate when the female is NOT in heat?
  241. I think my dogs in sims 2 are too big to fit in the dog house to mate?
  242. How do I post my Male American Bull Dogs picture, so that I can find a mate for him?
  243. How can I prevent my dogs from mating?
  244. can a dog actually mate with a cat?
  245. Dogs- pets, tools, partners?
  246. Could a hyena mate with a dog or a cat and have babies?
  247. Would you still be best mates with someone who slept with their dog?
  248. Aussie bloke 'marries' best mate -- his dog?
  249. My partner's dog dribbles urine everywhere, what wrong with him?
  250. can a dog who's been neutered for 2 years still want to mate?