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  1. Found a dead flea on our dog, should we be concerned about more?
  2. I am thinking about dressing my dog up for halloween but I cant seem to find a
  3. Some Help Me...If I cant find solution my dog goes to pound!! ?
  4. OMG! I just found out that I bought bad dog food.?
  5. where can i find info on dog breeding laws in WA state?
  6. I found out today my dog has a cateract...what does this mean?
  7. What exactly would a bomb/weapon finding dog detect on a person's belongings?
  8. Where online can i find a chart of dog skeletal anatomy?
  9. tring to find a vet who well have a lowcost heartworm treatment plane to...
  10. Can anyone recommend an organization that could find a therapy dog (Lab) for my 9
  11. Where can i find cheap cozy machine washable dog beds?
  12. What is the name of that fiction story about a boy that finds two dogs and
  13. Help me find the right dog! Please! =]?
  14. Why does my friend Jake find it nessicary to feed my dog pickles?
  15. I just found a small unneutered male dog on my way home from work?
  16. How can I find a male to breed my dog with?
  17. well, I was walking my dog, and I found this really big tree with some really
  18. How long does it take to find out if your dog is pregnant or not?
  19. Cant find an old snoop dog song... help?
  20. Where can I find dog breeders or dogs in Texas?
  21. Where can I find a cute fleece coat for my Medium size dog?
  22. Found a dog--tag says he's from out of state?
  23. my newborn has little red bumps all over body and i just found out my dog...
  24. Im trying to find a big dog, as big as a St. Bernard but gray!?? HELP!!?
  25. How can I find out when my dog's birthday was?
  26. im trying to find a movie. it's about two kids who were coloring, and
  27. I come home to find that some on trepass into my yard and zip tied my dogs neck. to
  28. Where can I find a sprayer that I can attach to a faucet spicket to bath a dog?
  29. I think I've found a way to cope with my dog's death?
  30. Hey I need someone to post some answers by 8/12/08. Please help me find a
  31. Where can I find a dog.....?
  32. Found a dog. Can't keep her. Is it ok for me to find the her a new home?
  33. my blind dog strangled himself on a piece of loose blanket.Found him cant bare this
  34. can you please help me with finding the right dog for us?
  35. Where Can I Call Someone To Pick Up A Dog?? And Not A Pound I Want It To...
  36. where could I find some cute dogs and clothes?
  37. can a dog find its sent on concrete?
  38. found then sold dog please help?
  39. Where can I find a Babe Ruth dog jersey?
  40. Established Dog Rescues: Where can I find help writing the Articles of...
  41. How can i find my dogs breeder?
  42. My dog just threw up, we found a worm..?
  43. How can I find research programs that involve dogs at UW-Madison?
  44. Where can i find a really good dog breeder?
  45. Why the &*%#! are we cloning dogs when we haven't found a cure for cancer...
  46. please help me find a dog!?
  47. help me find a dog like this?
  48. Where can I find this size of dog?
  49. Where can i find dog tags?
  50. Where could you find cute boy dog outfits for small dogs?
  51. I need help finding a dog ?
  52. I need to find out how to get paperwork for my dog?
  53. Chicken flavoured dog toothpaste. Can anyone tell me where I can find it.?
  54. How do I find my lost dog?
  55. Any ideas how I can find 6 dogs a home?????? Please answer 10 points best...
  56. I need help finding a breed of dog out? Pleaseee?
  57. What would be a suitable gift for someone who found your lost dog?
  58. Finding a new dog for my sister?
  59. I just found out my dog has to get put down tomorow,my mum is extremely...
  60. I want a guard dog so can you find me one just give me the names please?
  61. Trying to find out local dog laws can you help?
  62. How Can I Get Help Finding Low Cost Surgery Procedures For My Dog...she...
  63. What should you do when you find a stray dog?
  64. How can I find someone locally like that woman on "It's Me or the Dog"?
  65. I need help FINDING a SMALL DOG! PLEASE HELP! It's worth 10 points!!!?
  66. Where to find a dog crate w/ divider AND folds up?
  67. How can I find a good dog to mate with mine in my area?
  68. How do i find NJ dog trainers?
  69. I found two dogs on the road a couple days ago. Please help!!!!?
  70. Need to find a dog bakery!!!?
  71. About the dog I found....?
  72. how hard is it to find a cavachon dog and is it a good choice?
  73. Can someone find a webkinz cheeky dog for under $50?
  74. Where can I find a wooden dog house in San Francisco?
  75. Trying to find a dog breed.?
  76. Dead dog found in trash can..?
  77. I found a police dog the other day, How did you know it was a police dog?
  78. Where can i find a small dog?
  79. What kind of worm did I find near my dog's stool?
  80. Where can I find my dogs a few jackets for the winter?
  81. Where can i find a dog igloo?
  82. can you help me find a dog???
  83. how much does a dogs intestines weigh, how can i find out?
  84. I have 3 dogs and can't find a flea remedy that works for my German Shepard.
  85. Help Please!? Found A Dog!!!?
  86. What kind of dog did I find?
  87. Male dog peeing while walking.. also any tips on how to teach him to "find" objects?
  88. What kind of mix is this dog..We found him when he was a baby..Also could
  89. I need to find away to convinse my mom to let me get a dog!?
  90. A beautiful stray dog found me, how long do I have to wait if no one...
  91. we cant find our dog in lees summit mo
  92. Does anybody in AK need help finding a dog or cat?
  93. Hi i am trying to find a dog that fits me and my dads approval?
  94. Do you know where I can find a vet to help with my older dogs wrinkled skin?
  95. who can help me find the answer to getting a dog?
  96. Need to find the best dog for me...
  97. how do you find a dog in the woods?( i need fast answers )
  98. Where can I find plain/normal clothes for my dog?
  99. where can i find cheap male maltese dogs in plano?
  100. HELP!!!! my dog keeps eating whatever he finds!!
  101. Is it easy to find customers for a dog walker/pet babysitter in NYC (manhattan)?
  102. can you help me please before i have to find my dog a new home?
  103. My dog is depresses looking and sick and vet cant find whats wrong with her
  104. i just found tapeworm segments in my dogs poo, can it spread to my other dog?
  105. I can't find any online dog games
  106. my dog found a 9volt battery?
  107. Where do you usually find stray pets such as dogs?
  108. I need help finding a dog
  109. how do i find a class to take my puppy to become a service dog?
  110. What is the best way to find a good home for my dog?
  111. Where to find full episodes of Courage the cowardly dog??
  112. What is a good website that can help you find the right pet (specifically...
  113. I Found Scabs All Over My Dog...?
  114. how to find my dog
  115. Can anyone help me find out what breed my dog is?
  116. Found 5 fleas on dog...?
  117. When will i find out if my dog is pregnant?
  118. i found a stray dog!!!!!!!
  119. Where can I find a good personal dog trainer in New Jersey?
  120. Please help me find the dog for me.
  121. Help Find a Recipe 4 Baking Dog Treats!
  122. what should i look for when trying to find a dog for my dog to breed with?
  123. I found a bug on my dog?
  124. need help finding a low cost place for dog shot?
  125. Where can I find an affordable small dog crate or kennel?
  126. My dog ate some dead bird that she found in the garden, how can I ensure
  127. what should i do now that i found out i'm allergic to dog furs??
  128. I am looking to rent a house or apt. in the covina area that's excepts dogs i found
  129. Were can i find Joe Jonas Dog Tag necklesses?
  130. How can i find immiges of dogs attacks on people
  131. Where do I find a temporary home for two dogs
  132. Where can I find INNOVA dog food?
  133. Where can I find an apartment that will let me have a dog that weighs more than 100
  134. Small dog found floating in pool, but still alive...
  135. Find a copy of walkin the dog by aerosmith with loud screaming at the beginning
  136. Where can I find the SNL sketch 'Dog Show' with Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon?
  137. The Greatest American Dog: Do you find the judges too mean?
  138. my dog has a skin problem, cant find anthing about it.
  139. My dogs keep finding a way to get out.
  140. Does anyone know where I can find a SMALL dog in or around Fayetteville, NC?
  141. Need help finding a dog...
  142. Do you find it hard to bring your dog to someone elses home for a weekend...
  143. I am worried! A Lone Star tick found on my dog!!
  144. Is there a site where I can find out the breed of my dog by saying her
  145. Where can I find a service dog vest or cape with the Army ACU Pattern
  146. Where can i find classes for dog agility?
  147. Im trying to find this specific dog treadmill. Does anyone know where I can buy it?
  148. I found a dog and don't know what to do now?
  149. I found out my dog may have diabetes, she had to spend the night at the vets is
  150. Please help I need to find Cheap Dogs?
  151. Need help finding a dog...
  152. how can i find out if this dog is dead or not?
  153. What is a website that you can find purebreed dogs?
  154. Were can you find dogs that are not neutered or spayed?
  155. where can i find apples for a task i need to do in the wii game The dog Island?
  156. Help! I still cannot find my dog
  157. Please Help Me Out! Can You Find A Dog That Looks Like Either Of These People?
  158. where to find information on Dog Epilepsy
  159. Can I get your thoughts on this? (Starving Dog Art) I saw it on snopes.com. I
  160. How do you find if your dog has a flea or tick?
  161. Found my dog's blood on the floor... HELP
  162. i just found a tick on my dog, removed it, but now i'm freaked, do you
  163. How can I find local dog fighting rings so I can stamp them out?
  164. Have I finally found a good dog food?
  165. Why do dogs/puppies seem to find.....
  166. Found this special type of dog leash and need info plz and have any or you tried it
  167. My dog got out again and I need help finding her??????????????
  168. Have I FINALLY found a good dog food?
  169. My dog of three years ran away while i was on vacation we searched everywhere and...
  170. Where can I find dog stairs?
  171. Where can I find an affordable dog-friendly apartment in Santa Barbara/Goleta?
  172. Where Can You Find NBA Dog Tags
  173. my dog is finding it difficult to walk
  174. i found a dog. and i put it outside it ran away at night time. if i put food
  175. If I find what appears to be an abandoned dog can I legally just remove him
  176. Trying to find a good dog breed as a pet?
  177. where can we find dogs for autistic kids in washington
  178. Help me & my family find a dog!!
  179. Where can I find a nearby Catholic Church that has the Dog Blessing Ceremony ?
  180. Is there any breed of dog you find to be ugly?
  181. cant find out what brread of poodle my dog is?
  182. where can i find a cheap dog excersise pen?
  183. Last night i found 2 little lumps near my dogs bits!
  184. Do you find answers contridictory (in the dog section)?
  185. I found a small friendly clean dog walking along a VERY busy road and I brought
  186. Where can I find the actual Legal citation for the actual NY statute
  187. Does anyone know where to find XXXL dog halloween costumes?
  188. Where do I find a foster home in Colorado for my dog?
  189. Where can I find the Legal citation for the actual NY statute for dog
  190. found dog don't know what to do please help
  191. Where do you find a one legged dog?
  192. I am transfering back to michigan in 2 months and need to find a place but I...
  193. Did they find Vivi the dog In New York City?
  194. i found bugs on my dog-not fleas.?
  195. How do you find out how much your dog will weigh fully grown?
  196. Where can i find a john cena necklace, and not a dog tag?
  197. found out my dog has parvo and she has been at the vet for 3day now is there any...
  198. Can anyone help me find YOU LUCKY DOG with Kirk Cameron in it?
  199. I need to find out how to keep older dog from attacking puppy?
  200. I'm in Missouri and I really want a basenji dog. Prefer a young one. Does
  201. Where can I find dog tag necklaces that aren't that expensive?
  202. ok so i found a dog?
  203. My cocker spaniel like to find worms on the ground and rub his face on them.
  204. can you help me find the right dog?
  205. just found out my dog has asthma, and he has been acting really depressed and sick,?
  206. what should i do if my dog finds baby bunnies without a mom?
  207. can you help me find the right dog?
  208. I found a dog today?
  209. Finding an inescapable dog crate?
  210. I am trying to find the Armenian people who helped my by looking after
  211. What makes a dogs gums turn white !!! We found this dog in our yard starved
  212. Can any one tell me where to find out what year the Royal Navy banned the
  213. Why are people so shocked to find out there dogs are upset and bothered after they
  214. On what website can i find a pink doggie bed that i can personalize with my
  215. I have to find a home for my dog for 6 months?
  216. I found an elderly dog. Should I get him Neutered?
  217. where can I find a dog behavior theripist?
  218. where can i find this dog hotel thing?
  219. Why do most people freely eat beef, pork etc, then find it disgusting that
  220. My dog is a 4 month old Lhasapoo and i found a little zit-like bump near his armpit.?
  221. How can I find out if my son (7yrs. old) is allergic to our dog?
  222. Does your dog find his bed uncomfortable?
  223. I am a single mom with a disability. My senior dog needs surgery and I need to...
  224. need help with finding out wut the dog will look like?
  225. I had a dog over @ found out it tested a weak + for heartworm. what is the chance
  226. I found a stray dog... My husband says I did the wrong thing?!?
  227. What are these tiny black bugs found in my dog's bedding and any where she lays?
  228. What are these tiny black bugs found in my dog's bedding and any where she lays?
  229. I found a dog running around the neighborhood. How long should I look for his owner?
  230. How do I find out if my dog is ACA and AKC registered ?
  231. Where To Find A Good Hot Dog In Atlanta?
  232. Where can I go to find my perfect dog?
  233. We found a bump on my dog and we thought it was a tick. We tried pulling it off?
  234. lm a fan of small dogs tell me any dog that you can find.?
  235. im a true and honest dog fanatic and would like help finding a pup can anyone help?
  236. i need to find a dog?
  237. My dog is smoking cigarettes outside on the back porch and I find it
  238. What should I do if I find paper and other small pieces that my dog has...
  239. is there any other explanation for the scent of a body the dogs found in the
  240. three days ago found stray dog in my front yard. took him in waiting for
  241. What is this Chubracabra or Devil Dog? Found in Puerto Rico and Texas? What...
  242. What websites are good to find your perfect dog?
  243. Where can I find a lanyard for my dog training clicker?
  244. My dog sounds like he's choking all the time but the vet can't find anything. Help!?
  245. Where can I find Tofu dogs ?
  246. were to find list of pets(dogs) that are not coverd on home owners ins.in alabama?
  247. Can I find out what registry a dog is with if I don't have the dog's...
  248. what store should i go to find a dog house?
  249. can anyone help me find my dog?
  250. Need help finding a dog to adopt.?