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  1. please help me find a good guard dog?
  2. Trying to find book, I have got a brief description, Dog traveling racing
  3. I would like some help finding glutonous rice flour and cocktail dogs in Cincinnati?
  4. How to find a breeder for my dog?
  5. Whr can I find old Nokia7210 commercials ?Remember the funny ones whr the guy
  6. Big game hunting dog thats not that had to find?
  7. How to find Physical Therapist for a Dog.?
  8. Ticks were found in my backyard. Should I still buy flea&tick spray for my dog?
  9. Where can I find an apartment around Akron/Kent Ohio that takes big dogs and is...
  10. Where can I find a hot dog bun big enough for a Yard* O Beef?
  11. How do I find a lost dog?!?!?
  12. What qualities should I look for in finding a dog groomer?
  13. I found a neglected dog that has mange, is emaciated, and has a leg that
  14. Trying to find a grooming product that makes a dog "fluffy"?
  15. Where can one find a guard dog for the home?
  16. Do you like pitbull dogs or find them scary?
  17. my moms Pregnant dog keeps peeing i think??? or what does it mean if i keep
  18. Where can I actually find a listing for rentals that will accept a large
  19. Finding a Veterinarian Who Isn't Intimidated by My Dog?
  20. Is there a way to find a relative of my dog if I have the AKC registration number's?
  21. where can i find the porcelain dog on roseanne, chi chi, in the fender bender...
  22. I found a momma dog in my back yard with 4 puppies. They are whining and
  23. where can i find a good dog breeder in south africa?
  24. so i found a Chihuahua and dunno how to introduce it to my other dog?
  25. where can I find a dog?
  26. I need help finding a certain breed of dog....?
  27. I just found out my dog has intestinal issues?
  28. i can not find any rocket dog joint sneakers either unless they are goofy...
  29. Any good websites to find dog breeders?
  30. Does anyone know where I can find Episodes of Dog The Bounty Hunter?
  31. is it possible to find a dog when he has been missing for a couple months?
  32. I found a dog what should i do?
  33. Help me find the Innotek Two Dog Command Series model 200- MANUAL?
  34. HELP!My dog was chewing on a disposible razor handle and I cant find the top?
  35. I just found out my current dog?
  36. Where can I find the piano sheet music for "Pretend" by Scott Porter and the...
  37. I just found a puppy or young dog, in my back yard.?
  38. Where can I find sheet music of the song "The Twelve Dogs of Christmas"?
  39. found dog. she and my dog are not neutered & i can't get rest. what to do?
  40. Help me find the Innotek Two Dog Command Series model 200?
  41. I had 2 small dogs medication capsule found?
  42. Dog foods! Please help me find a dog food that is healthy! (please read full
  43. my dog found a dead moude and it had rat piosen in it?
  44. help with finding a good dog harness?
  45. Please help me find a dog breed that matches most or even all of this criteria?
  46. i keep finding dog foot prints all around my yard and i feel bad for it should
  47. Can you help me find a name for my dog?
  48. Has a dog ever been found living with a wolf pack?
  49. need help finding a good dog for a pet!?
  50. What kind of germs and how many germ colonies could i find from taking a...
  51. Is there something that makes a found dog legally mine?
  52. Finding the right dog to add to our family?
  53. Spiritually Wondering Where have all the puppies gone? all I can find is dogs?
  54. Where can I find a dog bed like this?
  55. Dog remains found in the US.. over 9,000 years old?
  56. We paid to have our dog neutered in 2006 and we found out today that he never was...
  57. Outline a project that aims to find the dominant coat color of dogs...?
  58. trying to find a dog making kit?
  59. Is there a website were you can find male dogs to breed with?
  60. Where can i find a good manga like gdgd-dogs?
  61. Where can you find a dog contest near California?
  62. How do I find the "quick" on my dogs nail?
  63. My dog has been sick since November and we can't find out what is wrong with him?
  64. My dog has been sick since November and we can't find out what is wrong with him?
  65. Do you find that your dogs can sense when you feel sad or depressed?
  66. Do I keep my dog or find him a new home?
  67. pet lovers. I let a dog i found go to a wardens incase she was lost its
  68. Help finding a dog!!?
  69. Im trying to find a good kind of dog can you help me?!?!?
  70. Where can Sea Dog hang out to find love?
  71. How does my dog always find me?
  72. whats a good legit site to find dog tags that can be personally engraves?
  73. Guy found my dog now he doesn't wanna give it back?
  74. If I found a tick on my dog, two ticks off my dog (ALL VERY LARGE) and one little
  75. I need help finding a Soft Dog crate?
  76. Ladies would you find a man risking his life to save a dog from a burning car sexy?
  77. Finding a house who will allow your dog?
  78. So I recently found a dog outside ?
  79. plz help!!i killed my neighbor's dog(it was an accident),can he sue me if...
  80. Where can I find some good sweaters for my dog?
  81. where can i find a dog?
  82. anyone know where I can find that funny Kalitta? freight dog video?
  83. I want to find my dog....?
  84. We just found out my dog has giardia should we give the dog up?
  85. Where can I find photos of dogs who do not shed very much?
  86. opinions on whether i should find a new home for my dog?
  87. I just adopted my dog and two days later I found ticks on her...?
  88. Lady found our dog but won't give it back unless we pay her $100?
  89. Can Maltese Dogs be Found in Asia?
  90. anyone know where I can find that funny Kalitta? freight dog video?
  91. Did I do the right thing by finding my dog a new Home?
  92. Need ideas on finding a lost dog?
  93. my dog ran away!! what are some good ideas to finding him?
  94. Can anyone help me with finding a female Staffy X dog name?
  95. my dog is a week a way from whelping, she is very large and finding it...
  96. How soon is to soon to wean pups? Found a breeder that have pups weaned and
  97. took dog to vet after finding lump..any one know what this could be?
  98. Need to find help for my dog!!!?
  99. How can I find another dog to mate with my dog?
  100. can you teach a dog to find something Ive lost?
  101. My dog ran away! I looked around the neighborhood but cannot find her! what should i
  102. Could my dream have something to do with finding a lost dog today?
  103. im looking to find my friend a good dog that can do what she likes to do..?
  104. i found a dog in a cat carrier a year ago. worked out he was a year old,...
  105. What do I feed this stray dog that I found (no dog food) ?
  106. where can i call for a dog i found in my front yard?
  107. I find this totally funny! ACA Registered ALL of my dogs for free?
  108. Lost and found dog...?
  109. There is a lost dog in my neighborhood that i saw this morning and im
  110. If you have a dog, do you ever feel like it's a person, like, find it hard to think
  111. where can i find the cheapest urn for my large dog?
  112. im trying to find my best friend a dog that fits his lifestyle; can you help?
  113. need help finding the perfect Hypoallergenic dog!!!!?
  114. can you try to find dog breeders for me NEAR Plainfield IL?
  115. Fable 2, dog won't find artifacts PLEASE HELP!?
  116. Found a dog that barks quietly?
  117. is there a website to find local studs for my male dog?
  118. I rescued a dog recently and I want to find him a home. How do I do it?
  119. can you find a dog for my mother?
  120. Recurring dream about finding a lost dog?
  121. I found a worm, alive, in my dog's poo, what should I do? ?
  122. i want to find out who is the registered owner of a kc dog?
  123. Websites to find a lost dog?
  124. What should I do about a dog I found on the side of the road?
  125. Help me find dog breeds that might be suitable for my family?
  126. What breed is the dog I found?
  127. Must find! 'Loaded dogs' Hot with little cheese inside them, you boil them and...
  128. Will you help me find my dog?
  129. I just found a small dime sized lesion on my dog?
  130. Where can I find a dog tag vending machine in metropolitan melbourne?
  131. Where do you find a dog..?
  132. Where can I find hand signals for directing a dog toward objects?
  133. Help on finding a shipping company to fly my dog from yyz to lhr?
  134. How to find HD at early stage (Before the dog start to limp)?
  135. i found a dead dog in my yard i have never seen it before, there is no collar?
  136. Help me find my dog and get him back!?
  137. Have you found a dog between Mallanganee and Casino?
  138. I found a lost dog. What do I do?
  139. Need advice, someone found our lost dog and don't want to give it back.?
  140. I found a lost dog, What should I do?
  141. I came home from a game last night and found my dog had lost a tooth,
  142. I found a lost dog, what do i do?
  143. I found a dog limping down the street and it was upset and shaking?
  144. What would be a suitable gift for someone who found your lost dog?
  145. What is a good website that can help me identify a bone that my dog found?
  146. What would you do if you found a really lost dog? And...?
  147. We found a dog that has a rabies tag is there a way to look up the number to
  148. Legalities: lost dog found.?
  149. If you found a lost dog what would you do?
  150. Lost dogs I have found lost dogs and trying to find a them a good home, I have...
  151. If lead based paint were found in dog chew toys and cat toys, would it be...
  152. Found Dog!?
  153. I found a lost dog. What do I do now?
  154. Help! Found lost dog and have nothing to do with it!!!!!?
  155. How do I locate a person on a found military dog tag?
  156. We found a dog in Florida with a tag from VA, how can I found the person?
  157. I just found a lost dog, but I have no clue who's his owner, what can I do to...
  158. How to make a found dog flier, to make sure it's the actual owner?
  159. My dog found a fox i think it is and she is nursing it now. Should I keep it...
  160. I found a lost dog how do I take care of it?
  161. We found a lost dog, how can we keep him?
  162. Found my dog on the side of the road. What should I do?
  163. What is the best way to care for a severely malnourished dog found on the side of
  164. What should I name my newly found dog grooming/dog services company?
  165. How long before a found dog is yours?
  166. FOUND LOST DOG in Fairhaven NY july 4th?
  167. Help!!! My dog found a baby cottontail and brought it to us. How do we care for...
  168. My dog found a dead possum in the back yard and had it in his mouth?
  169. Best web site to post found dog ad?
  170. What would you do if you had a roomate, and you found her dog dead when you...
  171. lost dog found in newbridge, kildare?
  172. Help. I just found a lost dog!!!!?
  173. Lost dog found after 5 years?
  174. Found a lost dog how to make flyers for it?
  175. found a dog with no puppies but her milk sacks are full. What do i need to do?
  176. Lost/Found Dog?
  177. My dogs found a dog rope toy in my garden, is it alright for them to have?
  178. Anyone found a lost dog in Dickson,TN Please i ened his description :l?
  179. I found a lost dog...?
  180. I found the dog urine spots with a black light now how to do I clean them?
  181. I need suggestions about finding an owner of a Found dog?
  182. where do found dog bed and safe toys for puppy?
  183. Found a female dog lost and I think she has just ( like a few hours ago) had puppies?
  184. I need a cat leash but i only found dog ones that are EXTRA small, can i use...
  185. How long do i keep a found dog?
  186. Do you think that if an economist found dog poop on his or her shoe that they would
  187. Ha\ve you seen the dreadful picture on the Sky News website today of a...
  188. Found a dog hair right next to my feeding tube and can't pull it out. What to do?
  189. Lost Dog? Found Owners? Hypothetically...?
  190. i found a lost dog?
  191. my dog found hidden halloween candy and ate it, do I take him to the vet?
  192. Katy Texas, what do I do with a lost dog I found. Where do I take it.?
  193. So my dog found a turkey's foot and it's in great shape so I'd like to preserve...
  194. Strangest place you have found your lost dog?
  195. i found a lost dog !! i know the owners but??
  196. What would you do for someone who found your lost dog?
  197. Small lost dog found what organizations are good to find him a home?
  198. What type of worms are found in dog poo?
  199. dog found snack size twix candy and ate it what should i look for?
  200. found dog.....?
  201. What would happen if my insurance found out I had a banned breed of dog?
  202. What or Where can I find Dog grooming books I can download.?
  203. Where can I find this dog breed?
  204. Where can I find reputable dog walkers in NYC?
  205. Poll: My 12yr old son found a dog and refuse to give it back because
  206. i found a dog i want to adopt and they said they can transport?
  207. Found a tick on my dog in a weird spot and tried removing it - need help!?
  208. Where can i find a dog walker in Thrapston?
  209. Found dog and is 57dys pregers, made her a bx 2 hve pups`dnt knw what 2 do~ help!?
  210. Which gender of dog have you found to be the best for you, Female or male ?
  211. I found little brown beattle like bugs on my friends tourier, Im dog...
  212. Found a Dog in Marietta, Ga. What do I do?
  213. I found a large bump on my dog and don't know if I should be concerned.?
  214. Where is a good place to find a good dog in orlando fl or nearby?
  215. Found an amazing dog at the shelter? Adopt him?
  216. Need a search dog to find my lost cat, know of anyone in the Connecticut area
  217. We just found out that my sister is allgeric to dog's and we can't get a...
  218. Dog owners ..(Fire works). best way you have found to keep a dog calm..?
  219. How can I tell what age a dog i've found is?
  220. This dog I found has had a bloody discharge all day. I don't know when she
  221. I found this Dog and don't know what to do?
  222. What likely happened to our dog found astray with a collar that has her name but
  223. What problems do you find when walking your dog?
  224. if a dog stays with the dog warden how long is it there if its not found a home or
  225. Where can i find a moustache dog toy?
  226. I found a dog on the side of the road and I need to know whats wrong with her.?
  227. I found a stray dog yesterday. need help.?
  228. found dog dont want to take it to kill shelter?
  229. How do I find which soldier this dog tag belonged to?
  230. How do I stop re-living the moment when I found my dog dead?
  231. Found a dog wondering about breed?
  232. can a dog find his master in a family case of urns or?
  233. Found an injured dog at 12am, what to do?
  234. Do you guys think this dog i found is a stray?
  235. Where can I find out information dog licensing schemes in Germany?
  236. we went to the vet with my dog and she found a lump on his front leg bone?
  237. my husband is deployed and has found a dog and trying to come up with a
  238. I went to Battersea dogs home and found the perfect dog...?
  239. How long until a found dog can be claimed?
  240. My dog might be pregnat, but i made an appointment for her to get spayed...
  241. I took my dog to the vet because he was not eating or drinking. Nothing was found.?
  242. what breed is this dog i found?
  243. Found a beaten up dog? Keep it or find the owner?
  244. i found a dog breeder but i dont know if it is a good one?
  245. Where to find dog and Texas Ranger pumpkin patterns?
  246. one flea found on my almost hairless dog...should I worry?
  247. Would you brutally murder your best friends dog for $1mil if that person
  248. need help with finding a dog training school?
  249. Found Stray Dog- What more Can I Do?
  250. Need to find out how to make a dog print border on Microsoft word?